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Pigot’s 1844 Royal National & Commercial Directory & Topography Chipping Campden
CAMPDEN, or Chipping Campden, a small market town and corporate borough, in the upper division of kifsgate hundred, is 90 miles N.W. by W. from London, and 29 N.E. by E. from Gloucester; situated in a fertile valley, surrounded by cultivated hills and hanging woods. It is composed chiefly of one street, about the middle of which are the court house and market place. The town was incorporated by James I, and its government vested in two bailiffs, twelve capital and twelve inferior burgesses, and a steward: at the present day the rights conferred by charter are rarely excercised, - even the court for the recovery of small debts has long ceased to be holden. Campden is a place of great antiquity, as may be inferred from the circumstance of the Saxon kings assembling here, in the year 687, to consult on the mode of carrying on the war with the Britons. The era, however, in which it attained the most importance was the 14th century, when it became a principal mart for wool, and the residence of many opulent merchants who exported that commodity to Flanders, then the woollen manufactory for nearly all of Europe. Upon the establishment of this trade in England, Campden was deprived both of its consequence and its merchants.
The principal manufactory now established here is that belonging to Mr. HIRON for silk throwing, the works of which are propelled both by steam and water, and furnish employment to a considerable number of hands.
The parish church of St. James stands on a gentle eminence above the town, and is a beautiful edifice. The benefice is a vicarage, of which the Right Hon. The Earl of Gainsborough is the patron, and the Rev. Chas. Edward KENNAWAY is the present vicar. There are places of worship for baptists, methodists, and the society of friends. The charities are a free grammar school, one upon the national plan (founded by George TOWNSEND, Esq.), and another for infants ; also almshouses, erected and endowed by Sir Baptist HICKS. Many handsome private residences ornament the vicinity and neighboughhood of Campden: amongst the most conspicious are Northwick Park, the seat of Lord NORTHWICK; Foxcote, CANNING, Robert, Esq.; Spring Hill, Hon. LYGON, General, &c. The market is on Wednesday, principally for corn; the fairs are on Ash-Wednesday, April 23rd, August 5th, and December 11th. By the returns to parliament, for 1831, the parish of Campden contained 2,038 inhabitants; and, by the census taken in 1841, 2080.

POST OFFICE: BARNES, Sarah, Post Mistress – Letters from London and Oxford arrive every morning at half-past eight, and are despatched thereto every evening at ten minutes before seven. – Letters from Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, and the North, also from Bristol and the West of England and South Wales, arrive every morning at nine, and are despatched thereto every afternoon at three.

CANNING, Robert, esq. Foxcote
EDKINS, Mrs. Mary, Campden
GIBBS, Mrs. Mary, Campden
GRANT, Rev. Alexander, Weston
GROVE, Miss Elizabeth, Campden
HAWES, Mr. William, Campden
HICKMAN, Mrs. ______, Weston Park
HIRON, Samuel, esq. Campden
HOLCOMBE, Wm. Henry, esq. Campden
HULLS, Mrs. Mary, Campden
KEEN, Mrs. ______, Campden
KENNAWAY, Rev. Chas. Edward, Campden
LYGON, the Hon. General, Spring Hill
MILES, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, Campden
MINNIKEN, Rev. Henry, Vicarage
NORTHWICK, the Right Hon. Lord John, Northwick Park
SHINGLETON, Jno. Joseph, esq. Campden
SMITH, Mrs. Esther, Campden
SMITH, Rev. Hugh, Weston rectory
STEELE, Richard Maxwell, esq. Manor house, Mickleton

Free Grammar School: Rev. MINNIKEN, Henry, master
GREAVES, Saml. Fisher (brdng. & day)
HALL, Mary Ann (boarding & day)
Infants’ School: ALEXANDER, Samuel, master; ALEXANDER, Mary Ann, mistress
National School, ELLIS Richard, master
WESTON, Francis William (day)

GRIFFITHS, John Rodd, attorney
HIRON, John & William, surgeons
SMITH, John Soden, Surgeon

Birmingham District, KINGZETT, John Herbert
County (fire) & Provident (life) SANDFORD, James
Phoenix, RODD, William

Angel: WHITFORD, Geo., Broad Campden
George: WYATT, Mary
Eight Bells: HANDS, George
King’s Arms: TOFT, William
Lygon Arms: DUNN, William
Noel Arms: [and posting-house and excise office] MULLINS, Hugh
Red Lion: KEITLEY, John
Swan: DRURY, Samuel

ATKINS, Wm. Saddler & collar maker
BARNES, Sarah, grocer
BEARD, William, boot & shoe maker
BELCHER, Stephen Boswell, boot & shoe maker
BLOTHERIDGE, John, blacksmith
BOLTON, Edward, boot & shoe maker
BOOKER, John Andrew, butcher
CHAMBERLAIN, Richd. Boot & shoe maker
CLAYTON, John rope & twine maker
COLLYCOTT, William, Wheelwright
DASH, Richard, shopkeeper & beer retailer
EDGE, James, grocer & druggist
EVANS, William Sale, superintendent of police, Police station
FREEMAN, William, stone mason
GREENHOUSE, Edward, agent to the Gloucestershire Banking Co.
GRIFFITHS, Thomas, chymist & druggist
GROVE, Amy, stationer
GROVE, Michael, stone mason
GUTHRIE, Richard, blacksmith
HAINES, Ann, grocer
HAINES, Peter, brazier
HALL, Thomas, baker
HANDS, Jonathan, tailor
HANDS, Joseph, brazier & tin-plate worker
HARTLEY, John, caninet maker
HAYDON, Joseph, baker & miller
HICKMAN, Robert & John, maltsters, Broad Campden
HIRON, Samuel, jun. Silk throwster
HUMPHRYS, John, boot & shoe maker
IZOD, Charles, maltster
KEEN, Jno. Miller, Wessington mill
KEITLEY, Jno. Carpenter & ironmonger
KETTLE, John, auctioneer
KEYTE, William, baker
KINGZETT, John Herbert, saddler
KINGZETT, Richard Herbert, butcher
LANE, Caroline, plumber & glazier
LANE, Richard, painter
LEDBETTER, John, tailor
MANTON, John, rope & sacking manufacturer
MARSHALL, Thos. Gardener & seedsman
MATTHEWS, Charles Decimus, druggist, grocer & tallow chandler
MERRIMAN, Robert, plasterer
NEAL, William, tailor
OSBORNE, Richard, hair dresser & town crier
PRICE, William, shoe maker & beer retailer
RAINSLEY, Samuel, hardwareman
RITTON, James, miller
ROBERTS, James, tailor & draper
ROBERTS, John, butcher
ROBERTS, John, shopkeeper
ROBERTS, Thomas, tailor & beer retailer
RODD, William, draper
RUSSELL, John, tailor
SANDFORD, Jas. Stationer & hardware dealer
SANDFORD, Joseph, basket maker
SHEPHERD, Richard, slater & plasterer
SILVESTER, Stephen, tailor & draper
SIMCOX, William, grocer & tea dealer, & registrar of births and deaths
SMITH, William, plumber & glazier
SMITH, William, beer retailer
SMITH, William, turner &chair maker
SMITH, William, tailor
STANLEY, James, shopkeeper
STANLEY, John, stone mason
STANLEY, Richard, butcher
STANLEY, Robert, butcher
STEVENS, William, baker
TAYLOR, Thomas, linen & woollen draper
TERRY, Thomas, blacksmith
TIDMARSH, James, maltster
TURNEY, James, maltster
TUSTIN, Joseph, cooper
WARD, George, carpenter
WARNER, Thomas, clock & watch maker & beer retailer
WEBB, John, butcher
WHEATLEY, Samuel, baker
WYATT, William, butcher

The nearest station is at Spetchley, on the Birmingham & Gloucester Line, about 25 miles from Campden, from whence passengers may proceed to almost any part of England.

To Birmingham, HAWKINS, Charles, from the King’s Arms, every Tuesday
To Blockley, PENSON, Joseph, from his house, every Wednesday & Saturday
To Bristol & Cirencester, HAWKINS, Charles, from the King’s Arms, every Friday
To Evesham, PENSON, Joseph, from his house, every Monday and Friday – and ELLIS, Thomas, every Monday
To Stratford, PENSON, Joseph, from his house, every Tuesday & Thursday – and ELLIS, Thomas, every Tuesday and Friday