CHIPPING CAMPDEN 1851, Gloucestershire

Includes, Berrington, Westington, Broad Campden,

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Pages 4 - 44 very faint
* Confident of Surname
** Fairly Confident of Surname
*** Surname - Anybodies guess

North End,

KINGZETT, Henry, Head, 28, farmer 100 acres - 4 Labs Campden
KINGZETT, Lucy, Wife, 28, Campden
KINGZETT, Lucy, Daug, 1, Campden
RUSSELL, Mary, Servant, 20, General servant, Campden

KETTLE, John, Head, 46, Manager, Law Clerk, Auctioneer, Middx, Cripplegate
KETTLE, Mary Ann, Wife, 45, Suffolk, Saxmundham
KETTLE, Mary Ann, Daug, 23? Suffolk Saxmundham
KETTLE, William, 16, Son, Writing Clerk, Campden
KETTLE, Henry, Son, 13, Scholar, Campden
KETTLE, Joseph, Son, 12, Scholar, Campden
KETTLE, Edgar, 8, Scholar, Campden
KETTLE, Anna, Daug, 22, Governess Suffolk, Saxmundham
HUXLEY, Sarah, Servant, 13, House Servant, Worcs, Evesham

COOKSEY, John, A. MRCSL Head, 30, General Practitioner, Worcester City, St. Peters
COOKSEY, Caroline, Wife, 39, Warks, Leamington Hasting
GARNET, Anne, Servant, 23, General Servant, Warks, Harabro Magna

HARRIS, Hannah, Wife, 63, Silk Winder, Campden

ELLIS Samuel, Head, 42, Farm Labourer Campden
ELLIS Prudence, Wife, 35, Gloucs, Ebrington
ELLIS Robert, Son, 22 Farm Labourer, Campden

KEARNES, Mary A. Widow, 44, Laundress. Campden
KEARNES, Elizabeth, Daug, 12, at home, Campden

PAYNE, Alexander, Head, Widower, 52, Cooper & Sexton to the Parish Campden
Data from 1861 Census.
HOWEL William, Lodger, 33, Farm Labourer, Campden
HOWEL Sophia, Wife, 32, Labourers's Wife Campden
HOWEL Emma, Daug, 12, Campden
HOWEL Thomas, Son, 8 Campden
HOWEL Jesse, Son, 6, Campden
HOWEL George, Son, 3, Campden
HOWEL Henry Son, 7 months Campden

WIGINTON, William, Head, 51, Farm Labourer (Pauper) Campden
WIGINTON, Rhoda , Wife, 46, Campden
WIGINTON, John, Son, 6, Campden

BLOXHAM, Mary, Widow, 51, Silk Winder Campden
BLOXHAM, Ann, Daug, 16 Silk Winder Campden

REEVES, James Head, 47, Farm Labourer, Campden
REEVES, Ann, Wife, 56, Charwoman Worcs, Blockley

REEVES, Mary Ann, 13, At Home Campden

STANLEY William, Head, 43, Farmer 410 acres Campden 5 men 2 boys
STANLEY, Elizabeth, Wife, 39, Ireland, Limerick
STANLEY, Herbert, Son, 6, Campden
STANLEY Ulrich, Son, 4, Campden
STANLEY, Katherine, Daug, 2, Campden
COE, (COG, COY)??,Isabella, Visitor, 18, Annuitant, Ireland
COG?? James. M. 17, Farmer Son, Visitor Ireland
COG?? Elizabeth M. Visitor, 16, Farmer's Daughter, Campden
HANDS, Jonathon, Lodger, 7, farmer's Son at School. Campden

SMITH, Robert, Head, 58, Shoemaker, Campden
SMITH, Ann, Wife, 53, Campden
SMITH, Cornelius, Son, 16, Farm Labourer, Campden
SMITH, Hester, Daug, 12, at home Campden

MANTON, Charles, Head, 56, Farm Labour Campden
MANTON, Mary, Wife, 43, Campden
MANTON, John, Son, 19. Railway Labourer Campden
MANTON, Gared? Son, 13, School Campden

Pages 19 - 44 NOT MUCH BETTER

JAMES, Thomas, Head, 29, Grocer, Campden
*1861* New Child Eliza age 9
JAMES, Fanny, Wife 22, Dressmaker Gloucs, Stanley
JAMES, Abel 16, Visitor, Farm Labourer Campden
*** XXX James, Lodger 33, Rail Road, Labour, Gloucs, Cheltenham

XMERY, Eli, Head, 49, Minister Baptist Chapel, Devon, Ashton
XMERY, Ann, Wife, 37, Devon, XXXXXXXX
XMERY, May? Daug, 9, Devon Torington
XMERY, Eli, Son, 7, Hants, Witchurch
XMERY, Ann, Daug, 5, Campden
XMERY , Jane, ? Daug, 2, Campden
COOK, Dinah, Servant, 19, House Servant Campden

GAVEY, George, Head 33, Civil Engineer, Jersey St, Helens,
GAVEY, Mary A, Sister, 31, Fund Holder, Southampton
GAVEY, Emma, Sister, 26, Fund Holder, Jersey, St Helens,
XXXX, Sarah, Servant, 25, House Servant, Gloucs, XXXX

TUCKER, Mary, Head, Widow, 34, Annuitant, Westington Hamlet
TUCKER, John, Son, 6, Scholar, Dorset,
HEMMING, Harriet, Servant, 20, House Servant, Worcester Hampton

MATTHEWS, Edward, Head, 69, Proprietor Oxon Chipping Norton
MATTHEWS Mary Ann Sister 60 Proprietor Oxon Chipping Norton
xxxx xxxxx 26, Servant Gloucs

***19 Surname ??
John, Head, 27, Groom Worcs, Broadway
Ann Wife, 27 Gloucs, Mickleton
xxxx Daug, 3, Warks Ilmington
Ellen,, Daug, 1 month Campden
WALKER, Ann. Servant 13, Servant girl Gloucs, Ebrington

FLETCHER, Hannah, Head Widow 40 Cordwainer Warks, Stratford
FLETCHER, William, Son, 16 Scholar Campden
FLETCHER, Sarah, Daug, 13, Scholar
XXXX, George, Lodger, 23, Miner Rail Road Not Known
EDWARDS, Hannah LODGER, Widow, 23, Gloucs, Preston on Stour
ADKINS, William, Visitor 6, Warks, Stratford

SEDEN, John, Head, 54, Bakert, Oxon, ??
SEDEN, Ann, Wife, 55, Gloucs, Buckland

STILES, Elizabeth Head, 61, Silk Winder Campden

TAYLOR, John, Head, 48, Tailor, Campden
TAYLOR, Ann, Wife, 50 London N,K,
TAYLOR, Emma, Daug, 11, School Warks, Stratford on Avon
TAYLOR, Bernard ? Son, 9 School Warks, Stratford on Avon
CLARK, William, Lodger, 23, Bricklayer Rail Road Wolverhampton
CLARK, Elizabeth, Wife, 21, Wife of William Taylor, Stratford on Avon
TAYLOR, James, Son, 14, At Home ??

STANLEY, Richard, Head, 31, Butcher, Campden
STANLEY, Elizabeth, Wife, 30, Campden
STANLEY, Robert, Son, 10, Scholar at Home, Campden
STANLEY, James, Son, 8, Scholar at Home Campden
STANLEY, Sarah, Daug, 5, Scholar at Home Campden
STANLEY, George, Son 5, Scholar at Home Campden
STANLEY, William, Son., 1, Campden

PAIN, Allice, Head, Widow, 34, Fund Holder York
PAIN, Mary Elizabeth, Daug, 12, Campden
MINNIKIN, Robert, Visitor, 68, Annuitant York
MILES?, Ellen, Servant, 20, Housemaid Campden
RUSSELL, Sarah, Servant, 19, House Maid Campden

HORNE? Elizabeth Head, Widow 57, Farmer 100 acres, - 3 Men 2 Boys Gloucs, XXX
HORNE, John, Son, 27, Farmer's Son Campden
HORNE, Robert, Son 23?, Farmer's Son Campden
HORNE, James Son 17, Campden
Note: *1861* John Horne Born Campden age 56 Statistics and Seedsman has a 34 year old wife Mary Ann and 4 young children - There must be a connection to the family above.

GROVE, Ellen, M. Head, 36, School Mistress Infant School Campden
GROVE, Ann, 57 Campden
GROVE, Rebecca, Visitor, 16, Campden

TURVEY , James, Head, 70, Malster Middx London
TURVEY, Mary, Wife, 55, Worcs, Bewdley
TAYLOR, Ann, Daug, Widow 40, Middx London
JACKSON, Sarah, Servant, 20, House Servant Worcs, Broadway

BOOKER, John H. Head, 42, Butcher, Gloucs. Ebrington
BOOKER, Mary, Wife, 32, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
BOOKER, John, Son, 15, at Home Campden
BOOKER, William, Son, 14, School, Campden
BOOKER, Charles, Son, 3, Campden
BOOKER, Oliver, Son, 1, Campden
*1861* Staying with Grandma Isabella Taylor 55
WEBB, Selina, 19, House Servant Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh

SHINGLETON, Elizabeth , Head Widow, 74, Landed Proprietor Oxon, Chipping Norton
MATTHEWS, Eliza, Visitor, 54, N.K. Oxon, Waterferry??
MILES, Mary S. Servant, 17, House Servant, Campden

BARNES, Sarah, Head, 71, Grocer and Stationer Oxon, Doddington
GRIFFITHS, Thomas, Son in Law, Druggist, Glamorgan Pyle??
GRIFFITHS, Eliza, 43 Campden Hamlet Berrington

TAYLOR, Samuel, Head, 31, Watch and Clock Maker Worcs, Shipston on Stour
TAYLOR, Jane, Wife, 37, Warks, Birmingham
TAYLOR, Lucy, Daug, 5, Campden
TAYLOR, Carey, Son, 1, Campden

TRINDER Samuel, Head, 38, Shoe Maker, Campden
TRINDER, Harriet, Wife, 38, Aston Subedge
TRINDER, Alfred, Son, 12, Campden
TRINDER, Frederick, Son, 11, Campden
HARDWICK, Sarah, Lodger, 35, Assistant Gloucs ??
CLAYTON, Edward, Lodger 24, Assistant Bucks,

MITCHELL, Joseph, Head, 53, Grocer and General Dealer, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
MITCHELL, Frances Wife, 50, Campden
HAGGER, ? Elizabeth Lodger 27, Tailoress Gloucs, Westbury
HAGGER, Thomas, Son, 3, Bristol, XXX
Surname ??

SIMCOX, William, Head, 56, Widower, Shop Keeper, Registrar of Births Gloucs, Quinton

WILLIAMS?, William, Head 64, Harness maker, Campden
WILLIAMS, Martha, Wife, 57, Campden
WILLIAMS, Ann, Daughter 19, at home Campden
WILLIAMS, Martha, Daug, 17, at home Campden
WILLIAMS, Hannah Daug, 15, at Home Campden
WILLIAMS, William, Son, 8, Scholar Campden

HANLEY, Robert, Head, 63 Butcher, Campden
HANLEY, Elizabeth Wife, 61 , Campden
HANLEY, Robert, Son, 28, Assistant Campden
HANLEY, Ann, 26 at home Campden
ADKINS, Sarah, Visitor 24 Campden

Surname ???
COX, William, Head, 30, Baker, Campden
COX , Ann, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Broad Campden
COX, Mary Ann, Daug, 6, Campden
COX, Lucy, Daug, 6, Campden
COX, William, Son 2, Campden

OSBORNE, Ann, Head, Widow, 73 Campden
OSBORNE, Eliza, Daug, 43, at home Campden
OSBORNE, James, Son, 31, Hairdresser & Land Measurer Campden
*1861* James has a wife Elizabeth age 35 a dressmaker - Campden girl she had been married before and had a son Alfred Taplin age 11 from Blockley.

PRICE, William, Head, Widower, Cordwainer, Worcs, Evesham
WYATT, Mary Head, Widow, 61 Inn Keeper *1861* Landed Proprietor
BOOKER, Louisa, Niece, Bar Maid Gloucs, Ebrington
KEEN Mary, Servant, 15, House Servant, Warks, Tredington
ASTEN, John. Servant 19, Worcs, Draycott
BROOKS, John, Lodger, Widow, 36, Rail Road Labourer Hants, ???
HARTLEY, John, Lodger, 13, Rail Road Labourer
BROOKS, J. / Lodger, 46, Rail Road Labourer Durham, Darlaston
POWER, James, Lodger, Rail Road Labourer Berks,
SMITH, Richard, 47, Rail Road Labourer Staffs,
LEES, William, Lodger, 28, Rail Road Labourer Lancs Hampton Mile
DAY, Robert, Lodger, Widower 30, Rail Road Labourer Hamps, ???
CLARK, William, Lodger, 27, Rail Road Labourer Lincoln, Long Sutton
BUXTON, James. Lodger, 36, Rail Road Labourer Lincoln, Grin???

MERRIMAN, (MERRYMAN) Robert, Head, 70, Slater and Plasterer, Gloucs. Stow on the Wold
*1861* Thomas Merryman Plasterer shows up age 51 Widower 3 children - his son!
MERRIMAN, Sarah, Wife, 71 Campden *1861* Staying with Thomas
BRACE, Thomas Head 31, Taylor, Worcester
*1861* Victualler and Tailor
BRACE, Hannah, Wife, 31, Campden *1861* Hannah is deceased
BRACE, William, Son, 1, Campden
BRACE, John, Brother, 29, Taylor, Worcester

IZOD, Charles, Head, 65, Maltster, Campden (age is right according to the film)
IZOD, Charlotte, Wife, 34, Campden
IZOD, Charles, Son, 9, Campden
IZOD, William, Son, 7, Campden
IZOD, Lucy, Daug, 5, Campden

GOUGH, Thomas, 72, Farm Labourer Pauper Gloucs, Mickleton
GOUGH, Ann, Wife, 70, Gloucs, Wolford
GOUGH, Charles, Grandson, 20, Gloucs, Hidcote
CARPENTER, Ann, Grand-daughter 20, Gloucs, Hidcote
DASH, Thomas, Grandson 9 Campden

HAINES, John, Head, 49, Grocer, Campden
*1861* Now he is an Allotment Farmer
HAINES, Sarah, Wife, 56, Campden
HAINES, Richard, Brother 41 Insane Campden
*1861* Still Going
HALL, James, Lodger, 58, Collector of Rags, Scotland Glasgow

HUMPRHIES, William, Head, 37, Rail Road Miner Salop, Landover
HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth Wife, 32, Miners Wife, Sussex. Balcombe
HUMPHRIES, Ann, Daughter, 8, Scholar, York Idle
HUMPHRIES, Martha, 5, Scholar, York Idle
HUMPHRIES, William, Son, 4, Sussex, Balcombe
HUMPHRIES, Jane, Daug, 1, N.K.

ROBERTS, Bethsheba, Head, Widow, Annuitant Campden
*1861* Bethsheba is 63 a Fund Holder
CHAMBERLAIN, Fanny, Companion, 49, Dressmaker, Campden
HANDS, Fanny, Servant, 14 , House Servant Campden
*1861* still working for the old lady.

GREENHOUSE, William, Head, 39, Mercer and Bank Agent, Shrop. Ludlow
GREENHOUSE, Elizabeth, Wife, 33, Worcs, Bewdley
GREENHOUSE, William, H. Son, 5, Scholar, Campden
GREENHOUSE, Frank Downes, Son 1, Campden
VINEY , (Likely Vine) William, Servant 16 Apprentice Worcester
COTTERELL, Ellen, Servant, 21, House Servant Gloucs, Broadway
BARNES, Jane, Servant, 16, Nurse Maid Campden

HIRON, William Head, 36, General Practioner, MRCSL LACS Campden
HIRON, Mary F. Wife, 34, Gloucs, Mickleton
HIRON, Henry, Son, 5, Campden
HIRON, Mary F. Daug, 3, Campden
KETTLE, Ellen, Governess 19, Suffolk, Saxmundham
CHURCHILL, Ellen, Servant , 22 House Servant, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
KEETLEY, (KEITLEY) Elizabeth , 25, Nurse Maid , Campden
HIRON Lucy, Daug, 6, Campden
HARRIS, Charles, T. Servant, 16, House Servant Gloucs, Aston Subedge

BARNACLEAnn, Head, 73 Gloucs, Mickleton

DODWELL, George, Head, 39, Curate of Campden Middx, Halliford
DODWELL, Isabella, Wife, 29, Isle of Wight
DODWELL, Worsley, Son, 11 months, Wilts, Stratton
HAWLEY, Edward, Visitor 21, Annuitant Middx, Marylebone
COLDICOTT, Jane, Servant, 18, Gloucs, Ebrington
DODDSWELL, Dulcebella, Daug, 2, Middx, Marylebone

MORRIS, Charles, Head, 24, Gen. Pract. MRCSL & L.A.C.L. Gloucs. Marston ??
CLAYTON, Thomas Servant- Groom, 25, Campden
CLAYTON, Ellen, Servant, 23, House Keeper, Worcs, Cropthorn
CLAYTON, Susan, 2 months, Campden

EDEN, Thomas, Head, Widower, 86, FARM Labourer and Pauper Oxon, OverXXXX
EDEN, Elisha, Son, 36, Cordwainer Campden
EDEN, Harriet, Son'S Wife, 33, Gloucs Willersley
EDEN, Louisa, Daug, 11, Oxon, Chipping Norton
EDEN, William, 9, Campden
EDEN, John, 1, Campden
EDEN, Jesse, 7, Campden
BARFIELD, Henry, Lodger, 25, Rail Road Miner ???
BARFIELD, Easter, Lodger, Miners Wife, Worcs, Bromsgrove

ROBERTS, Joseph, Head, 30, Landed Proprietor Gloucs, Saintbury
ROBERTS, Sarah, Wife, 30, Oxon, Foxcote
ROBERTS, Sarah Barnes, Daug, 5, Scholar at Home Worcs, Blockley
ROBERTS, Mary Ann, Daug, 3, Worcs, ??
ROBERTS, Joseph, Son, 2, Gloucs, Mickleton
WILLIAMS, Sarah, Servant, 25, House Servant Gloucs, ???
GRIFFIN, Caroline, Servant 24, House Servant Gloucs, Broad Campden
WHITE, Mary A, Servant , 28, Nurse, Worcs, Shipston on Stour
TAYLOR, Ann, Servant, 18, Nursemaid, Warks, Stratford
TORRINS, Charles, Servant, 24, Groom, Gloucs,, Scanton?

MATTHEWS, Charles, Head, Widower. 51, Grocer and Druggist OXON, Chipping Norton MATTHEWS, Sarah, Daug, 13, Campden
HARDING, Elizabeth Servant, 30, House Keeper, Berks, Abingdon
PULLY, Priscilla, Servant 18, House Servant Worcs, Broadway
LLOYD, Thomas, Assistant, 29, Shopman and Druggist, Glamorgan Carphilly
CHALK, John, C. 23, Shopman and Grocer, Berks, Thatcham
PHILLIPS, George, Servant, 13, Groom, Gloucs, Winchcomb

RICHARDSON, Joseph, Head, 46, Baker, Gloucs, Campden
RICHARDSON, Sarah, Wife, 33, Warks, Broom??
RICHARDSON, Joseph, Son, 20, at Home Campden

60 - House Vacant

High Street,
BOLTON, Edward, Head, 33, Cordwainer, Worcs, Shipston on Stour
*1861* age 49
BOLTON, Elizabeth, Wife, 30, Hereford, Norton
BOLTON, Caroline, Daug, 9, Campden
WILLS, John, Assistant, 33, Warks, Alcester
BOUCHER, James, Assistant, 33, Worcs, Bewdley
PIKKER, William Assistant, 22, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh

DARROLE, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 44, Kent, Deptford
DARROLE, William, Son, 19, Railroad Labourer, Middx Bermondsey
DARROLE, Sarah, Daug, 16, at Home, Portland
DARROLE, Mary, Daug, 13, at Home, London, Rotherhide
DARROLE, Elizabeth, Daug, 10, at Home, London Rotherhide
RUDD, James, Lodger, 25, Bricklayer Railroad, Norfolf, Dess
HARDWICK, Joseph, Lodger, 40, Bricklayer Railroad, York Lofton
RIMN Marshall, Michael, Lodger, 31, Bricklayer Labourer, Ireland
LYNIK, James, Lodger, 35, Bricklayer Labourer, Dublin
ATTENBOROUGH, Lodger, 17, Bricklayer Labourer, Nottingham
WILLIAMS, John, Lodger, 26, Bricklayer Labourer, Lincoln+
CORNE, John, Lodger, 5 Scholar, Staffs +
OAK, John, Lodger, 30, Miner Railroad, Cambridge

High Street

YATES, Robert, Head, 27, Farm Labourer, Gloucs, Aston Subedge
YATES, Lucy, Wife, 26, Campden
YATES, William. Son, 4., Campden
YATES, Mary Ann, Daug, 2, Campden
YATES, Sarah, Daug, 3 months, Campden

HAMPSTONE, James, Head, 30, Railroad Labourer, Norfolk, Yarmouth.
HAMPSTONE, Mary, 21, Campden
HAMPSTONE, Hannah, Daug, 2, Campden

LANE, Sarah, Head, 31, Laundress, Warks, Leamington
LANE, Caroline, Daug, 8, Worcs, Alderminster
LANE, William, Son, 4, Gloucs, Preston on Stour
LANE, Sarah, W. Daug 7 months Campden

SILVESTER, Stephen, Head, 57, Tailor *1861* Gloucs, Quinton
SILVESTER, Mary, Wife, 60, Gloucs, Campden
COLLETT, Servant, 17, Gloucs, Willersley,

STANLEY, Elizabeth, Widow, 64, Annuitant Campden
BALDWIN, Mary, Lodger, 60, Dressmaker Campden
*1861* Mary has a Brother Philip 45 Campden

WARD George, Head, Widower, 67 Carpenter, Yorks, Long Deas
*1861* George is 78 still going !
WARD, John, G. Son, 36 Ironmonger Middx. St. L.
BLAKEMAN, Elizabeth, Servant 24, Campden
*1861* Elizabeth a servant for the Campden Catholic Priest

SHERWOOD, Thomas, Head, 29, Shoemaker, Warks
*1861* wife has died now a lodger
SHERWOOD, Caroline, Wife, 30, Dessmaker, Campden
TAYLOR, Emma, Visitor 11, Scholar, , Warks, Stratford

WARNER, Thomas, Head, 46, Watch Maker, Organist, Campden
WARNER, Susannah, Wife, 39, Campden
WARNER, Eliza, Daug, 12, Campden
WARNER, William, Son, 11, Scholar, Campden
WARNER, Sarah, Daug, 9, Scholar, Campden
WARNER, Thomas, Son, 7, Scholar, Campden
WYETT, Samuel, Lodger, 34, Miner, Rail Road, Oxon
XXXXXX Thomas, 25, Miner, Railroad, Bristol
XXXXXX Sarah, 23, Miner's Wife, Birmingham
TOMKINSON, Samuel, 41, Miner Rail Road, Lincoln
TOMKINSON, Marion, Lodger, 35, Miner's Wife. Lancaster
TOMKINSON, William, 14, Miner Rail Road, Northampton, Kilsby
WYATT, Mary, Lodger, 22, Miner's Wife, Kent, Tunbridge

HUMPHRIES, John, Head, 38, Cordwainer, Worcester, Broadway,
*1861* Wife shows as Emma - Campden Dressmaker & a new daughter Anne age 2
HUMPHRIES, Mary Ann, Wife, 38, Worcester, Broadway
HUMPHRIES, Son, 10, Scholar, Campden
HUMPHRIES, Sarah, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden

PENSON, Head, 38, Carrier, Campden
PENSON. Lydia, Wife, 38, Campden
PENSON,. Thomas, Son, 7, Campden
PENSON, Richard, Son,5, Campden
PENSON, Sarah Ann, Daug, 2, Campden
PENSON, Elizabeth, Daug, 2 months, Campden
PENSON, Joseph, Visitor, 57, Farmer, Warwick +
XXXXX Emma, Servant, 17, House Servant, Campden
HARWOOD, John, Servant, 19, Labourer, Campden

PULLY, John, Head, 24, Cooper Worcs, Broadway
PULLY, Lydia, Wife, 30, Worcs, Idlicote
PULLY, Fanny, Daug, 3, Warks, Cherington
PULLY, John, Son 4 months Campden
HACK, William Lodger, 58, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Visitor, 9, Scholar, Kineveh

MANTON, John, Head, 58, Farmer 92 acres - 4 Lab Campden
MANTON, Ann, Wife, 48, Gloucs, Hidcote
*1861* Ann has died John now a widower
MANTON, Frederick, Son, 15, at home Campden
WILKE, Elizabeth Visitor, 30, Not known, Warks Bidford

DRURY, William, Head, 33,
*1861* William is 43 a Fruit Dealer
DRURY, Jane Wife, 32, Worcs Broadway
DRURY, Caroline, Daug 2, Worcs, Broadway
*1861* I think now called Ann age 12
XXXXX, Ann, Lodger, Widow, 61, Parish Relief, Worcs, Broadway,

STANLEY, Daniel, Head, 44, Stone Mason, Campden
STANLEY, Rachael Wife, 46, Straw Bonnet Maker Campden
*1861* Rachael now a Widow but still making bonnetts
STANLEY, Mary Ann, Daug, 15, at Home Campden
STANLEY, Rachael. Daug, 11, Scholar, Campden

DAVIS, George, 36, Head Joiner & Cabinet Maker Worcs, Broadway
*1861* Becomes a Wesleyn Minster
DAVIS, Ann, 37, Worcs, Broadway
DAVIS, Jane, 10, Scholar, Warks, Tamworth? *1861* Jane Print 20 Niece Tamworth
TOVEY? George, apprentice, 17, Gloucs, Winchcomb

BOWEN? James, Head, 42, Miner Rail Road
BOWEN Mary, Wife, 38,
BOWEN, James, Son, 14, Rail Lab
BOWEN, Lavina, Daug, 7, Scholar,
BOWEN, Ann, Daug, 3,
BOWEN, John, Son 1,
HARFORD, Jesse Lodger, 20, Miner Rail Road
USHER, John, Lodger, 32, Miner Rail Road

WYLDE, Samuel, Head, 34, Ride Officer & Inland Riverman Cheshire ?
WYLDE, Elizabeth, 38, Wife, Cheshire ?
WYLDE, Samuel, 6, Scholar Gloucs,
WYLDE, Helina, Daug, 3, Gloucs, Campden
RASTAL? Mary, Servant 13, House Servant, Worcs, Broadway

WYATT, John, Head, Widower 38, Butcher, Gloucs, Campden Check 1861
WYATT,, John, 5, Son, Campden
WYATT, Maria ??, Servant 28, House Keeper, London Check 1861
LADBROOK Charles servant, 16, Servant, Gloucs, Mickleton
TAYLOR, Sarah, 15, House Servant, Gloucs, Ebrington

HOWMAN Charles, Head, 32, Plasterer Gloucs, Campden
*1861* no wife at home
HOWMAN Hannah, Wife, 33, Plasterer's Wife Gloucs, Braddel

TAYLOR John, Head, 62, Rope Maker, Gloucs, Campden
TAYLOR, Mary, Wife, 60, Berks, Abbendon

SMITH, William,. Head, 24, Blacksmith Campden
SMITH, Mary Ann, Wife, 21, Campden

COLDICOTT, William, Head, 31, Widower, Wheelwright, Gloucs, Long Marston
*1861* William has remarried to Sarah Campden Girl age 45
COLDICOTT, John, Son, 9, Scholar Campden
COLDICOTT Henry W. Son, 4, Scholar, Campden
*1861* now known as William Henry
SMITH, Elizabeth, Servant, 50, Housekeeper

STANLEY, James, Head, 73, Grocer, (Pensioner, Sgt. Chelsea) Campden
STANLEY, Ann, Wife, 71 Campden
MANGMAN,?? James, Visitor , 26, Weslyan Minister (Evesham Council) Suffolk, Walsham
XXXXXUND, Ellen, Servant, 18 Oxon, Kingham

HARRIS, Ann, Head, Widow, 41, Charwoman Campden
*1861* Ann is a Silk Winder
HARRIS, Sarah, Daug, 13, Silk Mill Campden
HARRIS, xxxxx, Son, 11, Plow Boy Campden
HARRIS, William, 9, Scholar Campden
HARRIS, Emma, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
HARRIS, Edwin, Son, 5, Scholar, Campden
TRINDER??, Sarah, Lodger, Widow, 73, xxx xxxx xxxx Campden
XXXXX, Emma., 24, House Servant, Gloucs, Brailes

ARKELL, Richard, Head, 39, grocer, Oxon, Barford
ARKELL, Lucy, Wife, 40, Grocer's Wife, Campden
PINSON, TINSON? Catherine, Wife's Mother Widow, 77, Worcs, Blockley

FLETCHER, Henry, Head, 34, Tacter? Gloucs. Moreton in the Marsh
FLETCHER, Judith, Wife, 40, Campden
FLETCHER, Thomas, Son, 13, Scholar, Campden
FLETCHER, Louisa? 7, Scholar, Campden
MARRIATT, Joseph, Lodger, 34, Rail Road Miner, Notts, XXXX

HALL, Mary Ann, Head, 56?, School Mistress Northampton XXXXX
TARPLETT,, Ann, Boarder, 11, Scholar, Worcs, Paxford.
HAINES, Thomas, Visitor 11, Nephew Gloucs, Stanton
CLAYTON, Mary Ann, Servant, 17, House Servant, Campden

FREEMAN, William, Head, Widower, 64, Mason - 5 men, Gloucs, Campden
*1861* AGE 64 Gentleman Landowner
FREEMAN, Ann Sister, 48, Gloucs, Campden
FOSTER , Lucy, Sister in Law, 60, Suffolk, Bloxwick
JAMES, Fanny, Servant, 31, House Servant, Gloucs, Campden

HARTLEY, Ann, Head, 66, Widow, Campden
HARTLEY, Ellen, Daug, 27, At Home Campden
HARTLEY, Edwin, Son, 22, Joiner Campden

LEADBETER in *1861* John, Head, 41, Taylor, Campden
LEDBETER, Mary, Wife, 43, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
LEDBETER, Isaac, Son, 4, Campden

FLETCHER, William, Head, 35, Taylor, Gloucs. Mickleton
FLETCHER, Charlotte, Wife, 35, Campden
FLETCHER, Mary Ann, 15, Campden
FLETCHER, Joseph, Son, 10, Campden
FLETCHER, Elizabeth, 4, Daug, Campden
FLETCHER, Ann, 1, Campden

WILKS James, Head, 37, Sawyer, Campden
WILKS, Harriet Wife, 37, Campden
WILKS, George, Son, 10, Scholar, Campden
*1861* Lodging with John Curtis
WILKS, Louis W. 4. Scholar Campden

XXXX, Hannah, 22, House Servant - Husband ???., Worcs Blockley,

RAWLINS, Michael, Head 30, Farrier & Smith, Somerset, Wells
RAWLINS, Sarah, Wife, 34, :Campden
DRURY, Charles, 61, Bailiff in Possession Gloucs, Weston, Subedge

KEEN, Frances, 71, Annuitant Worcs, Paxford
XXXX, Eliza, Servant, 13, House Servant Campden

DRURY, Samuel, Head., Widower, 53, Farmer, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
DRURY, Grace, Wife, 40, Somerset, Farm
DRURY, James, Son, 19, Apprentice on Farm Gloucs, Honeyborne
DRURY, Ann, Daug, 5, Campden
DRURY, Elizabeth, Daug, 4, Campden
DRURY, Jane, Daug, 2, Campden
DRURY, Mary, Daug, 3 months
STANLEY, Mary, Servant, 15, House Servant, Campden

ELLIS, William, Head, 44, Carpenter, Campden
ELLIS, Catherine Wife, 48, Worcs, Bretforton
SKEY James, Head, 35, Joiner and Carpenter, Worcs, Kingsworth
Mary, Wife, 33, Campden
James., Son, 5, Campden
Anne, Daug, 4, Campden
Charles 2, Campden
Mary, Daug, 9 months Campden
LANGSTONE, Fanny, 16, Servant, Worcs, Evesham

XXXX,Mary, Head, Widow, 68, Dressmaker, Worcs, Pershore
XXXX, Elizabeth, Daug, 28, Dressmaker, Campden
XXXX. Edwin, Son, 5, Daughter's Son, Warks, Birmingham

COX, Elizabeth, Head, widow, 70, Silk Winder, Campden
COX, Thomas, Son, 49, Farm Labourer, Campden
*1861* Still here
SHARP, Bernard, Head, 30, Glazier, Ireland
*1861* 4 children
SHARP, Hannah, Wife, 26, Gloveress, Campden

CARTER, John, Head, 34, Farm Labourer, Campden
CARTER, Catherine, Wife, 39, Governess Worcs, Blockley
DREW, John, Lodger, 29, Rail Road Labourer, Gloucs, Stroud
SMITH, William, Lodger, 22, Stone Mason, Campden

TOMES, George, Head, 58, Stone Mason, Campden
In *1861* in a Alms House with son George
TOMES, Elizabeth, Wife, 53, Nurse, Gloucs. Moreton
TOMES, XXXX, Mother Widow, 83, Campden
TOMES, George, 10, Scholar, Campden

MARTIN, Charles, Head, 26, Labourer Rail Road Gloucs, XXXX
MARTIN, Fanny, Wife, 28, Gloveress, Campden
BACON, Ester, Lodger, 8, Scholar, Campden
BACON, John, Lodger, 2, Campden
BACON, Eliza, Lodger, 3 months
*1861* I think the parents of the Bacon children are John and Elizabeth who show up in 1861

HOOPER, William, Head, 23, Excavator Rail Road, Gloucs, Naunton
HOOPER, Ann. Wife, 27, Domestic, Worcs, XXXX
HOOPER, John, Son 2, Campden

WALLIS, Ann, Head, 40, Charwoman Campden
WALLIS, Ann, Daug, 15, At Home Campden
MASH? George, Lodger, 38, Rail Road Miner Flaxford XXXX
MASH? Elizabeth, Wife, 33, Domestic, York, Todmarden
MASH, Sarah, Daug, 9, Daughter of Mash York, Todmarden
MASH, Mary A. Daug, 6, Daughter of Mash, Sussex, Lewes,
MASH, George, Son 3, Son of Mash York, Todmarden
MASH, Suddiff ?? Son, 1, Son of Mash Sussex, Hastings

TAYLOR, John, Head, 41, Gen Dlr & Ldging Hse Kpr Burton on Trent
*1861* in the last 10 year John & Mary age 3 years!
TAYLOR, Mary Wife, 39, Campden
TAYLOR, William, Son, 16, Rail Road Labourer Campden
*1861* William married to Elizabeth with James and Jane
TAYLOR, Theophilius, Son, 8, Scholar, Campden
TAYLOR, Ellen, Daug, 6, Scholar Campden
TAYLOR, Frederick, Son 4, Scholar Campden
TAYLOR, John Son, 2, Campden
TAYLOR, Mary, Daug, 6 months Campden
TAYLOR, John, Lodger, 24, Rail Road Miner. Norfolk, Market ???
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Lodger, 22, Domestic Miner Wife, Bedford
TAYLOR, Mary, Lodger, 11 months, Huntingdon, St. ??
BULLINGHAM, William, Lodger, 43, Rail Road Labourer Gloucs, ???
BULLINGHAM, Emma, Lodger, 38, Domestic - Wife, Birmingham
GLESON, Henry, 26, rail Road Labourer Dublin City
KENMORE, George, Lodger, 46, General Dealer, Scotland Marlborough
JAMESON, James, Lodger, 31, XXX XXX
WITHERS, Simon, Lodger 24, XXX XXX
HERMAN, Jacob, Lodger, 22, XXX XXX
HAIGHT Henry, Lodger, 40, XXX XXX

ASHWIN, Mary, Head, Widow, 38, Silk Winder, Worcs, Blockley
ASHWIN, James, Son 18, Farm Labourer Worcs, Blockley
ASHWIN, Rose, Daug, 14, Silk Mills Campden
ASHWIN, Frederick, Son, 12, Plough Boy Campden
ASHWIN, Henry,, Son, 10, Scholar, Campden
ASHWIN, Charles, Son 7 Scholar, Campden
ASHWIN, William, Son 1, Campden

KEELEY, William, Head, Farm Labourer Campden
KEELEY, Ann, Wife, 72, Gloucs, Bourton XXX
KEELEY, Frederick, Grandson, 2, Campden
*1861* Frederick is the son of James Keeley and Mary Ann don't know where this family is right now.

TAYLOR, William, Head, 45, Stone Mason, Warks, WatXXX
TAYLOR, Mary, Wife, 44, Stone Mason's Wife, Campden
TAYLOR, William, Son, 20, Stone Mason, Campden
TAYLOR, Daniel, Son, 16, Stone Mason Campden
*1861* Daniel has married Selina and has 3 months old Ann
TAYLOR, Hannah, Daug, 18, Silk Mills, Campden
TAYLOR, Ellen, Daug, 14, Silk Mills Campden
TAYLOR, Fanny, Daug, 12, Silk Mills, Campden
TAYLOR, Abel, Son, 9 Scholar, Campden
TAYLOR, Mary Daug, 6, Scholar, Campden
TAYLOR, Emma, Daug, 2, Campden

HARTWELL Henry, Head, 73, Parish Relief, Farm Labourer Campden
HARTWELL, Ann, Wife, 54, Campden
CURTIS Lydia Widow 69, Campden

BROTHERIDGE, James, Head 87, Farm Labourer, Paid Relief, Gloucs, Beckford
BROTHERIDGE, Mary, Wife, 83, Paid relief Campden

BACON, Elizabeth, 60? Parish Relief Campden
*1861* Elizabeth says she is 80 - I doubt it.
BACON Emma, Daug, 17, Gloveress Campden
BACON, Henry, Son, 26, Farm Labourer Campden
BACON, Mary, Daug, 28, Worcs, Wickhamford

CURTIS, Thomas, Head, 36, Farm Labourer, Campden
*1861* Woodcutter
CURTIS, Ann, Wife, Domestic Duties, Campden
CURTIS, Mary, Daug, 9, Scholar, Campden
CURTIS, Thomas, Son, 3, At Home Campden
CURTIS, Eliza, Daug, 6 months, Campden

STANLEY, John, Head, 59, Stone Mason, Campden
STANLEY, Fanny, Wife, 48, Gloucs, Ebrington
STANLEY, Richard, Son, 21, Stone Mason Campden
STANLEY, Alfred, Son, 15, Stone Mason, Campden
*1861* NOW A Tailor Married to Ann from Stanway
WILSON, William, Lodger, 19, Rail Road Labourer Campden
*1861* William is now married to Mary Campden girl Gloveress - 1 child Henry

JAMES, Robert, 40, Labourer Campden Road, Campden
JAMES, Sarah, Wife, 38, Domestic Campden
*1861* Sarah is a seamstress
JAMES, Sarah Ann, Daug, 3, Campden
ELLIS, Emma, Lodger, 33, Farm Servant Campden

XXXX, William, Head, 53, Stone Cutter, Campden
XXXX, Mary, Wife, 47. Campden
XXXX, William, Son, 17, Stone Cutter Campden
XXXX, Mary Ann, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
XXXX, Fredrick, Son, 5, Scholar, Campden

AVERIL, John, Head, 40, Farm Labourer Campden
AVERIL, Mary, Wife, 48, Domestic Duties, Campden

HARRIS, John, Head, 52, Farm Labourer Campden
HARRIS, Mary, Wife, 50, Campden
HARRIS, Thomas, Son, 25, Farm Labourer Campden
HARRIS, Samuel, Son., 23, Farm Labourer, Campden
*1861* Samuel has married Mary Ann age 39 from Inkberrow a gloveress
HARRIS, Charles, Son, 15, Farm Labourer Campden
HARRIS, Hannah, Daug, 10, Silk Mill Campden
HARRIS, Mary Daug, 8, Silk Mill Campden

LEYTHORP, John, Head, 48, Brick Maker, Northampton XXXX
LEYTHORP, Sarah, Wife, 46, Northampton XXX

SMITH, William, Head, 36, Farm Labourer, Worcs ???
SMITH, Ann, Wife, 35, Campden
SMITH, Elizabeth, Daug, 5 months, Campden

XXXX, XXXX, Head, 27, Rail Road Miner, Northamptonshire Tisley
XXXX, Ann, Wife, 35, Miner's wife, Hants XXXX
XXXX, Eliza, Daug, 5, Miner's Daughter Kent, Tunbridge Wells,

** 123
JAMES John, Head, 33, Labourer Turnpike Road, Campden
JAMES, Harriet, Wife, 35, Domestic Duties, Campden
JAMES, XXX, Son 9, Scholar, Campden
HAINES, Mary Ann, Visitor 14, Campden

Richard, Head, 671, Farm Labourer Campden
Lucy, Wife, 67, Domestic Duties Campden
*1861* Lucy has died
John, Son 24, Farm Labourer Campden
Jane, Daug, 24, House Servant at Home Campden
Elizabeth, Drand-daughter, 9, Scholar, Campden
Fanny, Grand-daughter, 1, Campden

TROUGHTON George, Head, 55, Farm, Labourer, Gloucs, Snowshill
Sarah, Wife, 56, Domestic Campden
Ellen, Daug, 20, Gloveress Campden
Frederick, Son, 11, Scholar Campden
Caroline, Daug, 23, Glover, Campden

JAMES. William, Head, 35, Labour at Mill Campden
JAMES, Susannah, Wife, 28, Domestic Aston Subedge
(William & Susannah g.g.grandparents of Janet <>
*1861* another 3 children
JAMES, Eliza, Daug, 9, Scholar, Campden
JAMES, Enoch, Son, 8, Scholar, Campden
JAMES. Elizabeth, Daug, 2, Scholar Campden
JAMES, Jonathan, Son, 5 months Campden

SMITH, John, Head, 67, Farm Labourer Parish Relief, Campden
SMITH, Sarah, Wife, 57, Parish Relief, Glocs, Ebrington
*1861* now a shop keeper

CHERRY James, 45, Head, Chimney Sweep. Campden
CHERRY,? Mary, Wife, 44, Campden
CHERRY, ? Joseph, Nephew, 14, Assistant Sweep Campden
JAMES, Matilda, Lodger, 21, Silk Mill, Campden

CHERRY, Fanny, Head, 49, Widow, Silk Winder, Campden
CHERRY, Sophia, Daug, 18, Silk Mill Campden
CHERRY, William, Son, 16, Farmer's Labourer, Campden
*1861* William has married Ellen - no children yet
CHERRY, Elizabeth, Daug, 9, Scholar, Campden
CHERRY, Charles, Son, 6, Scholar, Campden
JARVIS, Laura, Lodger , 23, Silk Mill Campden
JARVIS, Fanny, Lodger's Daughter 2, Campden

LEDBEATER, (LEADBETER) Joseph, Head, 29, Farm Labourer Campden
*1861* Alone
LEDBETER, Mary, Servant, 63, House Keeper, Campden

WILSON, William, Head, 66, Rail Road Labourer Campden
WILSON, Mary, Wife, 56, Domestic Campden
WILSON, James, Son, 28, Rail Road Labourer Campden
*1861* James is married to Ellen also baby James
WILSON, Emanuel, Son, 21, Rail Road Labourer Campden
WILSON, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Silk Wider, Campden
HARWOOD, Thomas Nephew, 12, Scholar, Campden

WILSON, Richard, 26, Farmer's Labourer Campden
*1861* New child Elizabeth Sarah missing
WILSON, Susanna, Wife, 24, Gloveress Campden
WILSON, Henry. Son 2, Campden
WILSON, Sarah, Daug, 1, Campden
MANTON William Lodger, 21, Farm Labourer, Campden
SMITH, Thomas, Lodger, 24, Rail Road Labourer Gloucs, BiberyXXX

HAINES, James, Widower, 56, Farmer's Bailiff Gloucs, Westcroft

HILLMAN, John, Head, 41, Farmer's Labourer, Oxon Epwell
*1861* Family named ILLMAN
HILLMAN, Ann, Wife, 39, Campden
MILLMAN, James, Son, 10, Plough Boy Campden
HILLMAN, Mary Ann, daug, 6, School at Home Campden
HILLMAN, Joseph, Son, 2, Campden

GOODSON (GODSON) Ann, Head, Widow, 73, Parish Relief, Campden
GOODSON, John, Son 41, Farmer's Labourer. Campden
*1861 John living with his brother James a Widower
GOODSON. George, Son, 36, Farmer's Labourer Campden
*1861* Married to Sarah 27 or Wcs Abberley, children Walter and George

TOMBS, William, Head, 64, farm Labourer, Campden
TOMBS, Ann, Wife, 62, Campden
TOMBS, Caroline, Daug, 26, Campden
TOMBS, Ann, Grand-daughter 9 At Home Campden

COOPER, John, Head, 43, Farm Labourer Campden
*1861* now James a Hagler
COOPER, Mary, Wife, 37, Domestic Duties Campden
COOPER, Elizabeth, Daug, 10, Scholar, Campden
COOPER, Jane, Daug, 7 Scholar, Campden
COOPER, Sarah, Sister, 60, Silk Mill Campden

BROTHERIDGE, John G. Head, 29, Taylor Campden
BROTHERIDGE, Hannah, Wife, 23, Gloucs, Hidcote
BROTHERIDGE, John, K, Son, 2, Campden
HALL, James, Lodger, 31, Rail Road Labourer, Warks, Snittersfield
SMITH, Daniel 14, Rail Road Labourer Oxon, Hook Norton
HALLING? (HOLDING), Henry, 22, Rail Road Labourer Staffs, Great
HOLLYHOOK? Charles, 21, Rail Road Labourer Staffs, Great ??
BATTER, Thomas, 21, Rail Road Labourer Salop ??

WELLES, John, Head, 77, Farm Labourer Campden
WELLES, Constant, 79 Wife Parish Relief Campden
WELLES, Sarah, Daug, 44, Insane Relief Campden

NEWMAN, John, Head, 37, Farm Labourer Campden
*1861* Susannah has died now 2 more daughters
NEWMAN, Susannah, Wife, 34, Silk Winder, Campden
NEWMAN, Elizabeth, Daug, 13, Silk Winder, Campden
NEWMAN, William, Son, 10, School, Campden
NEWMAN, Maryann, Daug, 12, School Campden
NEWMAN, Henry, Son, 10 moths Campden

EDEN, William, Head, 40, Stone Mason Gloucs, Hidcote
*1861* 5 more children
EDEN, Elizabeth, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Stroud
EDEN, Sarah, Daug 14, School Campden
GRIMES, Elizabeth Lodger, 49, Engineer's Wife Gloucs, Stroud

HUGHES, William, Head, Widower, 67, Farm Labourer Campden
*1861* Now aged 82 with daughter Elizabeth and Baby Hannah
HUGHES, Sarah, Daug, 44, Silk Winder Campden
HUGHES, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Silk Winder, Campden
SEGAR, ? Andrew, Lodger, 37, Rail Road Labourer Wilts, XXX
SEGAR, Maryann Lodger, 36, Wife Lancs, Sallford
SEGAR, James, Lodger, 30, Rail Road Labourer Wilts, Carln
SEGAR, Sarah, 29, Wife Devon Stonehouse

COURT, Allis, Head, 43, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Weston
COURT, James, Son 18, Farm Labourer Worcs, Evesham
COURT, Mary Ann, Niece, 29, Gloveress Worcs, Inkberrow
SMITH, John, Lodger, 31 Farm Labourer Campden

TOMBS, John, Head, 36, Farm Labourer, Campden
TOMBS, Ann, Wife, 34, Campden
TOMBS, John, Son,. 1, Campden
WOOD, Charles, Lodger, 36, Brickmaker Warks, Birmingham
SMITH, Thomas, Lodger 21, Brick Maker Lester, Lutterworth

*1861* BROTHERIDGE Richard Head 53 Skinner Campden ( Was in the U.S.A. in'51)
BROTHERIDGE, Elizabeth, Wife, 40, Husband at America Campden

BLAKEMAN, Henry, Head, 24, Gardner, Campden

HARRIS, Ann, Head, 68, School Mistress Campden

WALTON, Hannah Head, 57, Silk Winder, Campden
WALTON, Isaac, Son, 21, Farm Labourer, Campden
SANDAL, John, Lodger, 19, Rail Road Labourer, Gloucs, Moreton
EASTBURY, Jane, Lodger 10, Silk Winder, Campden
COOPER, John, Lodger, 24, Rail Road Labourer Campden

SMITH, William, Head 30, Farm Labourer, Campden
SMITH, Mary, Wife, 27, Gloucs, Ebrington
SMITH, Ann, Lodger, Widow, 67, Parish Relief, Gloucs, Ebrington
*1861* Ann still going

DUNN, Samuel Head 40, Malt Maker Campden
DUNN, Hannah, Wife, 38, Laundress Worcs, Broadway
DUNN, William, Son, 8, School. Campden
DUNN, Samuel, 6, School Campden

SMITH, Richard, Head, 37, Collector Hidcott Campden

PHILLIPS Richard, 33, Rail Road Miner, Kent, Brashel
PHILLIPS Mary, Wife, 31, Sussex, North

GILLETT, William, Head, 53, Taylor, Gloucs, Stoneway
GILLETT, Elizabeth, Wife, 58, Charwoman Worcs, Evesham

EMERY, James, Head, 27, Miner Rail Road, Gloucs, XXX
EMERY, Leah, Wife, 30, Northampton Not Known
EMERY, Thomas Son, 8, Unknown
EMERY, Eliza, Daug, 6, Unknown
EMERY, Ann, Daug, 4, Unknown
EMERY, Mary, Daug 1, Unknown
SMITH, George, Lodger, 28, Unknown
TAYLOR, William, Lodger, 17, Unknown

ATKINS, Robert, Head, 33, Servant, Groom, Campden
ATKINS, Eliza, Wife, 26, Campden
ATKINS, Elizabeth Daug, 2, Campden

REEVES, William, Head, 63, far, Labourer Campden
REEVES, Hannah, Wife , 82, Parish Relief Campden

HOWL, Charlie, Head, 30, Collector Rags and Bones Campden
HOWL, Matilda, Wife, 29, Campden
HOWL, Son, 2, Campden
HOWL, George Son, 8 months, Campden

HOPKINS John, Head, Widower, 49, Taylor, Campden
*1861* age 63 lives alone
HOPKINS, Sarah, Daug, 26, At Home Campden
HOPKINS, Thomas, Son 17, Farm Labourer Campden
HOPKINS, Elisha, Son 13, Farm labourer, Campden
*1861* Married Maria from Aston Magna 2 girls
HOPKINS, Elizabeth, Daug 1, Campden
HOPKINS, William, Father 76, Parish Relief, formerly Taylor Campden

HAINES Joseph, Head, Widower, 63, Farm Labourer, Campden
HAINES, Rachel, Daug, 19, Silk Mill Campden

JAMES. William, Head, Widower, 58, Farm Labourer Campden
*1861* Charles & Eliz have 3 more children
HUGHES, Charles, Lodger, 27, Farm Labourer Campden
HUGHES, Elizabeth, Lodger, 28, Wife to Wagonner, Campden
HUGHES, John, Grandson, 1, Campden

HOWL, William, Head, 64, Farm, Labourer, Campden
HOWL, Sarah, Hawl, Daug, 24, Silk Mill Campden

MIRRIMAN Thomas, Head, 42, Farm Labourer, Campden
MIRRIMAN, Caroline, Wife, 31, Gloucs, Aston XXX
MIRRIMAN, Phillip, Son, 11, Plow Boy, Campden
MIRRIMAN, Son 9, Scholar Campden
MIRRIMAN, Hannah, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
MIRRIMAN, Mary. Daug, 3, Scholar, Campden
MIRRIMAN, Thomas, Son, 3, Scholar, Campden
MIRRIMAN, Hannah, Daug, 1, Campden
HARRIS, Emiley, Lodger, 22, XXX Campden
HARRIS, Frederick, Lodger, 6 months Campden

SMITH, Richard. Head, 56, Shoe & Boot Maker. Worcs, Broadway
SMITH, Sarah, Wife, 48, Shoe Binder, Somerset, XXX
SMITH, Matilda, 21, Silk Winder, Worcester
SMITH, Edwin, 16, Plow Boy Campden
SMITH, Charles, Son, 15, Plow Boy Campden
SMITH, Henry, Son, 14, Plow Boy, Campden
SMITH, Richard, 11, Plow Boy Campden

TAYLOR, David, Head, 47, Stone Mason, Warks Pillerton
TAILOR, Judith, Wife, 42, Campden
ROBERTS, Edward, Lodger, 11, Scholar Warwick
Duplicate of James Emery & Sarah & Family

HARTWELL, John, Head 39, Farm Labourer, Campden
HARTWELL, Hannah, Wife, 38, Campden
HARTWELL, Elizabeth, Daug, 3, Campden
HARTWELL, Martha, Daug, 11 months Campden
GROVE, Sarah, - in law 13, Scholar, Campden

BENNETT, William, Head, 40, Farm Labourer Gloucs, HaXXXX
BENNETT, Ann, Wife, 40, Campden
BENNETT, William, Son, 21, Farm Labourer, Campden
BENNETT, Emmanuel, Son, 18, Farm Labourer, Campden
BENNETT, Thomas, Son, 9, Far, Labourer, Campden
BENNETT, Sarah, Daug, 7, Scholar at Home Gloucs, Mickleton

AVERIL Peter, Head 35, Farm Labourer, Campden
*1861* sure of surname
Ann, Wife, 30, Gloveress Gloucs
Elizabeth, Daug 8, Scholar, Gloucs, Aston Subedge
John Son, 4, Scholar, Campden
Mary Ann, Daug, 1, Campden
Frederick Son, 12, Farm Labourer, Gloucs Aston Subedge

XXX, James, Head, 43, Farm Labourer, Gloucs, Guiting
XXX, Jane, Wife, 42, Campden
XXX, Mary, Daug, 17, Campden
XXX, William, Son, 13, Campden
XXX, Samuel, Son, 11, Scholar Campden
XXX, Joseph, Son, 8, Campden
XXX, John, Son, 11 Scholar Campden

JARVIS, Thomas, Head, 23, Rail Road Miner, Pembroke
JARVIS, Hannah, Wife, 43, Pembroke XX
JARVIS, , Mary, Daug, 10, Glamorgan
JARVIS, Eliza, Daug, 7, Scholar Devon Longford
BARKWELL, Lodger, 25, rail Road Labourer Devon, Longford
H-DD. Edward, 18, Rail Road Labourer, Gloucs ??
HAYDAN, Henry, Lodger, 18, Rail Road Labourer Gloucs, ???

RUSSELL, Mary Head, Widow, 53 XXX XXX XXX
RUSSELL, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Campden
*1881* Elizabeth now a Servant to Charles Matthews Grocer
HALL, William, Lodger, Male, 60, Gloucs, Longborough

SMITH, John, Head, 46, Carpenter, Gloucs, Ebrington
SMITH, Ann? Wife, 47, Warks, Ilmington
SMITH, John, Son, 13, Farm Campden
SMITH, Charles, Son, 12, Scholar, Campden
SMITH, Lucy Ann, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
BROOKS, William, Lodger, 21, Rail Road Labourer Cheshire

WATSON ???, Eli, Head, 27, Rail Road Labourer, Somerset, XXX
WATSON, Elizabeth (Eliza?) Wife, 25, Gloucs, XXXX
WATSON, Sarah, Daug, 3 months Surrey, Kingston

WATSON, Samuel, Head, 32, Rail Road Miner Gloucs, Stretton on Fosse
WATSON, Mary, Wife, 32, Gloucs, Bisley
WATSON, Caroline, Daug, 7, Kent, Dover
WATSON, William, 5, Kent Tunbridge Wells,
WATSON, James, 10 months Sussex, Hastings

GRIFFITHS, John, Head, 39? Inspector on Rail Road, Worcester
GRIFFITHS, Anne, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Mickleton
GRIFFITHS, Elizabeth, Daug, 4, Campden
GRIFFITHS, Fanny, Daug, 1 month Campden

COLLETT George, Head, 31, Blacksmith, Gloucs Admington
Maria, Wife, 28, Gloucs, Snowshill
John, 6, Scholar, Gloucs, Quinton
Louisa, Daug, 3, Gloucs, Admington
Robert, 2, Gloucs, Admington
BIDDLE,XXX William, Lodger, 19, Rail Road Labourer Gloucs, Aburne
XXXX, George, Lodger, 28, Gloucs, XXX Berkley

TRUBY , Mary, Head, Widow, 60, Milliner, Campden
TRUBY, XXXX, Daug, 21, Milliner Campden
TRUBY, XXXX, Son, 14, Asst. Groom Campden
ELLISON, Peter, Lodger, 34, Rail Road Miner, Flintshire XXX
JENKINS, James, 26 , Rail Road Miner, Cornwall XXX
RODDA, William, Lodger, 22, Rail Road Miner, Cornwall Hayle

MATTHEWS, Charles, Head, 66, farm Labourer Campden
*1861* Now a collector of Rags age 73
MATTHEWS, Sarah, Wife, 46, Charwoman Worcs, Preston
JONES, James, Lodger, Widower, 68, Farm Labourer, Parish Relief

HARTLEY, Ruth, Head, 41, Charwoman, Oxon, Tatlow *1861* no sign of Father
HARTLEY, Alfred, Son, XX, Farm Labourer, Oxon, XXX
HARTLEY, Frederick. Son, XX, Gloucs, Campden
HARTLEY, XXX, Daug, 9, Scholar, Campden
HARTLEY, Jane, Daug, 6, Scholar, Campden
HARTLEY, XXXX, Daug, 4, Scholar, Campden

BLAKEMAN, William, Head, 50? Hood Man Campden
BLAKEMAN, XXX, Wife, 50, Campden (*1861* this is likely Esther a widow now)
BLAKEMAN, Benjamin, Son, 27, XXX Campden
BLAKEMAN. H. XXX, Son, 5, Scholar Campden

LEDBACK, Thomas, Head, 27, Farm Labourer, Gloucs, Weston XXX
LEDBACK, XXXX, Wife, 23, Campden
LEDBACK, Sarah, daug, 1, Campden

XXXX, Charles, Head, 29, Rail Road Labourer, Warwicks, Stratford
XXXX, Emma, Wife, 29, Oxon, XXX
XXXX, Charles, 1, Northamptonshire , XXX

CHAMBERLAIN, Ann, Head, Widow, 42, Dressmaker, Campden
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary, Daug, 18, School, Campden
CHAMBERLAIN, Joseph, Son, 12, School Campden
CHAMBERLAIN, Thomas, Son, 7, Campden

ELLIS, Benjamin, Head, Widower, 53, Farm Labourer Campden
ELLIS, Ellen, Daug, 19, Silk Mill Campden
BELL--TON, Ann, Lodger, 20, Silk Mill Campden
KEEN, John, Lodger, 14, Farm Labourer Campden

LADBROOK, William, Head, 26, Farm Labourer Gloucs, Mickleton
*1861* Now married to Hannah 46 also from Yorkshire
LADBROOK Mary A. Wife, 33, Labouer's wife, York,

End of Township


**186. Likely HAWSMAN
HOWMAN, George, Head, 24, Stone Mason Labourer Campden
HOWMAN, Sarah, Wife, 25, Campden
HOWMAN, George, H. Son, 2, Campden
HOWMAN, Hannah, Daug, 1 month Campden
LONGSTONE, Elra? Lodger, 31, Sister to Sarah Howman, Campden
HOWMAN, Henry, Lodger, 22, Stone Mason Campden

SMITH, John, Head, 34, Farm Labourer Campden
SMITH, Mary, Wife, 27, Campden
SMITH, Thomas, Son, 4, School Campden
SMITH, Sarah Ann, Daug, 3, Campden
SMITH, John, Lodger Widow, 65, Farm Labourer, Parish Relief Campden

The Hamlet of Berrington

Battle Bridge
STANFIELD, John, Head, 42, Tunnel Miner, Northamptonshire, Ashley St.
STANFIELD, Ann. Wife, 44, Bucks, Newport,
STANFIELD, Etheldred, Daug, 12, Warks, Thurlston
STANFIELD, Betsy, Daug, 18, Northamptonshire, Kilsby,
STANFIELD, Caroline, Daug, 16, Northamptonshire, Ashley,
STANFIELD, William, Son, 14, Northamptonshire, Ashley,
STANFIELD, Sarah, Ann, Daug, 11, Derbyshire, North Summerfield

PROCTOR, Thomas, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Middx, London
PROCTOR, Hannah, Wife, 35, Gloucs, Ebrington
PROCTOR, Ann, 11, Scholar, Gloucs, Ebrington
PROCTOR, Mary, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Ebrington
PROCTOR, William, Son, 7, Gloucs, Ebrington
PROCTOR, Thomas,. Son, 4, Gloucs, Ebrington

LEWIS, David, Head, 37. Tunnel Miner, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, Harriet, Wife, 36, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, Mary Ann, Daug, 16, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, Robert, Son, 13, Pembrokeshire,
LEWIS, Maria, Daug, 7, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, Hannah, Daug, 4, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, David, Son, 2, Pembrokeshire
LEWIS, William, under 1 month, Son, Gloucs, Battle Bridge
WEBBER, William, Lodger, 20, Railway Labourer, Devon Exeter
LEMOR, Thomas, 20, Railway, Labourer, Devon, Ashburton

YATEMAN, William Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
YATEMAN, Susanna, Wife, 35, Warks, Knightcote
TAYLOR, Ann, Step-Daughter, 11, Gloucs, Ebrington
TAYLOR, William, Stepson 7, Gloucs, Ebrington
GIBBS, James, Lodger, 24, Railway, Labourer Sussex, Wanthurst?

FIRKINS, Benjamin, Head, 35, Widower, Tunnel Miner, Warks,
JONES, Elizabeth, Househeeper, 30, Warks, Solihull
FIRKINS, William Son, 15, Railway Lab. Warks, Solihull,
FIRKINS, John, Son, 11, Railway, Lab, Not Known

Berrington Mill
RIGHTON, George, Head, 30, Miller emply 1 man Gloucs, Ebrington
RIGHTON, Elizabeth, Wife, 31, Campden
RIGHTON, James. Son, 5, Gloucs, Berrington Mill
RIGHTON. Ann, Daug, 4, Gloucs, Berrington Mill
RIGHTON, George, Son, 1, Gloucs, Berrington Mill

EALES, John, Head, 37, Railway, Contractor, Bucks
EALES, Kezia, Wife, 34, Herefordshire ParkClose

JAMES, William, Head, 68, Gate Keeper, Gloucs Chipping Campden
*1861* Ag Lab Boarding with the Withers Family
JAMES, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Housekeeper, Gloucs, Westington
JAMES, William, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Westington

National School
ELLIS, Richard, Head, 51, School Master, Gloucs, Chipping Campden
ELLIS, John, Son, 15, School Master's Son, Gloucs, Chipping Campden
ELLIS, Mary, Daug, 13, School Master's Daughter, Gloucs. Chipping Campden

Calves Lane
COOPER Robert, Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Northamptonshire
COOPER, Ann, Wife, 44, Mangler, Gloucs, Quinton.

KEYTE, Thomas, Head, 77, Pauper, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
KEYTE, Jemima, Wife, 78, Gloucs, campden
HANCOCK, Elizabeth, Grand-daughter 15, Gloucs, campden
HANCOCK, Henry, Grandson 13, Gloucs. Campden

The Court House
RIMMELL, William, Head, 35, Farmer 530 acres 35 Labs Worcs, Bretforton
*1861* Now a large employer
RIMMELL, Ann K. Wife, 35, Gloucs, Campden
TRUBY, Ann, Servant, 24, General Servant, Gloucs, Honeyborne
HANCOCK, Mary, Servant, 20, Dairy Maid Worcester, Darlingscott
WIGGINS, Thomas Servant, 19, Carter, Oxon, Stonefield

Alms House #1
GARDINER, William Head, Widower, 70, (Botanist) Worcs.

Alms House #2
COOPER, Richard Head, Widower, 77 Ag. Lab. Gloucs Campden
COOPER, Francis Son, 24, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden

Alms House #3
CHAMBERLAIN, Richard, 79, Prosmaker, Warks, Willington
CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah, 57, Campden

Alms House #4
MATTHEWS, Edward Head, 66, Ag. Lab. Wilts Donhad
MATTHEWS, Mary , Wife, 59, Silk Winder, Campden

Alms House #5
WILSON, William, Head widower 74, Gardener, Campden
WILSON, Edward, Brother 69, Flax Dresser Campden

Alms House #6
PETTY Richard Head, 59, Ag. Lab, Warks, Long Compton
PETTY, Sarah, Wife, 55, Campden

Alms House #7

Alms House #8
TOMBS, Maria. Grand-daughter, 19, Shoe Binderm Campden
TOMBS, Emma, Grand-daughter, 12, Campden

Alms House #9
SANDFORD, Mary, Herad, widow, 75, Basket Makers Wife, Worcs, Blockley

Alms House #10
HARTWELL, Ann, Head, widow, 77, Campden

Alms House #11
EMMS, Margaret, Head, widow 67 Butchers wife, Worcs, Evesham

Alms House #13
PENSON, Frances, Daughter, 43, Scholl Mistress, Worcs, Blockley

The Green
GIBSON, Emma, Head, Widow, 48 Milliner Campden
GIBSON, James R. Son, 24, Proprietor of Houses, Warks, Birmingham

HENNAWAY, Edward, Head, 51, Vicar of Campden, devon
HENNAWAY, Olivia, Wife, 35, Sussex, Roxton
HENNAWAY, Charles Lewis, 3, Sussex, Brighton
HENNAWAY, Agnes Olivia, Daug, 2, Sussex, Brighton
HENNAWAY, Mariona, Dau, 1, Middx. St., Marks, Grosvenor --
PAYNE, Elizabeth, Servant, 37, Housekeeper, Gloucs, Cheltenham
BALDY, Susan, Servant, 33, London, St. Annes, Soho
PRITCHARD, Mary, Servant, 27, Cook, Hampshire, Diddsbury
ROADS, Elizabeth, 22, Housemaid, Hants Southampton,
HARRIS, Sarah, Servant, 20, Kitchen Maid, Gloucs, Campden
HARTWELL, Ann, Servant, 14, Nursemaid, Campden
GURTON, Mark, Servant, 18, Footman. Essex, Goldhanger
HARRIS, Frederick Servant, 23, Gardener & General Workman Campden

Church Row
SMITH, Sarah, Head, widow, 73, Pauper, Ag. Lab. Campden
SMITH, Samuel, Son, 30, Groom, Campden
SMITH, Isaac, Grandson, 12, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Isaac has a wife Alice a Campden girl
SMITH, Joseph, Lodger, 20, Railway Labourer, Not Known
SMITH, James, Lodger, 20, Railway Labourer, Not Known

LANCETT Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 61, Silk Winder, Campden
LANCETT, John, Son, 21, Ag. Lab. Campden
LANCETT, Mary, Daug, 20, General Servant, Campden
POTTS, William, Lodger, 28, Railway Worker, Worcs
ROUSE, Joseph Lodger, 28, Ag. Lab. Gloucs. Todenham
HARRIS, Solomon, Lodger, 24, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley

WAINE, Charles, Head, 52, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Family still going
WAINE, Elizabeth, Wife, 54, Campden
WAINE, John, Son, 30, Ag. Lab. Campden
WAINE, Elizabeth, Daug, 23, General Servant, Campden
WAINE, William, Son, 21, Ag. Lab. Campden
WAINE, Henry, Grandson, 1, Campden

WITHERS, William, Head, 39, Blacksmith Campden
*1861* 1 new child Michael
WITHERS, Elizabeth, Wife, 39, Campden
WITHERS, John, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Warks, Great Woolford
*1861* Married to Elizabeth Campden Girl 2 daughters
WITHERS, George, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Campden
WITHERS, Thomas, Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Campden
WITHERS, William, Son, 11, Ag. Lab. Campden
WITHERS, Emma, Daug, 8, Nursemaid Campden
WITHERS, James Son, 5, Scholar, Campden
WITHERS, Jane, Daug, 1, Campden

WIDDOWS, John, Head Widower 71, Thatcher Gloucs, Ebrington

BLOXHAM, Richard, Head 48, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Family intact daughter is a gloveress
BLOXHAM, Elizabeth, Wife, 49, Campden
BLOXHAM, Elizabeth, Daug, 10, Scholar, Campden
FREEMAN, Mary Ann, Mar 84, Ag Lab's Wife, Campden
FREEMAN, George, F. Grandson, 3, Campden
FREEMAN. Elizabeth A. Grand-daughter, 1, Campden

Cider Mill Lane
FOSTER, Eleanor, Head, Widow, 63, Pauper Ag. Lab, Worcs, Broadway
BALLINGER, Elizabeth, Daug, 32, General servant, Worcs, Broadway
BALLINGER, Emma, Grand-daughter, 9, Campden
NEAL, William, Son in Law, 36, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Mickleton
*1861* Carter
NEAL, Esther or Ellen , Daug, 36, Silk Winder, Campden
NEAL, Lucy, Grand-daughter, 4, Campden
NEAL, Henry, Grandson, 6 months Campden

The Weigh House
NEAL, William Head, 73, Tailor, Worcs, Wickhamford
NEAL, Elizabeth, Wife, 66, Warks, Pillerton
CUSHAW, Seth, Lodger, 29, Carpenter, Lancs, Wrightenton

PERKINS, Head, 32, Coal Miner, Warks, Birmingham
PERKINS, Elizabeth, Wife, 28, Northamptonshire, Wanston
CANNON, Thomas, Lodger, 38, Railway Lab, Warks, Harbury
COXFIELD, William Lodger, 27, Railway Labourer, Somerset Gatton?
SANDBACK, Samuel, Lodger, 20, Railway Lab Cheshire, Sutton
MORSON, Sarah Ann, Visitor 3, Staffs, Tunstall

The Old 8 Bells (Ed Note; I know it well!)
ANDREWS, Richard, Head, 55, Inn Keeper Victualler, Campden
*1861* Now a widower aged 66 Proprietor of Houses
ANDREWS, Sophia, Wife, 49, Campden
SMITH, Samuel, Nephew, 20 Campden
COOPER, Elizabeth, Servant, 15, General Servant Campden
HALL, Eliza, Servant, 20, General Servant Oxon Roxton
DICKSON, Samuel, Lodger, 33, Tunnel Miner Huntingdonshire Stilton
DICKSON., Jemima, Lodger, 30, Bedfordshire, Salford
BIGGS, James, Lodger, 25, Tunnel Miner, Hants Langham
BIGGS, Maria, Lodger, 23, Staffs, Lichfield

End of the Hamlet of Berrington

Ed Note: I can find no reference on the Map to Berrington, but it must be in the vicinity of the Church, for it lists the Alms Houses and Vicarage and the 8 Bells Pub - this town has surely expanded over the years.

Chipping Campden

Church Street,
KEYTE, William, Head, 47, Baker, Campden
KEYTE, Sarah, Wife, 50, Haberdasher, Campden
KEYTE, Alfred, Son, 17, Baker, Campden
KEYTE, William, Son, 11, Scholar, Campden

DEERING, Henry Napoleon, Head, 27, Stationer, London, St. Luke
DEERING, Elizabeth, Wife, 29, Bedfordshire Dunstable
DEERING, Zachariah, H. W. 4. London, St. Luke
DEERING, Thomas, Son, 1, Campden

TRUBY, Sarah, Widow, 57, Laundress, Worcs, Sedgeberrow?
POOLE, Sarah, Daug, 26, Dressmaker, Gloucs, Honeyborne
POOLE, Richard, Son in Law, 31, Railway Miner, Middx. London
POOLE, Winnifred S. Grand-daughter 4 months Campden
TRUBY, Charles, Son, 22, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Honeyborne
TRUBY, William, Son, 20, Ag. Lab. Campden

CARR, Thomas, Head, 35, Tunnel Miner. Northumberland, Newcastle
CARR, Ellen, Wife, Mar, 28, Northumberland, Newcastle
CARR, Rachel, Daug, 4, Scotland
CARR, Mary Ann Daug, 1, Cheshire, Preston

VINN, (*1861* VINE) George, Head, 35, Tailor. Gloucs. Mickleton
Sarah, Wife, 34, Oxon, Enstone
William, Son, 13, Tailor's Son, Worcs, Cleeve Prior
Sarah Ann, Daug, 9, Scholar, Warks, Salford
George Son, 6, Scholar, Gloucs, Ebrington
Rosa Jane, Daug, 4, Campden

JENKINS, John, Head, 32, Bricklayer, Monmouthshire
JENKINS, Hannah, Wife, Mar, 22, Hunts, Folk???

BELL, Ann, Wife, 37, Sub Architect's Wife, Kent Gravesend
BELL, Mary, Daug, 25, Drapers Asst. Durham Ecclestone
BELL, Ellen, Daug, 12, Scholar, Kent, Greenhill
BELL, Jane, Daug, 4, Kent

BROTHERIDGE, John, Head, 57, Blacksmith, Campden
*1861* John & Isabella still going strong
BROTHERIDGE, Isabella, Wife, 54, Oxfordshire, Magdalane Parish
BROTHERIDGE, James, Son, 21, Blacksmith Campden

ATKINS, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 57, Pauper, Farmer's Wife, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
ATKINS, Walter, Son, 15, Campden
COOPER, James, Lodger, 36, Railway Labourer, Not Known
BATMAN, Enock, Lodger, 26, Railway Labour. Not Known
BISHOP, George, Lodger, 21, Railway Labourer Not Known

FORSTER, Daniel, Head, Widower, 29, Tailor, Warks, Ilmington
FORSTER, Sarah Ann, Daug, 6, Campden

HARRIS, William. Head, 49, Railway Labourer, Northamptonshire
HARRIS, Alice, Wife, about 40 n.k. Gloucs, Willersley
KNIGHT, Sophia, Step-Daughter, 23, Campden
KNIGHT, William Step-son 16, Campden
KNIGHT, Thomas, Step-son 14, Campden
KNIGHT, Emma, Step-daughter, 11, Campden
KNIGHT, Elizabeth, Step-daughter 9 Campden
KNIGHT, Henry, Step Daughter's Son 6 months, Campden
RATHBONE, Samuel, Lodger, 27, Railway Lab, Leics
HUCK, Robert, Lodger, Mar, 30, Railway Labourer, Surrey
HILL, Charles, Lodger, 27, Railway Labourer, Staffs, Abbots
WINSON, Joseph, 28, Railway Labourer, Derbyshire, Duffield
WEST, Henry, Lodger, Widower, 41, Railway Labourer, Dorsetshire, Henley
BELLEY, John, Lodger, 30, Railway Labourer, Northamptonshire, Kilsby

EDGE, Judith, Head, widow, 62, none Campden
EDGE, Elizabeth Daug, 33, Dressmaker, Campden
EDGE, Sarah, Daug, 30, Milliner, Gloucs. Colne St. A

HAYDON, Joseph, Head 37, Miller and Baker, Campden
*1861* 7 children now Thriving Family
HAYDON, Martha, Wife, 322, Lancs, Walton
HAYDON, Robert, Son, 6, Campden

One more page of Berrington

BLAKEMAN, George, Head, Widower, 62, Woodman Campden
*1861* Living with his grand daughter Elizabeth
BLAKEMAN, Henry, Son, 26, Ag. Lab. Campden
BLAKEMAN, Fanny, Daug, 22, Campden
BLAKEMAN, William Son, 18, Ag. Lab, Campden
BLAKEMAN, Elizabeth, Grnd-daughter 9, Campden

Court Pieces
HAINES, Isaac, Head, 50, Farmer 108 acres - 9 Labs Campden
*1861* George Haines now the famer living with Mary & Louisa
HAINES, Mary, Wife, 49, Campden
HAINES, Jane, W. 16, Campden
HAINES, Ann, W. Daug, 14, Campden
HAINES, Ebenezar, Son, 13, Scholar, Campden
HAINES, Louisa, Daug 11, Scholar, Campden

End of the Hamlet of Berrington

From Page 56 49 - 218

The Hamlet of Westington

HARTWELL, David, Widower, 74, Pauper - Ag. Lab. Campden

KEEN, Richard, Head, 45, Ag. Lab.Campden
*1861* Still going strong
KEEN, Elizabeth, Wife, 34, Worcs Tredington
KEEN, Ann, Daug, 11, Scholar, Campden
KEEN, Joseph, Son, 9, Scholar Campden
KEEN, George, Son, 6, Scholar, Campden
KEEN, Susannah, Daug, 3, Campden
KEEN, Sarah, Daug, 1, Campden

HARRIS, Samuel, Head, 54, Ag. Lab Gloucs, Mickleton
HARRIS, Eliza, Wife, 35, Campden
JAMES, Job, Son in Law, 10, Scholar, Campden
Maybe Eliza's son from previous partner?
HARRIS, Henry, 3, Son. Campden
HARRIS, William, Son, 7 months, Campden

KEEN, Sarah, Head, Widow, 55, Farmer, 250 acres - 10 Labs Campden
KEEN, Elizabeth, Daug, 21, Farmer's Daug employed at home Campden
TIMMS, Louisa, 22, General Servant, Campden
*1861* Louisa looking after her 75 year old father
TIMMS, William, Servant, 18, General Servant Campden
*1861* Married to Harriet of Saintbury 1 child William

IZOD, Nathan, 31, Farmer 250, acres - 11 labs Campden
*1861* Still Going
MATTHEWS, Ann, Servant 25, General Servant Campden

EMMS, John, Head, 52, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* he is a shepherd
EMMS, Mary, Wife, 50, Campden
EMMS, Job, Son, 18, Ag. Lab. Campden
EMMS., Eliza, Daug, 14, Scholar, Campden

TRACEY, James, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* add 2 children Lucy and Henry
TRACEY, Elizabeth, Wife, 34, Gloveress, Campden
TRACEY, Selina, Daug, 11, Scholar Campden
TRACEY, Ann Daug, 8, Scholar, Campden
TRACEY, Joseph, Son, 6, Scholar, Campden
TRACEY, Eliza, Daug, 2, Campden

SYMONDS, Richard, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Oxon. N.K.
*1861* All goes well
SYMONDS, Sarah, Wife, 43, Campden
SYMONDS, George, Son, 20, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Married Elizabeth 3 girls 1 boy
SYMONDS, James, Son 18, Ag. Lab. Campden
SYMONDS, William Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Campden
SYMONDS, Eliza, Daug, 11, Scholar, Campden
SYMONDS, Job, Son, 8, Scholar, Campden
SYMONDS, Elizabeth, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
SYMONDS, John, Son, 3, Campden

CARTER, Richard, Head, 46, Ag. Lab. Campden
CARTER, Hannah, Wife, 42, Silk Winder Campden
CARTER, Frances, Daug, 14, Silk Winder, Campden
CARTER, Elizabeth, Daug, 10, Scholar, Campden
CARTER, George, Son, 8, Scholar, Campden
CARTER, William, Son., 5, Campden

HOLMES, Mary, Head, Widow, 60, Annuitant Campden
EMMS, Maria, Servant, 27, General Servant, Campden

KEEN, George, Head, Mar, 33, Farmer 125 Acres - 4 Labs Campden
*1861* Alls Well now Eliz Averil is a servant
KEEN, Caroline, Wife, 32, Campden
DRURY, Betsy, Servant, 16, General Servant, Campden

BRYAN, Thomas, Head, 75, Pauper (Ag. Lab) Campden *1861* Still Going
BRYAN, Elizabeth, Wife, 77, Pauper, Campden

WELLS, Robert, Head, 47, Stone Mason, Campden
*1861* NOW A Game Keeper
WELLS, Elizabeth, Wife, 47, Campden
WELLS, Hannah, Daug, 23, Silk Winder Campden
WELLS, Henry, Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Campden
WELLS, Jesse, Son, 12, Mason Labourer, Campden
WELLS, James, 7, Ag. Lab.
WELLS, Emma, 6 Daug, Scholar, Campden

AVRILL, Ann, Widow, 80 Pauper, Gloucs, Weston Subedge

JAMES, Stephen, Head, 22, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Now have 4 children
JAMES, Maria, Wife, 25, Oxon Clanfield

JAMES, Thomas, Head, 51, Ag. Labourer, Campden
JAMES, Martha, Wife, 50, Campden
JAMES, Isaac, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Campden
JAMES, Fanny, Daug, 15, Campden
*1861* Fanny a general servant for 78 year old George Ward
JAMES, Hannah. 13, Scholar, Campden
*1861* There is a grandchild at home maybe Hannah's she is the only child living at home.
JAMES, Thomas Son, 11, Ag, Lab. Campden
JAMES, William, Son. 7, Scholar, Campden

DRURY, Samuel, Head, Widower, 75, Farmer, 88 acres 6 labs Gloucs, Aston Subedge
DRURY, Mary, Daug, 43, employed at home Worcs, Newbold
DRURY, John, Son, 31, Son, employed on the farm Campden
*1861* Now a Bailiff
DAVIES, E.M. Grand-daughter, 13, Scholar, Campden
BRICKNELL, M. D. Grand-daughter, 11, Scholar, Gloucs, Bledington
ROSE, M.A. Servant, 18, General Servant, Orphan, unknown

JAMES, James, Head, 21, Ag. Lab. Campden
JAMES, Ellen, Wife, 21, Gloucs, Quinton
JAMES, William, Son, 9 months, Gloucs, Quinton

WATCOTT,(WHATCOTT in 1891 -WHATCOTE) Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 69, Campden
WATCOTT, Stephen, Son, 26, Ag. Lab. Campden
WATCOTT , Thomas, Son,. 23, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* Has married Ann 2 girls Elizabeth & Sarah & George

WATCOTT, (WHATCOTT) Richard, Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Bourton on the Hill
*1861* 2 more children William and Samuel
WATCOTT, Sarah, Wife, 33, Gloucs, Chalbury
WATCOTT, George, Son, 10, Scholar, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
WATCOTT, Stephen, Son, 7, Scholar, Gloucs,
WATCOTT, James, Son, 4 months, Campden
Note in 1891 Mary Whatcote Widow is living in Stratford with 3 children, must have married someone in this group.

JARVIS, Israel, Head, 40, Shoemaker, Worcester Blockley,
*1861* 2 new children Samuel and George
JARVIS, Maria, Wife, 34, Gloucs, Ebrington
JARVIS, Herbert, Son, 11, Scholar, Campden
JARVIS, William, Eli. 9, Scholar, Campden
JARVIS, Elizabeth, Daug, 6, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
JARVIS, Mary Ann, Daug, 3, at Home Campden
JARVIS, Richard, Son, 1, at home Campden

HAINES, William, Head, 45, Farmer 144 acres - 5 Labs Campden
HAINES, Sarah, Sister, 37, employed at home Campden
HAINES, Samuel, Brother 34, employed on the farm Campden
HEWINGS, Sarah, 21, General Servant, Worcester, Blockley

HAINES, Thomas, Head, 58, Blacksmith, Campden
*1861* Elizabeth has died Leah is housekeeping
HAINES, Elizabeth, Wife, 45, Campden
HAINES, Peter, Son, 23, Ag. Lab. Campden
HAINES, Eliza, Daug, 21, Domestic Duties Campden
HAINES, Thomas, Son, 18, Blacksmith, Campden
HAINES, Hannah, Daug, 16, Campden
HAINES, John, Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Campden
HAINES, Leah Daug, 10, Scholar, Campden
HAINES, William. Son, 9, Scholar, Campden
HAINES, Jane, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden

24 & 25
KEEN, John. Head, Widower, 66, Miller, Campden
*1861* All goes well 3 more grandchildren Henry James and William
KEEN, Richard, Head, 36, Campden
KEEN, Eliza, Wife, 34, Campden
KEEN, Son, 11, Scholar, Campden
KEEN, George, Son, 9, Scholar, Campden
KEEN, Richard, Son, 7, Scholar, Campden
KEEN, Esther, Daug, 4, Campden
KEEN, Lewis Son, 2, Campden;
KEEN, Fanny, Daug, 5 months Campden

MILES, Sarah, Head, Widow, 52, Laundress Campden
MILES, John, Son, 29, Stone Mason, Campden
MILES, Pat? Frederick, Son, 23, Ag. Lab, Campden

BALDWIN, John, Head, Mar, 40, Groom, Cambridge, Linton
*1861* 2 Boarders and 1 Visitor
BALDWIN, Harriet, Wife, 35, Cambridge, Saint Giles

GRIFFIN, William, Head, 27, Gardener, Warks, Farnborough
GRIFFIN, Ann, Wife, 27, Laundress, Northamptsonshire Charcombe
MANNING, Mary, Niece, 16 Laundry Maid, Warks, Farnborough

BETTONTON, (1861 BETTERTON)Head, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Lower Swell
BETTORTON , Hannah, Wife, 35, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
BETTORTON, Son, 8, Gloucs, Mosbury
BETTORTON, John, 6, Gloucs, Mosbury
BETTORTON, James, 3, Son, Campden

WIXEY, Robert, Head, 28, Ag., Lab. Gloucs, Kineton
WIXEY, Elizabeth, Wife, 27, Gloucs, Slaughter
WIXEY, Samuel, Son, 3, Gloucs, Kineton
WALSON, (WILSON, WATSON?) Visitor, 22, Gloucs Slaughter
DOWDSWELL, Mary, Visitor 1, Gloucs,
HOB, Samuel, Lodger, 22, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Snowshill

NOEL, Charles, W. Francis, Son, 5 months Campden
NOEL, Constance F.G. Daug, 3, London
NOEL, Edith H. E. H. Daug, 1, London
BOTHILL, Eliza,, Servant, 35, Housekeeper, Hereford Bredwood
FORD, Jane, Servant, 55, Head Nurse, Hamps Farham
VINALL, Fanny, Servant, 22, Kitchen Maid. Hurst Sussex
KENNY, Mary, Servant, 29, Wet Nurse, Limerick, Ireland
SMITH, Elizabeth, Serv 17, Nursing Maid, London
TIMMS, Bertha, Visitor, 18, General Servant, Hereford Bosbury
GROVER, William, Servant, 19, Errand Boy, Worcs Shipston on Stour
BLAKEMAN, Richard, 20, Helper, Campden

End of Lonly Houses, belonging to the Hamlet of Westington

DEE, John, Head, 51, Ag, Lab. Gloucs. Campden
DEE, Isabella, Wife, 58, Herefordshire, Bromyard
DEE, William, Brother, 37, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden

WHITFORD, George, Head, 74, Inn, Keeper, Campden
TOMBLAIW, Sarah, Servant, 58, General Servant, Campden
HARRISON, Charles, 40 Mar, Ag. Lab. Campden

TAYLOR, William, Head, 55, Ag. Lab. Campden
TAYLOR, Sarah, Wife, 55, Worcester, Evesham
TAYLOR, Betsy, Daug, 25, Gloveress, Gloucs Willersley

KEYTE, Arthur, Head, 53, Farmer 137 acres - 3 Labs Gloucs, Ebrington
KEYTE, Hannah, Wife, 53, Campden
KEYTE, Thomas D. Nephew, 18, Shepherd , Gloucs, Ebrington
COLDICOTT, Louisa Serv, 19, General Servant, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold

SMITH, Michael, Head, 41, Ag. Lab. Worcestershire, Blockley
SMITH, Lucy, Wife, 38, Worcs, Blockley
SMITH, William Son, 7, Scholar, Campden
SMITH, George, 5 Son, Campden
SMITH, Joseph, Son, 2, Campden

WEBB, Thomas, Head, widower, 68, Ag. Lab. Campden
WEBB, John, Son, 24, Ag. Lab. Campden

WARNER, Richard, Head, 63, Ag. Lab, Worcs, Blockley
WARNER, Maria, Wife, 70, Worcs, Blockley
JARVIS, Ann, Lodger, Widow, 88, Pauper, (Shoe Makers Widow) Campden

BAIL, Noah, Head, 24, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley
BAIL, Charlotte, Wife, 21, Campden

HERBERT, Michael, Head, Widower, 35, Shoe Maker, Warks, Eatington
HERBERT, William, Son, 13, Campden
HERBERT, John, Son, 12, Scholar, Campden
HERBERT, Samuel Thomas, Son, 9, Scholar, Campden
HERBERT, Priscilla, Daug, 7, Gloucs, Campden
HERBERT, James, Son, 4, Gloucs, Campden
HERBERT, Susan, Daug, 1, Gloucs, Campden
HERBERT, Hannah, Sister, Visitor, 33, Worcs Addington

JAMESON, James, Head, 36, Ag. Lab.Campden
JAMESON, Elizabeth, Wife, 37, Campden
JAMESON, Mary Ann, Daug, 8, Scholar, Campden
JAMESON, Jane Elizabeth, Daug, 7, Scholar, Campden
JAMESON, Eliza Louisa, 4, Campden
JAMESON, Sarah, Daug, 1, Campden
BARTON, Elizabeth, Mother, 76, Pauper, (Labourer's Widow) Campden

ROBERTS, Henry, Head, 44, Grocer, Campden
ROBERTS, Mary, Wife, 49, Warks, Hatton

RILEY, Robert, Head, 69 Ag. Lab. Campden

SAUNDERS, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 56, Ag Lab. Gloucs, XXX

GRIFFIN, Ann, Head, 42, Campden
GRIFFIN, Hannah, Pauper, 44, Sister, Campden
GRIFFIN, Jonathan, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Campden
GRIFFIN, William, Son, 8, Scholar, Worcs Broadway
GRIFFIN, Emma, Daug, 2, Worcs Broadway

BROWN, William Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley
BROWN, Sarah, Wife, 50, Gloucs Snowshill
BROWN, John, Son, 23, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley
BROWN, Ann, Daug, 16,.,Worcs, Blockley

TOMES, William Widower, 62, Mason employing 4 Men Worcs, Blockley

WARNER, Charles, Head, 67, Far,er 46 acres, Warks, Alvechurch
WARNER, Sarah, Wife, 58, Warks, Ryton
WARNER, James, Son, 20, employed on the farm Campden
WARNER, Jane, Daug, 16, Campden
WARNER, Robert, Son, 14 Scholar, Campden

HANCOCK, William, Head, 47, Ag. Lab. Campden
HANCOCK, Elizabeth, 49, Oxon, Barford
HANCOCK, Richard, Son, 24, Ag. Lab. Campden
HANCOCK, Thomas Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Campden
HANCOCK, William 12, Ag. Lab. Campden
HANCOCK, Elizabeth, Daug,10, Scholar Campden
HANCOCK, Hannah, Daug, 8, Scholar, Campden

GRIFFIN, John, Head, Widower, 87, Pauper, (Labourer) Campden
GRIFFIN, William, Son, 38, Gardener, Campden
BALDWIN, Philip, Lodger, 46, Ag. Lab. Campden

FISHER, James, Head, 35, Blacksmith ( Master) Campden

DAVIES, Richard, Head, Widower, 67, Ag. Lab . Worcs, Draycott
FLETCHER, Mary, Sister, Widow, 65 Housekeeper, Worcs Draycott

TOMES, Albert, Head, Mar, 26, House Mason, Campden
TOMES, John, relationship? 25, Worcs, Snowshill
TOMES, John. Son, 2, Campden
TOMES, William, Son, 1 month Campden

HICKMAN, James, Head, 40, Farmer 194 acres, - 11 Labs, Campden
HAWES, Robert, Visitor, Mar 52, Worcs, Blockley
HAWES, Fanny, Visitor, 54, Campden
BROWN, Mary, Servant, 21, General Servant, Worcs, Paxford

*1861* Maybe the name is RATTLE
RATTLEY, John, Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Campden
RATTLEY, Mary, Wife, 49. Gloucs, Weston, Subedge

WEBB, William, Headm 38, Ag. Lab. Campden

IVINS, John, Head, 58, Farmer 160 acres - 4 Labs Campden
RIGHTON, Rachel, Sister, Widow, 54, Housekeeper, Campden
JEFFS, William,Servant, 26, general servant, Gloucs, Donington
WRIGHT, Mary, Servant, 13, General Servant, Gloucs, Bledington

GRIFFIN, Joseph, Head, 41, Ag. Lab. Campden
GRIFFIN, Ann E. Wife, 34, London
GRIFFIN, George, Son, 6, Scholar, Campden

IVINS, Edward, Head, 56, Ag. Lab. Campden
IVINS, Mary, Wife, 42, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
IVINS, Richard, Son, 23, Ag. Lab. Gloucs. Bourton on the Hill
IVINS, Charles, Son, 11, Ag Lab. Campden
IVINS, Helen, Daug, 4, Campden
IVINS, George, Son, 9 months Campden

HICKMAN, John, Head, 60, Maltster, Campden
HICKMAN, Sarah, Wife, 60, Warks, Eatington
HARRIS, Hannah, Niece, 31, Warks, Birmingham

GRIFFIN, Richard, Head, 36, Baker, Campden
*1861* Now Farmer & Publican, now 5 more children
GRIFFIN, Ann, Wife, 30, Gloucs, Mickleton
GRIFFIN, Frances, Daug, 4, Gloucs, Mickleton
GRIFFIN, James K. Son, 2, Campden
GRIFFIN, George, Son, 5 months Campden

LYDIATT, George, Head, 64, Thatcher, Campden
LYDIATT, Sarah, Wife, 60, Worcs, Paxford
LYDIATT, William, Son, 37, Ag. Lab. Campden
LYDIATT, Ann, Daug, 33, Campden
LYDIATT, James, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Campden

DOWDSWELL, John, Head, 87, Pauper, (Labourer) Campden
DOWDSWELL, Ann, Wife, 83, Worcs, Draycott

ADAMS, Edwin, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Northwick Mill
ADAMS, Eliza, Wife, 31, Dress Maker, Campden
ADAMS, Hannah, Daug, 4, Campden
ADAMS, Harriet, Daug, 2, Campden
ADAMS, Elizabeth, Daug, 10 months, Campden

TAYLOR, Jonathan, Head, 25, Stone Mason, Campden
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, Wife, 21, Worcs, Paxford

GRIFFIN, Mary, Head, Widow, 62, Pauper, Labourer's widow, Warks, XXXXX
GRIFFIN, Joseph, John, Widower, 32, Ag. Labourer, Campden
GRIFFIN, Thomas, Grandson, 14, Ag. Lab Campden
GRIFFIN, George, Grandson, 13, Ag. Lab, Campden
GRIFFIN, James. Grandson, 11, Ag. Lab. Campden
GRIFFIN, Sarah, Grand-daughter, 9, Scholar, Campden
GRIFFIN, John, Grandson 6, Campden

NOBES, Daniel, Head 38, Ag. Lab. Campden
RILEY, Hannah, Visitor, 25, Gloucs, Preston on Stour

JONES, Henry, Head, 26, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Pershore
JONES, Allice, Wife, 32, Silk Winder Campden
JONES, Henry, Son, 1, Campden
JONES, Eliza, Daug, 3, Campden

GRIFFIN, Mary, Widow, 70, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
PROCTOR?, Samuel, Son in Law, 27, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Coln
PROCTOR, Mary Ann, Daug, 20, Straw Bonnett Maker, Campden
PROCTOR, Elizabeth, Grand-daughter, 2, Campden

DAY, Elizabeth, Head, 42, Worcs, Bran Mill
TINSON. Mary, Sister, Widow, 45, Gloveress, Worcs Bran Mill
*1861* Mary Tinson 28 Shopwoman Campden
DAY, Eliza, Sister, 32, Gloveress, Campden

DOWDESWELL, Head, 47, farmer 30 acres Campden
DOWDESWELL, Sarah, Wife, 57, Campden
DOWDESWELL, Julia Daug, 23, Dress Maker Campden
DOWDESWELL, Joseph, Son, 22, Employed in the Farm
DOWDESWELL, Hannah, Daug, 20, Campden

SIMMS, William, Head, 50, Ag, Lab. Oxford ??
SIMMS, Sarah Wife, 42, Campden
SIMMS, Henry, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Weston Subedge
SIMMS, Susannah Priscilla Daug, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
SIMMS, Thomas, E, Son, 7, Gloucs, Weston Subedge

BEVINGTON, s/b BEAVINGTON, Thomas, Head, 38, Ag. Lab, Worcs, Paxford
BEAVINGTON, Martha, Wife, nee Fletcher, 27, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Hidcote
BEAVINGTON, Hannah Daug, 2, Campden
Ed Note: The genealogy of this family back to 1495 is documented, Thomas is the great grandfather of the editor.

SUCH, John, Head, 32, Wheelwright, Warks, Radway
SUCH, Ruth, Wife, 30, Oxon, Hook Norton
SUCH, Mary E. Daug, 1 month Campden

HARWOOD, John, Head, 48, Stone Mason Gloucs, Dorn?
HARWOOD, Mary, Wife, 43, London
HARWOOD, Thomas, Son, 21, Mason's Labourer, Campden
HARWOOD, Harriet, Daug, 16, Campden
HARWOOD, Sarah, Daug, 13, Campden
HARWOOD, Joseph, Son, 6, Scholar, Campden
*1861* Son John age 34 is a tailor a Widower with 5 children

RILEY, William, Head, Widower, 60, Ag. Lab. Campden
RILEY, Charles, Son, 16, Campden
RILEY, Sarah, Daug. 10, Scholar, Campden
RILEY, June, Daug, 8, Campden
HILNS???? Ann, Lodger, Widow, 61, Housekeeper Worcs, Wire Piddle
SYDNITT?????, Lodger, 26, Ag. Lab, Campden

BRADLEY, John, Head, 74, Pensioner, (Labourer) Campden
BRADLEY, Wife, 66, Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds
WEBB, Richard, Lodger, 73, Labourer Campden

CLARK, Joseph, Head, 73, Labourer, Gloucs, Bourton on the Water
CLARK, Nelly, Wife, 63, Warks, Bishampton
COLLETT, James Son in Law 36, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Willersley

This Name is likely Jumpson - anyway it is not Sampson
SAMPSON, James, Head, 80, Pauper, Labourer, Campden
SAMPSON, Hannah, Wife, 72, Pauper, Oxon, Hablington

This name is like Jumpson - anyway it is not Sampson - need later census
SAMPSON, Elizabeth, Wife, 44, Campden
SAMPSON. Robert, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Campden
SAMPSON, William Son, 14, Campden
SAMPSON,. Elizabeth. Daug, 11, Campden
SAMPSON, John, Son, 9, Campden
SAMPSON, Hannah, Daug, 7, Campden
SAMPSON, James, Son, 5, Campden
SAMPSON. Mary, Daug, 1, Campden

RATTLEY, Ann, 55, Pauper, Campden

TAYLOR, James, Head, Widower, 40, Ag. Labourer, Campden
TAYLOR, James, Son, 12, Ag. Labourer, Campden
TURNER, Martha, Lodger, U.M. 30, Housekeeper, Worcs, Blockley,
TURNER, Oliver, Lodger, 7, Worcs, Blockley,
TURNER, Jesse, Lodger, 5, Worcs, Blockley,
TURNER, Elizabeth, Lodger, 2, Campden
GRIFFIN, James, 22, Wheelwright London

SMITH, Francis, Head, 49, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Paxford
SMITH, Mary, Wife, 49, Gloveress, Worcs, Stanton,
SMITH, William. Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Campden
*1861* William married to Emma 2 babies
SMITH, John, Son, 10, Scholar., Campden
BREARLEY William, Lodger, Widower, 67, Pauper, (Labourer) Rutland, Exton

READ, Mary, Head, 78, Silk Winder, Campden

TAYLOR, John, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
TAYLOR, Sarah, Wife, 35, Silk Winder, Ireland
TAYLOR, Robert, Son, 10, Ag. Lab. Campden
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, daug, 5, Campden
TAYLOR, William, Son, 2, Campden

BREARLEY, Head, 45, farmer 60 acres - 3 Labs Campden
BREARLEY, Sophia, Wife, 50, Gloucs, Coln
BREARLEY, Ann, Daug, 11, Kent, Deptford

Campden Ashes
WILLET, James, Head, 60, Ag. Lab. Oxon Kingham
WILLET, Margarett, Wife, 58, Campden Broadwell
COX, George, Nephew, 17, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Oddington
STANLEY, William, Lodger, 23, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Honeyborne
NOBES, Frederick, Lodger, 23, Ag. Lab. Campden
KINCHIN, William, Lodger, 19, Ag. Lab. Campden
GRIFFIN, Richard, Lodger, 27, Ag. Lab. Campden

Lygons Lodge
NOBES, Joseph, Head, 50, Ag. Lab, Worcs, Blockley
NOBES, Sarah, Wife, 51, Worcs, Blockley
NOBES, Hannah, Daug, 25, Campden
NOBES, John, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Campden
NOBES, William Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Locasl
NOBES, Edwin, Son, 9, Scholar, Campden
*1861* Edwin living with Hannah his sister - same address

Broad Campden Hill
KEEN, Henry, W. Head 34 unoccupied Campden
HOBBINS, George, Head, Widower, 32, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
HOBBINS, Son, 12, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
TRACEY, Thomas, Head, 44, Ag. Lab. Campden
TRACEY, Mary, Wife, 40, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
TRACEY, Louisa, Daug, 10, Campden
TRACEY, Sarah Ann, Daug, 5, Campden
TRACEY, William, Son, 8, Campden
TRACEY, Ann, Daug, 1 month Campden
WARNER, William, Head, 25, Farmer 150 acres - 5 Labs Campden
*1861 Now 5 children and 1 servant
WARNER, Jane, Wife, 25, Bucks, Wobourn
PALMER, Mary Anne, Visitor, 23, Governess, Bucks, High Wycombe

ROUSE, Edward, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Campden
ROUSE, Elizabeth, Wife, 54, Campden
ROUSE, Henry, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Gloucs ??
ROUSE, Edward, Son, 12, Ag. Lab. Campden
ROUSE, Elizabeth, Daug, 18, Silk Winder, Campden
ROUSE, Rosa, Daug, 14, Silk Winder, Campden

START, Edward, 40, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Kineton
START, Jane, Wife, 39, Gloucs Guiting Power?
START, Richard, Son, 11, Guiting Power??
START, Ann, Daug, 5, Temple Guiting
START, Hannah, Daug, 2, Gloucs, Ford?XXXXX

Pie Mill
PEEBLES, Charles, Head, 23, Miller and Baker, Oxon, Banbury
PEEBLES, Martha, Mother Widow, 60, Warks, Long Compton
HAYDON, William, W. Visitor, 10, Scholar, Campden
That's the End of Broad Campden.

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