Chipping Campden Rectors, Vicars & Reverends
(Gloucestershire, England)

Campden is in the deanery of its own name and in the diocese of Gloucester - (1911)

Earliest known incumbent of Campden, mentioned in Gonderel's foundation of St. Katherine (after the Reformation the dedication of the church was St James:
1180-4 Osmund The Priest
Other pre-reformation parsons and vicars
1225 Ralph de Terve
1275 Richard de Stanesbury
1281 Edmund Mortimer
1284 Henry de Upavon
1317 Richard de Cestia
1340 Robert de Radford
1349 Henry Bonny
1361 Thomas Merton
1381 Wm. Cullis de Weston
1421 John Thommes de Compton
1460 John Bradway
1544 Robert Fynch
------ Richard Bannistur (mentioned in wills 1544-6)
Incumbents after 1549:
1549 Ralph Smith [died]
1570 Anthony Huggins [died]
1573 Nathaniel Harford [died]
1576 John Jennings
1616 Robert Lilley [died]
1636 William Bartholomew [died]
1661 Henry Hicks [died]
1706 Thomas Mansell [died] & John Jephcot
1709 Thomas Mansell
1734 Nathaniel Weston
Jan. 10, 1743 William Weston [died]
May 20, 1791 Hamlyn Harris [died]
April 29, 1815 William Spooner
September 19, 1824 The Hon. Leland Noel
May 12, 1832 Charles Edward Kennaway (Canon)
March 28, 1873 Robert Braithwaite [died]
March 24, 1882 Frances S Forster exchange with -
June 3, 1896 Thomas Carrington who resigned
July 1909 Owen F. Jacson
1916 George Hitchcock (Canon)
1934 Ernest Green
1936 Bryan O'Loughlin (Canon)
1965 Edward Saunders
1969 Peter White (Canon)
1989 Peter Millam (through 2000)

Information on each of the individuals listed can be found in the book: The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden in the county of Gloucester

By Percy C. Ruchen

Published by the author 10 Warwick Court,
High Holburn, London, W.C. 1911

Above list augmented by the Chipping Campden Parish Church Brochure, Printed by L.P. Lowe Limited Broadway. Available at the church.