Kaiwo Maru (II)
Sister ship to the Nipon Maru (II) both from the same plan. Built by Sumitomo Heavy Industry September 15, 1989 and the Nipon Maru (II) built in 1984. Original Kaiwo Maru built in 1930 and Nipon Maru 1930.

2,556 tons
4 cycle diesel engine (2 sets) 3,000 PS (2,206 KW)
Maximum Sea Speed 14.1 kn / 13.0 kn
Range 9,800 miles (18,150km)
Complement 199 persons

Loa * Breadth * Depth
110.09 m x 13.8 m x 10.7 m
Rigs - Four Masted Barque

Height / rake
Fore Mast: 42m / 3.5 deg.
Main Mast: 43.5m / 4.0 deg
Mizzen Mast: 43m / 5.0 deg
Jigger Mast: 34m / 5.5 deg
Bow Sprit: 16.5m / 17.5 deg
(Height = length from Superstructure Deck to Track)

Total area of all sails: 2,760m2
Square Sails: 1,791m2

Fore Mast:
Fore Royal Sail: 57m2
Fore Upper Garant Sail: 74m2
Fore Lower Garant Sail: 71m2
Fore Upper Top Sail: 97m2
Fore Lower Top Sail: 113m2
Fore Sail: 185m2

Main Mast:
Main Royal Sail: 57m2
Main Upper Garant Sail: 74m2
Main Lower Garant Sail: 71m2
Main Upper Top Sail: 97m2
Main Lower Top Sail: 113m2
Main Sail: 185m2

Mizzen Mast:
Mizzen Royal Sail: 57m2
Mizzen Upper Garant Sail: 74m2
Mizzen Lower Garant Sail: 71m2
Mizzen Upper Top Sail: 97m2
Mizzen Lower Top Sail: 113m2
Mizzen Sail: 185m2

Fore and Aft
Sail: 969m2
Fore Mast:
Flying Jib: 60m2
Outer Jib: 55m2
Inner Jib: 63m2
Fore Topmast Stay Sail: 48m2

Main Mast:
Main Royal Stay Sail: 45m2
Main Topgallant Stay Sail: 47m2
Main Middle Stay Sail: 59m2
Main Topmast Stay Sail: 60m2

Mizzen Mast:
Mizzen Royal Stay Sail: 39m2
Mizzen Topgallant Stay Sail: 55m2
Main Middle Stay Sail: 57m2
Main Topmast Stay Sail: 64m2

Jigger Mast:
Jigger Topgallant Stay Sail: 38m2
Jigger Topmast Stay Sail: 53m2
Jigger Stay Sail: 39m2
Gaffer Sail: 56m2
Upper Spanker: 58m2
Lower Spanker: 73m2