BLOCKLEY 1851 Worcestershire Part of Gloucestershire 1931

Includes Aston Magna and Dorn.Northwick, Oldborough, Draycott, Ditchford, Paxford
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Note: Operative Silkthrowster (Op. Silk) is used extensively by Census Takers in Blockley - this terminology likely refers to the making of silk material, I thought at one time that it was another word for Silk Winder but it isn't.

MILBURN, (MILLBOURNE) Charles, Head, 25, Postillian Blockley
MILBURN, Jane, Wife, 26, Worcs, Ombersley
MILBURN, Frank, Son, 4 months, Blockley
HEENLEY, Katherine, Visitor, 48, Worcs, Broadway

TAYLOR, Daniel, Head, 60, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TAYLOR, Rosanna, Wife, 35, Operative Silkthrowster, Blockley
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, 15, Operative Silkthrowster Blockley
TAYLOR, Charles, Son, 14, Operative Silkthrowster Blockley
TAYLOR, Thomas, Son, 9, Operative Silkthrowster Blockley
TAYLOR, Lucy, Daug, 8, Blockley
TAYLOR, William, Son, 5, Blockley
TAYLOR, Eliza, Daug, 3, Blockley
TAYLOR, Luban (RUEBAN?) Son, 8 months, Blockley

STILES, Richard, Head, 29, Operative Silkthrowster Blockley
STILES, Frances, Wife, 36, Blockley
STILES, James. Son, 1, Blockley

MACE, Martha, 47, Head, Mar, Blockley
MACE, Frederick, Son, 16, Blockley
MACE, David, Son, 12, Blockley
MACE, Emma, Daug, 6, Blockley

LANE, William, Head, 30, Innkeeper Gloucs, Campden
LANE, Martha, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Campden
LANE, Caroline, Daug, 3, Worcs, Blockley
BAYLIS, Jane, Servant, 24, Gloucs, Barton,
HANDY, William, Lodger, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley

BEECHY, Frances, Head, Widow, 50, Pauper, Gloucs, Campden
BEECHY, James, Son, 29, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BEECHY, Joseph, Son, 33, Ag, Lab. Gloucs, Campden

BENNET, Mary, Head Widow, 72, Gloucs, Honeyborne
BENNET, George, Son, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Isaac, Lodger, 30, Ag. Lab. Blockley

THORNTON, Richard, Head, 61, Ag. Lab. Northamptonshire, Charlton
THORNTON, Susanna, Wife, 61, Blockley
THORNTON, Edward, Son, 25, Ag. Lab, Blockley
THORNTON, Elizabeth, Daug, 21, Op. Silk. Blockley

LYNE, James, Head, 66, Warks, Ilmington.
LYNE, Jane. Wife, 66, Op. Silk. Blockley
LYNE. Eliza, Daug, 19, Op. Silk. Middx. London
LYNE, James, Son, 16, Middx. London
LYNE, Ann, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley

WIGGINS, Thomas, Head, Widower, 62, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WIGGINS, Thomas Son, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley
WIGGINS, Benjamin Son, 8, Blockley
WIGGINS, Frederick, Son, 6, Blockley

HALE, Moses, Head, 45, Stone Mason, Blockley
HALE, Mary Ann, Wife, 47, Blockley
HALE, Thomas, Son, 18, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HALE, Martha, Daug, 15, Scholar, Blockley
HALE, Henry, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
HALE, John, Son, 9, Scholar Blockley

MASON, William, Head, 29, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
MASON, Jemima. Wife, 30, Op. Silk. Blockley
MASON, Emma, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
MASON, James John, Son, 8 months, Blockley
MASON, Elizabeth, Mother, Widow, 65, Pauper, Gloucs, Bourton
MASON, Samuel, Brother, 41, Ag. Lab. Blockley
MASON, Hannah, Brother's Wife, 38, Blockley
MASON. Mary, Sister, 35, Op. Silk. Blockley
MASON, William, Sister's Child, 2 months "Spurious" Blockley

NICHOLS, Hannah, 30, Op. Silk. Blockley

BENNET Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Walford or Halford
BENNET, Mary Wife, 50, Worcs, Salverton
BENNET, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Blockley
BENNET, Harriet, Daug, 21, Blockley
BENNET, Martha, Daug, 19, Blockley
BENNET, James, Son, 12, Blockley
LEEK, Hannah, Visitor, 30, Blockley

KEYTE, William, Head, 62, Ag. Lab, Blockley
KEYTE, Elizabeth, Wife, 66, Blockley
KEYTE, Richard, Son, 21, Ag. Lab. Blockley
PICKERING, Louis, Lodger, 23, Ag. Lab. Blockley

SMITH, Francis, Head, widow, 63, Land & House Proprietor, Butlers Marston
PHILLIPS, William,. Son, in Law, 39, Annuitant Blockley
PHILLIPS , Ann, Daughter, 27. Blockley
WEBB, John, Grandson, 18, Blockley
WEBB, James, Grandson, 16, Blockley
WEBB, Sarah, Grand-daughter 12, Blockley

BLAKEMAN Edwin, Head, 30, Warks, Ilmington
BLAKEMAN, Susanna, Wife, 26, Warks, Ilmington
BALDWIN, John, Lodger, 19, Warks, Ilmington

KEEN, William, Head, 70, Gardener, Oxon, Chipping ?
KEEN, Ann, Wife, 66, Blockley
KEEN, Charles, Son, 26, Mason's Labourer, Blockley
KEEN, Elizabeth, Grand-daughter, 16, Op. Silk. Blockley
KEEN, George, Grandson, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
CORDING, Louisa, Daug, 20, Op. Silk. Blockley
BARBER, Esther, Daug, 31, Blockley
BARBER, William, Son in Law, 32, Tailor Blockley
BARBER, John, Grandson, 8, Op. Silk. Blockley
BARBER, Mary Ann, Grand-daughter, 7, Blockley
BARBER, Ellen, Grand-daughter, 5, Scholar, Warks, Birmingham
BARBER, William, 2, Birmingham
BARBER, Joseph, 3 months Birmingham

WRIGHT, Robert, Head, 43, Shepherd, Blockley
WRIGHT, Sarah, Wife, 41, Blockley
WRIGHT, Ann, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Blockley
WRIGHT, Charles, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WRIGHT, Charles, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WRIGHT, George, Son, 11, Scholar Blockley

20 Park Farm
WESTMACOTT Charles, W.G. 22, Farmer 300 acres - 14 Labs Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Charles, Uncle, 30, late Ag. Chemist Blockley
WESTMACOTT , Sarah, Aunt, 30, Middx. Westminster
BENNET, Ann, Servant 18, Blockley
WEBB, Edwin, Servant, 17, Blockley

BARTLETT, Richard, Head, 28, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Bourton
BARTLETT, Hannah, Wife, 27, Warks, Warwick

22 Pasture House
REYNOLDS, John, Head, 49, Farmer 114 acres - 4 Labs Gloucs, Risington
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth, Wife, 49, Gloucs, Slaughter
REYNOLDS, Thomas, Son, 27, Gloucs, Whatford
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth, Daug, 19, Gloucs Whatford
REYNOLDS, Edward, Son, 12, Scholar Bucks, Beaconsfield
REYNOLDS, Joseph, Son, 10, Scholar, Bucks, Beaconsfield
REYNOLDS, Benjamin, Son, 8, Scholar, Bucks, Beaconsfield
WILLIAMS, Sarah Ann, Servant, 15, Gloucs Upper Slaughter

DAY, Thomas Head, widower 70, Carpenter, Blockley
SNELL, Samuel, Head, 27, British School Master Cornwall, ?
SNELL, Rebecca Hearson, Wife, 25, Cornwall
SNELL, William, -ugh, Son, 2, Blockley

EASTBURY, Robert, Head, 30, Ag Lab, Blockley
EASTBURY, Caroline, Wife, 30, Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary Ann, 6, Scholar, Blockley
EASTBURY, Elizbeth 1, Blockley
SHEPHERD, Ann, Lodger, 38, Op. Silk. Middx. Southgate
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth Lodger, 20, Op. Silk. Warks Pillerton
SHEPHERD, William, Son, 1, Op. Silk, Warks, Honington
COLLIS, Eliza, Lodger, 20, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden

WHATCOTT, George, Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WHATCOTT, Charlotte, 50, Wife, Blockley
WHATCOTT, Ann, Daug, 16, Op, Silk. Blockley

WESTON, William, Head, 47, Ag. Lab, Blockley
WESTON, Hannah, Wife, 46, Op. Silk. Loca;
WESTON, Charles, Son. 10, Plough Boy Blockley
WESTON, Eliza, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley

BOX, James, Head, 24, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Bourton
BOX, Ellen, Wife, 23, Op. Silk. Blockley

DYDE, John, Head, 35, Wheelwright Blockley
DYDE, Leah, Wife, 36, Blockley
DYDE, Mary Ann, 3, Blockley

DYDE, George, Head, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley
DYDE, Elizabeth, Wife, 33, Warks, Halford
DYDE, Emma, Daug, 2, Blockley
DYDE, Hannah Mother, Widow, 52, Blockley
DYDE, Elizabeth, Sister, 19, Op. Silk. Blockley

30, Downs Farm
MARSHALL, Sarah, Head, widow, 68, Blockley
MARSHALL, George, Brother in Law, 74, Blockley
BALDWIN, Charles, Servant, 18, Blockley
NEVELL, Elizabeth. Servant, 17, Gloucs, Todenham

BUTLER, John, Head, 40, Sawyer, Blockley
BUTLER, Keziah, Wife, 45, Blockley
BUTLER, Emily, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Blockley
BUTLER, Frederick, Son, 12, Blockley
BUTLER, Jemima, Daug, 8, Blockley
BUTLER, Edwin, Son, 11, Blockley
TAYLOR, Ann, Lodger, 30, Blockley

COURT, James, Head, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley
COURT, Sarah, Wife, 21, Blockley
COURT, Jane, Daug, 1 Blockley

SCARLETT, David, Head, 21, Ag. Lab, Blockley
SCARLETT, Sarah, Wife, 21, Blockley
SCARLETT, Emma, Daug, 3, Blockley
SCARLETT, Susanna, Daug, 1, Blockley

WELLS, John, Head, 45, Miller, Gloucs, Buckland,
WELLS,. Esther, Wife, 35, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
WELLS, Ann, Daug, 14, Gloucs, Todenham
WELLS, Elizabeth, Daug, 13, Gloucs, Todenham
WELLS, Mary, Daug, 10, Scholar Gloucs, Buckland
WELLS, Stephen, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
WELLS, Sarah, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
WELLS, John, Son, 4, Blockley
WELLS, William, Son, 1, Blockley

GASSEN, Charles, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Bourton
GASSEN, Mary, Wife, 30, Gloucs, Fard
GASSEN, John, Son, 4, Blockley
GASSEN, Elizabeth Daug, 2, Blockley
GASSEN, James. Son, 2 months? Blockley

DICKS, James, Head, 61, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
DICKS, Lydia Ann, Wife,. 56, Op. Silk. Blockley

FIELD, Abraham, Head, 32, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Nanton ?
FIELD, Ann, Wife, 40, Blockley
FIELD, Thomas, Son, 21, Op. Miller Blockley
FIELD, Mary, Daug, 19, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Lower Guiting,
FIELD, William, Son, 17, Plough Boy Gloucs, Lower, Guiting
FIELD, John, Son, 15, Plough Boy Gloucs, Lower Guiting
SHEPHERD, Jane, Grand-daughter 1, Blockley

FINDXXX (TINDXXX) Head, 46, Ag. Lab. Oxon Shipton
FINDXXX Elizabeth, Wife 36, Oxon Sibford
FINDXXX, William, 15, Son, Agricultural Labourer Oxon Sibford
FINDXXX, Marsha, Daug, 14, Agricultural Labourer , Warks, Brailes
FINDXXX, Richard, Son, 6, Blockley
FINDXXX, Ann, Daug, 3, Blockley

BAYLIS, Edmund, Head Widower, 53, Road, Lab. Gloucs. Sherbourne
BAYLIS, Mary, Daug, 26, Gloveress, Gloucs, Sherbourne
BAYLIS, Ann, Daug, 19, Gloveress, Blockley
BAYLIS, Amos, Son, 12, Road, Lab. Blockley
BAYLIS, Sarah, Daug, 9, Scholar, Blockley

HARWOOD, William, Head, 48, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARWOOD, Rebecca, Wife, 46, Blockley

41 Uplands Farm
HOLTHAM , Joseph, Head, 76, farmer 424 acres - 17 Labs Warks, Cherrington
HOLTHAM, Eliza, Daug, 37, Warks Cherrington
HOLTHAM, Richard, Son, 28, Warks, Honington
HUGHES, Thomas, Servant, 17, Warks, Honington

MAYLANDS, Henry, Head, 48, Footman Switzerland
MAYLANDS, Mary, Wife, 28 Blockley
MAYLANDS, James, Son, 5, Scholar, Blockley
MAYLANDS, Louisa, Daug, 3, Scholar at Home Blockley
MAYLANDS, Mary, Daug, 2, Blockley
MAYLANDS, Louis, Son, 5 months Blockley
FIELD, Mary, Servant, 17, Gloucs Stanton

BIDDLE, Joseph, Head, 40, Rag Gatherer, Blockley
BIDDLE, Edith, Wife, 48, Gloucs, Allswood?
BIDDLE, Joseph, Son, 13, Blockley
BIDDLE, Sarah, Daug, 8, Scholar, Warks, Stratford
COTHER, (COTHIER) Samuel, Lodger, 28, Op. Miller. Blockley
MASON. Jane, Lodger, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley

FIELD, Abraham, Head, 55, Stone Mason Oxon, Yew
FIELD, Sarah, Wife, 62, Gloucs Stanton
FIELD, Ann, Daug, 22, Op. Silk. Gloucs Stanton

ROUSE, George, Head, 45, Ag. Lab,. Blockley
ROUSE, Lydia, Wife, 40. Op. Silk. Blockley
ROUSE, Alfred, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
CARTER, Emma, 15, Op. Silk. Warks, Ilmington

WILKS, Henry, Head, 42, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WILKS, Belinda, Wife, 43, Blockley
WILKS, Sarah, Daug, 13, Blockley
WILKS, Henry Charles, Son, 3, Blockley
WARWICK, Ann, Lodger, 25, Op. Silk. Warks, Long—

ANDERTON, John, Head, 58, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
ANDERTON, Mary, Wife 55, Gloucs Alsworth
ANDERTON, Lucy, Daug, 22, Op. Silk. Blockley
ANDERTON, Joseph, Son, 14, Blockley
ANDERTON, Sarah, Daug, 11, Blockley

HITCHMAN, Henry, Head, 52, Stone Mason, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Ann, Wife, 53, Gloucs Stow on the Wold
HITCHMAN, Joseph, Son 16, Blockley
ROBBINS, Henry, Lodger, 29, Op. Silk. Worcs, Wickenhamford

BUTLER, Samuel Head 28, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Clarinda, Wife, 30, Blockley

HARRIS, William Head, 56, Ag. Lab, Gloucs Lavell
HARRIS, Mary, Wife, 52, Bucks, ?
HARRIS, Joseph, Son, 27, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
HARRIS, Solomon Son,. 23, Rail Lab, Blockley
HARRIS, James, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARRIS, Jesse, Son., 15, Ag. Lab. Blockley

BUTLER, George, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Elizabeth, Wife, 30, Op. Silk. Oxon, Ross---
BUTLER, John, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, William, Son, 2? Blockley
FINCH, Hannah, Lodger, 11, Op. Silk. Broadway

CORBET, Mary, Head, Widow, 62 Op. Silk Blockley
HOPKINS, Hannah, Sister 51 Op Silk, Blockley
PARKER, Joseph, Nephew, 17, Ag. Lab, Oxon Barrington

WALLING, William, Head, 44, Butcher, Blockley
WALLING, Hannah, Sister, 34, Blockley
WALLING, Charles, Sister's Son, 5, Scholar, Blockley
WALLING, Edwin, Sister's Son, 1, Blockley
DAWS, Jane. Lodger, 19, Op. Silk. Oxon, Alscot
DAY, Mary, Lodger, 20, Op. Silk. Blockley

HALFORD, Henry, Head, 34, Ag Lab, Blockley
HALFORD, Frances, Wife, 34, Blockley
HALFORD, James. Son, 13, Scholar, Darlingscott
HALFORD, Ann, Daug, 9, Op. Silk. Blockley
HALFORD , Ellen, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
HALFORD, Maria, Daug., 4, Scholar, Blockley
HALFORD, David, Son, 2, Blockley

55 Dovedale House
BILLY, Mary, 25, House Keeper, Gloucs, Willersley
HOOPER, Louisa, House Maid 24, Housemaid Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh

GILL, George, Head, 40, Stone Mason, Worcs Blockley
GILL, Sophia, Wife, 41, Blockley
GILL, James, Son, 16, Stone Mason, Blockley
GILL, William, Son., 14, Stone Mason, Blockley
GILL, Joseph, Son., 11. Op. Silk. Blockley
GILL, Ann, Daug, 8, Op. Silk, Blockley
GILL, Emma, Scholar, Daug, 6, Blockley
GILL, Maria, Daug, 3, Blockley
WARNER, Harriet, Lodger, 21, Op. Silk. Blockley

POWEL, Moses, Head, 56, Stone Mason, Blockley
POWEL Elizabeth, Wife, 55, Blockley

SMITH, James, Head 59, Silk + Farmer, 100 acres - 8 labs - Mill 56 persons Blockley
SMITH, Esther, Wife, 54, Middx London
SMITH, George Cannon 36, Son, Grocer and Druggist Blockley
DAY, John, 30, Servant, Gloucs, Campden
ELLIS, Mary, Servant, 21, Campden

KEEN, Richard, Head, 32, Agricultural Labourer , Blockley
KEEN, Charlotte, Wife, 34, Gloucs Super---
KEEN, Aman, 8 Son, Scholar Blockley
KEEN Alfred, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
KEEN Alrich, Son, 2, Blockley
GODSON, Mary, Lodger, 74, Op. Silk. Blockley

PURSER, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 39, Op. Silk. Blockley
PURSER, Emma, Daug, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley
PURSER, Eliza, Daug, 7, Blockley
PURSER, Joseph, Son, 2, Blockley

SMITH, Michael, Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, Caroline, Wife, 22, Gloucs ?

WEBB, Frederick, Head, 23, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WEBB, Mary, Wife, 28, Op. Silk. Oxon, Enstone
HOPKINS, Elizabeth, Lodger, 56, Worcs, Bishops ---

SHEPHERD, John, Head, 23, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Coldstream
SHEPHERD, Ann, Wife, 24, Op. Silk. Blockley
SHEPHERD, Jane, Daug, 1, Blockley
WATKINS, David, Head, 22, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Marston
WATKINS, Rachael, Wife, 24, Op. Silk. Blockley
WATKINS, Charlotte Daug, 2, Blockley

WEBB, John, Head, 33, Ag. Lab, Blockley
WEBB, Sarah, Wife, 39, Blockley
WEBB, Richard, Son, 14, Blockley
WEBB, William,, Son, 10, Blockley
WEBB, Francis, Son, 7, Blockley
WEBB, Henry, Son, 4, Blockley
WEBB. Etheridge, Son, 2 Blockley
WEBB, Frances, Daug, 7 months Blockley

RIGHTON, Ann, Head, 39, Annuitant, Gloucs, Ebrington
RIGHTON, Sarah Smith, Daug 10, Scholar Blockley
RIGHTON, Elizabeth Smith Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
RIGHTON, Frederick Keen, Son, 1, Blockley

WATTS, Janes, Head, widow, 56, Op;. Silk Blockley
ATKINS, Joseph, 22, Masons Lab. Blockley

BAYLIS, James, Head, 46, Op. Silk, Gloucs
BAYLIS, Hannah, Wife, 37. Op. Silk, Blockley
BAYLIS, William, Son, 12, Op. Silk Gloucs, Winchcomb
BAYLIS, Robert, Son, 7, Scholar, Gloucs, Winchcome
BAYLIS, Harriet, Grand-daughter, 2, Blockley
GODSON, Mary, Mother in Law, 72, Blockley
HERBERT, Peter, Son in Law, 7, Scholar, Blockley

GODSON, George, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GODSON, Sophia, Wife, 32. Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden
GODSON, William +? 4, Son, Blockley

BUTLER, Catherine, Wife, 56, Blockley
BUTLER, Louis Son, 5, Scholar, Blockley

ANDERTON, Thomas Head, 56, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ANDERTON, Ann, Wife, 66, Gloucs Blockley

BELCHER, William, Head, 31, Master Tailor - 2 men Oxon Banbury
BELCHER, Martha, Wife, 31, Gloucs, Arlington
BELCHER, Mary Anne, Daug, 4, Blockley

TAYLOR, John, Head, 60, Mens Mercer, Blockley
TAYLOR, Mary, Wife, 62, Blockley
KING, Louisa Ann, Daug, Widow, 33 Blockley

HERBERT, Richard, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HERBERT, Hannah, Wife, 38, Blockley
HERBERT, Mary Ann Daug, 13, Op. Silk. Blockley
HERBERT, George, 10, Scholar, Blockley
HERBERT, Charles, Son ,8, Scholar, Blockley
HERBERT, John, Son, 2, :Local
POWELS, William, Lodger, 21, Cordwainer Blockley

BANBURY, Edward, Head, 53, Silk Throwster Oxon Charlbury
BANBURY, Caroline, Wife, 63, Gloucs, Campden
PATTERSON, Elizabeth + + Visitor, 34, Sussex, Battle
BANBURY, Susanna, Visitor 25, Gloucs Cheltenham
ELLIS, Eliza, Servant, 32, Blockley

GARDENER, (GARDNER) Thomas, Head, 27, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Guiting
GARDENER, Mary Wife, 29, Op. Silk. Blockley
HITCHMAN, George, Head, 32, Mason, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Eliza, Wife, 31, Op. Silk. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley Check Birthplace
HITCHMAN, Sophia, Daug, 2, Blockley
MAUNDERS, Hannah, Lodger, 28, O;. Silk. Blockley

KEEN Joseph, Head, Widower 26, School Master & Land Surveyor Blockley

EASTBURY, Major, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary, Wife, 34, Blockley
EASTBURY, Sarah, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Warks, Compton
EASTBURY, Charles, Son, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Ann, Daug, 9 , Blockley
EASTBURY, William, Son, 3, Blockley
EASTBURY, David, Son, 1, Blockley

COURT, Stephen, Widower, 69, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
COURT, Emma, Grand-daughter, 19, Op. Silk. Warks, Stratford on Avon

TAYLOR, Lucy, Head, UM. 36, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden
TAYLOR, Francis, Son, 12, Op. Silk, Blockley
TAYLOR, George, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
BERRY, Sarah, Lodger, 26, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Guiting

HARWOOD, John, Head, 50 Widower, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARWOOD, Ann, Daug, 22, Blockley
HARWOOD, Hannah, Daug, 18, Dressmaker Blockley
HARWOOD, William Son, Shepherds, Assistant Blockley

COLING, William, Head 63, Cordwainer, - 3 Men 1 Boy Blockley
COLING, Mary Wife, 59. Gloucs, Longborough
COLING, Mary, Daug, 22, Blockley

BALDWIN, Edward, Head, 40, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BALDWIN, Mary, Wife, 42, Gloucs, XXX
BALDWIN, Alfred, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BALDWIN, Lydia, Daughter 17, Op. Silk. Blockley
BALDWIN, Benjamin, Son , 14, Op. Silk. Blockley
BALDWIN, Charles, Son, 11, Op. Silk Blockley
BALDWIN, George, Son, 9, Op. Silk Blockley
BALDWIN, Harriet, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
BALDWIN, Emma, Daug 4, Scholar, Blockley
BALDWIN, David, Son, 1, Blockley
BALDWIN, catherine, Mother, Widow, 76, Pauper, Gloucs, Campden

HALFORD, (Not Halford maybe Harron) Thomas Head, 62, Baker, Blockley
HALFORD, Millicent, Wife, 62, Blockley

SMITH, Ann, Wife, Head, 35, Gloucs, Winchcomb
SMITH, Charles, Son, 4, Blockley
SMITH, Eliza, Daug, 2, Blockley

PICKERING, Mary, Head, 57, Op. Silk. Blockley
PICKERING, James, Son, 36, Tailor Blockley
PICKERING, Elizabeth, Daug, 29, Blockley
PICKERING, Ann, Daug, 26, Blockley

BALDWIN, Thomas, Head, 43, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
BALDWIN, Louisa, Wife, 41, Gloucs, Ebrington
BALDWIN, Sarah, Daug, 14, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Bourton
BALDWIN, Thomas, Son, 13, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Bourton
BALDWIN, Louisa, Daug, 10, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Bourton
BALDWIN, Esther, Daug, 5, Gloucs, Bourton

HARPER, Robert, Widower, 47, Ag Lab. Blockley
HARPER, John, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARPER, Thomas, Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARPER, George, Son, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley
HARPER, Alfred, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley

CARTER, Richard, Head, 44, Ag, Lab, Gloucs, Guiting
CARTER, Sarah, Wife, 48, Oxon, Lineam
CARTER, Helen, Daug, 28, Op. Silk. Oxon Lineam
CARTER, Sarah, Daug, 17 Op. Silk. Blockley
CARTER, Charles, Grandson, 17 months Blockley

HODGKINS, Hannah, Head, Widow, 57, Blockley
EWINS, Mary, Lodger, 45, Op. Silk. Blockley
EWINS, Albert, Lodger, 2, Worcs, Evesham
HARRIS, Ann, Lodger, 19, Op. Silk, Gloucs Campden

BLACKFORD, Sarah, Head, Widow, 51, Baker, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
LADBROOK, David, Servant, 23, Journeyman Baker, Gloucs, Mickleton
PRICE, Mary Ann, Lodger, 25, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Cheltenham

HAWKES, George, Head, 47, Ag. Lab, Blockley
TURNER, Mary, Lodger, 50 Blockley
HITCHMAN, Ann, Lodger, 37, Op. Silk. Worcs, Badsey

MITCHELL, John, Head, 48, Plasterer, Blockley
MITCHELL, Charlotte, Wife, 53, Laundress, Blockley
MITCHELL, Matilda, Daug, 23, Op. Silk. Blockley
MITCHELL, Fanny, Daug, 21, Dress Maker Blockley
FIGGURES, Ann, Niece, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley

DAVIS, William, Head, 30,. Ag. Lab, Worcs, Evenlode
DAVIS, Alice, Wife, 25, Gloucs Cabberley
DAVIS, Ruth, Daug, 3, Blockley
DAVIS, Sarah, 1, Blockley
DAVIS, Thomas, Lodger, 23, Ag, Lab. Blockley
COOK, James, Lodger, 22, Ag, Lab. Blockley

HOPES, Henry, Head, 72, Gardener, Oxon, Westall
HOPES, Elizabeth, Wife, 71, Blockley
HOPES, Sarah, Daug, 47, Blockley

TURNER, George, Head, 46, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TURNER, Hannah, Wife, 42, Blockley
TURNER, Sarah, Daug, 14, Op. Silk. Blockley
TURNER, Ralph, Son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
TURNER, Charles, Son. 6, Scholar, Blockley

Sometimes HEIRON
HIRON, John Franklin, Head, 47, Prop: of Land and Houses Gloucs, Campden
HIRON, Susanna, Wife, 28, Gloucs, Ebrington
HIRON John Hickman, Son, 5, Gloucs, Campden
HIRON, Mary Hickman, Daug, 4, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
HIRON, Samuel Hickman, Son, 3, Worcs, Broadway
HIRON, Lucy Hickman, Daug, 2, Blockley
HIRON, James, Franklin, Son, 5 months Blockley
COLLETT, Servant, 32, House, servant, Gloucs, Willersley
HARTWELL, Sarah, Servant, 15, Nurse, Gloucs, Campden

HERBERT, John, Head, 34, Butcher, Blockley
HERBERT, Martha, Wife, 34, Gloucs, Campden
HERBERT, William, 6, Son, Scholar, Blockley
HERBERT, Owen, Son, 4, Scholar, Blockley
HERBERT, John, Son, 2, Blockley

SMITH, Robert, Head, 25, Drillman Suffolk, ??
SMITH, Eliza, Wife, 32, Gloucs, Campden

GARDNER, William Head, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GARDNER, Leah, Wife, 42, Washerwoman, Gloucs, Bledington
GARDNER, Emma, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Blockley
GARDNER, Charles, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GARDNER, John, Son. 5, Blockley

WEBB, Richard, 50, Ag, Lab. Blockley
WEBB. Mary, Wife, 48, Warks, Alderminster
WEBB, Eliza, Daug, 16, Op. Silk. Blockley
WEBB, Charles, Son, 14, Ag. Lab, Blockley
WEBB, John, Son, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley
WEBB, Hannah, Daug, 8, Scholar, Blockley

PHILLIPS, Edward, Head, 41, Fellmonger Worcs, Shipston on Stour
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, Wife, 39, Worcs, Shipston on Stour
PHILLIPS, John, Son, 5, Shipston on Stour
PHILLIPS, Edward, Son, 3, Shipston on Stour
PHILLIPS, Allice, Daug, 7 months, Shipston on Stour

SMITH, Joseph, Head, 69, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, Mary, Wife, 69, Blockley

KEYTE, William, Head, 36, Carpenter, Blockley
KEYTE, Maria, Wife, 34, Op. Silk. Blockley
KEYTE, James, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
KEYTE, Richard, Son 9, Scholar, Blockley
KEYTE, Charles, Son. 5, Scholar, Blockley
KEYTE, Jane Maria Daug, 2, Blockley

CLARK, John, Head, 46, Ag. Lab. Gloucs. Moreton in the Marsh
CLARK, Mary, Wife, 51 Worcs, Hampton
CLARK, Alfred, Son 20, Coal Seller, Blockley
CLARK, Emma, Daug, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley
CLARK, Harriet, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Blockley
CLARK. Henry, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CLARK, William Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
CLARK, Elizabeth, 9, Scholar, Blockley
CLARK, Ellen, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley

ADAMS, Thomas, Head, 43. Miller, Blockley
ADAMS, Elizabeth, 44, Dressmaker, Gloucs, Campden
On the 5th November 1838 Elizabeth Adams took Mary Roberts later Mary Beavington to teach her dressmaking. Obviously they knew each other because Mary's Father was the Miller at Ebrington.
EVANS, Allice, Lodger, 37, Op. Silk. Blockley
EVANS, John, 7, Scholar, Blockley

BROOKS, Elizabeth, Head, 71, Annuitant Blockley

BEEZLY, Head, 46, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BEEZLY, Belinda, Wife, 46, Blockley
BEEZLY, Martha, Daug, 23, Op. Silk, Blockley
BEEZLY, Daug, 20, Op. Silk. Blockley
BEEZLY, Fanny, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Blockley
BEEZLY, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
BEEZLY, Hannah, Daug, 8, Scholar, Blockley

HARWOOD, Ann, Head, Widow, 74, Blockley
HARWOOD, Hannah, Daug, 36, Op. Silk. Worcs, Evenlode
HARWOOD, Emma, Daug, 34, Op. Silk. Worcs, Evenlode
WALDRON, Jane, Lodger, 10, Scholar, Middx, London

GREGORY, John, Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GREGORY, Hannah, Wife, 33, Op.Silk. Blockley
GREGORY, Christina, Daug, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley
GREGORY, George, Son, 9, Op. Silk. Blockley
GREGORY, Charles, 7, Scholar, Blockley
GREGORY, Sarah Ann Daug, 5, Blockley
GREGORY, Jacob, Son, 2, Blockley
COLLINS, William, Father in Law, Widower, 75, Pauper, Gloucs, Longborough
COLLINS, Christina, Sister in Law, 47, Op. Silk. Blockley

STANLEY, Thomas, Head, 49, Ag. Lab. Blockley
STANLEY, Ann, Wife, 45, Blockley
STANLEY, Richard, Son, 19, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
STANLEY, Charles, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
STANLEY, George, Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Blockley
STANLEY, Maria, Daug, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley
STANLEY, Stanley, Son, 5, Scholar, Blockley
MASON, Ann, Lodger, 75 Pauper, Blockley

HIGGINS, Thomas, Head 38, Master painter - 2 men Blockley
HIGGINS, Ann, Wife, 53, Blockley

EDEN, Sarah, Head, 70, Silk Winder, Stretton on Fosse
NEWMAN, Eleanor, Lodger, 69, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Saintbury

SIMCOX, Ann, Head, Widower, 36, Silkwinder Blockley
SIMCOX, Jane, Daug, 33, Op. Silk. Blockley
SIMCOX, Son, 32, Sawyer, Blockley
SIMCOX, Clara, Daug, 26, Op. Silk. Blockley
SIMCOX, Amelia, Daug, 9, Scholar, Blockley
SIMCOX, Elizabeth, Daug, Scholar, Blockley

MIDDLETON, Richard, Head, 30, Butcher, Oxon, Culstowe
MIDDLETON, Elizabeth, Wife, 26, Dressmaker, Blockley

EASTBURY, Charles, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Wife, 37, Op. Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Allice, Daug, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Charlotte, Daug, 7, Blockley

ASTON, Joseph, Head, 38, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Snowshill
ASTON, Elizabeth, Wife, 36, Op. Silk. Blockley
ASTON, Ann, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
ASTON, Barbara, Daug, 30, Op. Silk. Blockley

HAINES, John, Head, 67, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HAINES, Elizabeth, Wife, 51, Warks, XXX
HAINES, William, Son. 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HAINES, Dorcus, Daug, 15, Servant Blockley
HAINES, John, Son, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
HAINES, Elizabeth, Daug, 9, Op. Silk. Blockley
HAINES, Fanny, Daug, 7, Blockley
HAYWARD, William Head, 20, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HAYWOOD, Catherine, Wife, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley

EASTBURY, Samuel, Head, 36, Ag. Lab., Blockley
EASTBURY, Lucy, Wife 34, Blockley
KEYTE, Caroline, Lodger, 60, Op. Silk. Blockley

GARDNER, John, Head, Widower, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GARDNER, Ann, Daug, 41, Op. Silk. Blockley

PICKERING, Charles, Head, 38, Builder, - 11 men Blockley
PICKERING, Winifred, Wife, 34, Blockley

EASTBURY, William, Head, 68, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary, Wife, 67, Op, Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Fanny , Daug, 25, Op. Silk. Blockley

COURT, John, Head, 40, Groom, Blockley
COURT, Mary, Wife, 39, Warks, Locksley
COURT, Hannah, Daug, 10, Op. Silk, Blockley
COURT, Ann, Daug, 9, Op. Silk. Blockley
COURT, Matilda, Daug, 6, Blockley
COURT, Allice, Daug, 8 months, Blockley

BULL, Edgar, Head, 41, Licencee of Apothecaries Hall, London, General Practitioner, Essex
BULL, Ellen, Wife, 28, Blockley
BULL, Albert Nicholas Son, 5, Blockley
BULL, Ann Margaret, Daug, 3, Blockley
BULL, Edgar Theodore, Son, 1, Blockley
BENNET, Mary Ann, Servant, 13, Blockley

TAYLOR, Francis, Head, 32, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Quinton
TAYLOR, Phoebe, Wife, 45, Op. Silk. Blockley

COLLIER, Edward, Head, 67, Rear Admiral and Magistrate Blockley
FRETWELL, Elizabeth, Niece, Widow, 57, Worcs, Tredington
BATTY, Edward, Servant, 22, Middx. London
BASTIN, Judith, servant, 31, Gloucs Charlton Kings
ELLIS, Sarah, Servant, 19, Gloucs, Campden

HOBBS, George, Head, 53, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
HOBBS, Hannah, Wife, 64, Silk Winder, Worcs, Tredington

EASTBURY, Thomas, Head, 40, Ag. Lab, Blockley
EASTBURY, Ann, Wife, 35, Op. Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary, Daug, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley
HANDY, Charles, Lodger, 16, Ag. Lab, Blockley

PHIPPS, David, Head, 29, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Beldington
PHIPPS, Maria, Wife, 36, Blockley
JONES, Samuel, Lodger, 14, Op. Silk. Blockley
JONES, Henry, Lodger, 12, Op Silk. Blockley
JONES, William, Lodger, 9,. 9, Scholar, Blockley
HARRIS, Sarah, Lodger, 2, Blockley

WIGGINTON, Head, 51, Ag. Lab., Gloucs, Campden
WIGGINTON, Mary, Wife, 49, Gloucs, Campden
WIGGINTON, Ann, Daug, 21, Op. Silk. Blockley

HABBOTS (ABBOTS) Elizabeth, Head, widow, 77 Pauper, Wilts Fishorton
FIELD, Eliza, Lodger, 23, Blockley
FIELD, George, 4, Eliza's Son Blockley
FIELD, Richard, 2, Son, 2 Blockley
SIMMERS, Ann Lodger, 14, Op. Silk. Worcs, Shipston on Stour

WARNER, Frances, Head, Widow, 50, Gloucs, Donnington
WARNER, Mary, Daug, 23, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Longborough
WARNER, Ann, Daug, 19, Op, Silk, Gloucs, Longborough
WARNER, Eliz Daug, 11, Gloucs, Longborough

LIVELY, James, Head 42, Ag. Lab, Worcs, Longborough
LIVELY, Mary, Wife, 42, Worcs, Broadway
LIVELY, Humphrey, Son, 20, Ag. Lab. Blockley
LIVELY, George, Son 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley
LIVELY, Sylvia, Daug, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley

GODSON, Jane, Head, Widow, 73, Warks, Wolford
GODSON, Thomas Son, 42, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GODSON, Jane, Daug, 34, Op. Silk. Blockley

AWKER, (HAWKER) William, Head, 54, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Campden
AWKER Ann, Wife, 46, Silk Winder, Blockley
AWKER, John, Father, 89, Gloucs, Campden

STANLEY, Richard, Widower, 59, Silkthrower, emply. 85 persons. Blockley
STANLEY, Alfred, Son, 27, Gloucs, Campden
STANLEY, George, Son, 26, Gloucs, Campden
BEEZLEY, Mary Ann, Servant 25, Blockley

HOPKINS, Joseph, Head, 26, Ag. Lab, Blockley
HOPKINS, Ann, Wife, 24, Blockley
HOPKINS, John, Son, 7 months Blockley

TAPLIN, Job, Head, 28, Sawyer, Blockley
TAPLIN, Elizabeth Wife, 27, Dressmaker, Gloucs, Campden (nee Beavington)
TAPLIN, Emily Ann, Daug, 4, Blockley
TAPLIN, George, Mansel, Son, 3, Blockley
TAPLIN, William Alfred. Son, 1, Blockley

HERBERT, Anna, Head, 28, Draper and Grocer Blockley
HERBERT, Eliza, Sister 26, Assistant Blockley
HERBERT, Frederick, Brother 22, Tailor Blockley
HERBERT, Alfred Brother 20, Saddler and Harness Maker Blockley
BAYLIS, Eliza, Servant, 15, House Servant Blockley

EDEN, George, Head, 38, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
EDEN, Sarah, Wife, 39, Gloucs, Broadway
EDEN,? Caroline, Daug, 14, Op. Silk. Blockley
EDEN,? Emma, Daug, 11, Op Silk, Blockley
EDEN,? Patience, Daug, 8, Op., Silk Blockley
EDEN, Thomas, Son, 14, Errand Boy Blockley
EDEN, John, Son, 11, Blockley
EDEN, William, Son, 9, Silk Winder Blockley
EDEN, George, Son, 5, Blockley
EDEN, Richard, Son, 1 month Blockley

CLEMENTS, William, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CLEMENTS, Mary, Wife, 47, Worcs, Overbury
CLEMENTS, George, Son, 21, Ag. Lab, Blockley
CLEMENTS, Ann, Daug, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley
CLEMENTS, Emma, Daug, 16, Op Silk. Blockley
CLEMENTS, John. Son. 11. Ag. Lab. Blockley
CLEMENTS, Charles, Son, 8,. Scholar, Blockley

PRIVET, Mary, Head, Widow, 40, Bucks, Wormingshall
PRIVET, John Walter, Son, 9, Gloucs Stow on the Wold
PRIVET, Susan, Daug, 8, Stoe on the Wold

ROUSE, John, Head, 39, Ag, Lab. Gloucs, Todenham
ROUSE, Ann, Wife, 40, Blockley
ROUSE, John, Son 9, Scholar, Blockley
ROUSE, George, Son, 5, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
JARVIS, Sophia, Lodger, 18, Op, Silk. Blockley
BEACHAM, Julia, Lodger, 15, Op. Silk. Winchcombe

BALDWIN, Richard, Head, 44, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BALDWIN, Ann, Wife, 39, Blockley
BALDWIN, James, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, Daug, 14, Op. Silk Blockley
BALDWIN, Henry, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
BALDWIN, Priscilla, Daug, 9, Op. Silk. Blockley
BALDWIN, Aguilla, Son, 6, Scholar
BALDWIN, Frederick, Son. 3 months Blockley

VINCENT, John, Head, 37, Groom Blockley
VINCENT, Fanny, Wife, 31, Gloucs, Campden
VINCENT, Hannah, Daug, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
VINCENT, Ann, Daug, 8, Scholar, Gloucs XXXX
VINCENT, Samuel, Son, 4, Blockley
VINCENT, Elizabeth, Daug, 1, Blockley

TOMBS, George, Head, 28, Operative Botanist, Blockley
TOMBS, Martha< Wife, 33, Blockley

SOUTHAM Thomas, Head, 70, Dealer. Gloucs, Ebrington
SOUTHAM, Susanna, Wife, 56, Shop Keeper & Draper, Worcs, Shipston
SOUTHAM, Sophia, Daug, 20, Op., Silk. Worcs, Shipston
SOUTHAM, Elizabeth, daug, 18, Op, Silk, Shipston
SOUTHAM, Daniel, Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Shipston
EVANS, Elizabeth, Grand-daughter Worcs, Shipston

ROPER, Thomas, Head, 38, Gardener, Worcs, Broadway
ROPER, Sarah, Wife, 33, Warks, Ironcross
ROPER, William, Henry, Son, 13, Plough Boy, Blockley
ROPER, Rosanna, Daug, 4, Scholar, Blockley
BEECHY William, Head, 25, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEECHY, Caroline, Wife, 28, Op. Silk. Worcs, Badsey.

MILBURN, (MILLBOURNE), Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 38, Op. Silk Gloucs Guiting
MILBURN, Eliza, Daug, 16, Op. Silk. Blockley
SANDALLS Mary, Lodger, 11, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh

STEPHENS, Sarah, Head, 57, Blockley
STEPHENS, George, Nephew, 4, Blockley

NEWMAN, Henry, Head, 38, Gardener, Blockley
NEWMAN, Elizabeth, Wife, 31, Gloucs, Clopton
NEWMAN, Emma, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
BENNET, Jane, Lodger, 16, Silk Op. Gloucs, Woolford
COOK, Ann, Lodger, 15, Op. Silk Gloucs, Woolford
SUTTON, Sarah, Lodger, 14, Op. Silk. Worcs, Shipston

BURROWS, Thomas, Head, 33, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BURROWS, Elizabeth, Wife, 32, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden
BURROW, James, Son, 3, Blockley
BURROWS, Orlanda, Son, 9 months Blockley
BALDWIN, Sarah, Lodger, 23, Op. Silk Blockley

ELLIS, Edwin, Head, 29, Blacksmith, Gloucs, Campden
ELLIS, Ann, Wife, 26, Dressmaker, Herts, Albury
ELLIS, Emma, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
ELLIS, William, Son, 5, Blockley
ELLIS, Charles, Son, 3, Blockley
ELLIS, Alfred, Son 1, Blockley

WATTS, William, Head, 72 Ag. Lab. Blockley
WATTS, Elizabeth Wife, 74, Gloucs, Campden
WATTS, James, Son, 32, Ag. Lab, Blockley

FIGGURES, Thomas Barns, Head, 54 farmer 75 Acres - 4 Labs 1 Boy Blockley
FUGGURES, Ann, Wife, 50, Blockley Worcester
FIGGURES, Thomas Payton, Son, 19, Blockley;
FIGGURES, Edward, Son, 13, Blockley
FIGGURES, Henry, Son, 14, Blockley
FIGGURES, Sophia, Daug, 12, Blockley
MALPAS, Mary, Visitor, 53, Annuitant Worcester
TILLING. Selina, Servant, 20, Gloucs, Painswick

TORNFIELD, ? Richard, Head, 78, Gardener, Worcs, Childs Wickham
TORNFIELD, Sarah, Wife, 78, Blockley

FIGGURES, William. Head, 56, Ag. Lab. Blockley
FIGGURES, Sarah, Wife, 56, Gloucs, Campden
FIGGURES, Mary, Daug, 19, Op. Silk, Blockley
FIGGURES, George, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, Daug, 16, Op. Silk. Blockley
FIGGURES, William Son,. 12, Ag. Lab. Blockley

HITCHMAN, William,. 54, Stone Mason, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Martha, Wife, 53, Op. Silk. Blockley

WESTMACOTT, Martha, Head, Widow, 76, Annuitant Blockley
BARTLETT, Emma, Servant, 15, House Servant Blockley

HARPER, George, Head, 42, sawyer, Blockley
HARPER, Sarah, Wife, 42, Gloucs, Ebrington
HARPER, John, Son, 19, Sawyer, Blockley
HARPER, Emily, Daug, 4, Blockley
HARPER, EDWIN, Son, 11 months Blockley

KITCHIN (KINCHIN) George, 37, Head, Gardener, Blockley
KITCHIN, Charlotte, Wife, 35, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
KITCHIN. Ann, Daug, 10, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
KITCHIN, James, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
KITCHIN, Thomas, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
KITCHIN, Rachael, Daug, 4, Blockley
KITCHIN, Edwin, Son., 2, Blockley
KITCHIN, Hannah, Mother 59, Op. Silk. Blockley

WILTSHIRE, John, Head, 49, Cordwainer, Worcs, Bishampton
WILTSHIRE Sarah, Wife, 44, Shoe Binder, Blockley
FIGGURES, Emily, Niece, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley
HAWKINS, Charles, Lodger, 22, Joiner, Oxon, Witney

HOWS. Richard, Head, 27, Miller, Blockley
HOWS, Elizabeth, Sister, 21, Blockley
HARRIS , Thomas, Servant, 21, Gloucs, Stown

REEVES, William, Head, 34, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
REEVES, Selina, Wife, 32, Gloucs, Addington
REEVES, Mary Ann, Daug, 13, Op. Silk. Blockley
REEVES, William, Son, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
REEVES, Fanny, Daug, 6, Blockley
REEVES, Emma, Daug. 3., Blockley

SMITH, William, Head, 32, Millwright Blockley
SMITH, Eliza, Wife, 36, Blockley
SMITH, Emma, Daug, 9, Blockley
SMITH, George, Son, 6, Blockley
SMITH, Amelia, Daug, 7, Blockley

FRANKLIN, William, Head, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley
FRANKLIN, Mary, Wife, 28, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
FRANKLIN, Anne Maria, Daug, 5, Blockley
FRANKLIN, Louisa, Daug, 3, Blockley
FRANKLIN, Mary Ann Daughter, 11 months, Blockley
ELLIS, Mary Lodger, Widow, 67. Gloucs, Campden
EASTBURY, Dinah, Lodger, 28, Op. Silk. Blockley

SMITH, Joseph, Head 25, carpenter, Blockley
SMITH, Ellen, Wife, 23, Blockley

PICKERING, Dennis, Head, 27, Gardener, Blockley
PICKERING, Eliza, Wife, 25, Gloveress, Blockley
PICKERING, William. Son, 6, Blockley
PICKERING, Edwin, Son, 3, Blockley
PICKERING, Samuel, Son, 2, Blockley
CORHEAD, James, Lodger, 40, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WEBB, Thomas, Lodger. 20., Ag. Lab. Blockley
WEBB, Sarah, Lodger, 25, Op. Silk, Blockley
WEBB, Frederick, Lodger, 3, Blockley

HARPER, Joseph, Head, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARPER, Caroline, Wife, 32, Blockley
HARPER, Ann, Elizabeth, Daug. 4. Blockley
HARPER, James, Son, 6 months Blockley
BEECHEY, Elizabeth, Lodger, 37 Pauper, Blockley

SMITH, Charles Edwin, Head, 49, Silk Throwster Gloucs, Campden
SMITH, Sarah, Wife, 43, Gloucs, Washcombe
SMITH, Sophia, Sister, 66, Gloucs, Campden
TURNER, Ann, servant, 26, Cursdean

DOWSELL, William Head, 59, Blacksmith - 2 men Gloucs Campden
DOWSELL, Hannah, Wif,e 58, Gloucs, Campden

FIGGURES, Charles, Head, 49, Plasterer. Blockley
FIGGURES, Mary, Wife, 44, Worcs, Evesham
FIGGURES, George, Son, 22, Plasterer, Blockley
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, Daug, 18, Blockley
FIGGURES, Frank, Son, 16, Plasterer, Blockley
FIGGURES, Harry, Son, 14, Scholar, Blockley
FIGGURES, Abraham, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
FIGGURES, Sophia, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
FIGGURES, Edward, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
FIGGURES, Alfred, Son, 6, Blockley
FIGGURES, John, Son 5, Blockley

VEALE, John, Head, 41, Ag, Lab. Blockley
VEALE, Hannah, Wife, 37, Blockley
VEALE, Charles, Son, 11, Op. Silk Blockley
VEALE, William , Son, 5, Blockley
VEALE, Daniel, Son. 3, Blockley
VEALE, Arnold, Son,. 6 months Blockley

LLOYD, Charles, Head, 28, Plasterer Blockley
LLOYD, Martha, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Campden
MILBURN, Ellen, Lodger, 24, Blockley

WESTMACOTE William, Head, Widower, 61, Builder, Blockley
WESTMACOTE, Henry,. Son, 26, Builder, Blockley
WESTMACOTE, Son's Wife, 30 Gloucs, Campden
WESTMACOTE, Arnold, Grandson, 5, Blockley
WESTMACOTE, Hannah, Grand-daughter, 3, Blockley
BARNS, James, Apprentice, 19, Builder's Apprentice, Gloucs, Campden
NEWMAN , George, Visitor, 18, Plasterer, Blockley
HUGHES, Ann, Visitor, 16, Warks, Admington
SANDALS, Sarah, Visitor 15, Gloucs Moreton in the Marsh
RAINBOW, Eliza, Visitor, 15, Worcs, Shipston

BEVINGTON (s/b BEAVINGTON) Edith, Head, Widow, 64, Blockley
BEVINGTON, George, Son, 41, Ag. Lab, Blockley

WATTS, Charles, Head, 26, Cordwainer, Gloucs, Bourton
WATTS, Harriet, Wife, 24, Blockley
WATTS, William, Son, 4, Blockley
WATTS, George, Son, 4, Blockley
WATTS, Mary, 4 months Blockley
HARRIS, Hannah, Lodger, 17, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden
HART, Eliza, Lodger, Op. Silk. Oxon Thame
HART, Elizabeth, Lodger 16, Gloucs Stow on the Wold

MATTHEWS, Richard, Head, 42, Stone Mason, Worcs, Bengworth
MATTHEWS, Susanna, Wife, 38, Op. Silk. Blockley
MATTHEWS, James, Son, 19, Ag. Lab, Blockley
MATTHEWS, Maria, Daug, 15, Op. Silk. Worcs, Hampton
MATTHEWS, Samuel, Son, 12, Worcs, Hampton
MATTHEWS, Charlotte, Daug, 10, Worcs Hampton
MATTHEWS, Sophia, Daug, 8, Op. Silk. Worcs, Hampton
MATTHEWS, Cecily, Daug, 53, Worcs, Hampton
MATTHEWS, Ann, Daug, 3, Hampton
MATTHEWS, Martha, Daug, 7 months, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Peter, Lodger, 22, Quarry Man Blockley

ROUSE, Samuel, Head, 23, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
ROUSE, Isabella, Wife, 22, Op. Silk. Blockley

FRANKLIN, George, Head, 34, Ag. Lab. Blockley
FRANKLIN, Sophia, Wife, 30 Op. Silk. Blockley
FRANKLIN, Henry, Son, 8, Op. Silk, Blockley
FRANKLIN, William. Son,. 6, Scholar, Blockley
FRANKLIN, Caroline, Daug, 3, Blockley
FRANKLIN, Ann, Daug, 2 months. Blockley

HERBERT, George, Head, Widower, 26, National School Master Blockley

TURVEY, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 41. Op. Silk. Worcs, Stourton
TURVEY, William, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Pershore,
TURVEY, Jane, Daug, 13, Worcs, Pershore
TURVEY, Elizabeth, Daug, 9. Op.Silk, Gloucs, Campden
TURVEY, Mary Ann, Daug, 4, Worcs, Pershore

CALLOW, Charles, Head, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CALLOW, Mary Ann, Wife, 23, Worcs, Evenlode

ALLEN, Thomas, Head, 56, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ALLEN, Sarah, Wife, 56, Gloucs, Washburn
ALLEN, Mary, Daug, 24, Op. Silk. Blockley
ALLEN, Sarah, Daug, 21, Op. Silk. Blockley
ALLEN, Harriet, Daug, 19, Blockley
ALLEN, Flora, Grand-daughter, 2, Blockley

KIMPSON, John, Head, 58, Carpenter, Blockley
KIMPSON, Wife, 52, Gloucs, Longborough
PERKINS, John, Visitor, 74, Retired Cordwainer Gloucs, Longborough

JEWEL, John, Head, 40, Ag. Lab, Oxon, Faston
JEWEL, Jane, Wife, 39, Gloucs, Naunton
JEWEL, Jane, Daug, 4, Scholar, Blockley
JEWEL, Alfred, Son, 2, Blockley

WESTMACOTT, Richard, Head, 35, Silkthrowster, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Anne, Wife, 36, Gloucs, Brookthorp
WESTMACOTT, Anne, Daug, 12, Scholar, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Son, 4, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, John, Son, 1, Blockley
BISCOE, Jane, Servant, 21, House Servant, Gloucs, Blaisdon
ROPER, Anne, Servant, 15, House Servant, Worcs, Salford

BELCHER, Richard Boswell, Head, 32, Draper, - 1 App Oxon, Banbury
BELCHER, Charlotte, Wife, 40, Gloucs, Coln Rogers
BELCHER, Elizabeth Daug, 5, Worcs, Kidderminster
BELCHER, Ellen Beatrice, Daug, 4, Worcs, Kidderminster
BELCHER, Charles Edward. Son, 2, Blockley
BELCHER, Charlotte, Daug, 7 months Blockley
HERBERT, Ann , Servant, 26, Gloucs, Coln, St.
BROWNET, Sarah, servant, 22, Gloucs, Bourton
HATHAWAY, Elizabeth, Visitor, 16, Gloucs, Bibury

ALLEN, John, Head, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ALLEN, Ann, Wife, 26, Gloucs, XXX

BUBB, Benjamin Head, 45, Groom Worcs, Honeyborne
BUBB, Dinah, Wife, 37, Worcs, Charlton
BUBB, Fanny, Daug, 17, Op Silk, Blockley
BUBB, David, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
BUBB, Elizabeth, Daug, Scholar, 6, Blockley
BUBB, Emma. Daug, 4, Blockley
BUBB, William, Son, 1, Blockley
BUBB, Oliver, Lodger, 9, Scholar, Blockley

PHIPPS, William, Head, 34, Blacksmith, Warks, Whatcote
PHIPPS, Sarah, Wife, 40, Blockley
PHIPPS, Thomas, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
PHIPPS, John, Son, 7, Gloucs, Ebrington
PHIPPS, Georgina Daug, 5, Gloucs, Ebrington
PHIPPS, Lewis, Son, 2, Blockley
MACE, John, Father in Law, 81, Late Shepherd, Gloucs, Campden

TAYLOR, Thomas, Head, 30, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TAYLOR, Hannah, Wife, 25, Op. Silk. Blockley
TAYLOR, George, Son, 4, Blockley
TAYLOR, Alice, Daug, 1, Blockley
BISHOP, John, Lodger, 23, Ag. Lab. Blockley

The Hamlet of Northwick.

1 Wellacres
MANSELL , William, Head, 62, farmer 178 acres Blockley
LYDIATT, Joseph, Servant, 31, Ag. Servant, Gloucs. Campden
SHARP, Charles, Servant, 19, Ag. Servant, Blockley
HALE, Charlotte, Mar 20 House Servant Warks, Brailes
GREEN Rose Ann, Servant, 15, House Servant, Gloucs, Quinton

2 Northwick Mill
HOWS,? Richard, Head, 64, Miller and Baker, Not Known
HOWS? Elizabeth, Wife, 63, Gloucs Todenham
BENNETT, William, servant, 21, Op. Miller Blockley
HANDEY (HANDY) James, Servant, 19, Operative Miller, Gloucs, Evenlode
HARRIS, Emanuel, Servant, 19, Operative Miller, Blockley
MARSHALL, Jane, Servant, 14, Domestic Servant, Warks, Little Compton

3 Keepers Lodge
BALLINGER, Edward, Head, 73, Game Keeper, Gloucs, Charlton Kings
BALLINGER, Elizabeth, Wife, 72, Lancs, Lancaster,
BALLINGER, Emma, Daug, 22, Dressmaker, Worcs Eastham

4 Northwick Hill
WEST, Edward, Partner 31, Farmer, 300 acres , Worcs, Clopton
WEST, Joseph, Partner, 29, Farmer - 10 Labs Gloucs, Clopton
WEST, Susan, Sister, 27, Gloucs, Clopton
MILLS, Martha, Servant, 20, House Servant, Gloucs, Naunton
BENFIELD, George, Servant, 21, Ag. Lab, Gloucs Condicote
HARROD, George, Servant, 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley

5 Northwick Park
NORTHWICK, Lord, Head, 82, Peer and Occupier of Land, Middx London
MAYLAND, Louis, House Steward, 84, Switzerland
PIKE, William, Servant, 38 Upper Gardener Surrey Mousley
MACE, John, Servant, 51, Footman Blockley
WATTS, Anne, 65, House Keeper, Hampshire
JAXTON Mary, Widow, 41, Laundry maid, Dublin Ireland
ADAMS, Anne, Servant, 15, Still Room Maid, Gloucs, Cheltenham
PIKE, Jane, 39, Cook, Sussex, Shoreham
YATES, Ann, Servant, 27, Kitchen Maid, Not Known
HAYNES, Eliza, Servant 28, Dairy Maid, Worcs Stretton on Fosse
KEEN, Ellen, Servant, 27, House Maid, Worcs, Stretton on Fosse
MILES, Eliza, servant, 27, House Maid, Gloucs, Campden
HARRIS, Joseph, Servant, 26, Labourer, Blockley
WIGGINTON, William, Servant, 20, Labourer Blockley
BEECHEY (BEECHY) Servant, 22, Labourer Blockley
HARWOOD, Carles ( Charles?) 37, Labourer Blockley

6 Hangman's Hall
BEAVINGTON, John, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEAVINGTON, Mary Wife, 34, Worcs, Tredington
BEAVINGTON, William. Son, 2, Blockley
This family is part of the transcribers family.

7 Hangman's Hall
MILBOURNE, Mary, Widow Head, 45, Empl'd in Ag. Blockley
MILBOURNE, Daug, 20, Servant, Gloucs, Campden
MILBOURNE, George, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
MILBOURNE, Emma, Daug, 14, Op. Silk. Blockley
MILBOURNE, Lucilla Daug, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley
MILBOURNE, Eliz, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
MILBOURNE, Emily, Grand-daughter, 6 months - infant Blockley

8 Northwick Lodge
HARWOOD, William, Head, 49, Ag. Lab. Warks, Barton XX
HARWOOD, Elizabeth, Wife, 43, Blockley
HARWOOD, Henry, Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
HARWOOD, Fanny, Daug, 14, Blockley
HARWOOD, James, Son, 8, Blockley
HARWOOD, Job, Son, 5 Blockley
HARWOOD, Eliza, Daug, 2, Blockley

COLVERT, Ann, Head, 43, Op. Silk. Blockley
COLVERT, Jane, Daug, 17, Op Silk, Blockley
COLVERT, Charles, Son, 9, Blockley
COLVERT, John, father in Law, 74, Ag. Lab. Blockley

PARKER, Jane, Head, 48, Op. Silk. Blockley
PARKER, Hannah Daug, 23, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Barrington
PARKER, John, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Barrington
WILKES, Lucy, Lodger, Widow, Op Silk. Blockley

CARTER, Joseph, Head, 26, Ag, La. Oxon, LynchXXX
SOUCH ? Lodger, 21, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
WILKS, Lavina, Lodger, 16, Op. Silk. Blockley
WILKS, Harriet, Lodger, 13, Op. Silk. Blockley

HALFORD, Charles, Head, 30, Sawyer, Blockley
HALFORD, Dinah, Wife, 25, Blockley
HALFORD, Eliza, Daug, 4, Blockley
HALFORD, James, Visitor, 40, Labourer, Blockley

WILKS, Isaac, Head, 37, Labourer, Blockley
WILKS, Martha, Wife, 33, Op. Silk. Blockley
BLACKFORD, Hannah, 10, Op. Silk. Blockley

EASTBURY, George, Head, 31, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary, Wife, 29, Blockley
EASTBURY, Joseph, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
EASTBURY, Jane, Daug, 4, Blockley
EASTBURY, George, Son, 2, Blockley
EASTBURY, Harriet, Daug, 6 months Blockley

SMITH, Helen Shore, Widow, 44, Annuitant, Middx, St. James
SMITH, Ann, Augusta Daug, 8, Blockley
GILL, Louisa, Charlotte, Lodger, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley

EASTBURY, Joseph, Head, 47, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Sarah, Wife, 50, Op. Silk. Blockley
EASTBURY, Emanuel, Son, 21, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Silas, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Ann, Daug, 12, Op. Silk. Blockley

HITCHMAN, Charles, Head, 43, Stone, Mason, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Sarah, Wife, 46, Blockley
HITCHMAN Jesse, Son, 18, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Thomas Son, 13, Op. Silk. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Susanna, Daug, 10, Op. Silk Blockley
HITCHMAN, Cicely, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley

ROUSE. John, Head, 26, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Campden
ROUSE, Ann, Wife, 26, Blockley
ROUSE, E,,A, Daug, 6, Blockley
ROUSE, George, Son, 4, Blockley
DOBBINS, Richard, Head, 33, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Broadway
DOBBINS, Jane, Wife, 36, Gloucs, Campden
DOBBINS, Ann, Daug, 11, Op Silk. Worcs XXX
DOBBINS, Jane, Daug, 10, Scholar, Worcs, XXX
DOBBINS, George, Son, 2, XXXX

EDEN, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 45, Silk Winder, Worcs, Broadway,
EDEN, William, Son, 24, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EDEN, Charles, Son, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EDEN, Mary Ann, Daug in Law 18. Gloucs, Batsford
EDEN, James, Son, 17, Errand Boy Blockley
EDEN, George, Son, 12, Farmer's Servant Blockley
EDEN, Henry, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
EDEN, Alfred, Son, 4, Blockley

BATEMAN, Richard, Head, 37, Gardener, Gloucs, Todenham,
BATEMAN, Caroline, Wife, 39, Warks, Long Compton
BATEMAN, Jane, Daug, 5, Warks, Long Compton

CALLOW, Moses, Head, 38, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CALLOW, Ann, Wife, 38, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
CALLOW, Martha Daug, 26, Op. Silk. Blockley
CALLOW, Thomas, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CALLOW, James. Son., 17, Ag Lab. Blockley
WATTS, William, Visitor 4, Blockley

MASON,. George, Head, 37, Road Labourer Blockley
MASON, Sarah Wife, 35 Blockley
WILKS, George, Lodger, 13, Op. Silk. Blockley
MASON, Charles, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
MASON, Edwin, Son, 5, Blockley
MASON, William, Son, 2, Blockley
MASON, Eliza, Daug, 3, months Blockley

FIGGURES, John, Head, 62, Slater and Plasterer, Blockley
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, Wife, 61, Gloucs, BouXXX
FIGGURES, Hannah, Daug, 33, Dressmaker, Blockley
FIGGURES, James, Son, 29, Slater and Plasterer Blockley
FIGGURES, John, Son 19, Blockley
FIGGURES, Eliza, Daug, 15,

DAY, William, Head, 44, Carpenter, Blockley
DAY, Catherine, Wife, 42, Blockley
LOWE, Henry, Nephew, 14, Carpenter's apprentice Notts, XXXX

25 Jockey Stables
CROOK, Hannah, Head, Widow, 46, Blockley
CROOK, Elizabeth, Daug, 18, Op. Silk. Blockley
CROOK, William, Son, 15, Ag, Lab. Blockley
SANDERS, William, Head, 42, Ag, lab. Blockley
SANDERS, Selina, Wife, 23, Blockley
SANDERS, Eliza, Daug, 4, Blockley
SANDERS, George, Son ,2 Blockley
SANDERS, Charles, Son, 3 months Blockley
RHONE, Ann, Lodger, 67, Pauper, Blockley

EDGINGTON, William, Baker, Blockley
EDGINGTON, Ann. Wife, 45, Blockley
EDGINGTON, James, Son, 14, Blockley
EDGINGTON, Amelia, Daug, 12, Scholar, Blockley
EDGINGTON, George, son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
EDGINGTON, Josiah, Son, 6, Scholar,
EDGINGTON, John, Son, 4, Blockley

BISHOP, William, Head, 60, Ag. Lab. Warks, Cherrington
BISHOP, Mary, Wife, 32, Worcs, Harbiton
BISHOP, Charles, 27, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BISHOP, Thomas, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BISHOP, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley

DAY, Joseph Head, Widower, 31, Plasterer, Blockley
DAY, Mary Ann, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
DAY, Thomas, Son. 4, Blockley
HOPKINS, John, Head, 56, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HOPKINS, Lucy, Wife, 61, Gloucs, North Leich XXXX

HARWOOD, Charles, 30, Head, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARWOOD, Ann, Wife, 31, Blockley
HARWOOD, George, Son, 4, Blockley
HARWOOD, Olive, Son, 1, Blockley

GODSON, Charles, Head, 33, Plasterer. Blockley
GODSON, Maria, Wife, 31, Blockley
GODSON, Frances, E. Daug, 11, Scholar, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Emma, Niece, 10. Scholar, Blockley

BUTLER, Thomas, Head 51, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Elizabeth, Wife, 50, Op. Silk. Blockley

PADBURY, Joseph, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, XXX
PADBURY, Elizabeth, Wife, 34, Blockley
PADBURY, Eliza, 11, Op. Silk. Oxon, XXX
PADBURY, Richard, 8, Scholar, Blockley
PADBURY, Henry, 5, Scholar, Blockley

33 Jockey Stables
HANCOCK, Edward Head, Widower, 43, game Keeper Blockley
HANCOCK, Emily, 8 Scholar at Home Blockley
HANCOCK, Jane, Mother 70 Gloucs, XXX
TAYLOR, Jane, Visitor 27, Worcs, XXX

34, Stapewell Farm
PICKERING, John, Head, 73, Farmer 142 acres - 3 Labs Blockley
PICKERING, Margaret, Wife, 69, Wilts, Sutton Berger
PICKERING John, Son, 33, Blockley
PICKERING Charlotte, Daug, 29, Blockley
WOODWARD, Phoebe, Servant, 18, House Servant, Gloucs Longborough

FLETCHER, John Head, 29, Tailor, XXX
FLETCHER, Elizabeth Wife, 31, Straw Bonnet Maker, Warks Stratford
WILSON, Jane, Daug in Law 12, Op Silk Warks, Birmingham
WILSON, Ellen Maria Daug in Law 7, Scholar, Blockley
FLETCHER, William Son, 3, Blockley
RASTALL, Jane, Lodger, 20, Op. Silk ?

36 Jockey Stables
HANCOCK, Richard, Head., 48, Huntsman Gloucs, Bourton
HANCOCK, Martha, Wife, 43, Gloucs, Stoneway
HANCOCK, George, Son. 20, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANCOCK, John, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANCOCK, Emma, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
HANCOCK, Charles, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
HANCOCK, Eliza, Daug, 2, Blockley

WILLIAMS, Richard, Head, 50, Grocer, Gloucs, Longborough
WILLIAMS, Hannah, Wife, 49, Gloucs, Longborough
WILLIAMS, Job, Son, 30, Shoemaker, Gloucs, Longborough
WILLIAMS, Maryann, Daug, 18, Dressmaker, Gloucs Longborough
WILLIAMS, Catherine, daug, 14, Gloucs, Longborough
WILLIAMS, Jane, Daug, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Longborough

PHIPPS, George, Head, 45, Stone Mason, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold,
PHIPPS, Hannah, Wife, 45, Blockley
PHIPPS, Mary, Daug, 22, Dressmaker, Blockley
PHIPPS, Thomas, Son, 17, Stone Mason, Blockley
PHIPPS, Sarah, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
PHIPPS, Joseph, Son, 2, Blockley
DAY, Martha Niece, 5 months Infant Blockley

DAVY, John, Head, 42, Plumber & Glazier Middx. London
DAVY, Hannah, Wife, 41, Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Charlotte, Daug, 17, Op. Silk. Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Frederick, Son, 13, Ag. Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Stephen, Son, 13, Op, Silk. Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Charles, Son, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Joseph, Son, 7, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
DAVY, Elizabeth, Daug, 5 months Blockley

HITCHMAN, Philip, Head, 40, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
HITCHMAN, Sarah, Wife, 33, Worcs, Evenlode,
HITCHMAN, Maria, Daug, 11, Op. Silk. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Thomas, Son, 9, Op. Silk, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Ann, Daug, 6, Blockley
HITCHMAN, George, Son, 2, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Emma, Daug, 1 month, Blockley

FIGGURES, Joshua, Head, 46, Road Labourer Blockley
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, Wife, 30, Worcs, Evesham
FIGGURES, Isabella, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
FIGGURES, David, Son, 3, Blockley
FIGGURES, Myra, Daug, 1, Blockley

42 Jockey Stables
HANCOCK, Richard, Head, 80, Pensioner of Club, Gloucs, Broad Campden
HANCOCK, Mary, Daug, 33, Blockley
HANCOCK, James, Grandson, 9, Plough Boy Blockley
HANCOCK, Selina, Grand-daughter, 6, Blockley

ALLEN, James, Head, 33, Ag., Lab, Blockley
ALLEN., Maria, Wife, 34, Blockley
ALLEN, Henry, Son, 10, Scholar Blockley
ALLEN, Charles, Son, 8., Scholar, Blockley
ALLEN, Elizabeth, Daug, 6, Blockley
ALLEN, Richard. Son, 5, Blockley
ALLEN, Catherine, Daug, 2, :Local
ALLEN, Amelia, Daug, 4 months Blockley

BRADFORD, John, Head, 40, Groom, Gloucs, Snowshill,
BRADFORD, Ann, Wife, 37, Gloucs, CondicotXXX
BRADFORD, Charles, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
BRADFORD, Elizabeth, Daug, 8, Scholar, Blockley
BRADFORD, Charlotte, Daug, 3, Blockley
BRADFORD, Enock, Son, 9 months Blockley
PIGEON, James , Lodger, 18, Assistant, Groom, Blockley

SMITH, Jane, Head, 33, House Keeper Blockley

SHILVOCK John, Head, 46, Ag. Lab. Radnorshire, Radnor
SHILVOCK, Ann, Wife, 42, Blockley
SHILVOCK, Henry, David, Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SHILVOCK, William. Son, 13, Plough Boy, Blockley
SHILVOCK, Daug, 12, Scholar, Blockley
SHILVOCK, George, Son, 9, Plough Boy, Blockley
SHILVOCK, Owen, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
SHILVOCK, Ann, Daug, 4, Blockley
SHILVOCK, Ellen, Daug, 2, Blockley

EDEN, John, Head, 42, Ag., Lab, Blockley
EDEN, Jemima, Wife, 37, Needlewoman, Sussex, Fletching
EDEN, Elizabeth, Mother, Widow, 82, Blockley

WARNER, James, Head, 56, Ag. Lab, Blockley
WARNER, Sarah, Wife, 53, Blockley
WARNER, Caroline, Daug, 23, Op. Silk Blockley
WARNER, Eliza, Daug. 19, Op. Silk. Blockley
WARNER, Peter, Son, 14, Empl'd in Agriculture Blockley
WARNER, Maria, Daug, 7 Scholar, Blockley

EASTBURY, John, Head, 63, Ag. Lab. Blockley
EASTBURY, Harriet, Wife, 54, Blockley

50 Holt
LAMBOURNE, John, Head, 63, Ag. Lab. Gloucs. Little XXXX
LAMBOURNE, Jane Wife, 61, Gloucs, Campden

51 Holt
WIGGINS, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WIGGINS, Ann, Wife, 53, Gloucs, Willersley
WESTMACOTT, Mary, Sister in Law 62, Gloucs, Willersley

HALE, John, Head, 62, Beer Seller Thats my man!! Blockley
HALE, Elizabeth, Wife, 61, Blockley
ROUSE, Mary, Servant, 18, House Servant, Gloucs, Broad Campden

MILBOURNE, George, Head, 45, Op. Wheelwright Blockley
MILBOURNE, Lucy, Wife, 48, Blockley
MILBOURNE, Joseph C.P. Son, 17, Carpenter Blockley
MILBOURNE, Harriet, Daug, 11, Scholar, Blockley

HITCHMAN, John, Head, 48, Gardener, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Sarah, Wife, 44, Gardener's Wife, Gloucs, Campden
HITCHMAN, Caroline, Daug, 6, Scholar Blockley
HITCHMAN, Emma, Daug, 1, Blockley

COTHER, (COTHIER)Charles, Head, 27, Sawyer, Blockley
COTHER, Maria, Wife, 27, Gloucs, Campden
COTHER, Martha, Daug, 2 months Blockley
COXHEAD, William, Visitor, 21, Op. Silk. Blockley

BUTLER, Stephen, Head, 54, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Hannah, Wife, 56, Blockley
BUTLER, Emma, Daug, 24, Op. Silk. Blockley
BUTLER, Ann, Daug, 19, Op. Silk. Blockley

STILES, (*1861* STYLES) Joseph, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Blockley;
STILES, Susannah, Wife, 30, Worcs, Shipston on Stour,
STILES, Mary, Daug, 11, Op. Silk. Worcs, Honeyborne
STILES, William Son, 4, Blockley
STILES, Sophia, Daug 4 months Blockley
BUTLER, Sarah, Lodger, 24, Op., Silk. Gloucs, Campden
HITCHMAN, Sarah, A. Lodger 56, Op. Silk Blockley
LOWE, Susanna m Lodger 14, Op. Silk Gloucs. Longborough

HALL, Richard, Head, 43, Waggoner Gloucs, Stanway
HALL, Ann, Wife, 452, Gloucs, Swell
HALL. Elizabeth Daug, 19, Op. Silk Blockley
HALL. William Son, 17, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HALL, Joseph, Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
HALL, Henry, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
HALL, Sarah, Daug, 4, Blockley
HALL, George, Son, 1, Infant Blockley

PRICE, Charles, Head, 41, Police Constable Gloucs Todenham
PRICE, Charlotte Wife, 35, Monmouthshire Chepstow
PRICE, Emma, Daug, 14, Op, Silk. Gloucs Todenham
PRICE, Charles, Son, 11, Silk Op. Gloucs, Beckford
PRICE, William Son, 9, Scholar Gloucs Beckford
PRICE, John, Son, 4, Blockley
PRICE, James. Son, 1 Blockley
KEEN, William Head, 27, Groom Blockley
KEEN, Elizabeth, Wife, 22, Gloucs, Campden
KEEN, William H. Son, 3, Gloucs, Campden
KEEN, Charles, M. Son, 2, Blockley
FREDERICK G. Son, 1,. Blockley

DAVIES. John, Head, 29, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Slaughter
DAVIES, Charlotte, Wife, 27, Gloucs, Great Rissington
DAVIES, William Son, 4, Blockley
DAVIES, Mary Ann, Daug, 2, Blockley
DAVIES, Charles, 1, Blockley

ALLEN, John, Head Widower, 77, Ag, Lab. Blockley
ALLEN, Sarah, Daug, 47, Silk Winder, Blockley
ALLEN, William Son, 46, Day Labourer Blockley

HITCHMAN, John, Head, 37, Stone Mason, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Mary Wife, 58, Gloucs Marston
HITCHMAN, Hannah, Daug, 23, Op.Silk. Blockley
HITCHMAN, David, Son, 23, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HITCHMAN, Zillah, Daug, 15, Op. Silk Blockley
HITCHMAN, Celina (Selina) 12, Scholar, Blockley
HITCHMAN, Job, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley

LIVELY, Sarah, Widow, 83, Gloucs, Marston
LIVELY, William Son, 55, Gloucs, Marston,
HITCHMAN, Amelia Visitor 20 Op Silk Blockley

JARRETT Charles, Head, 33, Cordwainer, Gloucs, Mickleton
JARRETT, Selina, Wife, 26, Op Silk Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
JARRETT, Charles Albert Son, 7, Scholar, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
JARRETT, Emma, Jane, Daug, 1, Blockley

KEYTE, Charles, Head, 30, Ag. Lab. Blockley
KEYTE, Alice, Wife, 27, Op Silk Blockley
KEYTE, George, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
KEYTE, Lucy Maria Daug, 4, Blockley
KEYTE, Frederick, Son, 2, Blockley
KEYTE, William, Lodger, 25 Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Campden

WEBB, William, Head, 29, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Lemington
WEBB, Alice, Wife, 29, Gloucs, Rissington
WEBB, Charles, Son. 5. Gloucs, Lemington
WEBB, Emma, Daug, 3, Blockley
WEBB, Thomas, Son, 1, Blockley

SHEPHERD, Joseph, Head, 40 Agricultural Labourer Middx Southgate
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth, Wife, 35, Middx, Turnham
SHEPHERD, Mary Ann, Daug, 17, Op. Silk Blockley
SHEPHERD, William, Son, 12, Op. Silk Blockley
SHEPHERD, SARAH Ann, Daug, 9, Op. Silk Blockley
SHEPHERD, Harriet, Daug, 2, Blockley

MAYO, John, Head, 42, Coachman Nothamptonshire XXX
MAYO, Sarah, Wif,e 36, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
MAYO, Charles, Son, 14, Colt Breaker, Gloucs, Campden
MAYO, Mary Ann, Daug, 13, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden,
MAYO, Sarah, Daug, 11, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
MAYO, Henry, Son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
MAYO, John, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
MAYO, Elizabeth, Daug, 2, Blockley
MAYO, Sophia, Daug, 1, Blockley

HOPES, William. Head, 37, Carrier, Blockley
HOPES, Ann, Wife, 30, Blockley
HOPES, Mary, Daug, 15, Op. Silk Blockley
HOPES, Emma, Daug, 13, Op Silk Blockley
HOPES, Harriet, Daug, 12, Op Silk. Blockley
HOPES, Eliza, Daug, Op Silk Blockley
HOPES, Harry Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
HOPES, Mary Ann, Daug, 5, Blockley
HOPES, Martha, Daug, 3, Blockley
HOPES, Fanny, Daug, 1, Blockley

COX, Charles, Head, 60, Carpenter & Joiner Gloucs, Mickleton
COX, Ann, Wife, 55, Gloucs Willersley
COX, Ann, Daug, 19, Op Silk Gloucs. Mickleton
COX, Charles, Son, 18, Gloucs Mickleton
COX, Henry, Son, 16, Groom, Gloucs Mickleton
COX, Jane, Daug, 13, Op Silk Blockley
KNIGHT, William Lodger, Widower, 80 Gloucs, Willersley

STANLEY, John, Head 53, Ag. Lab. Blockley
STANLEY, Elizabeth, Wife, 57, Blockley

72 Upton Wold House
KEYTE, Sarah, Head 50, Servant Housekeeper Blockley

BAYLEY, Hugh Harding, Head, 47, Op. Silk Cheshire Congleton
BAYLEY, Wife, 47, Op, Silk Worcs, Overbury
BAYLEY, Joseph, Son, 18, Labourer Blockley
BAYLEY, Rachael, Daug, 12, Scholar, Blockley
BAYLEY, James, Son, 10, Op. Silk Blockley
BAYLEY, Maria, Daug, 6, Blockley

WESTMACOTT, Martha, Daug, 11, Scholar, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
WESTMACOTT, George, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
GREENWAY, Mary, Servant, 19, House Servant Warks, Tysoe

HADLEY, James, Head, 49, Curate of Blockley M.A. Worcester City
HADLEY, Emma Wife, 30, Worcester City
HADLEY, Emily, Daug, 15, Warks, Birmingham,
HADLEY, James, Son, 6, Scholar, Worcs, Droitwich
PRICE, Elizabeth, Servant, 17, Domestic Servant, Blockley

JONES, Henry, Head, 44, Servant, Worcs, Inkberrow
JONES, Ann, Wife, 44, Blockley
JONES, Robert, Son, 13, Scholar, Blockley

MALIN, Thomas Head, 52, Ag. Lab, Blockley
MALIN, Elizabeth, Wife, 58, Silk Worker

ELLIS, Francis, Head, 33, Tailor, Gloucs, Campden
ELLIS, Mary Ann, 42, Wife, Gloucs, Ebrington
ELLIS, Thomas Harvey, Son 20, Tailor Gloucs, Ebrington
ELLIS, William, Son., 18, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Campden
ELLIS, Amos, Son, 15, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ELLIS, Frederick, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ELLIS, John, Son,. 10, Blockley
ELLIS, Isaac, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
ELLIS, Ann, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
ELLIS, Charles, Son, 3, Blockley
ELLIS, Henry, Son, 1, Blockley

HERBERT, John, Head, 53, Brewer & Beer Seller Blockley
HERBERT, Ann, Wife, 51, Gloucs, Childs Wickham
HERBERT, John, Son, 15, Blockley

ROBERTS, James, Head, 37, Formerly Farmer now out of Business Blockley
ROBERTS, Eliza, Wife, 36, Middx, Westminster
ROBERTS, James Henry, Son, 4, Blockley
ROBERTS, Frederick L. Son, 1, Blockley
ROBERTS, Lavinia Mary, Daug, 2 months, Blockley
WILTSHIRE, Elizabeth Servant, 20, Worcs, Flyford.

NICHOLLS, Francis, Head, 37, Grocer and General Shop Keeper, Blockley
NICHOLLS, Rhoda, Wife, 30, Worcs, Cradley
MITCHELL, Amelia, Niece, 18, Assistant, Worcs Cradley,

BEARCROFT, Mary Head, Widow, Baker and Post Mistress, Blockley
BEARCROFT, Elizabeth, Daug, 20, Blockley
BEARCROFT, Anne, Daug, 13, Scholar Blockley
MACE, Rueben Visitor 4, Scholar, Blockley
MINCHIN (KINCHIN?) Robert, Servant, 17 Errand Boy Blockley

POWELL, Harriet, Head, widow 44, Op Silk, Blockley
POWELL, Mary, Daug, 16, Op Silk Blockley
POWELL, Joseph, Son, 10, Op Silk Blockley
POWELL, Emily, Daug, 8, Op Silk Blockley

HERBERT, John, Head, 64, - 2 men Blockley
HERBERT, Harriett, Wife, 57, Blockley
HERBERT, Ann, Daug, 27, Blockley
HERBERT, Emma, Daug, 21, Blockley
HERBERT, Josiah, Son, 20, Blockley
HERBERT, Priscilla, Daug, 18, Blockley

LONG, Joseph, Head, 47, Sawyer, Blockley
LONG, Elizabeth, Wife, 49, Worcs, Charlton

MILBOURNE, Ann, Head, Widow, 78, Pauper, Blockley
MILBOURNE, Lydia, Daug, 43, Silk Winder, Blockley
MILBOURNE, Hannah, Daug, 41, General Servant, Blockley
MILBOURNE, Ambrose, Son 31, Ag. Lab. Blockley

BIDDLE, William, Head, 30, Widower, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BIDDLE, Roseanne, Daug, 7, Blockley
BIDDLE, Charles, Son, 5, Blockley
BIDDLE, Mary, Niece, 16, Op Silk Blockley

HERBERT, William, Head, 37, Inn Keeper, Bucks, Hyasbury
HERBERT, Sarah, Wife, 37, Bucks, Kingston Bagpurse
HARRIS, Sarah, Grand-daughter 6, Gloucs, Addlestrope
SCRAGG, Deborah, Servant, 13, House Servant, Oxford, Hillary Maglana
SHARP, George, Servant 17, 17, Horsiler Blockley

WARNER, Charles, Head, 25, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WARNER, Hannah, Wife, 30, Op Silk, Blockley
WARNER, Priscilla, Daug, 11, Op Silk Blockley

EASTBURY, Elias, Head, 19, Ag. Lab. Worcs Winchcomb
EASTBURY, Susanna Wife, 23, Op. Silk Winchcomb

HERBERT, Peter, Head, 43, Tailor Blockley
HERBERT, Ann Maria, Wif,e 38, Blockley

HARRIS, John, Head, 60, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
HARRIS, Mary, Wife, 44, Blockley
HARRIS, William, Son, Ag Lab. 26, Blockley
HARRIS, Hannah, Daug, 19, Op Silk. Blockley
HARRIS, James, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley
NASH, Mary, Lodger, 16, Silk Op Blockley
NASH, Sarah, Lodger, 5, Scholar, Blockley

ALCOCK, William Head, 40, Plumber, Glazier, Painter Northamptonshire XXX
ALCOCK, Ann, Wife, 41, Warks, Stratford on Avon,
ALCOCK, William, Son, 13, Warks, Stratford on Avon,
ALCOCK, George, Son, 12, Warks, Stratford on Avon
ALCOCK, Ann, Daug, 7, Blockley
ALCOCK, Elizabeth, Daug, 1, Blockley

WAITE, George, Head, 31, Ag., Lab. Gloucs, Snowshill
WAITE, Eliza, Wife, 28, Op. Silk, Blockley
WAITE, Sarah, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
WAITE, Elizabeth, Daug, 3, Scholar, Blockley

PAINE, Jonathan, Head, 25, Ag. Labourer Blockley
PAINE, Charlotte, Wife, 24, Blockley
PAINE, Emma, Daug, 4, Blockley

DODD, Thomas, Head, Widower, 70, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
DODD, Eliza, Daug, 27, Op Silk Blockley
DODD, Catherine, Daug, 24, Op Silk, Blockley

GODSON, David, Head, 26, Stone Mason, Blockley
GODSON, Louisa, Wife, 23, Op Silk Blockley
GODSON, Elizabeth, Daug , 3 Blockley

COLLINS, John, Head, 43, Op Silk, Blockley
COLLINS, Elizabeth, Wife, 40, Op Silk Blockley
COLLINS, Charles, Son, 16, Op Silk Blockley
COLLINS, George, Son, 9, Op Silk Blockley
COLLINS, Hannah, Daug, 6, Blockley

REEVES, George, Head, 40, Miller Operator Gloucs, Campden
REEVES, Mary, Wife, 35, Warks, XXXX
REEVES, Harriet, Daug, 9, Scholar, Blockley
REEVES, Ann, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
REEVES, George, Son, 4, Blockley

HALE, Moses, Head, 24, Stone Mason, Blockley
HALE, Sarah, Wife, 24, Dressmaker, Blockley
STILES, Elizabeth, Mother Widow, 50, Op Silk Blockley
STILES, Eliza, Niece, 15, Op Silk Blockley

HARWOOD, Joseph, Head, 31, Ag, Lab, Gloucs, Campden
HARWOOD, Jemima, Wife, 25, Blockley
HARWOOD, Mary Ann, Daug, 1 Blockley

NEWMAN, Matthew, Head, 60, Gardener, Blockley
NEWMAN, Mary, Wife, 33, Gloucs, Beckford
NEWMAN, John, Son, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley
NEWMAN, Frances Daug, 28, Op Silk Blockley
NEWMAN, George, Grandson, 6, Scholar, Blockley

LLOYD, Ann, Head, Widow, 61, Cook, Worcs, Evesham,
LLOYD, Mary Daug, 23, Dressmaker, Blockley

HARRIS, Augustus F. Head, 28, Grocer and Tea Dealer, Gloucs, Churchdown
HARRIS, Emma, Wife, 21, Blockley
HARRIS, Frederick Wadup, Son, 2, Blockley
HARRIS, Edwin Litchfield, Son, 6 months Blockley

ACOCKS Esau, Head, Widower, 82, Annuitant Blockley
DAY, Jane, Lodger, 21, Blockley
DAY, Amelia, Lodger, 2, Blockley

MULLINS, Mary Head Mar 62, Independent Worcs, Dudley
MULLINS, Edward, Son, 24, Draper's Assistant Worcs, Broadway

WADUP, Mary Ann, Head, Widow 50 Independent Gloucs, Campden

WESTON,. George, Head, 59, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WESTON, Elizabeth, Wife, 54, Silk Winder, Warks Ilmington
WEBB, Hannah Daug in Law, Mar, 26, Op Silk Blockley
WEBB, Israel, Son in Law, 26, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
WESTON, Ellen, Daug, 20, Op Silk Blockley
WESTON Harriet Daug, 18 Op Silk Blockley
WESTON , John, Son, 14, farm Boy Blockley
WESTON George, Son 10, Scholar, Blockley
WESTON, Emma, Grand-daughter 4, Scholar, Blockley
COOPER, Matilda, Lodger, 19, Op Silk Gloucs, Campden

COYLE, Miles, Head, 72, Vicar of Blockley, M.A. Shrops, Ludlow
COYLE, Mary Ann, Wife, 60, Hereford, Clifford
COYLE, Lewis Henry, Son, 24, Curate of Blockley B.A. Hereford, Monington
COYLE, Mary Ann Charlotte, Daug, 22, Hereford, Monington
COURT, Henry, Servant, 14, House Servant Blockley
HOPKINS, Eliza, Servant, 23, House Maid, Gloucs, Whitminster
BOND, Sarah, Servant, 30, Cook, Gloucs, Great Rissington

RUSSELL, Lucy, Head, Widow, 76, Independent, Blockley
VINCENT, Hannah, Servant, 40, House Servant, Gloucs Buckland
FRANKLING Sarah, Visitor, Widow, 76, Independent Blockley

SCARSBROOK, William, Head, 42, Baker, Oxon, Asthall
SCARSBROOK, Ann, Wife, 36, Oxon, Charlbury
SCARSBROOK, William, Henry, Son, 18, Assistant Baker, Oxon, Charlbury
SCARSBROOK, Elizabeth, 13, Dressmaker apprentice, Oxon Charlbury
SCARSBROOK. Ann Maria, Daug, 9 Scholar, Oxon, Charlbury
SCARSBROOK, Caroline, Daug, 4, Gloucs, Mickleton

RADWAY, Sarah, Head, Widow, 49, Op Silk Gloucs, Nailsworth
WYATT, William, Son in Law, 33, Blacksmith, Warks, Stretton on Fosse,
WYATT, Ann, Daug, 27, Op Silk Gloucs, Wooten under Edge
WYATT, Amelia, Grand-daughter 1, Blockley

WESTON, Stephen, Head, 40, Silk Throwster Gloucs, Campden
WESTON, Mary, Wife, 39, Silk Sorter Gloucs, Campden

PARKINSON, Reuben, Head, 32, Ag. Lab. Warks, Pillerton
PARKINSON, Ann, Wife, 27, Op Silk Blockley
PARKINSON, David Son, 6, Scholar, Oxon, Chipping Norton
PARKINSON, Dennis, Son,. 4, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
PARKINSON, Julia, Daug, 2, Blockley

EASTBURY, George, Head 56, Cordwainer, Blockley
EASTBURY, Sarah, Wife, 47, Blockley

DURHAM, James Calvert, Ag. Lab. Blockley

BEECHEY, John, Head, 44, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BEECHEY, Jane, Wife, 42, Hereford, Leominster
BEECHEY, Ann, Daug, 17, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, John, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEECHEY, Emma, Daug, 12, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, David, Son, 11, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BEECHEY, Francis, Son, 1, Blockley

NICHOLLS, William, Head, 63, Ag. Lab. Blockley
NICHOLLS, Frances, Wife, 67, Silk Winder, Blockley
PICKERING, Herbert, Grand-son, 12, Op Silk Blockley
FRANKLING, William H. 11 Months Blockley

KITCHEN , (KINCHIN?) John, Head, 46, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
KITCHEN, Catherine, Wife, 39, Blockley
KITCHEN, Vincent, Son, `16, Ag Lab, Blockley
KITCHEN, John, Son,12, Op Silk, Blockley
KITCHEN, Alfred, Son, 9, Op Silk, Blockley
KITCHEN, James, 6, Scholar, Blockley

CROOK, Fanny, Head Widow, 84, Gloucs, Bibury

MACE, William, Head, 31,Op Silk, Winchcomb
MACE, Mary, Wife, 34, Gloucs, Snowshill
MACE, Caroline, Daug, 11, Op Silk, Gloucs. Stayway
MACE, Emma,. Daug, 9, Scholar. Gloucs, Stanway
MACE, hannah, Daug,1, Blockley

STANLEY, Thomas, Head, 71, Pauper, Blockley
STANLEY, John, Wife, 61, Pauper, Worcs, Evesham
STANLEY, Tomas, Son, 25, Ag. Lab. Blockley
STANLEY, Elisha, Son, 20, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

HARRIS, William, Widower, Head, 62, Oper. Miller, Blockley
HARRIS, Eliza, Daug, 22, Op Silk Blockley
HARRIS, Harriet, Daug, 18, Op Silk Blockley
HARRIS, Louisa, Grand-daughter, 16, Op. Silk Blockley
HARRIS, Emma, Daig, 24, Op Silk Blockley

PERKINS, Head, 34, Head, Harness Maker , Gloucs, Bourton
PERKINS, Mary, Wife, 53, Gloucs, Bourton

PIGEON, John, Head, 56, Gardener, Addlestrope
PIGEON, Elizabeth, Wife, 57, Laundress, Blockley
PIGEON, Ellen, Daug, 22, Sempstress, Blockley
PIGEON, Lucy, daug, 4, Scholar, Blockley

KING, David, Head, 42, Cordwainer, Worcs, Shipston
KING, Lucy, wife, 42, Blockley
KING, George, Son, 20, Ag. Lab. Blockley
KING, Charles,Son, 18, Ag. Lab. Blockley
KING, David, Son, 16, Blockley
KING, Andrew, Son. 14, Op Silk Blockley
KING, Elizabeth, Daug, 11, Op Silk Blockley
KING, Mary Ann, Daug, 8, Blockley
KING, Maria, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
KING, Ann, Daug, 1, Blockley
CASTLE, Mary Lodger, 12, Blockley

HOBBS, Mary, Head, Widow 76 Miller and Baker, Gloucs, New XXXX
HOBBS, Mary Ann, Daug, 46, Blockley
HOBBS, Charles, Son, 35, Miller and Baker Blockley
HOBBS, William, Grandson 17, Blockley
WORKMAN, Martha Emily Visitor Widow, 37, Blockley
WORKMAN, Thomas Collins, Visitor 6, Lancs, Liverpool
EDWARDS, Emma Maria, servant, 16, Gloucs Weston Subedge

WEBB, John, Head widower 74, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Longborough
WEBB, William, Son, 50,. Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley

BEECHEY, Ann, Head, widow, 32, Silk Weinder, Blockley
BEECHEY, Peter, Son, Mar, 25, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BEECHEY, Lydia, Daug in Law, 30, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, Elizabeth Natural Daug. 9 Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, James, Son, 21, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BEECHEY, Catherine, Daug, 16, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, Sarah, Daug, 15, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, George, Son, 11, Plough Boy Blockley

ROBERTS, John, Head, 39, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Stow
ROBERTS, Sarah, Wife, 39, Gloucs, Chad
ROBERTS, Eliza, Daug, 18, Op Silk Gloucs, Westcott
ROBERTS, Emma, Daug, 16, Op Silk Gloucs, wick
ROBERTS, Louisa, Daug, 13, Op Silk, Gloucs wick
ROBERTS, Stephen, son 10, Op Silk Gloucs, Little Rissington
ROBERTS, Mary, Daug, 8, Op Silk, Gloucs, Little Rissington
ROBERTS, George, Son, 6, Gloucs, Little Rissington
ROBERTS, Joice, Daug, 4, Gloucs, Little Rissington
ROBERTS, John, Son 1, Gloucs, Bourton on the Water

PENNELL, Thomas Head, 74 Agricultural Labourer Worcs, Ripple
PENNELL Sarah, Wife, 74 Worcs, Ebrington

BRAINE, John, Head, 49, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BRAINE, Hannah, Wife, 48, Blockley
BRAINE, Caroline, Daug, 17, Op Silk Blockley
BRAINE, James, Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BRAINE, Thomas, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BRAINE, Phoebe, Daug, 9, Op Silk Blockley
BRAINE, Alfred, Son., 4, Blockley
MASON, William, Father in Law, 74, Ag. Lab,. Blockley

BURROWS, James, Head, Widower, 67, Miller - Grinder Worcs, BarnsLey
BURROWS, Sarah, Daug, 26, Blockley
FOX, Caroline, Lodger, 23, Op Silk Worcs, Broadway
TAIL. Sarah, Lodger, 16, Op Silk Worcs, Stow on the Wold
FOX, Ann, Lodger, 3, Blockley

DISTON, David, Head, 33, Ag. Lab
DISTON, Charlotte, Wife, 35, Op Silk Warks, Welford
DISTON, Mary Ann, Daug, 12, Worcs, Offenham
DISTON Phoebe, Daug, 10, Scholar, Gloucs, Cutsdean
DISTON, Charles, Son 7, Scholar Gloucs, Cutsdean
DISTON, Boaz, Son, 5, Scholar. Gloucs, Cutsdean
MATTHEWS, Mary Lodger 17, Silk Op Gloucs Cutsdean

EASTBURY, Stephen, Head, 36, Ag. Lab, Blockley
EASTBURY, Ann, Wife, 32, Blockley
EASTBURY, Mary Ann, Daug, 12, Op. Silk Blockley
EASTBURY, George, Son, 10, Scholar Blockley
EASTBURY, Emma, Daug, 6, Blockley
EASTBURY, Eliza, Daug, 2, Blockley
PETTY, Esther, Lodger, 21, Op Silk Shrops, Newport
LODER, Martha, 19, Op Silk Berks, Ingerfield
TOMPKINS, Lucy Ann, Lodger 28, Op Silk. Oxon, Rollright
LODER, Jemima, Visitor, Widow, 50, Op Silk Berks, Wallingford

THORNTON, Catherine, Head, Widow, 34, Blockley
THORNTON, Alfred, Son, 8,. Op. Silk Blockley
THORNTON, Mary Ann, Daug, 6, Blockley
THORNTON, Charles, Son, 4, Blockley
THORNTON, Robert, Son. 14 months Blockley
THORNTON, Elizabeth, Daug, 19, Op Silk. Worcs, Blackwell

HUTCHINGS, John, Head, 73, Fellmonger Blockley
HUTCHINGS, Mary, Wife, 66, Blockley
PAIN, Henry, Nephew, 21, Carpenter Blockley

HULL, Edmund, Head, 49, Baptist Minister, Blockley Chapel. Leicester
HULL, Elizabeth, Wife, 49, Devon
HULL, Thomas Henry, Son, 17, Herts, Watford
HULL, George King, Son. 13, Twin Herts, Watford
HULL, John Nicholas, Son, 13, Twin, Herts, Watford
HULL, Frederick, Son, 9, Herts, Watford
VARLEY William, Scholar, 10, Lancs, Liverpool
JAMESON, William Acton, Scholar, 9, Warks, Birmingham
MANN, Allen C. Scholar, 9, Somerset, Bridgewater
BUBY (BEEBY) Walter 9, Scholar, Herts, Watford
GREEN, William, Scholar, 6, Warks, Birmingham
GREEN, Edward, Scholar, 5, Warks, Birmingham
GREENING, Elizabeth, Servant, 30, House Servant, Middx, Halsford
LEADBETTER, Elizabeth, Servant, 20, House Servant, Gloucs, Campden

MASON, Charles, Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Blockley
MASON. Lucy, Wife, 40, Blockley
MASON, Louisa, Daug, 14, Op Silk Blockley
BRAIN, Daniel, Lodger, 24, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Charles, Lodger 23, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
SAVAGE, Charles, Lodger, 33, Tailor Worcs, Shipston

JOINER, James, Head, 23, Grocer Assistant Oxon, Bampton
JOINER, Mary Ann, Mar, 30, School Mistress Worcs, Stanford
JOINER, James. Son, 8 months Blockley
BAILEY, Elizabeth, Assistant, 22, Teacher, Berks, Stonefield
CRUMP, Anne, Servant, 17, Domestic Servant Gloucs, Winchcomb

ACOCKS, John, Head, 36, Blacksmith, Blockley
ACOCKS, Elizabeth, 47, Staymaker, Blockley
ACOCKS, Sarah, Daug, 16, Staymaker, Blockley
ACOCKS, John, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
ACOCKS, Elizabeth, Daug, 6, Blockley

WEBB, Charles,Head, 33, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
WEBB, Hannah, 33, Wife Blockley
WEBB, Ann, Daug, 9, Op Silk :Local
WEBB, Caroline, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
WEBB, David, Son, 3, Blockley
WEBB, Alfred, Son, 1, Blockley

BALDWIN, John, Head, Widower 60, Stone Mason Blockley
TAPP, William, Lodger, Widower 53, Agricultural Labourer Warks, Long Compton
TAPP, Charles, Lodger, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TAPP, Sarah, 18, Lodger, Op Silk Blockley

FOSTER, John, Head, 45, Cordwainer - 2 men Gloucs, Mickleton
FOSTER, Catherine, Wife, 40, Gloucs, Longborough
FOSTER, Ann, Daug, 19, Boot Binder, Blockley
FOSTER, William Son, 17, Cardwainer Blockley
FOSTER, Alfred Son, 15, Draper's Assistant Blockley
FOSTER, Thomas Barnes, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
FOSTER, John Son, 10, Scholar Blockley
FOSTER, Frances Elizabeth, Daug, 8, Scholar, Blockley
FOSTER, Martha, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
FOSTER, Mary Daug, 3, Blockley
WATTS, Charles, Lodger, 27, Journeyman Cordwainer, Gloucs, XXX
POWELL, William, Lodger 21, Journeyman Cordwainer Blockley

SHARP, William, Head, 47, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
SHARP, Jane, Wife, 47, Worcs, Badsey
SHARP, Ner, Son 14, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SHARP, Sarah, Daug, 12, Op Silk, Blockley
SHARP , Uz, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
SHARP, Job Son, 3, Blockley (London?)

FISHER, Fanny, Head, 30, Dressmaker, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Louisa, Visitor, 26, Milliner Blockley

OLIVER, Henry, Head, 44, Maltster emp - 1 boy Worcs, Shipston
OLIVER, Ann, Wife, 44, Blockley
DAY, Charlotte, Visitor, 40, Blockley
DAY, Ann, Visitor 4, Gloucs, Cheltenham

BUTLER, Francis, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, Harriet, Wife, 46, Blockley
PETTY, Rebecca, Lodger, 13, Op. Silk Blockley

BEECHEY, Jane, Head, Widow, 40, Blockley
BEECHEY, Rose, Daug, 18, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, Hannah, Daug, 16, Op Silk Blockley
BEECHEY, Robert, Son 9, Op Silk, Blockley
BEECHEY, Edwin, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley

HALLETT, Joseph, Head, 48, Shoe maker Oxon, Bampton
HALLETT, Harriet, Wife, 46, Blockley
HALLETT, William, Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
HUGHES, ann, Lodger, 11, Op Silk. Gloucs, Adington
JAMES, Jane, Lodger, 11, Op Silk Gloucs Campden

ASTON, Thomas, Head, 63, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Snowshill
ASTON, Mary, Wife, 39, Worcs, Streeton on Fosse
SMITH, Louisa. Lodger 20, Op Silk Gloucs, Ebrington

TAPLIN, William, Head 63, Carpenter Blockley
TAPLIN, Ann, Wife, 72, Silk Winder, Blockley

FISHER, Thomas Head, 35, Blacksmith & Joiner - 1 man Gloucs, Campden
FISHER, Mary Wife, 60, Surrey, Farnham
PHILLIPS, William Lodger, 25, Working Blacksmith Gloucs, Campden

HARPER, Elizabeth, Head, 30, Dressmaker Blockley
HARPER, Eliza, Daug, 8, Silk Op Blockley

MOORE, Charles,Head, 47, Grocer, Blockley
MOORE, Elizabeth, Wife, 36, Gloucs, Naunton
MOORE, Albert, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley

ROBERTS, William, Head, 68, Miller/Oper Gloucs, Ebrington
ROBERTS, Sarah, Wife, 67, Gloucs, Ebrington

WEBB, William,Head, 40, Cooper Blockley
WEBB, Esther, Wife, 44, Gloucs, Admington
WEBB, Rueben, Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
CARTER, Lucilla, Lodger, 13, Op Silk, Blockley

DAVIS, Thomas, Head, 52, Op Silk,. Worcs, XXX
DAVIS, Lucy, Wife, 63, Blockley

BALDWIN, Charles, Head, 48, Farm Bailiff, Gloucs, Campden
BALDWIN, Mary Ann, Wife, 33, Middx, London
BALDWIN, Mary Ann, Daug, 2, Blockley

WALLCROFT, Joseph, Head, 43, Ag. Lab, SeizenXXX
WALLCROFT, Hannah, Wife, 28, Op Silk Gloucs, Bourton
PAINE, Charlotte, Lodger, 9, Worcs, Shipston
ELIZABETH, Paine, Lodger, Widow, 63, Gloucs, Bourton

KEEN, James, 37, Head, Cordwainer, Blockley
HOPKINS, Eliza, Lodger, 31, Op Silk, Gloucs, Winchcomb
HOPKINS, James Keen, Son, 8, Op Silk, Blockley
HOPKINS, Charles Keen, 1, Blockley

SALE, Richard, Head, widower 31, Ag, Lab, Worcs, Honington
SALE, Emma, Daug, 4, Blockley
BENNETT, Sarah, Sister in Law, Op Silk Blockley

STANLEY, Caroline, Head, 41, Op Silk, Blockley
HALL, Harriet, Lodger, 43, Confectioner, Worcs, Honington
HALL, Andrew, Lodger, 13, Scholar, Blockley
GUTHRIE, Ann, 17 Lodger, Op Silk Worcs, Broadway
NEWMAN, Sarah, Lodger, 13, Op Silk Gloucs, Sezinecote
NEWMAN, Hannah, 12, Lodger Op Silk, Gloucs. Sezinecote

HOPKINS, James, Head, 37, Beer Seller, Gloucs, Campden
HOPKINS, Lucy, Wife, 36, Blockley
HOPKINS, Lucy Ann, Daug, 21, Blockley
HOPKINS, Ann Norah, Daug, 19, Dressmaker Blockley
HOPKINS, Susan, Grand-daughter 1, Warks, Bidford
BIMMER, Henry, Lodger, 22, App. Blacksmith Worcs, Evesham
HAYWARD, Charles, Lodger, 23, Op Blacksmith Gloucs Mickleton

SIMS, Justian, Head, 22, Tailor, Oxon, Norton
SIMS, Clara, Wife, 20, Oxon, Norton

GREENWAY, Elizabeth, Head, 41, Op Silk Warks, XXXX
GREENWAY, Jane , Daug, 14, Op Silk Blockley
GREENWAY, Charlotte, Daug, 9, Op Silk Blockley
PARKER, Ann, lodger, 50, Blockley

BUTLER, Richard, Head, 46, Mason. Gloucs, Swell
BUTLER, Mary Ann, Wife, 44, Gloucs, Campden
BUTLER, Frederick, Son, 16, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BUTLER, James, Son, 14, Ag. Lab, Sunday Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, Elias, Son, 12, Ag. Lab. Sunday Scholar Blockley
BUTLER, Benjamin, Son, 6, Blockley

WITHERS, John, Head, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WITHERS, Elizabeth Wife, 33, Warks, Great Wolford
WITHERS, Lucy, Daug, 9, Op Silk Blockley
WITHERS, Susan, Daug, 8, Op Silk Blockley
WITHERS, Rose, Daug, 4, Worcs, Weston Subedge
WITHERS, Richard, Son, 2, Gloucs, Mickleton
BAYLES, Hannah, Lodger, 20, Op Silk Gloucs, Mickleton

KITCHEN, John, Head, 36, Ag Lab, Blockley
KITCHEN, Maria, Wife, 33, Blockley
KITCHEN, mary, Daug, 27, Op Silk, Blockley
KITCHEN, Harriett, Daug, 21, Op Silk Blockley
KITCHEN, Charles, Son, 14, Scholar, Blockley
KITCHEN, Alfred, Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
COTHIER, Lodger, 22, Op Silk Blockley

LEDBETER, Thomas, Head, 31, Shoemaker, Gloucs, Honeyborne
LEDBETER, Hannah, Wife, 47, Op Silk Blockley
LEDBETER, Esther, 17, Op Silk Gloucs, Campden
LEDBETER, Thomas, Son, 11, Gloucs, Campden
LEDBETER, John, Son, 8, Scholar, Blockley
LEDBETER, William, Son, 3, Scholar, Blockley

SHARP, John, Head, 40, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SHARP, Jane, Wife, 30, Blockley
SHARP, William, Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SHARP, Sarah, Daug, 13, Blockley
SHARP, David, Son, 11, Op Silk Blockley
SHARP, David, Son., 5, Scholar, Blockley
SHARP, Ann, Daug, 3, Blockley
SHARP, Joseph, Son, 3, momths, Blockley

ROBERTS, William, Head, 47, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
ROBERTS, Mary, Wife, 43, Blockley
ROBERTS, Henry, Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Warks, Aston Cantilope
ROBERTS, Sarah, Daug, 12, Op Silk Warks, Aston Cantilope
ROBERTS, William, Son, 10, Op Silk Warks, Aston Cantilope
ROBERTS, Ann, Daug, 8, Op Silk Warks, Aston Cantilope
ROBERTS, James, Son, 5, Blockley
ROBERTS, Susannah, Daug, 2, Blockley

TAPLIN, William, Head, 38, Caroenter, Blockley
TAPLIN, Elizabeth, Wife, 38, Dressmaker, Gloucs. Little
TAPLIN, Albert, Son, 8, Blockley

SHARP, John, Head, Widower, 73, Ag . Lab. Blockley

EASTBURY, Cornelious, Head, Widower, 30, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANDY, David, Wife'S Son, 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANDY, Alfred, Wife's Son., 13, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANDY, Emma, Wife's Daughter, 11, Op Silk Blockley
EASTBURY, Jane, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley

MAKERSON, (MABERSON) William. Head, 50, Gardener, Middx, London
MAKERSON, Ann,,. Wife, 34, Gloucs, HeyfoXXX
MAKERSON, Ann, Daug., 25, Op Silk Gloucs,. HeyXXXX
MAKERSON, Elisha, Son, 15, Op Silk Blockley
MAKERSON, George, Son, 9., Op Silk Blockley

TANDY, John, Head, 26, Ag. Lab, Blockley
TANDY, Mary, Wife, 23, Op Silk Gloucs, XXX
SMITH, Charles, Lodger, 23, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, Hellen, Lodger, 22, Op Silk Blockley
HOPKINS, jane, Visitor, 17, Gloucs, XXX

FRANKLING, Charles, Head, Widower, 33, Ag. Lab. Blockley
FRANKLING, Caroline, Daug, 9, Scholar, Blockley
FRANKLING, Sarah, Lodger, 43, Blockley

POWELL, Sarah, Head, 49, Op Silk Blockley

FREEMAN, James, Head, 30, Op Silk Blockley

POWELL, Thomas, Head, 48, Stone Mason, - 7 Masons 7 Labs, Blockley
POWELL, Mary, Wife, 43, Blockley
POWELL, George, Son,. 19, Stone Mason, Blockley
POWELL, Caroline, Daug, 17, Dressmaker Blockley
POWELL, Martha, Daug, 12, Scholar, Blockley

ALLEN, William, Head, 23, Wheelwright Blockley
ALLEN, Sarah, Wife, 21, Op Silk Blockley

Village of Oldborough

EDINGTON (EDGINGTON) Head, 68, Agricultural Labourer Warks. Wolford
EDGINGTON, Mary, Wife, 49, Blockley
EDGINGTON, Hannah, Daug, 19, Op Silk Warks, Wolford
EDGINGTON, William, Son, 16, Agricultural Labourer Warks, Wolford
EDGINGTON, Thomas, Son, 14, Plough Boy Warks, Wolford
EDGINGTON, Samuel, Son, 12, Plough Boy, Warks, Wolford
EDGINGTON, James, Son, 3, Blockley

TRACEY, George, Head, 43, Carpenter, Gloucs, Moreton on the Marsh
TRACEY, Ann, Wife, 37, Blockley
TRACEY, James, Son, 15, Carpenter Blockley
TRACEY, Winifred Daug, 14, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
TRACEY, Louisa, Daug, 11, Gloucs Campden
TRACEY, George, Son, 9, Blockley
TRACEY, Alfred, Son, 6, Blockley
TRACEY, Ann, Daug, 2, Blockley

HARTWELL, Thomas, Head, 30, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARTWELL, Jane, Wife, 25, Warks, Halford
HARTWELL, Charlotte, Daug 3, Blockley

DYDE, Sarah, Head, 35, Asst, Silk Throwing Mills Blockley

BIGGERSTAFF , Mark, Head, 32, Ag. Lab, Oxon Salford
BIGGERSTAFF, Eliza, Wife, 32, Blockley
BIGGERSTAFF, Mary, Daug, 9, Scholar, Gloucs, Mickleton
BIGGERSTAFF, Emma, Daug, 2 months, Infant Blockley
EASTBURY, Ann, Niece, 3, Blockley

CRUMP, Joseph, Head, 37, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Charlton Abbotts
CRUMP, Elizaberth, Wife, 35, Op Silk, Gloucs, Abberley
CRUMP, Martha, Daug, 15, Op Silk, Gloucs, Brockham
CRUMP. Eliza, Daug, 13, Op Silk Gloucs,. Brockham
CRUMP, John, Son, 11, Op Silk, Blockley
CRUMP, William, 9, Scholar, Blockley
CRUMP, Thomas, Son, 2, Gloucs Bourton on the Hill

BEAL, William, Head, 43, Carpenter & Joiner, Blockley
BEAL, Elizabeth, Wife, 34, Gloucs, Weston Subedge
BEAL, Charles, Son, 12, Op Silk Blockley
BEAL, Dinah, Daug, 11, Op Silk. Blockley
BEAL, Joshua, Son., 9, Scholar, Blockley
BEAL, Hannah, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
BEAL, Rhoda, Daug, 5, Blockley
BEAL, Julia, Daug, 8 months, Blockley

SMITH. Thomas, Head, 50, Ag. Labourer Warks, Stretton on Fosse
SMITH, Mary, Wife, 50, Blockley
SMITH, George, Son, 16, Empd in Agriculture Blockley
SMITH, Jesse, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
SMITH, Ann Mary, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley

DYDE, Joseph, Head, 52, Wheelwright - 1 man Blockley
DYDE, Mary, Widow, 63, Housekeeper Worcs, Fladbury
End of the Village of Oldborough
Start of the Village of Draycott

GRINNELL, William, Head, 71, Pauper, Formerly Farmer Broadway
GRINNELL, Edith, Wife, 71, Gloucs Laverton
GRINNELL, Harriet, Daug, 50, Gloucs, Willersley
GRINNELL, Thomas Son, 29, Agricultural Labourer Broadway

LADBROOK, John, Head, 38, Sawyer, Gloucs, Mickleton
LADBROOK, Mary, Wife, 50, Blockley
LADBROOK, Elizabeth, Daug, 14, Op Silk Blockley
LADBROOK, Joseph, Son, 11, Op Silk Blockley
TANDY, John, Widower, 65, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Blockley
BUTLER, James, Lodger, 12, Blockley
BUTLER, Ann, Lodger, 8, Op Silk. Blockley

TANDY, Sarah, Head, 27, Op Silk, Blockley
TANDY, Rose, Sister, 18, Op Silk Blockley
TANDY, James, Son, 7, Blockley

JEFFREY, William, Head, 58, Ag Lab. Warks, Long Compton
JEFFREY, Sarah, Wife, 55, Blockley
JEFFREY, William, Son, 20, Ag. Lab, Blockley
JEFFREY, Thomas, Son 17, Ag. Lab, Blockley
JEFFREY, Hannah Daug, 15, Op Silk Blockley
JEFFREY, Maria, Grand-daughter 4, Blockley

JEFFREY, Richard, Head, 30, Ag, Lab. Blockley
JEFFREY, Caroline, Wife, 28, Blockley
JEFFREY, Sarah, Daug, 5, Blockley
JEFFREY, Fanny, Daug, 3, Blockley
JEFFREY, Henry, Son, 1, Blockley

BEAL, John, Head, 51, Ag. Lab. Warks, Bourton
BEAL, Martha, Wife, 51, Laundress Gloucs, Saintbury
HARTWELL, Charles, 32, Son in Law, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
EWINS, William, Nephew, 34, Farmer, Gloucs, Weston Subedge

RANDALL, William, Head, 57, Agricultural Labourer Worcs, WillingXXX
RANDALL, Ann, Wife, 44, Warks, Darlingscott
RANDALL, Hannah, Daug, 18, Op Silk Worcs, Shipston on Stour
RANDALL, Elizabeth, Daug, 17, Op Silk Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Patience Daug, 12, Op Silk Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Jane, Daug, 10, Scholar, Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Thomas, Son, 9, Scholar, Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Eliza, Daug, 7, Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Ellen, Daug, 5, Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, John, Son, 4, Worcs, Willington
RANDALL, Lydia, Daug, 2, Worcs, Willington

GREGORY, Joseph, Head, 52, Agricultural Labourer Worcs, Evenlode
GREGORY, Sarah, Wife, 52, Warks, Stourton
GREGORY, David, Son, 15, Rail Labourer Blockley
SMITH, Hannah, Lodger, Widow, 56, Worcs, Willington
SMITH, Joseph, Lodger, 12, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BALDWIN, Harriett, Lodger 20 Op Silk Blockley
BALDWIN, Emma, Lodger, 1 month, Blockley

TANDY, James, Head, 28, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TANDY, Elizabeth, Wife, 26, Warks, Great Wolford
TANDY, Edwin, Son, 5, Blockley
TANDY, William, Son, 3, Blockley
TANDY, Henry, Son, 2, Blockley
TANDY, Emma, Dug, 4, months Blockley

JEFFREY, Samuel, Head, 45, Ag. Lab. Warks, Long Compton
JEFFREY, Rebecca, Wife, 55, Worcs, Bretforton
JEFFREY, Mary Daug, 28, Op Silk Blockley
JEFFREY, David, Son, 15, Far, Lab Blockley
JEFFREY, Job, Son, 13, far, Lab Blockley
JEFFREY, Son, 10, Op Silk Blockley
JEFFREY, Charlotte, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley

BEAL, Eunice, Head Widow, 31, Pauper Warks, Headington
BEAL, Leigh, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
BEAL, Sarah, Ann, Daug, 8, Blockley
BEAL, Eliza, Daug, 6, Blockley
BEAL, Alfred, Son, 3, Blockley
BEAL, Mary, Daug, 10 MONTHS Blockley

KITCHEN, George, Head, 41, Ag. Lab. Blockley
KITCHEN, Hannah, Wife, 40, Gloucs, Dorsinton
KITCHEN, Dinah, Daug, 12, Op Silk Gloucs, Dorsington
KITCHEN, Ellen, Daug, 11, Op Silk Gloucs, Dorsington
KITCHEN, William, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley

WALKER, John, Head, 53, Agricultural Labourer Warks, Wolford
WALKER, Jane, Wife, 47, Warks, Long Compton
MUMFORD, John, Son in Law 21, Agricultural Labourer Warks, Brailes
WALKER, Emma, Daug, 14, Op Silk Warks, Wolford
WALKER, Jane, Daug, 12, Op Silk Worcs, Shipston on Stour
WALKER, Charles, Son, 11, Op Silk Bucks, Worminghall
WALKER, William, Son, 9, Scholar, Bucks, Ickford
WALKER, Eliza, Daug, 5, Scholar Blockley

CHAUNDY, Leah, Head, Mar, 40, Oxford, Ascot

BEEZELY (BEEZLY) Thomas, 32. Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEEZELY, Mary, Wife, 35, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
BEEZELY, Thomas, Son, 13, Plough Boy Blockley
BEEZELY, William, Son, 10, Op Silk + Scholar Blockley
BEEZELY, Emma, Daug, 7, Blockley
HARRIS, George, Lodger, 22, Baker's man Blockley

POCKET, Joseph, Head, 40, Ag. Lab, Blockley
POCKET, Emma, 40, Gloucs, Stanway

WIDDOWS, Richard, Head, 64, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Ebrington
WIDDOWS, Lucy, Wife, 69, Blockley
WIDDOWS, William, Son, 28, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Chipping Campden

CROSS, Thomas, Head, 35, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
CROSS, Mary, Wife, 23, Blockley
CROSS, Noah, Son, 1, Blockley
HOLLOWAY, George, Father in Law 53, Ag. Lab, Blockley
HOLLOWAY, Frances, Ann Mother in Law, 52, Blockley
CROSS, William, Son, 10, Scholar Blockley

JEFFREY, John, Head, 27, Ag. Lab. Blockley
JEFFREY, Joyce, Wife, 24, Gloucs Moreton in the Marsh
JEFFREY, Sarah, S. Daug, 8 months Blockley

CARTER, Thomas, Head, 31, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CARTER, Ann, Wife, 31, Warks, Ilmington
CARTER. Harriet, Daug, 10, Op Silk Worcs Willington
CARTER, Mary Ann, Daug, 8, Op Silk, Worcs Willington
CARTER, Clara, Daug, 5, Blockley

CARTER, John, Head, 40, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CARTER, Ann, Wife, 40, Warks, Wolford
CARTER, Jane Daug, 17, Op Silk Blockley
CARTER, Sarah, Daug, 15, Op Silk Blockley
CARTER, Mark, Son, 13, Plough Boy, Blockley
CARTER, John, Son, 11, Op Silk, Blockley
CARTER, Job Son, 6, Blockley
CARTER, Emma, Daug, 4, Blockley
CARTER, Louis, Son, 6 months Blockley

LLOYD, John, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Condicote
LLOYD, Martha, Wife, 37, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
LLOYD, William, Son, 15, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
LLOYD, Elizabeth, Daug, 8, Sunday Scholar Blockley
LLOYD, Mary Ann, Daug, 5, Blockley
LLOYD, Elizabeth Daug, 3, Blockley

WHEATCROFT, Thomas, Head, 58, Farmer 175 acres - 4 men 1 boy Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Sarah, Wife, 61, Gloucs, Chipping Campden
WHEATCROFT, Oswald, Son, 33, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, John, Son., 30, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Thomas, Son, 26, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Sarah, Daug, 24, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Mary, Daug, 22, Blockley
ASTON, Mary Ann, Servant, 18, Worcs, Tredington
STAYT, Thomas, Servant, 19, Gloucs, Bledington

CLARKE, William, Head, 38, Ag. Lab. Blockley
CLARKE, Mary, Wife, 37, Blockley
CLARKE, John, Son, 15, Ag Lab, Blockley
CLARKE, Martha, Daug, 13, Op Silk Blockley
CLARKE, Fanny, Daug, 11, Op Silk Blockley
CLARKE, Mercy, Daug, 8, Op Silk Blockley
CLARKE, William, Son,. 5, Blockley
CLARKE, David, Son, 3, Blockley
CLARKE, Samuel, Son, 8 months

BEAL, Thomas, Head, 33, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BEAL, Isabella, Wife, 30, Warks, Stretton on Fosse

CROSS, Thomas, Head, 67, Ag. La. Oxon. Shipton
CROSS , Ann, Wife, 43, Blockley
CROSS, Edith, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
CROSS, Leah, Daug, 8, Scholar, Blockley
BEAL, Joseph, Lodger, Widower, 36, Ag. Lab. Blockley

POCKET, William, Head, 39, Ag. Lab. Blockley
POCKET, Elizabeth Wife, 38, Oxford, Kingha,
POCKET, Emily, Daug, 13, Op Silk Blockley
POCKET, Emelia, Daug, 9 Scholar, Blockley
POCKET, Charles, Son, 10 months , Blockley
BUTLER, Isaac, Lodger, Widower, 40, Ag. Lab. Blockley

GILL, Charles, Head, 39, Stone Mason, Journeyman Blockley
GILL, Hannah, Wife, 39, Blockley
GILL, Frederick, Son, 18, Journeyman Stone Mason Blockley
GILL, Mary Ann, Daug, 13, Op Silk Blockley
GILL, Caroline, Daug, 11 , Op Silk Blockley
GILL, Job, Son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
GILL, Lucy Ann, Daug, 7 Scholar, Blockley
GILL, Seth, Son, 5, Scholar, Blockley
GILL, Jane, Daug, 1 Blockley

PENSON, George, Head, 56, Farmer 265 acres - 5 men 3 boys Warks Ilmington
PENSON, Martha, Wife, 57, Worcs, Laverton
PENSON, Robert, Son, 25, Blockley
PENSON, Frederick, Son, 23, Blockley
PENSON, Emily, Daug, 20, Blockley
MEDCROFT, Sarah, A. Servant, 19, House Maid, Warks, Little Compton
HALL, Mary, servant, 18, Dairy Maid, Warks, Snitterfield
HARPER, Albert, Servant, 19, Farm Labourer Blockley

BUTLER, George, Head, 40, Timber Merchant - 10 men Blockley
BUTLER, Mary Ann, 41, Wife Blockley
BUTLER, Harriet, Daug, 20, Dressmaker apprentice Blockley
BUTLER, Charles, Son, 16, Timber Merchant's Son, Blockley
BUTLER, Eliza, Daug, 10, Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, Frederick, Son., 9, Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, Henry, Son 7, Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, Emma, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
BUTLER, Lucy, Daug, 2, Blockley
BUTLER, Caroline, Daug, 14, Scholar, Blockley

GILL, Ann, Head, Widow, 66, Blockley
GILL, Joseph, Son, 25, Master Stone Mason - 17 Men Blockley

WILCOX, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, 40 Blockley
WILCOX, Maria, Silk Mill Blockley
WILCOX, Mary, Daug, 17, Silk Mill Blockley
WILCOX, Ann, Daug, 15, Silk Mill Blockley
WILCOX, Sarah, 13, Silk Mill Blockley
WILCOX, Thomas Son, 5, Blockley
WILCOX, Joseph, Son, 3 months Blockley
SMITH, Emma, Lodger, 16, Field Work, Blockley

RHONE, Charles, Head, 41, Stone Mason Journeyman Blockley
*1861* Moved to Campden
RHONE, Mary, Wife, 32, Gloucs, Campden
RHONE, Charles, E. Son, 7, Sunday Scholar, Worcs, Broadway
RHONE, Walter, Son, 6, Sunday Scholar, Blockley
RHONE, William, Son, 3, Blockley
RHONE, James, Son, 1, Blockley

HARPER, Ann, Head, Widow, 52, Baker - 1 man Blockley
HARPER, Harriet, Daug, 23, Blockley
HARPER, Ann, Daug, 10, Blockley

BAYLISS, William Head, 48, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BAYLISS, Elizabeth, Wofe, 43, Blockley
BAYLISS, Hannah, Dug, 20, op Silk Blockley
BAYLISS, Joseph, Son, 16, Farm Labourer, Blockley
BAYLISS, Sarah, Daug, 11, Op Silk Blockley
BAYLISS, Lucy Ann, Daug, 5, Blockley

BEAL, Jessey, Head, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEAL, Charlotte , Wife, 25, Op Silk Blockley

COOK, George, Head, 27, Ag. Lab. Blockley
COOK, Mary, Wife, 26, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh,
COOK, Martha, Daug, 1, month Blockley

JARVIS, Rose, Head, Widow, 54, Gloucs. Great Rissington
JARVIS, Ann Elizabeth Daug, 18, Op Silk Blockley

GROVES, William, Head, 55, Ag. Lab. Surrey, Kingstone
GROVES, Mary Wife, 46, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
GROVES, Elizabeth, Daug, 21, Op Silk., Warks Stretton on Fosse

HENSTONE, Henry, Head, 24, Op Silk Warks, Ilmington
HENSTONE, Mary Wife, 23, Blockley
HENSTONE, William, 3, Blockley

HOLLOWAY, Hannah, Widow, 71, Pauper, Warks, Stretton on FosseXXX

DYDE, Robert, Head, Widower 63, Wheelwright Blockley
DYDE, Daniel, Son, 25, Wheelwright, Blockley

CALLOW, Jane, Head, Widow, 55, Ag. Lab's Widow Warks, Cherrington

WIDDOWS, Charles, Head, Mar, 25, Ag. Lan Blockley
WIDDOWS, Maria, Wife, 23, Warks, Wellesbourne
WIDDOWS, Henry, Son, 5, Blockley
WIDDOWS, George, Son, 3, Blockley
WIDDOWS, Noah, Son, Blockley

End of the Hamlet of Draycott
Start of the Hamlet of Ditchford

GIBBS, Edmund, Head, 33, Farmer, 200 acres - 4 labs Blockley
GIBBS, Ann Wife, 29, Blockley
ROLLINGS, Mary, Servant, 24, Oxon, Rollingright
CLIEFF, John, Servant, 10, Farm Labourer Gloucs, Evesham,

WHEATCROFT, Edward Rouse, Head, 64, Relieving Officer, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Mary Ann, Wife, 64, Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Henry, Son, 33, Cordwainer Blockley
WHEATCROFT, Alfred, Son, 23, Blockley
HUNT, Mary Ann, Servant, 13, Servant, Warks, Idlicote

GIBBS, William Head, 17, Farmer 300 acres - 4 men Blockley
GIBBS, Edmund Brother, 15, Blockley
HAINES, Mary, Housekeeper, 24, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
HIGGLEY, Thomas, Servant, 22, farm Servant, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
GARDNER, William, Servant, 23, Farm Servant, Worcs, Blackwell
COCKBILL, Joseph, Servant 18, Farm Servant ?

GIBBS, Margarette, Head, Widow, 81, Farmer, 200 acres - 4 labs Warks, Stretton on Fosse
GIBBS, John, Son, 38, Farmer's Son., Blockley
PARDINGTON, Joseph, Son in Law, 43, Gloucs, Todenham
PARDINGTON, Mary, Daug, 52, Blockley
GIBBS, Emma, Visitor, 9 Blockley
GIBBS, Mary Ann, Visitor 9 Blockley
ALLEN, Dinah, Servamnt, 21, House Servant , Warks, Ilmington
ADAMS, Robert, Servant, 19, Farm Servant Worcs, Darlingscott
WESSON, George, Servant, 17, Farm Servant Warks, Stretton on Fosse
HAI NES, Alfred Servant, 14, Farm Servant, Warks, Stretton on Fosse

MARSHALL, Ann, Head, Widow, 63, Miller, & Farmer - 13 Servants Gloucs, Ebrington
MARSHALL, Emma, Daug, 30 Miller's Daughter Blockley
MARSHALL, Ellen, Daug, 30, Miller's Daughter Blockley
SCARLETT, Elizabeth, Visitor 16, Miller's Daughter Warks, Halford
BARLOW, Harriet, Servant, 18, House Servant Warks, Tredington
CROOK, John, Servant Widower, 52, Grinder, Worcs, Shipston
HUNT, John, 22, Carter Worcs, Bovington
End of the Hamlet of Ditchford
Start the Hamlet of Paxford

ROBERTS, Thomas, Head, 46, Landed Proprietor Blockley
ROBERTS, Charlotte, Wife, 45, Oxford
ROBERTS, William, Son, 17, Oxon, Waterferry
MUNDAY, Mary, Servant, 24, General Servant, Oxon, Worminghall

BEESLEY, James, Head, 41, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEESLEY, Eliza, Wife, 34, Blockley
BEESLEY, Emma. Daug, 12, Blockley
BEESLEY, Thomas, Son, 10, Plough Boy Blockley
BEESLEY, Ann, Daug, 9, Sunday Scholar,
BEESLEY, George, Son, 7. Sunday Scholar, Blockley
BEESLEY, John, Son, 6, Scholar? Blockley
BEESLEY, Joseph, Son, 3, Blockley
BEESLEY, Henry, Son, 1, Blockley

WEBB, William, Head, 36, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WEBB, Jane, Wife, 35, Gloucs, Adderstrope
WEBB, Patience, Daug, 7 Scholar, Blockley
WEBB, John, Son, 3, Blockley

BAYLISS, James, Head, Widower, 39, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BAYLISS, Mary, Daug, 17, Blockley
BAYLISS, William, Son, 14, Blockley

REYNOLDS, Richard, Head, 41, Farmer of 228, Acres - 8 men 4 boys Gloucs, Slaughter
REYNOLDS, Sarah, Wife, 51, Worcester
WILLIAMS, Servant, 18, Cook and Dairy Maid Gloucs, Slaughter,
GRAHAM, Margaret Servant 16, House Maid, Manchester

BEEZLEY, John, head,29, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEEZLEY, Martha, Wife, 33, Warks, Long Compton
BEEZLEY, George, Son, 9, Warks, Long Compton
BEEZLEY, Hannah, Daug, 6, Day Scholar, Blockley
BEEZLEY, Sarah, Daug, 3, Blockley
BEEZLEY, James Son, 2, Blockley

RANDALL, Samuel Head, 28, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Wllington
RANDALL, Jane, Wife, 24, Oxon, Sibford
RANDALL, Mary Jane, Daug, 2, Blockley
RANDALL, William, Son, 3 months Blockley
RANDALL, William, Brother 24, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Willington

COLLINS, Thomas Head, Widower, 55, Ag. Lab. Blockley
COLLINS, Rachel Daug 15, Field Lab Blockley
COLLINS, Frederick, Son, 13, Plough Boy, Blockley
COLLINS, William, Son, 11, Farm Labourer, Blockley

SLATTER, James, Head, 59, farmer, 250 acres - 14 Men Warks, XXX
SLATTER, Sarah, Wife, 53, Oxon, Kingham
SLATTER, Mary Daug, 27, Farmer's Daughter Warks, Stoke
SLATTER, James, Son 20, Farmer's Son Warks, Stoke
SMITH, Mary Servant, 19, House Servant Worcester
HOLTOM Mary Servant 17, House Servant Warks, Brailes
HEMMING, William, Servant, 17, Farm Labourer Gloucs, Campden

MIDDLETON. Clarke, Head, 21, Baker, Warks, Oxhill
MIDDLETON, Mary, Wife, 24, Dressmaker, Worcs, Tredington
MIDDLETON, Sarah, Ann, Daug, 1, Worcs, Tredington
MIDDLETON., Rose Jane, Daug, 11 months, Blockley

TAPLIN, Stephen, Head, 37, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TAPLIN, Dinah, Wife, 39, Gloucs Addlestrope
TAPLIN, James, Son, 14, Ag. Lab. Blockley
TAPLIN, Jane, daug, 12, Blockley
TAPLIN, Job, Son, 7 Scholar, Blockley
TAPLIN, Ann, Daug, 4, Blockley
TAPLIN, Maria, Daug, 2, Blockley
TAPLIN, Joseph, Brother Widower, 32, Ag. Lab, Blockley

ROBERTS, Henry, Head, 50, Farmer 450 acres - 20 Labs Paxford
ROBERTS, Patience . Daug, 16, Warks, Whichford
GIBBS, Mary, Housekeeper 53, Warks, Whichford
BENNETT, Jane, Servant, 24, Servant Worcs, Paxford
GIBBS, William, Servant, 44, Farm servant Warks, Whichford

SHARP, Benjamin, Head, 37, Carpenter & Joiner, Wortcs XXX
SHARP, Mary, Wife, 37, Worcs, Honeyborne
SHARP, Thomas C. Son 11, Scholar, Blockley
SHARP, James, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
SHARP, Benjamin Son 8, Scholar, Blockley
SHARP, Mary, Daug, 6, Blockley
SHARP, John, Son, 4, Blockley
SHARP, Naomi, Son, 7 months Blockley
SMITH, Joyce, Servant, 16, General Servant, Gloucs, Ebrington

WEBB, Rebecca, Head, widow, 62, Blockley
WEBB, George, Son, 34, Agricultural Labourer London
WEBB, Isaac, Son 73, Ag. Blockley
MASH, John, Brother Widower, 68, Blockley

PARKES, Elizabeth, Head, Widow 73, Annuitant Worcs, St. Helens
ROGERS, Hannah, Servant, 44, general Servant Blockley

HARTWELL, Head, 50, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Campden
HARTWELL, Hannah, Wife, 47, Gloucs, Hidcote
HARTWELL, Thomas, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARTWELL, William, Son., 16, Blockley
HARTWELL, John, 12, Farm Labourer Blockley
HARTWELL, Emma, Daug, 10, Sunday Scholar, Blockley
HARTWELL, Fredserick, Son, 8, Day Scholar, Blockley
HARTWELL, Sarah, Daug, 6, Blockley
HARTWELL, Rosanna, Daug, 4, Blockley

TARPLETT, Bartholomew, Head, 43, master Baker, - 1 Man Warks, Stretton
TARPLETT, Mary, Wife, 33, Gloucs, Sutton
TARPLETT, Richard Son, 10, Day Scholar, Blockley
TARPLETT, JANE, Daug, 8, Day Scholar, Blockley
TARPLETT, Sarah, Daug, 6, Day Scholar, Blockley
TARPLETT, John, Son, 4, Blockley
TARPLETT, Thomas, Son 1, Blockley
HARPER, Emma, Servant, 15, General servant Blockley

SHARP, Thomas, Head, 62, Carpenter Blockley
SHARP, Jane, Wife, 68, Warks, Barton

HANCOCK, John, Head, 40, Ag. Lab. Northamptonshire, XXX
HANCOCK, Harriet, Wife, 40, Blockley
HANCOCK, Elizabeth, Daug, 14, Op Silk Blockley
HANCOCK, Ann, Daug, 12, Op Silk Blockley
HANCOCK, Mary, Daug, 9, Op Silk & Scholar Blockley
HANCOCK, Emma, Daug, 2, Blockley
HANCOCK, William, 3 months Son, Blockley

HARRIS, Stephen. Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HARRIS, Sarah, Wife, 34, Warks, Stretton on Fose,
HARRIS, Maria, Daug, 13, Blockley
HARRIS, Elizabeth, Daug, Scholar, 9, Blockley
HARRIS, May Ann, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
HARRIS, Caroline, Daug, 3, Blockley
HARRIS, Henry, Son, 1, Blockley
HARRIS, James, Brother Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, William, Lodger, 26, Ag. Lab. Blockley

WILLETT, Charles, Head, 40, Ag. Lab. Oxon, Kingham
WILLETT, Jane, Wife, 36, Gloucs, Todenham
WILLETT, Elizabeth Daug, 12, Oxon, Kingham
SMITH, John, Lodger, 32, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

HARRIS, Henry, Head, 27, Ag Lb, Blockley,
HARRIS, Hannah, Wife, 24, Blockley
HARRIS, Frederick, Son, 5, Blockley
HARRIS, George, Son, 3, Blockley

KEEN, Thomas, Head, 73, Agricultural Labourer Warks, Stretton on Fosse
KEEN, Ann, Wife, 59, Gloucs, Campden

BEEZLEY, Elizabeth, Head, 38, Blockley
BEEZLEY, John, Son, 12, Plough Boy Blockley
BEEZLEY, Harriet, Daug, 9, Blockley
BEEZLEY, George, Son, 7 Day Scholar, Blockley
BEEZLEY, Mary Ann, Daug, Blockley
BEEZLEY, William, Son 3, Blockley
BEEZLEY, Edmund, Son, 8 months Blockley
HOLLIS, Edmund, Lodger 43, Ag Lab. Oxon,

HANCOCK, Richard, Head, 65, Ag. Lab. Warks, XXX
HANCOCK, Ann, Wife, 50, Blockley
HANCOCK, William, Son, 30, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
HANCOCK, Charles, Son, 22, Ag. Lab. Blockley
HANCOCK, Thomas Son, 20 Agricultural Labourer Blockley

HEMMING, William, Head, 62?, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Wesaton Subedge
HEMMING, Hannah, Wife, 52, School Mistress Warks, Tredington
HEMMING, Harriet, Daug, 17, servant, Worcs, Blockley
HEMMING Thomas, Son, 22 Baker's Man Gloucs, Campden
HEMMING, Joseph, Son, 15, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Campden
HEMMING, Eliza, Daug, 12, Scholar, Gloucs, Campden
HEMMING, Ann, Daug, 10, Scholar, Gloucs Campdem

BURROWS, George, Head, 53, Ag. Lab. Gloucs Longborough
BURROWS, Fanny, Wife, 62, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
BURROWS, William, Son, Mar, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BURROWS, Sarah, Daughter in Law, 26, Gloucs Longborough
BURROWS, George, 6 Scholar Blockley
BURROWS, Maria, 3. Daug, Blockley
BURROWS, Thomas, 1, Blockley

JAMES, Sarah, Head, Widow 38 Blockley
JAMES, Mary A. Daug, 10 weeks, Blockley

BURROWS, George, Head, 29, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BURROWS, Sarah, Wife, 38, Oxon Chilsom

ROUSE, John, Head, 47, Ag. Lab. Gloucs,
ROUSE, Mary, Wife, 48, XXX

BENNETT, William, Head, 45, Ag. Lab. Warks,
BENNETT, Hannah, Wife, 42, Blockley
BENNETT, Eliza, Daug, 11, Scholar, Blockley
BENNETT, John, Son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
BENNETT, Elizabeth Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
BENNETT, Charlotte, Daug, 2, Blockley

CURRELL, Thomas, Head, 23, Ag, Lab. Oxon, Littleworth
CURRELL, Frances, Wife, 19, Blockley
CURRELL, Mary Ann, Daug, 1, Blockley

BURROWS, Thomas, Head, 22, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BURROWS, Hannah, Wife, 26, Warks, Long Compton

BEVAN, William, Head, Widower, 61, Ag. Lab. Worcs. Lower ???
ELDRIDGE, Sarah, Housekeeper, 64 Housekeeper Oxon Kingham

EWINS, (EWINGS) Samuel, Head, 60, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
EWINS, Anne, Wife, 64, Blockley
EWINS, George, Son 17, (Mentally Challanged) Blockley

WEBB, John, Head, 60, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Addlestrope
WEBB, Priscilla, Wife, 57, Oxon Braddle
WEBB, Caleb, Son, 13, Plough Boy Blockley

End of the Village or Hamlet of Paxford
Start of the Village or Hamlet of Aston Magna

TURVEY, John, Head, 54, Weaver and School Master, Blockley
TURVEY, Hannah, Wife, 60, Gloucs, Mickleton
TURVEY, Eliza, Daug, 16, Scholar, Blockley
TURVEY, George, Son, 22, Blockley
NICHOLS, Father in Law, 84, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs Mickleton

BEEZLEY, Thomas, Head, 57, Farmer 36 acres - 1 Lab Blockley
BEEZLEY, Ann. Wife, 55, Farmer's Wife Worcs, Bretforton
BEEZLEY, Sarah, Farmer's Daug, 24, Blockley
BEEZLEY, Mary J. Daug, 19, Farmer's Daughter Blockley
BEEZLEY, Phebe, Daug, 14, Farmer's Daug Blockley

FISHER, John, Head 47, Blacksmith Gloucs Mickleton
FISHER, Jane, Wife, 46, Blacksmith's Wife Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
FISHER, George, Son, 19, Gloucs Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Elizabeth Daug, 17, Dressmaker, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill,XXX
FISHER, Stephen Son, 15, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Matilda, Daug, 13, Scholar, Gloucs Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Sarah, Daug, 9 Scholar, Gloucs Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Mary Ann, Daug, 7 Scholar, Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill
FISHER, Jane, Daughter 5 Gloucs, Bourton on the Hill

MARSHALL, George, Head, 40, Ag. Lab, Blockley
MARSHALL, Maria, Wife, 33, Warks, Kingburn
MARSHALL, William, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
MARSHALL, Charles, 9, At Home, Blockley
MARSHALL, John, Son, 6, At Home Blockley
MARSHALL, Elizabeth, Daug, 3, At Home Blockley
MARSHALL, Ann, Daug, 4, Blockley

BAYLIS, George, Head, 40, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BAYLIS, Fanny, Wife, 40, Silk Winder, Blockley
BAYLIS, Thomas, Son, 14, Ag. Lab, Blockley
BAYLIS, Sarah, Daug, 13, Silk Winder Blockley
BAYLIS, William, Son 10, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BAYLIS, Ellen(on), Daug, 7 Scholar Blockley
BAYLIS, Emma, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
BAYLIS, Mary G, Daug, 2 months Blockley

SHIRLEY, William, Head, 52, Agricultural Labourer Oxon, Great Barbury
SHIRLEY, Rebecca, Wife, 57, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Hidcote
SHIRLEY, Elizabeth, Daug, 20, Silk Winder Worcs, Blockley
SHIRLEY, Reuben, Son, 16, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

ROUSE, George, Head, 48, Shoe Maker Blockley
ROUSE, Hannah, Wife, 42, At Home Gloucs, Ebrington
ROUSE, Elizabeth, Daug, 23, At Home, Blockley
ROUSE, Arthur, Son, 21, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ROUSE, William, Son, 17, At Home, Blockley
ROUSE, Sarah, Daug, 13, Ay Home Blockley
ROUSE, John, Son, 9, Scholar, Blockley
ROUSE, Trebak, Son 5, Scholar Blockley
ROUSE, Emma, Daug, 2 At Home Blockley

NEWMAN, Tomas, Head, 56, Ag. Lab, Gloucs Broadwell
NEWMAN, Alice, Wife, 46, Gloucs, Stow on the Wold
NEWMAN, Ann, Daug, 18, Silk Winder, Gloucs, Broadwell
NEWMAN, Elizabeth, Daug, 16, Silk Winder, Gloucs Bourton
NEWMAN, George, Son,14, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
NEWMAN, Caroline, Daug, 8 Scholar, Blockley
NEWMAN, Martha, Daug, 6 Scholar, Blockley

SALMONS, Richard, 58, Agricultural Labourer Oxon, Great ???
SALMONS, William, 26, Agricultural Labourer Worcs.
SALMONS. Sarah, Wife, 58, Oxon

DYDE, Seth, Head, 32, Wheelwright Worcs, Blockley
DYDE, Ann, Wife, 34, Oxon, Pom ??
DYDE, Mary A. Daug, 8, Scholar, Warks, Whichford
DYDE, Julia, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
DYDE, Winifred Daug, 10 months Blockley
BUTLER, Richard App. 18. App Wheelwright Worcs, Blockley

SMITH, Thomas, Head, Widower, 74, Ag. Lab., Blockley
SMITH, George, Son, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GREGORY, Israel, Son in Law, 32 Ag. Lab. Blockley
GREGORY, Elizabeth, Wife, 29, Blockley
GREGORY, Thomas, S. Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
GREGORY, Mary, Daug, 4, Scholar, Blockley
GREGORY, Soviah, Daug, 2, Blockley
GREGORY, Elizabeth, Daug, 3 months Blockley

HOBBS, Benjamin, Head, 65, Ag lab. Blockley
HOBBS, Mary Wife, 70, At Home Gloucs, Todenham
HOBBS, Thomas, Son., 25, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BARTLEM, Mary, Visitor, 36, Blockley
BARTLEM, Benjamin, Son 1, Warks, ???

MOSLEY, George, Widower, 75, Hand Loom Weaver (Cloth) Gloucs, Sutton
MOSELEY, John, Son, 39, Hand Loom Weaver, (Cloth) Blockley
MOSELEY, Elizabeth Wife, 35, At Home Worcs, Shipston on Stour
MOSELEY, Charles, Son, 17, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
MOSELEY, Alfred, Son, 16, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
MOSELEY, Ann, M. Daug, 12, Silk Winder, Blockley
MOSELEY, Ellen, Daug, 10 At Home Blockley
MOSELEY, Martha, Daug, 7, Blockley
MOSELEY, George, Son, 5, At Home Blockley
MOSELEY. Alice, Daug, 2, At Home, Blockley
MOSELEY, Edna, Daug,1, At Home Blockley

SMITH, George, Head, 44, Agricultural Labourer & Shop Keeper, Blockley
SMITH, Hannah, Wife, 37, Gloucs, ??
SMITH, Jonah, Daug, 14, Silk Factor Gloucs, Campden
SMITH, Mary, Daug, 12, Silk Freton? Gloucs, Campden
SMITH, Caleb, Son, 9 Scholar, Blockley
SMITH, Alborn, Son, 2, Blockley
CALVERT, Sarah, Mother, Widow, 71, Warks, Stratford on Avon

NORLEDGE, Thomas, Head, 41, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

WEBB, James, Head, 35, Ag. Lab. Blockley
WEBB, Mary, Wife, 32, Silk Winder, Warks, Sutton
WEBB, George, Son, 7, Scholar, Blockley
WEBB, Ann, Daug, 4 months Blockley
WEBB, James, Lodger, Widower, 77, Ag, Lab. Gloucs, Bourton
WEBB, John, Lodger, 41, Hawker, Blockley

DAVIS, John, Head, 49, Agricultural Labourer Oxon, Chipping Norton
DAVIS, Elizabeth, 38, Silk Winder, Blockley
DAVIS, Mary G. Daug, 16, Scholar, Blockley
DAVIS, Edwin, Son, 14, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
DAVIS, George Son, 11, Ag Lab, Blockley

TARPLET (TARPLETT), Richard Head, 32, Farm Labourer Warks, Stretton on Fosse
TARPLET, Sarah, Wife, 29 Blockley
TARPLET, Mary A, Daug, 6, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
TARPLET, Louisa, Daug, 2, Blockley
TARPLET, Sarah, Daug, 4 months Blockley

MACE, Henry, Head, 62, Ag Lab. Gloucs, Little Compton
MACE, Ann, Wife, 58, Oxon, Kingham
MACE, Henry, Son, 27, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

SIMMONS, Ann, Head, Widow, 47, Farmer of 134, acres - 3 labs Warks Stretton on Fosse
SIMMONS, Mary Daug, 24, Farmer's Daughter, Warks Stretton on Fosse
SIMMONS, William, Son, 22, Farmer's Son, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
SIMMONS, Elizabeth, Daug, 21, Farmer's Daughter Warks, Stretton on Fosse
SIMMONS, Richard, 10, Farmer's Son Warks, Stretton on Fosse
SIMMONS, Sarah, Daug, 15, Farmer's Daughter Blockley
SIMMONS, Esther Ann Daug, 12, Farmer's Daug Blockley
SIMMONS, Joseph W. Son, 4, Farmer's Son, Blockley
GRIMMITH, George, Nephew, 15, farmer's Son Warks, Old Park
DYER, James, Servant, 19, Farm Servant Gloucs, Blackdowns

WITHERS, Joseph, Head, 39, Carpenter Gloucs, Campden
WITHERS, Hannah, Wife, 49, Worcs Blockley
WITHERS, Thomas, Son, 16, Carpenter Worcs, Paxford
WITHERS, Edmund, Son, 11, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Paxford
WITHERS, Ann, Daug, 12, Scholar, Worcs Paxford
WITHERS, Cellina (Selina) Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
WITHERS, Frances, Daug, 1, Scholar ? Blockley

STEPHENS, James, Head, 82, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Buckland
STEPHENS, Elizabeth, Wife, 81, At Home Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh

BAYLIS, Samuel, Head, 43, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BAYLIS, Sarah, Wife. 40, Blockley
BAYLIS, Charles, Son, 15, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
BAYLIS, Eliza, Daug, 12, Blockley
BAYLIS, George, Son, 9, Blockley
BAYLIS, John, Son., 6, Blockley
BAYLIS, Emma, Daug, 1 Blockley
SMITH, James, Lodger, Widower, 72, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Willersley
SMITH, David, Lodger, Widower, 56, Agricultural Labourer Blockley

WILLIAMS, John, Head, 50, Grinder to Corn Mill, Gloucs, Naunton
WILLIAMS, Sarah, Wife, 42, Blockley
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, Daug, 4, Scholar, Blockley
WILLIAMS, Naomi, Daug, 1, Blockley
ROUSE, Ann, Mother in Law, 82, Blockley
ROUSE, William, Brother in Law, Shoe Maker Blockley

STEPHENS, William, Head, 64, Inn Keeper, Worcs, Shipston on Stour
STEPHENS, Mary Wife, 57, Worcs, Shipston on Stour
STEPHENS, George, Son, 19m Worcs, Shipston on Stour
SMITH, Thomas, Lodger, 34, Cheshire ??
SMITH, Mary Wife, 38 Cheshire ??

UWINS, (EWINGS) Head, 56, Ag. Lab., Blockley
UWINS, Alice, Wife, 34, At Home, Blockley
UWINS, Stephen, Son, 11, Scholar, Blockley
UWINS, Benjamin, Son, Scholar, Blockley
UWINS, Elizabeth, Daug, 5, Scholar, Blockley
UWINS, Thomas, Son, 1, Blockley

PHIPPS, Hannah, Head, Widow, 80, Widow of Ag. Lab. Gloucs,. Pebworth
PHIPPS, Roda, (Rhoda) Grand-daughter at Home, 15, Gloucs. Crimscote Downs
HOPPKINS, (HOPKINS), Elizabeth, Visitor 8 Gloucs, Crimscote Downs
KNIGHT, Hannah, Daug, Mar, 42, Blockley
KNIGHT, Richard, Son in Law, 37, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, ???

ANDERTON, John, Head, 34, Ag. Lab. Blockley
ANDERTON, Mary Ann, Wife, 31, At Home Gloucs, Broad Campden
ANDERTON, Richard, Son, 8, Scholar Blockley
ANDERTON, Thomas,. Son, 6, Scholar, Blockley
ANDERTON, Sarah, Anna Daug, 4, Scholar, ??
ANDERTON, Joice. (Joyce) Daug, 2, Blockley

UWINS, (EWINGS) Head, 28, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
UWINS, Sarah, Wife, 37, Blockley

CORMDEN?, Mary, Head, Widow, 77 Farmer's Widow, Warks,
CORMDEN, Joseph, Son, 49, Farmer 180, acres - 5 Labs Gloucs, XXX
CORMDEN, John, Son, 35, Farmer's Son Blockley
KING, Ann M. Daug, 30, Farmer's Daug, Blockley
KING, Mary E.C. 8 Scholar, Blockley
KING, Joseph, Grandson, 5, Scholar, Blockley
KING, Allick, (Alec or Alex) Grandson 22, Shepherd, Gloucs, ???
NORLEDGE, Eliza, Servant, 16, House Servant, Worcs, Blockley

ROUSE, Thomas, Head, 37, Surveyor, Blockley
ROUSE, MARY, Wife, 25, Gloucs, Lower Swell
ROUSE, Ann, Daug, 8, Scholar, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
ROUSE, Harriet, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley
ROUSE, Henry, Son, 4, Blockley
ROUSE, Agnes, Daug, 3, Blockley
ROUSE, Clara, 1, Daug, Blockley

MARSHALL, Robert, Head, 47, Farmer, 360 acres - 12 Labs Blockley
MARSHALL, Sonia, Wife, 48, Oxon, Sibford
FIDO, Hannah, Servant, 36, House Servant, Gloucs, Naunton
HATHAWAY, Joseph, Servant, 19, House Servant, Warks, Dorn

NORLEDGE, William, Head, 54, Ag. Lab. Blockley
NORLEDGE, Charlotte, Wife, 47, Charwoman Oxon, Orley
NORLEDGE, Hannah, Daug, 14, Silk Winder, Blockley
NORLEDGE, Jane, Daug, 12, Silk Winder, Blockley
NORLEDGE, Charles, Son, 10, Scholar, Blockley
NORLEDGE, William, Son, 4, Scholar, Blockley

GRITNNELL? George, 41, Farmer, 74 acres - 3 Labs Warks,
GRITNNELL, Mary, Wife, 48, Gloucs, Willersley
GRITNNELL, Daug, 12, Scholar, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
GRITNNELL, Elizabeth, Daug, 11, Scholar, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
GRITNNELL, Mary jane, Daug, 7, Scholar, Blockley
GRITNNELL, Sarah, Daug, 6, Scholar, Blockley

CROSSLEY, Peter, Head, 29, Surveyor, Warks, Wolford
CROSSLEY, Sarah, Wife, 30, Warks, Wolford
CROSSLEY, Frederick, Son, 5, Blockley
CROSSLEY, Kezia, Daug, 1, Blockley

TIMMS (TYMMS), Head, 33, Ag. Lab, Gloucs, Ebrington
TIMMS, Alice, Wife, 35, Worcs, Blockley,

EVANS, Thomas, Head, 47, Carpenter Oxon, Swalcliffe
EVANS, Mary Ann, Wife, 44, Blockley
HARRIS, John, Father in Law, 68, Ag, Lab. Oxon, ??
BUCKLEY, Alfred, 10, Carpenters Apprentice

FREEMAN, George, Head, 34, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Hidcote
FREEMAN, Mary Ann, 29, Blockley
FREEMAN, Amos, Son,,4, Blockley

SMITH, William, Head, 57, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, Sarah, Wife, 54, Gloucs, Broad Campden
SMITH, William, Son, 19, Ag. Lab. Blockley
SMITH, John, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley

ROUSE, Thomas, Head, 75, Shoemaker, Gloucs, Todenham
ROUSE, Sophia, Wife, 66, Blockley
ROUSE, Joseph, Son, 28, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
ROUSE, Hannah, Daug, 24, Silk Winder, Blockley

NICHOLS, Thomas, Head, 56, Woodman & Breadseller Blockley
NICHOLS, Sarah, Wife, 54, Gloucs, Mickleton

SALMONS, Emanuel, Head, 23, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
SALMONS, Harriet, Wife, 24, Warks, Brailes
SALMONS, John, 3 months Blockley
MUMFORD, Henry, Son in Law, 3, Worcs, Shipston on Stour

FISHER, Charlie, Head, 35, Blacksmith, Gloucs, Bourton on Hill
FISHER, Mary, Wife, 36, Worcs, Blockley,
FISHER, George, Son, 6 months Blockley

BAYLIS, Jane, Head, 26, Blockley
BAYLIS, Caroline. Daug, 6, Blockley
BAYLIS, David, 2, Blockley
SMITH, Charles, Lodger, 38, Blockley

BERRY, Phebe, Head, Widow, 31, Silk Winder, Warks, Sutton
BERRY, Anna, M. Daug, 11, Silk Winder Blockley
BERRY, Ann, Daug, 2, Blockley
GOODIN (GOODEN) Elizabeth, Lodger, 19, Silk Winder Warks, Sutton

MABSON (MATSON) (MADSON) Head, 23, Game Keeper, Worcs, Blockley
MABSON, Ellen, Wife, 18, Worcs, Wickhamford
MABSON, George, Son 1 month Blockley

PLUMB, John, Head, 61, Agricultural Labourer Oxon, Upper Norton
PLUMB, Elizbeth, Wife, 62, Worcs, Alderminster

PURSER, Samuel, Head, 50, Farmer, 148 acres - 6 Labs Worcs, Blockley,
PURSER, Mary, Wife, 48, Farmer's Wife Gloucs, Admington
PURSER, Richard, Son, 12, Scholar, Blockley
GOODWIN, Hannah, Servant, 14, House Servant Gloucs, Stretton on Fosse

ANDERTON, William, Head, 66, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley
ANDERTON, Mary, Wife, 62, Blockley
ANDERTON, Thomas, Son, 32, Ag. Lab. Blockley
BEAL, Dinah, 5, Blockley

CHAMBERLAIN, Edward, F, Head, 43, Incumbent of Aston, Kent, ??
MIDDLETON, Sarah, Widow, 31, House Keeper, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
GILL, David, Servant, 16, Groom, Worcs, Blockley,

PURSER, Thomas, Head, 22, Farmer 74 Acres - 2 Labs Gloucs, Admington
PURSER, Ann, Sister, 24, Gloucs, Admington
WEBB, Elizabeth, Servant, 16, Oxon, Rollright

MARSHALL, David, Head, 37, Basket, Maker, Blockley
MARSHALL, Sarah, A. Sister, 19, At Home, Blockley

GREGORY, William, Head, 26, Agricultural Labourer Blockley
GREGORY, Hannah, Wife, 38, Blockley

ANDERTON, Richard, Head, 60, Ag. Lab. Worcs, Blockley,
ANDERTON, Hannah, Wife, 45, Silk Winder, Warks, Headington?

BERRY, Lydia, Head, 70, Shop Keeper, East Norfolk

CALLOW, John, Head, Widower, 69, Agricultural Labourer Worcs, Blockley,
The End of the Hamlet of Aston Magna
The Start of the Hamlet of Dorn

PHILLIPS, William, Head, Widower, 64, farmer 400 acres - 20 Labs Blockley
PHILLIPS, William, Son., 26 Blockley
PHILLIPS, Ellen, Son's Wife, 29, farmer's Wife, Blockley
PAYNE, Sophia, Servant, 20, House Servant, Warks, Brailes,
WHEELER, Elisha, Servant, 22, Farm Servant, Warks, Long Compton
COLEMAN, Job, Servant, 16, Farm Servant, Gloucs, Swell?

GILLETT, Henry, Head, 61, Ag. Lab. Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
GILLETT, Hannah, Wife, 52, Laundry Warks, Little Compton
GILLETT, George, Son, 25, Ag. Lab., Blockley
HAINES, William, Lodger, 69, Agricultural Labourer Mar Gloucs., Campden
FRANKLIN, Jane, Lodger, 17, Laundress Oxon, Langley,
GILLETT, Charles, Grandson, 7 Scholar, Blockley

PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, Ann, Head, Widow, 68, Farmer 264, acres - 12 Labs Wales,
PHILLIPS, Emma, Daug, 35, Blockley
BREAKSPEARE, Servant, 15, Moreton in the Marsh Gloucs
WESTMACOTT, Joseph, Servant, 55, Farm Servant , Gloucs, Swell,

GROVES, Sarah, Head, Widow, 60, Widow of Ag Lab. Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
GROVES, John, Son, 30, Carpenter Blockley
GROVES, William, Son, 25, Ag. Lab. Blockley
GROVES, Elizabeth, Daug, 20, Field Woman Blockley

BENNETT, William, Head, 63, Farmer of ? - 1 Lab Warks, Birmingham
GILLETT, Silence, Niece, 21, House Keeper, Gloucs, Moreton in the Marsh
GILLETT, William, Nephew, 16, Farmer's Son Worcs, Moreton in the Marsh
GILLETT, John, 14, Farmer's Son Blockley
GILLETT, Oliver, Son, 12, Farmer's Son, Blockley

NASH, William, Head, 45, Ag. Lab. Warks, Whichford
NASH , Hannah, Wife, 65 Gloucs, Hidcote
ADAMS, George, Lodger, 45, Rail Lab Somerset Yeovil

HATHAWAY, John, Head, 48, Agricultural Labourer Gloucs, Hampton XX
HATHAWAY, Elizabeth, Wife, 56, Warks, Stretton on Fosse
HATHAWAY, Emma, Daug, 13, Scholar, Blockley