Prominent Families of Chipping Campden

from the 1911 book: The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden - by Percy C. Rushen, and from present sources

The Mickleton and Pebworth Bonners seem to have been an off-shoot of the Campden family and of equal standing. There still exists in Mickleton Church a monument to John Bonner, 1618, son of a Bonner of Pebworth.

Thos., son of John Bonner, 4 Feb., 1617/18.
Thos son of Thos. Bonner, 22 Feb., 1617.
John son of John Bonner, 26 July, 1619.
Gillian Bonner, 26 July, 1619.

John Bonner, 8 Sept., 1617.
Gillian Bonner, 27 Oct., 1619.
Gillian Bonner, 13 April, 1624.

There was, according to Smith's return of 1608, a Thos. Bonner yeoman, of Broad Campden, then aged about 40. and son of Rich. Bonner.
Jane Bonner, of Broad Campden, married Rich. Richmond at Mickleton 27th May, 1693.
It is strange that notwithstanding the position of the Bonners here and the number who were buried in the church, not one memorial to any Bonner existed here even as far back as Bigland's time (1786). Prima facie, it would appear that the family died out in Campden or left the parish early in the eighteenth century; but it was not so, for since about 1650 some of the family spelt the name "Banner," and there were Banners here within the memory of very old inhabitants (1911).

In 1675 an action was brought (Wilson v. Bonner) between Chipping Campden and Broad Campden to settle the point whether the parish, being a large one, could not have the Poor Law administered separately in the various townships and tithings, under the Statute 13 and 14, ch. 2., but it was held that the parish could not be divided for this administration, as Gloucestershire was not a county named in the Statute as one in which the large parishes especially provided for occurred. The parishes dealt with by the Statute were those very large ones found in the northern counties.
In the visitations made by the Heralds in 1682/3 the persons of this parish summned were:

For Chipping Campden:
John Eden Burgess.
Sam. Horseman Burgess
Rob. Taylor Burgess.

For Combe:
Thos. Godwyn, gent.

For Broad Campden:
---- Willas, gent.

For Berrington:
Jno. Godwyn, gent.
---- Hickes, gent.

But Horseman was disclaimed as no gentleman of blood ancestry or arms. In Adams's "Index Villaris," 1680 Campden is credited with two gentleman residents and Berrington with one.

To the Memory of

late Writing Master of the Free School. In this Town, which Office he discharged with strict Vigilance and Diligence for upwards of Thirty Years. He was eminent for Figures and Erudition; and departed this Life with Christian Patience and Resignation, with a steady reliance on his Redeemer, in hopes of a blessed Immortality, April ye 11th, 1771, aged 67 years.
On 26th March, 1761, Bradford, as a widower, married, at Campden, Mary Hows, widow, of this parish.

The BEAVINGTONS of Chipping Campden

Samuel BEAVINGTON b c1691; of Chipping Campden, Glos., tanner;
Obd 16.2.1771
OOMarried Elizabeth KILSBY 22.4.1721 at Evesham
OOOdau. of Wm KILSBY d 29.2.1780 bd Broad Campden
OOJeffery BEAVINGTON b17.12.1723/4; d. 26.4.1802 aged 78
OOObd. Broad Campden Cordwainer.Voted as a freeholder in 1776
OOOOMarried (1) Ann GILKES 11.1.1750/1 at Hooknorton, Oxon.,
OOOOOdau. of Thomas and Ann GILKES of Hooknorton
OOOOObd 11.1.1774 at Sibford, Oxon.
OOOOMarried (2) Mary DAVIS 5.9.1776 at Painswick
of Painswick;
OOOOOdau. of Thomas and Lydia DAVIS.
OOSamuel BEAVINGTON b. 1.1.1725/6; bd 4.5.1726.
OOJohn BEAVINGTON b 20.6.1727; bd 9.8.1773 aged 46
OOOOMarried Hester d. 18.10.1778 aged 60 of Longborough, Oxon.
OOOOOObd Broad Campden
OOOOWilliam BEAVINGTON b. 28.6.1758 at Willersay
OOOOO(3 miles west of Campden) d. 17.2.1814 aged 55
OOOOOOMarried (1) Susannah MATHEWS 17.9.1788
at Stourbridge;
OOOOOOOdau. of William and Elizabeth MATHEWS
OOOOOOOd. 23.6.1791 aged 40 bd Stourbridge
OOOOOOEsther BEAVINGTON b. 5.1.1791 Stourbridge,
OOOOOOOd. 3.3.1791 aged 2 mos., bd Stourbridge
OOOOOOMarried (2) Alice PALMER 14.5.1793 Stourbridge
OOOOOOOdau. of John and Mary PALMER of Radway Warwick
OOOOOOOd. 3.10.1826 aged 61 bd Stourbridge
OOOOOOCharles BEAVINGTON b. 12.8.1795, Stourbridge,
OOOOOOOwatchmaker, d. 4.4.1884, aged 88 bd Old Swinford
OOOOOOEsther BEAVINGTON b 5.12.1797;
OOOOOOOd. 5.4.1878 aged 81 bd Stourbridge
OOOOOOMartha BEAVINGTON b. 5.9.1799; d. 23.12.1799
15 weeks
OOOOOOWilliam BEAVINGTON b.23.6.1802;
OOOOOOOd. 11.9.1828 aged 26 Ironmonger Stourbridge
OOOOOOOOMarried Henry WHITING 17.10.1832 Stourbridge
OOOOOOOOson of Thomas and Mary WHITING
OOSamuel BEAVINGTON b 28.3.1729;
OOObd 6.7.1764 aged 35 Campden, tanner
OOOOMarried Sarah LAWRENCE 19.6.1755 Nailsworth, Glos.;
OOOOOdau. of Adam LAWRENCE d aged 66.
OOOOSamuel BEAVINGTON b 26.6.1757; lived at Ross.
OOOOJohn BEAVINGTON b 6.6.1759; bd. 29.3.1760
OOOOJeffrey BEAVINGTON b. 31.7.1762; bd. 27.4.1764
OOSarah BEAVINGTON b. 26.8.1731; bd 25.11.1731.
OOJames BEAVINGTON b. 4.5.1733; d 13.8.1780 aged 47;
OOObd. Broad Campden Freeholder of Chipping Campden
voted in 1776
OOOOMarried Susanna HODGKINS 30.8.1764 Shipston-on-Stour
OOOOOdau. of John HODGKINS d aged 74
bd Chipping Norton, Oxon.
OOOOJohn BEAVINGTON b. 9.8.1765;
OOOOOd. 23.8.1832, aged 67 Chipping Norton
OOOOHannah BEAVINGTON b. 14.2.1769;
OOOOOd. 21.1.1835 aged 66 Chipping Norton, spinster
OOOOElizabeth BEAVINGTON b. 6.8.1772.
OOOOOOMarried Edward HOPKINS 3.3.1803 Campden tinman
OOOOOOOSon of William & Sarah HOPKINS
OOMary BEAVINGTON b. 13.6.1735
OOOOMarried Henry MILLARD 3.9.1767 Broad Campden
OOOOOSon of John & Esther Millard d. 2.1.1824
OOMark BEAVINGTON b. 19.6.1737 Chipping Campden tanner.
OOOd. 14.2.1801 aged 63 bd Broad Campden
OOOOMarried (1) Mary Ashby 20.6.1769 Stow, Glos.
OOOOODau. of Joseph & Rebecca Ashby bd 17.9.1770 Stow
OOOOSarah BEAVINGTON b. 9.9.1770 bd. 5.2.1771
aged 21 weeks.
OOOOOOMarried (2) Mary LAMB 5.11.1773 Sibford, Oxon
b. 2.9.1742
OOOOOOOdau. Benjamin & Ann LAMB
OOOOOOOd. 30.5.1819 aged 76 Chipping Campden
bd Broad Campden
OOOOThomas BEAVINGTON b. 10.11.1774;
OOOOOd. 23.10.1858 aged 84 farmer at Ross
OOOOWilliam BEAVINGTON b.7.7.1777;
OOOOOd. 8.9.1791 aged 14 Chipping Campden,
bd Broad Campden
OOOOSarah BEAVINGTON b. 23.10.1778 Chipping Campden
OOOOOOMarried William BOWER 13.10.1807 Broad Campden
OOOOOOOSon of George & Ann BOWER, watchmaker
OOOOSamuel BEAVINGTON b. 19.6.1780 Chipping Campden.
OOOOOTea dealer in Cardiff, Wales 1836,
OOOOOd. 27.12.1868 aged 88. Bd. Neath, Wales.
OOOOOOMarried Sarah Ann THURSTON 26.10.1831
Hitchin, Herts;
OOOOOOOdau. of Webley & Mary THURSTON
OOOOOOOd. 20.4.1873 aged 79 bd. Neath, Wales
OOOOOOWebley Thurston BEAVINGTON b. 8.12.1836
Cardiff, Wales
OOOOAnn BEAVINGTON b22.11.1782 Chipping Campden;
OOOOOd. 27.1.1836 aged 53 Chiping Campden.
Bd. Broad Campden
OOOOOOMarried John ELLIS 2.4.1828 Shipston-on-Stour;
of Campden
OOOOOOOthread manufacturer; son of Francis & Mary ELLIS,
OOOOOOOd. 2.10.1872 aged 81 Chipping Campden,
bd. Broad Campden
OOCharles BEAVINGTON b. 22.7.1740; bd 27.12.1740

For mor of the Beavington family elsewhere in England:

Richard Darby was a malster, and died in 1776. He was buried in the south porch of the church, according to his desire, and his, pavemental stone is still there (1911) although illegible in parts from the wear of the feet of many Campdeners which have since passed over it. As the inscription is however, recorded by Bigland only a few years after its deposition, it is possible to produce it here, as follows:

Underneath this stone are
deposited the Remains of
Richard Darby, who departed
this life Dec. 20, 1776, aged 78.
Mary, his Wife, died Feb. 18, 1783.
Also to the memory of
Ann Smith, wife of
Mr. Nathan Smith, Daughter of R. and M. Darby.
She departed this life 22nd day of Feb., 1816, aged 77 years.

It seems probable that the Mr. Darby, carrier, referred to by Ballard in his letter of 1737, was he who later associated his name with that of Hulls. He lived for many years, and died in the premises in the Market-square now (1911) occupied by messrs. Vinn and Bennett, then one house; and Darby's malthouse is still existent at the rear, in the same condition as left by him, although it has not been used for malting these last ninety years and more. By his will, dated 22nd April, 1774, Richard left all his property to his wife for life, and after her death be devised the Market-square, premises to his daughter, Anne Darby; land at Hanging Aston to Matthew, his son; and a moiety of two pastures at Mickleton to John Darby, son, and Mary, wife of Wm. Charles, of Stow, mercer. daughter of the testator. To his said daughter Anne he bequeathed £400 also. The residue mainly consisting of £400 advanced to said Matthew, £485 to said John, and £400 to said Mary Charles, testator directed to be equally divided amonget his children. £5 was given to Campden poor in bread. Therefore Darby must have died worth, at least £2,500, say about £5,000 at the present (1911) time, so he was a comparatively wealthy man, and no doubt financed Hulls towards the end of his career, if not at the earlier part. Perhaps the fact that Darby held property in Hulls' native place accounts for their friendship in the beginning. On the other hand, the Darby family seems to have been a Campden one, for Edward Darby, of this town, married Elizth. Toms at Willersay, 7 June, 1749, and Richd. Darby, of Campden married Sarah Miles, of Broom, there 17 Feb., 1726. Possibly this is a record of an earlier marriage of Hulls' collaborator, who would then be 28 years of age. John Darby was a surgeon of Hatfield, and died in 1823, aged 79. In 1777 Ann Darby married Nathan Smith, of Campden, grocer, and died at Hammersmith in 1816, aged 77. Upon her death, her father's house at Campden passed to her husband for life, and afterwards to her sister, Mary Charles, for life, upon whose death in 1818 the premises passed to the daughter of the latter Miss Frances Charles, of St, Albans, who conveyed them to her brother, John Darby Charles, of Stow, in 1829. In 1833 this gentleman released to John Stanley, of Campden, and thus they passed out of the Darby family.

It is convenient here to refer to the Freeman family which has been of considerable standing in the town and immediate district for 500 years at least. The family was a very large one, and its ramifications so extensive that the author cannot attempt to give a Pedigree of it; but it is interesting to gather early fragmenta genealogica of the Campden Freemans, who seem to have been closely connected with Freemans at Blockley and Ebrington, particularly the latter.
Jno. Freeman, of Ebrington, bought and sold burgages here 1447; and Wm. Freeman, of that Place sold a burgage here 1509. Then Thomas Freeman was a witness to Thomas Bonner's will 1540 and Wm. Freeman a witness to Taylour's will 1544. In 1608 there were John (a baker), Anthony (a butcher), and George (a fuller), all residing here, andaged about 40; and Francis (servant to Anthony), aged about 20. The said John died prior to 1624, and George issued a tradesman's token, and both were capital burgesses 1605. A John Freeman, senr., was one of the conveying parties in the vesting deed of 1627 re the Grammar School; and John, senr, and John, Junr., sign the Parish Register as chief inhabitants 1629. Richard Freeman was a juror on an inquisition held here 1632, and Wm. Freeman in 1642 left a bread charity to the poor of the parish. Margaret Freeman, widow, levied a fine of Campden property 1659.

In the Harl. MSS. (No. 5,800) is a Freeman pedigree of 1634, as follows:

Thos. Freeman,--Allce Hancock, of Ebrington
John Freeman,
temp. Hen. VI.
and Edwd. IV.
Wm. Freeman
1 Hen. VIII.
Thos. Freeman, of Blockley & Cam'n.
2 sons, one being
John of Blockley.
Wm. Freeman, of Blockley.
living 1634.
------------------born 1613, living 1634

Their arms are given as . . 3 lozs. in chief or, and this coat was used by John Freeman on his deeds temp. Hen. VI.
The last Thomas referred to above may hare been the witness of 1540, and he referred to in "Care's Deposition" of 1538 relative to ecclesiastical matters.

The early Freeman entries in Campden parish registers are many, but a pedigree cannot be compiled from them, as evidently there were several families of the name here in the seventeenth century. They are given below, however as helpful to those interested in this old Cotswold family:

John Perry and Elizabeth Freeman, 14 Nov., 1622.
William Freeman and Mary Edden, 3 Dec., 1632.
William Freeman and Anne Witting, 22 Feb., 1641.
William Freeman and Grace Harris, 13 Aug,. 1659.
At Willersey:
John Freeman, of Campden, and Sarah Loveday, of Weston Subedge, 5 Oct., 1726.

The Harrisons early entries in the parish registers are as follow:

John, son of John Harrison, 20 July, 1616.
John, son of John Harrison., 20 Nov., 1617.
Lewis, son of John Harrison, Jan., 1619/20.
Prudence, daughter of John Harrison, 6 April, 1623,
Elizabeth, daughter of John Harrison, 28 Aug., 1625.
Anne, daughter of John Harrison, 11 March, 1646/7.
Sarah, daughter of John Harrison, 23 Sept., 1654.
Joan, daughter of John Harrison, 12 Sept., 1656.
John, son of John Harrison, 10 Jan., 1661/2.
Wm., son of John Harrison, 28 May, 1663.

Wm., son of Wm. Harrison, 28 May, 1621.
Anthony, son of Wm. Harrison, 3 Oct., 1624.
Wm., son of Wm. Harrison, 8 Aug., 1637.
Penelope, daughter of Mr. Wm. Harrison, 1 Jan., 1639/40.
Rafe, son of Wm. Harrison. 30 March, 1644.

Elizth., daughter of Lewis Harrison, 1 Feb., 1645/6.
Elizth., daughter of Lewis Harrison, 7 Nov., 1655.
Richard, son of Lewis Harrison, 3 Jan., 1657/8.
Wm., son of Lewis Harrison, 11 Mar., 1659/60.
Ann, daughter of Lewis Harrison, 21 March, 1664/5.
Charles, son of Lewis Harrison, 17 June. 1666.

Wm., son of Mr. Edward Harrison, 9 Feb., 1661/2.
James, son of Mr. Francis Harrison, 11 March, 1665/6.

Prudence Harrison, 1 March, 1635/6.
Mary Harrison, 3 Feb., 1641/2.
Christopher Harrison, 9 Oct., 1654.
Sarah, daughter of John Harrison, 13 Feb., 1657/8.
Anne, wife of Wm. Harrison, 20 Feb., 1658/9.
Anne, daughter of Lewis Harrison, 1 June, 1667.
Jane, wife of Lewis Harrison. 20 Dec., 1669.
Wm. Harrison, 24 Feb., 1670.

Descendants of William Gladwin

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM1 GLADWIN was born 1841 in Evesham?Hereford/Worst.. He married ANNIE SOPHIA BREARLEY February 22, 1870 in Worcester, St. Martin, Worcestershire, daughter of JOHN BREARLEY and SOPHIA.

Fact 1: 1851, census - farmer, 60 acres, Chipping Campden
Fact 2: 1871, census - farmer, 46 acres, Chipping Campden
Fact 3: 1881, census - farmer

i. JAMES J.2 GLADWIN, b. 1871.
2. ii. WILLIAM THOMAS GLADWIN, b. 1873, Chipping Campden,
Gloustershire, England; d. 1907, Port Arthur, Ontario.
iii. ANNIE S. GLADWIN, b. 1876.


v. ELIZABETH GLADWIN, b. Abt. 1880.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM THOMAS2 GLADWIN (WILLIAM1) was born 1873 in Chipping Campden, Gloustershire, England, and died 1907 in Port Arthur, Ontario. He married FRANCES ANNIE COLDICUTT 1891 in Chipping Campden, Gloustershire, England?, daughter of ROBERT COLDICUTT and JULIANA BALDWIN.

Fact 1: Abt. 1903, Came to Port Arthur, worked in grain elevators
Fact 2: 1881, residing in Campden Hamlet, Chipping, Glouc.

Fact 1: Abt. 1905, emigrated to Canada (Port Arthur) to join husband
Fact 2: 1910, moved to Penticton, B.C. Canada with children (joined 3rd husband)
Fact 3: 1914, buried in old Anglican cemetery in Penticton, B.C. Canada
Fact 4: 1914 died as Frances Cook - Reg # 1914-09-204237 BC Archives

i. FRANCES ANNIE3 GLADWIN, b. 1891; m. (1) OSMAN DIGMA OLIVER, November 25, 1915, Vernon, B.C., Canada; m. (2) GEORGE ROBINSON, Abt. 1923, unknown. Frances died Nov 6, 1979 in Penticton, B.C. Canada No children.

Fact 1: Died during WWI

3. ii. JULIANA GLADWIN, b. 1893, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire,
England; d. 1982, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada.
4. iii. WILLIAM THOMAS GLADWIN, b. 1896, Chipping Campden,
Gloucestershire, England?; d. April 16, 1972, Penticton, B.C..

Generation No. 3

3. JULIANA GLADWIN (WILLIAM THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born 1893 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England, and died 1982 in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. She married HARRY PHILIP COOPER November 23, 1912 in Kamloops, B.C., son of PHILIP COOPER and ELLEN WALE.

4. WILLIAM THOMAS GLADWIN (WILLIAM THOMAS2, WILLIAM1) was born 1896 in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England?, and died April 16, 1972 in Penticton, B.C.. He married INA WILLIAMS Abt. 1916 in England.

More information

Perhaps the most distinctive present-day family (1911) connected with the soil of Campden is that of Izod, for members of that family have farmed their own land in Westington for 230 years, and other land in this parish for some 280 years. *The Gloucestershire Izods came out of Chapel Izod, co. Kilkenny, Ireland, about 1450, and settled themselves in the vale and on the hillsides at Stanton, Buckland, and Toddington, where they were of some standing at one time, owning the rectory of Stanton and land at Snowshill (Inq. p.m. Hen. Izod, 11. Charles I.). A brief pedigree of the family at these places was recorded at the visitations of this county by the Heralds in 1623 and 1682. Their arms were returned as "Arg 6 leopards' heads vert., 3, 2, and 1," and their crest, as "A man's head in profile proper in armour or plumed gu." In Cromwell's time Hen. Izod was rector of Stanton. In 1608 there were evidently no members of the family in the parish, for the name does not appear in the return of that year. About 1620-30 there were however, three substantial house-holders of the name in this town, viz. John, Nicholas, and Henry. Evidently they were, of the Toddington Stanton, and Buckland family, for Henry and Nicholas were family names at Toddington, and Nicholas Izod seems to have been parish clerk at Stanton 1605.

*It is to be noted that the Izod family did not come from Ireland in 1450, but went to Ireland from Gloucestershire in the 17th century, this information provided by Alan Izod, who has been researching his family name since 1976, some of the facts provided by Percy Rushen on at least this family are apparently not accurate, as Alan mentions ". . . Wasn't all his (Percy's) fault though, amongst other things they were keeping very quiet about getting the land for being Cromwellians. In fact they are not true IZODs now. The husband of an IZOD changed his name to enable him to inherit the loot."

Nicholas Izod Signed the register as chief inhabitant here 1629, both Henry and Nicholas sat on inquisitions here in 1632

John Izod had issue:
Ann, baptised here 17 March, 1621/2.
John, baptised here 14 March, 1622/3.
William, baptised here 24 Sept., 1626.
James, baptised here 9 March, 1627/8.

William seems to have married Elizabeth White here 18 June, 1656. The father, John, was buried 28 Aug., 1630, and Katherine, wife of John, was buried 23 July previous. Anne, wife of John, was buried 10 April, 1632. From these records it appears that there were two adult John Izods about this time. Perhaps one was the father of John, senior, and perhaps Nicholas and Henry were other sons.

Hen. Izod, who was buried here 30 Jan., 1656/7, had issue:
Judith, baptised here 16 March, 1627/8, buried 15 April, 1629.
Anne, baptised here 21 Feb., 1629/30, buried 13 Nov., 1630.
Henry, baptised here 20 Oct.. 1631, buried 13 Aug., 1636.
John, baptised here 19 Jan., 1643/4.
William, buried here 5 Dec.,1642.
It seems probable that the descendants of John and Henry either died out or removed from the parish, for no other records of them can be found.

Nicholas Izod married Mary Lysely here 19 July 1621, and had issue:
Nicholas, baptised here 16 Feb., 1622/3.
John, of whom later.'
Nathan, who was living 1666.
Francis baptised here 25 Oct., 1629.
Mary, baptised here 8 Jan., 1631/2
Henry, baptised here 23 March, 1633/4.
Martha, baptised here 13 March, 1635/6.
William, baptised here 5 Dec., 1641.

Francis was buried here 26 Aug., 1709, and had a son Francis, baptised 25 July, 1694. Nicholas, the father, took a lease of two messuages and two yardlands at Westington from the third Viscount Campden in 1666 for the lives of himself, Mary his wife, and Nathan his son. Nothing more is known of this Nathan or of his brothers and sisters, except Nicholas and John. The mother was buried here 5th June, 1670, and the father seems to have been dead in 1583. Nicholas, the son married Mary who was buried 6th July, 1705, and had a numerous issue thus:
Mary, baptised here 12 Dec., 1666.
John, baptised here 26 Jan., 1667/8, living 1727.
Philippa, baptised here 14 Nov., 1669.
Ann, baptised here 10 Jan., 1670/1.
Elizth, baptised here 10 Jan., 1670/l, married here 14 May, 1702 Jno. Holmes.
Nicholas, baptised here 16 May 1672.
Elinor, baptised here 29 May. 1673, buried here 20 Sept, 1732, a spinster.
Sarah, baptised here 23 Oct., 1674.
Wm., baptised here 16 Oct., 1675, buried here 8 0ct., 1727.
Susannah, baptised here 20 Feb., 1676, buried here 16 May, 1720.
Margaret baptised here 5 Sept., 1678, married here 15 May, 1703, Edward Curtice.
Henry, baptised here 7 Aug., 1681.
Thomas, baptised here 10 July, 1684.
The father was, buried here 6 July, 1705.
William, the son, left a will, dated 30 Sept., 1727, proved at Gloucester 16 May, 1728, in which he describes himself as a baker, of Westington, and except for Is. to his brother John, left all his property to his brother Nicholas, and evidently died without issue.
Nicholas, born 1672, seems to have had three sons:
John, baptised here 21 Feb., 1689/90, buried 5 July, 1741.
Nicholas baptised here 2 Feb., 1691/2.
The father was of Broad Campden, and took a lease in 1708 of a messuage, one yardland, there, with common of pasture for 15 sheep and great cattle, etc., for the lives of himself and his sons James and John. James, the son, was also of Broad Campden, and was leasee of the tithes thereof 1735-43. He died in 1762, when administration was granted to his son James, who was baptised here 7 Aug., 1726. There was also a daughter Mary, baptised here 17 April, 1733. James, born 1726, lived at Broad Campden, and died 9 Feb., 1795. Nicholas, the grandfather, was buried 20 Oct., 1728. He left a will dated 7 Oct., and proved at Gloucester 14 Nov. in that year. In it he described himself as a yeoman, of Broad Campden, and leaves all to his son James after the death of his mother, subject to a payment of £70 amongst the eight children of his son Nicholas. The estate was sworn at £243 1s. 6d.
The latter Nicholas married here 21 Dec., 1712, Iddy (Edith ?) Parker, and had issue:
Edith, baptised here 3 April, 1715.
John, baptised here 21 Oct., 1716.
Alice, baptised here 31 July, 1720.
Mary, baptized here 7 Oct., 1722.
William, baptised here 8 Nov., 1724, buried 16 March, 1736/7.
Elinor, baptised here 17 Sept., 1727.
John, baptized here 2 Feb., 1729/30.
The descendants of these children the author cannot trace, and thus all the descendants of Nicholas born 1622/3 are exhausted.
John Izod, son of the original Nicholas settled at Westington, where he got together a fair estate. In 1667 he took an underlease from his father of two messuages and 2 yardlands there. In 1683 be took a lease of 1/2 messuage and 1/2 of 4 yardlands there at £2 per annum, fine £238; and in 1699 he took a lease of 2 messuages and 2 yardlands at the same place, presumably those leased to his father at £2 per annum, fine £50. In 1683 he purchased of Rob. Hiron the fee of 2 messuages and 2 yardland in Westington, and this holding has been retained by his descendants in the main to the present (1911) day, one of these messuages being the old house frequently called Westington Manor House, in which the Izods now dwell. About 1681 John Izod purchased the fee of 1/2 yardland in Broad Campden of Rich. Rose and Thos. Bonner, and in conjunction with Nathan, his son, he purchased lands called Townsend, in Mickleton. John Izod had issue:

John, who seems to have married at Aston Magna, 8 May, 1679, Helen Ballard, who was buried here 14 Oct. 1690.
Nathan, baptised here 10 Dec., 1656.
Mary, living 1701.
Ann, baptised here 8 Jan., 1659.
Sarah, baptised here 19 April, 1663.
Hannah, baptised here 14 May, 1666.
Ann married in 1682 Wm. Rayer, of Cutsdean, and by deed of 21 Nov. that year her father settled his Broad Campden property on her. She left issue Mary, married Rich. Charles, of Blockley, at Stanton, 20 Oct., 1679. Sarah married Mr. Wilson; and Hannah married Mr. Gibbs. John, the son, had issue:
Wm., baptised here 12 June, 1686.
Mary, baptised here 14 Aug., 1687.
John, the father, was buried here 27 Oct., 1701, leaving estate sworn at £1,413 17s. 3d. By his will, dated 20 July, and proved at Gloucester 15 Nov., 1701, he left to his son John £50 and I Yardland in Berrington for life; remainder to Nicholas and Wm., two sons of said John, junr. Testator's dwelling at Westington, another house there, and 2 yardlands there to son Nathan for life; remainder to Nathan, son of last. To daughter Mary Charles and her heirs his house called Palmers, in Westington. To his daughter Ann Rayer for life a messuage called Warner's, in Westington; remainder, one moiety to her son, Jno. Rayer, the other moiety to William, son of testator's son Nathan. To son Nathan a messuage and 4 yardlands in Westington, in the tenure of testator's brother Nicholas, subject to an annuity of £5 to said Nicholas for life and £20 per annum for life to testator's daughter, Sarah Wilson. To son Nathan testator's share in lands called Townsends, at Mickleton, lately purchased by them, subject to £20 each to John and

Nicholas, sons of testator's eldest son, and to Wm., another son, Mary, daughter of said John and other grandchildren £10; to niece Elizabeth Izod; £5 to the poor of Campden. Nathan, son, residuary legatee and executor.

This Nathan had issue:
Anne, baptised here 9 May, 1683, living 1716,
John, baptised here 2 June, 1687.
Nathan, baptised here 5 Sept., 1690.
Wm., baptised here 28 Dec., 1691.
Mary married Wm. Eden.
Hannah, married Jno. Perry, at Ebrington, 17 Jan., 1708/9.
Thomas, baptised here 8 June, 1693.
Sarah, baptised here 5 Feb., 1696/7, living 1716.

He died 25 July, 1716, and his wife Anne 13 Sept., 1715. By his will, dated 23 July, and proved at Gloucester 16 Oct., 1716, he distributed his estate, valued at £2,100, as follows:
To Nathan, his son testator's dwelling at Westington and 2 yardlands belonging to it, a messuage there called the Overhouse, then in the possession of Jno. Greenaway, two yardlands there, which testator held by lease, and the lowermost meadow, belonging to the Foxberrys, in Weston-sub-Edge (This land is by Weston Park), lately purchased by testator.
To Wm., his son, the remainder of the Foxberrys, called the Great Ground, the messuage in Westington lately built by testator, and 4 yardlands there belonging to said messuage.
To Mary, his daughter, wife of Wm. Eden, a feather bed.
To Hannah, his daughter, wife of Jno. Perry, £200.
To Mrs, Anne Haswell, his daughter, the money owing to him by his son John.
To daughter Sarah Izod £500.
Sons Nathan and Wm. and daughter Sarah residuary legatees.
Anne, the testator's daughter, had married the Rev. Jas. Haswell here 5 Oct., 1714.
John Perry was the son of Thomas Perry, of this town, grocer, who died 1715. The son died about 1728, leaving Jno. Perry, Butcher, Thos. Perry, jersey comber, and Wm. Perry, innkeeper, all of this town, his sons by Hannah Izod, his wife.
William Izod married first Sarah, who died 5 March, 1722/3, aged 19, having had by her a daughter Anne, baptised here 29 Nov., 1720, living 1741. He married secondly Mary (who was living 1741), and died 27 June, 1750, intestate. His daughter Ann married Wm. Moseley, of Westington.
It will be seen that, old Nathan Izod had considerably increased the estate left him by his father, and that Nathan, Junr., succeeded to the greater part of it. This gentleman in 1715 was made a lieutenant by commission in a regiment of Militia to be raised for his Majesty's service. He married at Clifford Chambers, 4 April, 1723, Mary Phipps, of Campden, and had issue by her, who was living 1741:
Anne, baptised here 6 March, 1723/4.
Mary, baptised here 28 June, 1726.
Nathan baptised here 6 Feb., 1727/8.
Susannah, baptised here 8 July, 1737.
Ann died a spinster in 1772, leaving a will by which she bequeathed her lands at Upton Snodsbury and Grafton Flyford to trustees for the benefit of her sister Mary, who had married a Harwood, and her children Mary and Dulcibella.
Nathan and Wm. Izod took a lease in 1730 of 1/2 messuage and 1 yardland in Westington, with common pasture, at £l per annum, fine £60.
Nathan alone took a lease in 1730 of 2 messuages and 2 yardlands in Westington, with common of pasture, at £2 per annum, fine £120.
Wm. Izod alone took a lease in 1730 of 1/2 messuage and 2 yardlands dispensed in Westington, with common of pasture at £2 per annum, fine £135.
Nathan, born 1690, died interstate about 1753-8, Nathan, his son, born 1728, married Lucy ----, and died interstate 1797, leaving issue William, born 1780, and Charles, born 1782. William lived at Westington, and in his time the enclosure took place, and he was allotted land at Catbrook and on Broad Campden Hill in lieu of the two yardlands that had been purchased by his ancestor John. He married Ann -----, who died 8 Jan., 1833, aged 40, and died 28 Feb., 1846, leaving issue the late Mr. Nathan Izod, who succeeded to the Westington property, and died 1890; the late Mr. Chas. Izod, who died in 1896; and Mr. Jas. Izod, now (1911) living.
Charles, born 1782), died 24 Nov., 1864, leaving a widow. who died a few years ago, and a son, the late Mr. Chas. Izod, malster.
The widow and issue of the late Mr. Nathan Izod still (1911) reside in the homestead at Westington in which so many generations of Izods have lived and died.
For many years the Izods farmed land on Far Westington Hill, near the Four Cross Hands, which land, in consequence of this and its remote and unfrequented locality, was popularly styed "Izod's Far Hell."
There are a few misceIlaneous Izod entries in the parish register here, as follow:
Thos. Izod, buried 4 Oct., 1657.
Thos. Izod, buried 1 Feb., 1693-4.
Mary, daughter of Nicholas Izod buried 18 March, 1715/6
John Izod, buried 5 May, 1722
John, son of Mr. Nathan Izod buried 13 July, 1730.
John, son of Mr. Nathan Izod, buried 16 Sept, 1731.
Wm. Izod, buried 31 March, 1747.
Jno. Leadbetter, married Ann Izod 14 April, 1713.
Geo. Pickerin, of Sutton, married Mary Izod, 23 April, 1739.

Ann, the daughter of Nathan Izod, buried 6 Jan., 1749/50.
Wm., son of Nicholas and Mary Izod, of Westington, baptised 29 March, 1739.
John Izod married Katherne Godfrey at Buckland 25 Nov., 1617. Both these persons were buried at Campden, and this fact, together with the marriage of Mary Izod, of Westington, with Mr. Charles at Stanton seems to leave no doubt that the Campden Izods came directly from Stanton and Buckland.

From the time of Hen. VIII. until within living memory (1911) the family of Moseley has been of some standing, and numbers in this parish, although perhaps not of the standing of the Bonners, Weleys, etc. Unlike other families dealt with in this work, (History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden) however, the Moseleys have perpetuated their name in one spot in the parish, known ad Moseley's Spring, etc. At this point it will be convenient and interesting to deal with this family in some detail.

The early Moseley entries in the parish register are as under:

Anne, daughter of John,
26 Oct., 1617.
Honnor, daughter of John,
14 Oct., 1654.
John, son of John,
19 April. 1655.

Joan, daughter of Thos.
21 May, 1620.
Bridget, daughter of
Thos., 10 Sept., 1620.
Joan, daughter of
Thos., 6 April, 1623.
Rob., son of Thos.,
25 March, 1624.
Thos., son of Thos.,
18 Sept., 1625.
John, son of Thos.,
10 Sept., 1626.
Anne, daughter of Thos.,
6 May, 1630.
Thos., son of Thos.,
5 June, 1631.
Thos., son of Thos., junr.,
7 July, 1633.
Wm. son of Thos.,
2 Feb., 1633/4.
Mary, daughter of Thomas,
30 Nov., 1637.
Joan, daughter of Thos.,
3 Oct, 1641.
Anne, daughter of Thos.,
1 Dec., 1644.
Anne, daughter of Thos.,
6 June, 1647.

John, son of Wm.,
15 June, 1628.
Thos., son of Wm.,
17 Sept., 1630.
Mary, daughter of Wm.,
19 Feb., 1631/2.
Wm., son of Wm.,
17 April, 1634.
Wm., son of Wm.,
9 April, 1635.
Zara daughter of Wm.,
23 Feb., 1636/7.
Clemens, daughter of Wm.,
13 Nov., 1638.
Thos., son of Wm.,
13 June, 1641.
Wm., son of Wm.,
27 July, 1644.
John, son of Wm.,
1, Oct., 1647.
Mary, daughter of Wm.,
14 Feb., 1656/7.
Ann, daughter of Wm.,
26 Aug., 1660.
Cicely, daughter of Wm.,
9 Sept., 1660.
Ann, daughter of Wm.,
8 Nov., 1663.

Alice, daughter of Rich.,
31 Jan., 1629/30
Thos., son of Rich.,
13 March, 1630/1
Eliz., daughter of Rich.,
2 Feb., 1632/3.
John, son of Rich.,
24 May, 1634.
Joan, daughter of Rich.,
2 Dec., 1636.
Eliz., daughter of Rich.,
24 Dec.. 1637.
John, son of Rich.,
5 May, 1639.
Wm., son of Rich.,
16 Jan., 1641/2.
Wm., son of Richard,
13 Aug., 1643.
Mary, daughter of Rich.,
3 Jan., 1646/7.

John, son of John,
22 May, 1632.
Joan, wife of John,
11 May. 1645.
John Moseley,
14 May, 1654.
John Moseley,
27 Oct., 1637.

Rob., son of Thos.,
10 Aug., 1624.
Thos., son of Thos.,
4 Nov., 1625.
Elizth., daughter of Thos.,
24 Aug., 1633.
Ann, daughter of Thos.,
12 May, 1630.
Elizth., wife of Thos.
Nov., 1639.
Awtheny, wife of Thos.,
10 Aug., 1643.
Thos. Moseley, of Broad Campden,
26 Jan., 1663/4.

Wm. Moseley,
30 April, 16-34.
Wm. Moseley,
1 Dec., 1636.

Zara, daughter of Wm., 14 Jan., 16377/8.
Wm. Moseley,
5 July, 1670.

Alice, daughter of Rich.,
10 Feb., 1629/30.

John, son of Rich.,
26 May, 1634.

Wm., son of Rich.,
21 Aug.. 1643.

Rich. Moseley,
12 Sept., 1669.
Sarah, daughter of Rich.,
12 Oct., 1661.
Jarrit Moseley,
11 Oct., 1637.

Wm. Moseley and Alice Bravell, 12 March, 1636.
John Bravell and Anne Moseley, 12 March, 1636.
John Moseley and Anne Bumpas, 12 Feb., 1655/6.
Thos. Moseley and Ann Widowes, 10 Oct., 1671,

At Aston Subedge:
Thos. Mosely, of Broad Campden, and Eliz. Page, 9 Dec., 1699.
Jno. Grimmett, of Broad Campden, and Eliz. Mosely, of same, 5 Sept., 1708.

At Stanton:
Rich-. Mosely, of Broad Campden, and Mary Halflord, of Armscote, 25 Aug., 1679.
Jas. Borroughs. of Lamington, and Elizth. Moseley, of Broad Campden, 29 Sept., 1680.

Wm. Moseley signs the register as a chief inhabitant 1629, and John Moseley issued a token 1653. Thomas Moseley was assessed to a Church levy 1741.
According to headstones formerly in Campden churchyard, Ann, wife of Thos. Moseley, died 24 Sept., 1705, aged 60, and Thos. Moseley died 26 March, 1715, aged 66.
Eliz. Moseley, widow, of Broad Campden, 18 March, 1672. assigned to Jno. Wilkins, senr., of Campden, a Noel lease, dated 27 Dec., 1670, of 1/2 yardland in Berrington, then in her occupation; a close in Sheep-street, also in her occupation; and Cross Close, in Broad Campden, then in three parts, occupied by Jno., Thos., and Richard Harris, together with a tenement then lately erected, for 99 years, if lessee and Anthony, her son, lived so long, at £1 16s. 8d. per annum, rent.

The Perry entries of the time am also interesting. and are here given:

Jno., son of Richard Perry, 11 April, 1623.
Elizth., daughter of Richard Perry, 31 May, 1624.
Margaret, daughter of Richard Perry, 27 Jan., 1625/6.
Anne, daughter of Richard Perry, 23 Dec., 1627.
Richd., son of Richard Perry, 15 Mar, 1628/9.
Margt., daughter.of Richard Perry, 24 Sept., 1634.
Zara, daughter of Richard Perry, 29 Nov., 1634.
John, son of Richard Perry, 7 Feb., 1635/6.
Robert, son of Richard Perry, 17 Feb., 1638/9.
Jane, daughter of Thomas Perry, 22 Jan., 1655.
Anne, daughter of Richard Perry, 16 Oct., 1659.

Margt., wife of Hen. Perry, 18 Oct., 1624.
Rob., son of Rich. Perry, 24 Feb., 1638/9.
Richd. Perry, 9 Oct., 1657.

John Perry and Elizth. Freeman, 14 Nov., 1622

In 1675 an action was brought (Wilson v. Bonner) between Chipping Campden and Broad Campden to settle the point whether the parish, being a large one, could not have the Poor Law administered separately in the various townships and tithings, under the Statute 13 and 14, ch. 2., but it was held that the parish could not be divided for this administration, as Gloucestershire was not a county named in the Statute as one in which the large parishes especially provided for occurred. The parishes dealt with by the Statute were those very large ones found in the northern counties.
In the visitations made by the Heralds in 1682/3 the persons of this parish summned were:

For Chipping Campden:
John Eden Burgess.
Sam. Horseman Burgess
Rob. Taylor Burgess.

For Combe:
Thos. Godwyn, gent.

For Broad Campden:
---- Willas, gent.

For Berrington:
Jno. Godwyn, gent.
---- Hickes, gent.

But Horseman was disclaimed as no gentleman of blood ancestry or arms. In Adams's "Index Villaris," 1680 Campden is credited with two gentleman residents and Berrington with one.