Blockley Worcestershire 1901 - Gloucestershire After 1931

Worcestershire now Gloucestershire, includes Aston Magna, Dorn, Northwick, Oldborough, Draycott, Ditchford, Paxford.

It is hereby acknowledged that the following Census material is Crown Copyright and is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

Census, Blockley Parish, Worcestershire, 1901
District No. 7 Enumerator George Alfred Herbert.
District No. 8 Enumerator John Sharp.
William Hathaway Registrar

In this Census are 866 Males, 943 Females a total of 1,809 inhabitants.

High Street beside the Crown Inn looking towards what was once a butcher's owned by a Mr. Baker. On the right of the Crown and not in the photo was the bakers business run by the POWELL family and the first Post Office in the village. The Post Office and the bakehouse were bought from the Balhatchet family by the Champion family and are now part of the Crown Hotel.

Northwick Park Lodge (Now demolished)
ELLIS Isaac, 58, Head, (M), Garden Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Mary A. 61, (M), Wife of Isaac, Blockley, Worcs

Northwick Mansion (Now luxurious apartments)
ELIZABETH Lady Elizabeth NORTHWICK 69, (W), Head, Widow, Kelmarsh, Northants
SPENCER CHURCHILL Agnes B., 19, (S), Grand Daughter, Manchester Square London
TEYNHAM, Lady Mabel, 32, (M), Niece, Ryde, Isle of Wight
SINCLAIR, Annie, 58, (S), House Keeper, Scotland
SINCLAIR, Jessie, 47, (S), Maid, Scotland
HIBBS, Mary, 39, (S), (Visitor’s servant) Maid, Bilston, Staffs.
PUGH, Mary A., 39, (S), Cook, Glasbury, Radnor
LEWIS, Clara, 19, (S), Stillroom Maid, Burford, Shropshire
STOCKER, Catherine M., 22, (S), Kitchen Maid, Peckham, London
MILLER, Margaret, 26, (S), Laundry Maid, Scotland
CURL, Mary, 26, (S), House Maid, Cranbrook, Kent
LUCKING, Alice A., 21, (S), House Maid, Ickham, Kent
LUCKING, John, 49, (M), Butler, Little Baddow, Essex
BLYTH, Walter J., 22, (S), Footman, Hornsey, Middlesex
KINSMAN, George, 17, (S), Footman, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos

3 &4
Northwick Stables (Now a luxury flat)
HEATH, John, 33, (S), Groom, Burford, Shropshire
ROBERTS, William, 18, (S), Stable Helper, Broadway, Worcs.

Northwick Garden Bothy (Now converted to luxury dwellings)
MOORES, William, 24, (S), Joint Occupiers, Foreman Gardener, Sherborne, Dorset
CERMELL, Frederick, 15, (S), Joint Occupiers, Garden Lad, Mickleton, Glos

Northwick Gardens (Now built on as luxury flats)
HILLIER, William, 44, (M), Head, Gardener, Hasleburybriant, Wilts
HILLIER, Mary Ann, 44, (M), Wife of William, Coleshill, Warwickshire
HILLIER Annie Elizabeth, 16, (S), Four Ashes, Staffs
HILLIER Olive Mary E. 14, (S), Ferry Ashes, Staffs
HILLIER Christopher W. 12, (S), Ferry Ashes, Staffs

7 & 8
Northwick Railway Lodges (Now demolished)
MATTHEWS, John, 59, (M), Head, Estate Foreman, Keevil, Wilts
MATTHEWS, Julia, 59, (M), Wife of John, Malmesbury, Wilts
WALDEN, Richard, 48, (M), Head, Night Watchman on Estate, Wiggington, Oxon
WALDEN, (Née WARING) Mary M. 37, (M), Wife of Richard, Ebrington, Glos
WALDEN, Frances M., 20, (S), Assistant Mistress in School, Kington, Herefordshire
WALDEN, William R., 1, Blockley, Worcs
WARING, Hannah, 69, (W), Mother of Frances Walden, Wick, Worcs

Northwick Mill
COSFORD, William M., 68, (M), Head, Miller and Farmer, Heyford, Northampton
COSFORD, Elizabeth, Wife, 66, (M), Harrold Beds
COSFORD, Edith L. 27, (S), At Home, Preston Deanery, Northants
HARTWELL, Ethel, 14, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs


1 Bone Mill Cottages
HITCHMAN, Thomas, 59, (M), Head, Estate Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, (Née TRACY) Ann, 52, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, James, 21, (S), Estate Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Alfred, 9, Blockley

2 Bone Mill Cottages
HARTWELL, William, 38, (M), Head, Timber Sawyer, Blockley, Worcs
HARTWELL, (Née BIGGERSTAFFE) Lucy, 37, (M), Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs
HARTWELL, Gertrude, 13, Blockley, Worcs
HARTWELL, Clara, 11, Blockley, Worcs
HARTWELL, Wiltom, 3, Blockley, Worcs

3 Bone Mill Cottages
HALL, Elizabeth, 60, (S), Head, Blockley, Worcs
HALL, Frederick, 33, (S), Cowman, Blockley, Worcs
HALL, George, 30, (S), Gardeners Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HALL, Lewis, 26, (S), Game Keeper, Blockley, Worcs

4 Bone Mill Cottages
HARTWELL, Louisa, 69, (W), On Parish Relief, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos

5 Bone Mill Cottages
HITCHMAN, Sarah, 83, (W), Head, Evenlode, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Rose, 48, (S), Dressmaker, Blockley, Worcs

6 Bone Mill Cottages
HALL, Frederick, 48, (M), Head, Estate Waggoner, Blockley, Worcs
HALL, Sarah A., 54, (M), Wife of Frederick, Monthly Sick Nurse, Cold Aston, Glos
HALL, Edwin, 24, (S), Estate Under Carter, Blockley, Worcs

Keepers Lodge
TRINDER, Harry, 32, (M), Head, Game Keeper, Blockley, Worcs
TRINDER, Fanny, 39, (M), Wife of Harry, Stoulton, Worcs

The Limes
ALCOCK George, 62, (M), Head, Farmer, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks
ALCOCK Mary A. 63, (M), Snowshill, Glos
PIERSON, Elizabeth A. 30, (W), Daughter of Mary ALCOCK, Keighly, Yorks
LANCASHIRE, Thomas, 29, (S), Cattleman on Farm, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

1, Limes Cottages
2, Limes Cottages
BUTLER, Frederick, 30, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
BUTLER, Eva, 31, (M), Wife of Frederick, Blockley, Worcs
BUTLER, Grace, 5, Blockley, Worcs
BUTLER, Daisy, 3, Blockley, Worcs

3, Limes Cottages
LLOYD, Thomas C. 36, (M), Head, Piano Forte Maker, Westminster, London
LLOYD, Annie, 35, (M), Wife of Thomas, Birkenhead, Cheshire
LLOYD, Thomas A., 11, Battersea, London
LLOYD, John S., 7, Kentish Town, London
LLOYD, Rose M., 5, Blockley, Worcs
LLOYD, Dorothy E., 3, Blockley, Worcs
LLOYD, Christina M.T. 1, Blockley, Worcs

4, Limes Cottages
SIMMONS, Joseph, 41, (S), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Sheafhouse Cottages
LEDBETTER John, 57, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER Annie, 33, (M), Wife, Winchcombe, Glos
LEDBETTER, Charles J., 8, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Thomas, 6, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Elizabeth, 2, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Nora, 6 months, Blockley, Worcs

Sheafhouse Cottages
HARRIS, Emma, 44, (Née HERBERT), (W), Head, Seamstress, Blockley
HARRIS, Nellie, 18, (S), Domestic Servant, Pershore, Worcs
HARRIS, Herbert, 11, Blockley, Worcs
HARRIS, Frederick, 9, Blockley, Worcs
HARRIS, George, 7, Blockley, Worcs
HERBERT, Hannah, 88, (W), Mother of Emma HARRIS, Blockley, Worcs
BISHOP, Joseph, 48, (S), Lodger, Piano Forte Fitter, Whichford, Warwicks

Sheafhouse Farm
TAYLOR, Owen, 43, (M), Head, Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Fanny, 43, (M), Wife of Owen, Batsford, Glos
TAYLOR, Thomas, O., 19, (S), Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Alfred G., 15, Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Daisy, 13, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Harry, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Snugborough House (Formerly The Old Silk Mill Now a private house)
EVANS, Henry B., 53, (W), Piano Forte Manufacturer, Holborn, London
EVANS, Henry P., 21, (S), Piano Forte Manufacturer, St. Pancras, London
EVANS, Cecil, 18, (S), Piano Forte Manufacturer, St. Pancras, London
EVANS, Lillian U., 17, (S), St. Pancras, London
EVANS, William H., 12, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Lavinia, 25, (S), House Keeper to Lillian EVANS, Blockley, Worcs
SIMPSON, Thomas, 24, (S), Lodger Clerk at Piano Factory, Moreton Say, Shropshire
CLARK, Alice M., 15, Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

Snugborough Cottages
GREGORY, George, 39, (M), Head, Labourer at Piano Factory, Blockley, Worcs
GREGORY, Lucy, 44, (M), Wife of George, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
GREGORY, Albert, 18, (S), Piano Factory Worker, Blockley, Worcs
GREGORY, Alice, 16, (S), Blockley, Worcs
GREGORY, Philip, 14, Labourer at Piano Factory, Blockley, Worcs

Snugborough Cottages
USHER, Annie, 26, (M), Wife of,

NOBES, Frederick, 76, (M), Head, Carter to Coal Merchant, Chipping Campden, Glos
NOBES, Maria, 64, (M), Wife of Frederick, Chipping Campden, Glos

Snugborough Mill
PAINTIN, Herbert John, 46, (M), Head, Miller & Baker, Fulbrook, Oxon
PAINTIN, Emilia F., 47, (M), Wife of Herbert John, Miller & Baker, Bibury, Glos
PAINTIN, Emilia H., 18, (S), Bermondsey, London
LOCK, Arthur, 14, Nephew, Baker & Bread worker, Ducklington, Oxon

Snugborough Lane
HOPKINS, Joseph, 76, (M), Head, Ret: General Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HOPKINS, Louisa, 40, (M), Wife of Joseph, Aston Magna, Worcs
HOPKINS, Caroline, 15, Aston Magna, Worcs
HOPKINS, George, 12, Farmer’s Boy, Aston Magna, Worcs
HOPKINS, Annie, 8, Aston Magna, Worcs
HOPKINS, Joseph, 6, Aston Magna, Worcs
HOPKINS, Alice, 3, Aston Magna, Worcs

DAUBREY, Sarah, 48, (W), Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
DAUBREY, George, 14, Carter, Longborough, Glos
DAUBREY, Sarah A., 11, Longborough, Glos
DAUBREY, Oliver, 7, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
SHEPHERD, Frederick, 35, (S), Boarder, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

WEBB, Sarah, 47, (W), Head, Charwoman, Little Tew, Oxon
WEBB, Alice, 13, Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

HANCOCK, Thomas, 73, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Sarah, (Née WILKES), 62, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Lily, 8, Grand Daughter, Blockley, Worcs

COTHER, Samuel, 83, (W), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

FREEMAN, Mary, 76, (W), Head, Whatcote, Glos
DOWDESWELL, Amy, 17, (S), Grand Daughter, Charwoman, Blockley, Worcs

Fragrance Villa
WITTS, Eva T., 33, (S), Head, Living on own means, Cheltenham, Glos
ALCOCK, Catherine, 66, (S), House Keeper, Beoley, Warwicks

Station Road
WOOD, John, 56, (M), Head Jobbing Gardener, Leominster, Hereford
WOOD, Emma, (Née BEEZLEY), 57, (M), Wife of John, Dressmaker from home, Blockley, Worcs
BEEZLEY, Thomas, 83, (W), Father of Emma Wood, Blockley, Worcs

Powell’s Row
EDGINGTON, James, 56, (M), Head, Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Ann, 56, (M), Wife of James, Blockley, Worcs
EDGINGTON, William, 24, (S), Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Lewis, 20, (S), Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Mary, 17, (S), Blockley, Worcs

SMITH, Urban, 40, (M), Head, Piano Forte Back Maker, Bloomsbury, London
SMITH, Ellen, (Née CARTER), 29, (M), Wife of Urban, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Urban Jnr, 9, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Frank, 6, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Ellen, 4, Blockley, Worcs

FRANKLIN, Jane, 56, (W), Head, Charwoman, Blockley, Worcs

CARTER, Hannah, 86, (W), Living on small pension, Blockley, Worcs

HANDY, Charles, 65, (W), Head, Railway Platelayer, Blockley, Worcs
HANDY, Kate L., 26, (S), Blockley, Worcs

READMAN, John, 47, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Egton, Yorks
READMAN, Lavinia, 32, (M), Wife of John, Stanton, Glos
LEDBETTER, Ernest F, 14, Wife’s son, Apprentice Grocer, Blockley, Worcs
READMAN, Annie E., 11, Blockley, Worcs
READMAN, George, 7, Blockley, Worcs
READMAN, Edith, 6, Blockley, Worcs
READMAN, William, 3, Blockley, Worcs
READMAN, Arthur, 9 months, Blockley, Worcs

BUTLER, Frederick, 66, (W), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
JORDAN, Hannah, 57, (W), Housekeeper, Buckland, Glos

PAYNE, Harry, 36, (M), Head, Timber Sawyer, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Esther, 36, (M), Wife of Harry, Buckland, Glos
PAYNE, Henry, 17, (S), Horse Carter on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Oliver, 14, Ironmongers Errand Boy, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Albert, 13, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Harold, 7, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Millicent, 4, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Reginald, 2, Blockley, Worcs

PETTY, John, 66, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PETTY, Sarah, 72, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs

KEYTE, Thomas, 37, (M), Head, Roadman, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Fanny, 36, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Lucy A., 12, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Lillian, 10, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Ann N., 8, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Rosalie A., 6, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Thomas, 3, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Alfred, J., 1, Blockley, Worcs

Station Road
GARDNER, George, 69, (M), Head, Agricultural Labour, Lower Guiting, Glos
GARDNER, Sarah, 71, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs

BUTLER, Samuel, 78, (W), Pensioned Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

BAYLEY, Susanna, 66, (W), Head, Shopkeeper, Quenington, Glos
GRAVES, Nellie, 12, Grand Daughter, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland

Drivers Yard
LLOYD, Mary 74 (S) Dressmaker, own account at home, Blockley, Worcs

Compton House
BARNES, James, 66, (M), Head, Joiner & Carpenter, Chipping Campden, Glos
BARNES, Thirza A., 60, (M), Wife of James, Cherrington, Warwicks
BARNES, Harriet, 34, (S), Chipping Campden, Glos
BARNES, Herbert, 23, (S), Joiner & Carpenter, Sutton Mill, Glos

Great Western Arms
ELLIS, Maria, 50, (W), Head, Beer House Keeper, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Alfred, 20, (S), House Painter, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Ada, 22, (S), Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, John, 15, Helps Mother in Bar, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Annie, 18, (S), Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Edwin, 15, (S), Nephew, Iron Moulder, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Ethel, 13, Niece, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Nora, 12, Niece, Blockley, Worcs

Barton House
BISHOP, John H., 30, (M), Head, Blacksmith, Turks Dean, Glos
BISHOP, Mary E., 34, (M), Wife of John, Scudley, Warwicks
BISHOP, Ethelin E., 3, Blockley, Worcs
MASON, Herbert G, 14, Blacksmiths Apprentice, Barcheston, Warwicks

Barton Cottage
CLARKE, William, 62, (M), Head, Haulier Carrier, Blockley, Worcs
CLARKE, Mary A., 49, (M), Wife of William, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
CLARKE, Dora E., 12, Blockley, Worcs
CLARKE, Elsie N., 9, Blockley, Worcs
CLARKE, Christrean H., 4, Grand Daughter, Newport, Monmouth
BARTHELEMY, Henry, 31, (S), Boarder, Piano Forte Marquetry Cutter, Paris, French subject
SHELLEY, Henry T., 20, (S), Boarder, Woodworker/Machinist at Piano Forte Works, West Ham

Westmacotts Lane
Not Occupied

Colebrook Cottage (The Former Police Station)
YATES, Charles, 40, (M), Head, Police Sgt, Stock Green, Worcs
YATES, Harriet, 42, (M), Wife of Charles, Grafton Heyford, Worcs
YATES, Thomas C. 12 Hartlebury, Worcs
YATES, Valentine V. 11, Powick, Worcs
YATES, Emma, 9, Powick Worcs

TURLEY, David W., 20, Head, Police Constable, West Bromwich, Staffs

Lower Street
KEW, Ada E, 37, (M), Wife of Nottingham
KEW, Ethel, 12, London
KEW, Leslie, 10, London
KEW, Gladys, 7, London
KEW, Brian, 3, London
KEW, Joan, 1, London

Colebrook House
WRIGHT, John, 42, (M), Agent for a lady of property, Packwood, Warwicks
WRIGHT, Mary A., 38, (M), Wife of John, Aldridge, Staffs
WRICHT, Alice L., 13, Edgbaston, Warwicks
WRIGHT, Hephzibah A. 11, Aldridge, Staffs

WILKS, Martha, 84, (W), On Parish Relief, Blockley, Worcs

PAINE, Charlotte, 73, (W), On Parish Relief, Blockley, Worcs

LADBROOK, Mary, 78, (W), ), On Parish Relief, Blockley, Worcs

COLLINS, George, 59, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
COLLINS, Jemima, 58, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
COLLINS, Frederick, 7, Grandson, Cardiff, Glamorgan

HAINES, Harriet, 61, (W), Head, Laundress, Blockley, Worcs
HAINES, Frank, 17, (S), Butchers Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

DAVY, Frederick, 65, (M), Head, House Painter, Chipping Campden, Glos
DAVY, Eliza, 58, (M), Wife of Frederick, Blockley, Worcs
DAVY, Harry, 23, (S), House Painter, Blockley, Worcs

NOBES, George, 28, (M), Head, Cattleman on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Bessie, 24, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs

SHEPHERD, Harriet, 61, (W), Head, Laundress, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
SHEPHERD, George, 35, (S), Feeble Minded, Blockley, Worcs
SHEPHERD, Leonard, 21, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

COURT, Matilda, 56, (S), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs
COURT, Alice, 50, (S), Sister of Matilda, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

WEBB, Frederick, 73, (M), Head, Allotment Holder/Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Harriet, 60, (M), Wife of Frederick, Blockley, Worcs

Lower Street
GREEN, Edmund, 77, (W), Carrier, Winchcombe, Glos

Brook Cottage
FISHER, John, 47, (M), Head, Carpenter, Chipping Campden, Glos
FISHER, Mary A., (Née PARDOW) 46, (M), Wife of John, Pebworth, Glos
FISHER, Ethel M., 18, (S), Bicester, Oxon
FISHER, John W. 14, House Boy, Bicester, Oxon
FISHER, Florence B., 12, Blockley, Worcs
PARDOW, George, 56, (S), Brother of Mary, General Labourer, Pebworth, Glos

Pasture Lane
FLOYD, Anthony G. 39, (M), Head, Carter, Thackle, Oxon
FLOYD, Elizabeth, 38, (M), Wife of Anthony G., Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
WEBB, Alice, 8, Adopted daughter of Elizabeth Floyd, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
BIRCH, Nellie, 5 months, Foster Child, Blockley, Worcs

Pasture Lane
LLOYD, Charles, 79, (M), Head, Slater & Plasterer, Blockley, Worcs
LLOYD, Martha, 80, (M), Wife of Charles, Chipping Campden, Glos

BEECHEY, James, 71, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
BEECHEY, Hannah, 67, (M), Wife of James, Chipping Campden, Glos
BEECHEY, Charles, 35, (S), General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
JAMES, Francis, 77, (W), Lodger, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

FIGGURES, Edward, 59, (M), Head, Slater & Plasterer, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Harriet, 59, (M), Wife of Edward, Calfhensh, Staffs

COX, Joseph, 37, (M), Head, Butchers Slaughter man, Blockley, Worcs
COX, Fanny M., 34, (M), Wife of Joseph, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
COX, Florence, A., 7, Blockley, Worcs
COX, George H., 5, Blockley, Worcs
COX, Kathleen M., 1, Blockley, Worcs

Lower Street
BEECHEY, Peter, 76, Head, (M), Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
BEECHEY, Lydia, 80, Wife of Peter, Blockley, Worcs

Lower Street
TAYLOR, George, 48, (M), Head, Railway Platelayer, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Fanny, 43, (M), Wife of George, Dorsington, Worcs
TAYLOR, Jessie, 15, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Herbert, 13, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Lower Terrace
NOBES, William, 66, (M), Head, Shepherd, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Sarah, (Née BEECHEY), 64, (M), Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Walter, (S), 23, Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Herbert W., 14, Grandson, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Katie, 5, Grand Daughter, Blockley, Worcs

WIGGINGTON, George, 42, (M), Head, Gardener’s Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WIGGINGTON, Ellen, 49, (M), Wife of George, Weston-on-Avon, Glos
WIGGINGTON, Beatrice E., 14, Wolverhampton, Staff
WIGGINGTON, Elsie M., 8, Fenny Drayton, Leics

TRINDER, Emma, 54, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs
TRINDER, William E., 24, (S), Gardeners Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

TAYLOR, Thomas, 77, (W), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

SALE, Henry, 36, (M), Head, Jobbing Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
SALE, Ellen, 28, (M), Wife of Henry, Aston Magna, Worcs
SALE, Henry R., 5, Blockley, Worcs
SALE, Edith M., 1, Blockley, Worcs
SALE, Richard, 82, (W), Rather of Henry, Retired Labourer, Honnington, Warwicks

Lower Street
Pear Tree Inn (Now a private house)
FIGGURES, George Lancelot, 42, (M), Head, Publican & Plumber, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Mary Jane, 42, (M), Wife of George Lancelot, Blockley, Worcs

Lower Street
KEYTE, Peyton, 43, (M), Head, House Painter, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Jane, 38, (M), Wife of Peyton, Naunton, Glos
KEYTE, Jack, 10, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Jane, 6, Blockley, Worcs
HAINES, William, 47, (S), Boarder, Cattleman on Farm, Bromsgrove, Worcs
WARLAND, Albert, 36, (S), Boarder, Bailiff on Farm, Noke, Oxon

Workman’s Club (Formerly part of the Northwick Institute)
SOLLOWAY, Major, 65, (M), Head, Shop Dealer, Admington, Worcs
SOLLOWAY, Ellen, 57, (M), Wife of Major, Caretaker, Blockley, Worcs

Manor House
JOYNER, James, 75, (M), Head, Retired Grocer, Bampton, Oxon
JOYNER, Emily F., 42, (M), Wife of James, Lambeth, London
JOYNER, Emily, 45, (S), Daughter of James, Blockley, Worcs

Old Manor House (Now known as Little Manor)
SIMMON, Charlotte F., 45, (S), Head, Blackfriars, London
TAYLOR, Sarah A., 28, (S), Domestic Servant, Armscote, Worcs

The Vicarage
HOUGHTON, Edward J., 64, (M), Head, Clerk in Holy Orders, Lytham, Lancs
HOUGHTON, Hannah, M., 54, (M), Wife of Edward J., Sardebigge, Worcs
HOUGHTON, Kathleen L., 26, (S), City of Worcester
HOUGHTON, Augustus C., 21, (S), Scholar at Oxford University, Blockley, Worcs
GRIFFITH, Reginald C., 19, (S), Pupil, Lydney, Glos
KEMPSON, Eva M., 25, (S), Cook, Broadway, Worcs
FRANKLIN, Ada, 21, (S), Housemaid, Blockley, Worcs

Fountain Cottage
HERBERT, Mary A. 55, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Broadway, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, Albert, 18, (S), Grandson, Ironmongers Assistant, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks

Church Gates
HERBERT, George E., 38, (M), Head, Ironmonger & Furniture Dealer, Blockley, Worcs
HERBERT, Mary A. 39, (M), Wife of George E., Alderminster, Worcs
HERBERT, Charles T., 6, Blockley, Worcs

The Square
POWELL, John, 53, (M), Head, Tailor, Hill Top, Staffs
POWELL, Elizabeth, 50, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs
POWELL. Frances B., 13, Blockley, Worcs
POWELL, James, 11, Blockley, Worcs
POWELL, Beatrice F., 8, Blockley, Worcs

The Square
SOLLOWAY, Charles F., 66, (W), Head, Butcher, Quinton, Glos
SOLLOWAY, Ida B. 22, (S), Blockley, Worcs

The Square
WAKE, Albert, 63, (S), Head, Draper & Stationer, Alton, Hants
JONES, Angelina M., 37, (S), House Keeper, Oakley, Beds

High Street
MILTON, Charles R. 66, (M), Retired Brewers Traveller, St. Lukes, London
MILTON, Sarah E., 64, (M), Wife of Charles R., Souldern, Oxon
MILTON, Annie, 35, (S), Drapers Assistant, Ramsgate, Kent
MILTON, Edward R.W., 32, (S), Grocer, Draper & Shopkeeper, Burmington, Warwicks
MILTON, John H. 27 (S), Grocers Assistant, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
MILTON, Amy A., 26, (S), Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

High Street
MILTON, Charles W., 30, (M), Head, Grocery Shopkeeper, Burmington, Warwicks
MILTON, Bessie, 30, (M), Wife of Charles W., Rowcliffe, Yorks
DAVIES, Letitia, 36, (M), Sister of, Bathampton, Somerset
DAVIES, Doreen, 2, Niece of, Cardiff, Glamorgan

High Street
WITHERS, Ann, 52, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Frank, 29, Son (S), Blockley, Worcs
WITHERS, Harry, Son, 13, Grocers Errand Boy, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HOPES, William Harvey, 57, (M), Head, Bill Poster, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Mercy, (Née CARTER), 57, (M), Wife of William Harvey, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Arthur, 2, Grandson of Harvey, Blockley, Worcs

Alcocks Yard
GARDNER, William, 41, (M), Head, Out Porter for Grocer, Toddington, Glos
GARDNER, Kezia, (Née PRATT Formerly WIGGINS), 57, (M), Wife of William, Cherington, Worcs
GARDNER, William, 17, (S), Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
GARDNER, Edwin, 13, Boy on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
WIGGINS, Alice, 9, Grand Daughter of Kezia Gardner, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WEBB, William, 31, (M), Head, Bread Baker & Shopkeeper, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Emma, 31, (M), Wife of William, Apperley, Glos
WEBB, Archibald, 3, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Ethelene, 1 month, Blockley, Worcs
HEARTH, Nellie, 15, Visitor, Malvern, Worcs, Worcs

WEBB, Richard S. 64, (M), Head, Retired Baker & Bread Maker, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Elizabeth, 62, (M), Wife of Richard S., Dumbleton, Glos
WEBB, Sarah S., 21, (S), Blockley, Worcs
WESTON, Louisa E., 13, Grand Daughter, Blockley, Worcs

School House
WESTCOTT, Elizabeth, 25, (S), Certified School teacher, Huntshill, Somerset
PARKER, Gertrude E, 26, (S), Assistant Teacher, Shire Newton, Monmouth

The Iron Foundry (Now Mildene)
EVANS, Charles, 25, (M), Head, Iron Founder, City of Worcester
EVANS, Jane, 23, (M), Wife of Charles, Southampton, Hants
EVANS, Veda M., 2, City of Worcester
EVANS, Charles F.D., 1, City of Worcester

High Street
WHEELER, David, 54, (M), Head, Groom, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
WHEELER, Lavinia, 49, (M), Wife of David, Blockley, Worcs
WHEELER, Harry, 17, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
BALDWIN, Ann, 62, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs
BALDWIN, Lilly, 29, (S), Blockley, Worcs
BALDWIN, Norman, 26, (S), Piano Forte Finisher, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
ROUSE, James, 68, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Todenham, Glos
ROUSE, Emma, (Née BALDWIN), 54, (M), Wife of James, Charwoman, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WHEELER, Phoebe E., 52, (S), Head, Agent for Great Western Railway, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
WHEELER, John, 50, (S) Brother of Phoebe, Harness Maker, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
RANDELL, Edith E., 13, Visitor, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HERBERT, Frederick, 71 (W), Head, Tailor Draper and Outfitter, Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, Laura M., 24, (S), House Keeper, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HALFORD, Henry, 84, (M), Head, Retired Road Contractor, Blockley, Worcs
HODGES, Louisa M., 45, (W), Blockley, Worcs
Tudor House
Tudor Cottage
((Not Occupied))

High Street
ROUSE, John E., 59, (M), Head, Baker & Seller of Bread, Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, Anne, 61, (M) Wife of John E., Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, Dennis, 20, (S), Baker of Bread, Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, George, 8, Grandson of John, Blockley, Worcs

Bath Cottage (Now known as Bath Orchard)
GARDNER, George, 63 (Wid), Living on own means Chastleton, Oxon.
STURCH, Alice M., (S), General Sevant, Domestic, Shipston-on-Stour Worc.

Old Mill
CHESHER, George, 41, (M), Head, Miller & Corn Merchant, Houghton Conquest, Beds
CHESHER, Jane, 42, (M), Wife of George, Stoke Lyne, Oxon
DURHAM, Frederick, 17, (S), Nephew of George, Brackley, Northants

High Street (Joyners Yard)
DAVY, Stephen W., 62, (M), Head, Glazier, House Decorator, Chipping Campden, Glos
DAVY, Leah, 57, (Née CROSS), (M), Wife of Stephen W. Blockley, Worcs

Joyner’s Cottages
NOBES, Harry, 32, (M), Head, Garden Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Sarah A., 31, (M), Wife of Harry, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Ethel M., 6, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Howard, 4, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Ernest, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Joyner’s Cottage
HOPES, Victor, 32, (M), Head, Timber Sawyer, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Jane, 32, (M), Wife of Victor, City of Worcester
HOPES, Florence, 9, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Daisy, 3, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Hilda, 9 months, Blockley, Worcs

Chesher’s Lane
ALLEN, Harriet, 69, (S), Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
TAYLOR, William, 27, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, 25, (M), Wife of William, Staveley, Derby
TAYLOR, Constance, 3, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Hilda J., 11 months, Blockley, Worcs
BRIDGER, Louisa, 21, (S), Sister in Law, of William, Living on own Means, Staveley, Derby

High Street
ADAMS, Jane, 24, (M), Wife of --- Clanfield, Oxon
ADAMS, Amelia M., 2, Blockley, Worcs
ADAMS, Dorothy E., 8 months, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
GILL, Joseph, 60, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
GILL, Sarah, 58, (M), Wife of Joseph, Todenham, Glos
GILL, Fanny, 24, (S), Daughter of Joseph, Blockley, Worcs
GILL, William, 19, Stone Masons Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
GILL, Merrie H., 14, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WELLS, Mary A., 63, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs
WELLS, Agnes A., 21, (S), Mothers Help, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HITCHMAN, Norman, 26, (S), Butchers Slaughter man, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Miriam, 21, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
KEYTE-DICKS, Betsey, (Née OLIVER), 61, (W), Head, Dressmaker, Doddington, Cambs
KEYTE-DICKS, Humphrey William, 26, (S), Wheelwright, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EVANS, Henry, 36, (M), Head, House Painter, The Lye, Worcs
EVANS, Eliza, 33, (Née SHEPHERD), (M), Wife of Henry, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Beatrice, 11, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Agnes, 10, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Elizabeth, 8, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Florence, 6, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Harry, 4, Blockley, Worcs
EVANS, Dorothy, 2, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
GILL, James, 66, (W), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
BIRCH, Wallis J. 34, (W), Son in Law of James Gill, Turf Reporter, Bonehill, Staffs
BIRCH, Walter, 5, Son of Wallis Birch, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
LOWE, George S., 61, (S), Head, Flour Millwright & Water Power Sawyer, Upper Arley, Staffs
LOWE, Emily S., 59, (S), Sister of George S., House Keeper, Upper Arley, Staffs

Malvern House
PHIPPS, Mary, 71, (S), Dressmaker, Blockley, Worcs
PHIPPS, Sarah, 26, (S), Niece of Mary, Companion, Featherstone, Yorks

High Street
WEBB, William David (M), Head, 29, Piano Forte Maker, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Emma Paulina, (Née HALE), 29, (M), Wife of William D., Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WILLIAMS, Mary A, 68, (S) Grocer Shopkeeper, Longborough, Glos

High Street
PHIPPS, Thomas, 67, (M), Head, Retired Builder, Blockley, Worcs
PHIPPS, Sarah, 70, (M), Wife of Thomas, Chipping Campden, Glos

High Street
HITCHMAN, Job, 55, (M), Head, Stone Quarryman, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Harriet, 54, (M), Wife of Job, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
HITCHMAN, Frederick, 33, (W), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Fanny, 22, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Alfred, 16, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Celia, 11, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
TAYLOR, Frederick, 52, (M), Head, Farmer, Chipping Campden, Glos
TAYLOR, Fanny, (Née TILLING), 46, (M), Wife of Frederick, Avening, Glos
TAYLOR, Arthur, 18, (S), Marking Off Piano Forte Worker, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Edward, 17, (S), Stringer & Tuner Piano Forte Worker, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Maurice Richard, 13, Plough Boy, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Frances Eva, 11, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Beatrice Lillian, 10, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Doris, 6, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Elsie Kathleen, 6 months, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HOWELL, William, 34, (M), Head, Wood Hoop maker, Gylwin, Monmouth
HOWELL, Sarah A., 34, (M), Wife of William, Hackney, London
HOWELL, Annie, 6, Blockley, Worcs
HOWELL, Alice M., 5, Blockley, Worcs
HOWELL, Charles, W., 2, Blockley, Worcs
HOWELL, Ernest J., 9 mo. Blockley, Worcs

High Street
TURNER, Lydia, 53, (M), Head, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
TURNER, Sydney, 19, (S), Farm Carter, Blockley, Worcs
FREEMAN, Noah, 43, (S), Lodger, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
STANLEY, Richard, 70, (S), Lodger, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
RIGHTON, Annie, 46, (S), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
BURRUS, William, 45, (M), Head, Carpenter. Longborough, Glos
BURRUS, Algernon, 11, Donnington, Glos
BURRUS, Marguerite, 10, Winchcombe, Glos
BURRUS, Frederick, 6, Hidcote Bartrim Worcs
BURRUS, Mabel, 4, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HALE, John, 59, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Sarah, 58, (M), Wife of John, Todenham, Glos
HALE, William, 24, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Moses, 22, (S), House Painter, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, George, (S), 18, Baker & Bread Worker, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
LADBROOK, George, 52, (M), Head, Timber Faller, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
LADBROOK, Jane, 40, (M), Wife of George, Churchill, Oxon
LADBROOK, Rose, 12, Blockley, Worcs
LADBROOK, Walter, 9, Blockley, Worcs
LADBROOK, Owen, 4, Blockley, Worcs
LADBROOK, Hilda, 1, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
NOBES, John, 67, (M), Head, Farm Labourer, Chipping Campden, Glos
NOBES, Dorcas, 64, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Reuben, 39, (S), Labourer in Stone Quarry, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Tom B., 4, Grand Son of John, Blockley, Worcs
BETTERIDGE, Fanny, 12, Grand Daughter of John Nobes, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EDEN, George, 62, (M), Head, Timber Faller, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Louisa, 60, (M), Wife of George, Rissington, Glos
EDEN, Henry, 40, (S), Timber Faller, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Charles, 27, (S), Timber Faller, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Ernest, 18, (S), Timber Faller, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EDEN, Martin, 34, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Mary A., 32, (M), Wife of Martin, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
EDEN, William, 10, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, George, 2, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
SMITH, Catherine, 40, (W) Head, Living on own means, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WILKES, George, 64, (S) Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
COLVERT, Charles, 59, (S), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
COLVERT, Jane, 67, (S), Sister of Charles, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EASTBURY, George, 48, (M), Head, Stone Masons Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Emily, (Née EDEN), 38, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
MASON, Alfred, 48, (M), Head, Day Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
MASON, Martha, 52, (Née HOPES), (M), Wife of Alfred, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EASTBURY, James, 33, (M), Head, Jobbing Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Martha, (Née SANDLES), 34, (M), Wife of James, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
EASTBURY, Silas, 67, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Mary Ann, 62, (Née PADBURY), (M), Wife of Silas, Todenham
EASTBURY, Peter, 24, (S), General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Rose Row
GARDNER, Joseph, 54, (M), Head, Cowman Upper Slaughter, Glos
GARDNER, Amelia, 52, (M), Wife of Joseph, Winchcombe, Glos
GARDNER, Beatrice, 12, Blockley, Worcs

Rose Row
FREEMAN, William, 46, (M), Head, Builders Labourer, Stretton-on-Fosse, Worcs
FREEMAN, Priscilla Charlotte, (Née CARTER), 41, (M), Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs
FREEMAN, Henry, 12, Hidcote Bartrim, Glos
FREEMAN, Frederick, 10, Hidcote Bartrim, Glos
FREEMAN, Winifred, 8, Mickleton, Glos
FREEMAN, May, 7, Mickleton, Glos
FREEMAN, George, 1, Mickleton, Glos

High Street
TURVEY, Phoebe, 54, (W), Head, Snowshill, Glos
TURVEY, Elizabeth, 27, (S), Sick Nurse, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, James, 20, (S), Contracting Haulier, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Florence, 13, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
SILVESTER, Mary E., 58, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Amsterdam, Netherlands (British Subject)
SILVESTER, Mary T., 23, (S), Lower Norton, Oxon
JAMIESON, Madge E. de R., 2, Kings Heath, Birmingham
DAS, Gezina, 23, (S), Visitor, Amsterdam, Netherlands
BAYLIS, Emma, 19, (S), Cook, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
GISBOURNE, Jane, 17, (S), House Maid, Pebworth, Warwicks
GISBOURNE, Anne, 13, Pebworth, Warwicks

Brook Lane
PAIN, William, 41, (M), Head, Bricklayer, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Annie E., 46, (M), Wife of William, Portsmouth
PAIN, Beatrice J., 14, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Arthur, 18, (S), Bricklayers Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, William, 13, Work in Garden, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, George, 12, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Lauria, 8, Blockley, Worcs

Brook Lane
BUTLER, James, 64, (W), Head, Day Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Brook Lane
PAINE, George, 34, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PAINE, Alice Beatrice, (Née STURCH), 22, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
PAINE, Charles, 1, Blockley, Worcs
PAINE, Reginald, 4 months, Blockley, Worcs

Brook Lane
SHARP, Uz, 58, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
SHARP, Jane, 58, (M), Wife of Uz, The Lye, Worcs

Brook Lane
BEASLEY, James, 52, (M), Head, Day Labourer on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
BEASLEY, Mary Ann 54, (Née HOPES formerly CARTER), (M), Wife of James, Blockley, Worcs

Brook Lane
BALDWIN, Benjamin, 63, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
BALDWIN, Sarah A., 65, (M), Wife of Benjamin, Dunnington, Glos

Brook Lane
EDEN, William, 59, (M), Head, Shepherd, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Sarah, 69, (M), Wife of William, Winchcombe, Glos

Pasture Farm
BRAGG, Mary, 60, (W), Head, Farmer, Chelsea, Surrey
BRAGG, Olive M., 16, Enfield, Middlesex
SPICER, William, 77, (W), Boarder, Wellingford, Berks

Hailstone Farm
Park Farm
HOLTOM, Thomas K. 57, (M), Head, Farmer, Honnington, Warwicks
HOLTOM, Ann, M., (Née STOTT), 53, (M), Wife of Thomas, Wookey, Somerset
HOLTOM, Rose M.J., 16, Blockley, Worcs
STOTT, Maria, 76, (W), Mother of Ann M., Holtom) Wookey, Somerset
TUCKER, Mary, 55, (W), Visitor, Bawdrup, Somerset
LOCK, Miriam, 21, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

The Downs
ALLEN, Thomas, 39, (M), Head, Carter on Farm, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
ALLEN, Jane, 33, (M), Wife of Thomas, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
ALLEN, Thomas, 7, Barton Heath, Glos
ALLEN, Polly, 5, Barton Heath, Glos

Mount Pleasant Villa
HOLTOM, John H., 47, (M), Head, Living on own Means, Tredington, Worcs
HOLTOM, Frances, 60, (M), Wife of John H., Alveston, Warwickshire

Primrose Bank
TAYLOR, Alfred Edward, 22, (M), Head, Piano Forte Maker, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Annie Sophia, 21, (Née FIGGURES), (M), Wife of Alfred Edward, Blockley
CRADDOCK, Esther A., 34, (S), Monthly Sick Nurse, Bloxwich, Staffs

Primrose Bank
ELLIS, William, 56, (M), Head, Blacksmith, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Mary A., 58, (M), Wife of William, Aston Magna

Cotswold House (Now known as Rodney’s)
SPENCER, Henry M., 49, (M), Head, Estate Agent Major 2nd B. Glos Regt, Comnor, Berks
SPENCER, Edith L., 45, (M), Wife of Henry M, Bangalore, India
SPENCER, Hilda A., 18, (S), Paxford
SPENCER, Eleanor C., 17, (S), Paxford
WYKES, Charlotte, 40, (S), Cook, Corly, Warwicks
SPRAGG, Alice B., 23, (S), Parlour Maid, Longborough, Glos
WEBB, Amy N., 21, (S), Little Compton, Warwicks
LAUNCHBURY, Mary J., 18, (S), Kitchen Maid, Chadlington, Oxon

Porch House
ENNALS, Albert T., 28, (S), Head, Fish Monger, St. Neots, Hants
ENNALS, Catherine L., 26, Sister of Albert T, Stoke church, Bucks
SMART, Minnie, 14, Servant Malmesbury, Wilts

Porch House
LESLIE, Lucille D., 40, (S), Head, Physician & Surgeon, Margate, Kent
SHAW, Marion, 57 (S) visitor, Living on own means, Liverpool, Lancs

Railway Inn (Now a Private House named ‘Puffers’)
HARRIS, Ann, 70 (Wid), Head, Inn Keeper Pub Own Acc’t. at Home, Blockley, Worcs
Mount Pleasant Terrace
MUMFORD, John, 43, (M), Head, Stone Masons Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
MUMFORD, Jane, (Née BARTLETT), 40, (M), Wife of John, Kingham, Oxon
MUMFORD, Lena, 14, Paxford, Worcs
MUMFORD, Walter, 10, Paxford, Worcs
MUMFORD, Wilfred, 7, Blockley, Worcs
MUMFORD, Joseph, 4, Blockley, Worcs
MUMFORD, Percy J., 2, Blockley , Worcs
BARTLETT, Joseph, 80, (W), Father of Jane Mumford, Shepherd, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos

No 2 Mount Pleasant Terrace
FIGGURES, Charles Henry, 32, (M), Head, House Painter, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Elizabeth Ann, 32, (Née STANLEY), (M), Wife of Charles, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Beatrice, 12, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, James Ernest, 10, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Charles Elisha, 5, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Herbert Edward, 2, Blockley, Worcs

No 3 Mount Pleasant Terrace
BEECHEY, David, 60, (W), Head, Roadman, Blockley, Worcs

No 4 Mount Pleasant Terrace
LEDBETTER, Minnie M., 26, (M), Head, Wife of Army Reservist, Harperhill, Derby
LEDBETTER, Frank, C., 7, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Ellen, 5, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Frederick C., 2, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Amy Ann, 11 months, Blockley, Worcs

No 5 Mount Pleasant Terrace
UDELL, Thomas A., 30, (M), Head, Iron Moulder, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon
UDELL, Alice, 32, (M), Wife of Thomas, Noke, Oxon
UDELL, Stanley R, 3, Oxford
UDELL, Marcia E., 11 months, Blockley, Worcs

No 6 Mount Pleasant Terrace
MILLINGTON, Harry, 30, (M), Head, Iron Moulder, Pershore, Worcs

No 7 Mount Pleasant Terrace
ELLIS, Amos, 65, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Ellen, (Née EASTBURY), 58, (M), Wife of Amos, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Letitia, 19, (S), Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Ann, 91, (W), Mother of Ellen Ellis, Blockley, Worcs
No 8 Mount Pleasant Terrace
Not Occupied

No 9 Mount Pleasant Terrace
JAMES, Sarah, 67, (M), Head, Blockley, Worcs.

No 10 Mount Pleasant Terrace
WEBB, Hannah, 71, (W), Head, Little Rissington, Glos

No 11 Mount Pleasant Terrace
HOPES, Samuel C., 25, (M), Iron Moulder, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Elizabeth, 24, (M), Wife of Samuel C., Tewkesbury, Glos
HOPES, Gladys M., 6 months, Blockley, Worcs

The Landgate
KEEN-HOPKINS, James, 50, (M), Head, Boot and Shoemaker, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN-HOPKINS, Mary Ann, (Née DRIVER), 54, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
KEEN-HOPKINS, Edwin, 15, Telegram Messenger, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN-HOPKINS, William Victor, 14, Newspaper deliverer, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN-HOPKINS, Millicent M. 12, Grand Daughter, School Girl, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN-HOPKINS, Sydney John, 11, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN-HOPKINS, Benjamin Albert, 8, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, Alice, 8, Visitor, School Girl, Blockley, Worcs

The Landgate
MAYO, Thomas, 39, (M), Head, Steam Sawyer, Silverstone, Northants
MAYO, Elizabeth Ann, (Née COX),37, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, Frank, 15. Steam Sawyer, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, Annie, 12, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, Ernest, 10, Draycott, Worcs
MAYO, Dorothy, 3, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, George, 2, Blockley, Worcs
MAYO, Kate, 5 months, Blockley, Worcs

St. George’s Terrace
BAMFORTH, George, 69, (M), Head, Retired Gardner, Grove Retford, Notts
BAMFORTH, Emma H, 66, (M), Wife of George, Kensington, Middlesex
DOWDING, Samuel E.H., 22, (S), Oxford University, Slaughterford, Wilts

St. George’s Terrace
ANTHONY, Frederick, 37, (M), Head, Private Secretary to Lady Northwick, Bedminster, Somerset
ANTHONY, Sarah J., 42, (M), Wife of Frederick, Nether Wallop, Hants
EDWARDS, Edith E., 13, Niece Heathfield, Kent
GATES, Eliza J. 63, (S), Domestic Servant, High Halden, Kent

St. George’s Terrace
HOLTOM, Mary S., 72, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Draycott, Worcs
HOLTOM, Richard F., 30, (S), Bookseller & Stationer, Blockley, Worcs
HOPKINS, Sarah, 22, (S), Servant, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos

Elm Bank
MIDDLETON, Frederick, 56, (M), Head, Piano Forte Maker, London
MIDDLETON, Sarah, E., 55, (M), Wife of Frederick, Camberwell, London
HILL, Arthur, 25, (S), Boarder, Piano Forte Maker, Newnham, Kent

Elm Cottage
MABSON, George, 49, (W), Head, Groom, Blockley, Worcs.
MABSON, Nellie,22, (S), Blockley, Worcs
MABSON, Annie, 17, (S), Blockley, Worcs
MABSON, Gerald, 10, Blockley, Worcs
MABSON, Henry, 8, Blockley, Worcs

Elm House
RIGHTON, Sarah, 74, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Draycott
WHEELER, Helen S., 43, (M), Niece of Sarah Righton, Westminster, London
COLLINS, Alice S., 40, (M), Niece of Sarah Righton, Westminster, London
SMITH, Marion E., 25, (S), Companion, Weston Subedge, Glos
TAYLOR, Sarah, 15, Domestic Servant, Chipping Campden, Glos

No 1 Upper Terrace (The next group known as 13 Chimney’s)
COOK, Mark, 53, (M), Head, Cowman, Bledington, Glos
COOK, Albert, 20, (S), Gardener, Bledington, Glos
COOK, Amos, 16, Carter, Bledington, Glos
COOK, Mary, 14, Bledington, Glos
COOK, Annie, 12, School Girl, Bledington, Glos
COOK, Archibald, 5, School Boy, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
HICKS, John, 17, Boarder, Carter on Farm, Icombe, Glos

No 2 Upper Terrace
GODSON, James, 43, (M), Head, Carpenter, Blockley, Worcs
GODSON, Fanny, (Née CARTER), 41, (M), Wife of James, Draycott, Worcs
GODSON, John, 14, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
GODSON, James, 12, Blockley, Worcs
GODSON, Dennis, 10, Blockley, Worcs
GODSON, William, 7, Blockley, Worcs

No 3 Upper Terrace
BAYLISS, Hannah, 87, (W), Head, On Parish Allowance, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Mary A., 69, (W), Daughter of Hannah Baylis, Sick Nurse, London

No 4 Upper Terrace
GODSON, Louisa, 73, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs

No 5 Upper Terrace
GODSON, William T., 53, (M), Head, Carpenter, Blockley, Worcs
GODSON, Julia E., 40. (S), Sister of William T., Dressmaker, Blockley, Worcs

No 6 Upper Terrace
ELLIS, Frederick, 63, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Susan E., 58, (M), Wife of Frederick, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
ELLIS, Fred, 16, Grocers Porter, Blockley, Worcs

No 7 Upper Terrace
JONES, Robert, 63, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
JONES, Ellen, 60, (M), Wife of Robert, Lower Slaughter, Glos
JONES, Josiah, 19, (S), General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

No 8 Upper Terrace
SANDERS, George, 56, (M), Head, Living on own Means, Tew, Nr. Witney, Oxon

No 9 Upper Terrace,
KITCHEN, Alfred, 55, (M), Head, Stone Waller & Mason, Blockley, Worcs
KITCHEN, Mary, 55, (M), Wife of Alfred, Broadway, Worcs
KITCHEN, William, 18, (S), Piano Forte Maker, Blockley, Worcs
KITCHEN, George, 15, (S), Piano Forte Maker & Polisher, Blockley, Worcs
KITCHEN, Agnes, 13, School Girl, Blockley, Worcs
No 10 Upper Terrace
Not Occupied

Cherry Orchard
HITCHMAN, Jane, 70, (W), Head, Odiham, Hants
HITCHMAN, Charlotte, 20 (S), Grand Daughter of Jane, General Servant Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

Cherry Orchard,
SOUTHAM, Daniel, 68, (M), Head, Living on Parish Allowance, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
SOUTHAM, Martha, (Née BEEZELEY), 73, (M), Wife of Daniel, Blockley, Worcs

No 1 Northwick Terrace
HUMPHRIES, Eliza, 57, (W), Head, Yarcombe, Devon
HUMPHRIES, Grace, 30, (S), Blockley, Worcs
HUMPHRIES, Edward, 21 (S), Electrical Engineer, Blockley, Worcs
HUMPHRIES, Ernest, 19, Rural Postman, Blockley, Worcs
HUMPHRIES, Harry, 15, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
HUMPHRIES, James H., 13, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
HUMPHRIES, Arthur, 11, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
COLLINS, Kate, 24, (S), Visitor, Commercial Clerk, Birmingham

No 2 Northwick Terrace
TUCKING, Sarah A., 51, (M), Head, Blandford, Dorset
TUCKING, Agnes M., 17, (S), Pupil Teacher at School, Brambling, Kent
TUCKING, Rosa M., 15, Brambling, Kent
TUCKING, Hubert, 10, Burford, Salop

No 3 Northwick Terrace
DRURY, Robert E., 33, (M), Head, Saddler, Blockley, Worcs
DRURY, Mary A., 37, (M), Wife of Robert E., Paxford, Worcs

No 4 Northwick Terrace
HOPKINS, John, 45, (M), Head, Gardener, Isle of Ely
HOPKINS, Anne, 47, (M), Wife of John, Leamington, Warwicks
HOPKINS, John H., 10, Blockley, Worcs

Northwick Terrace
MENNIG, Berthe,36, (S), Head, Governess in Charge at School, Belgium
UNWIN, Erene, 9, Ceylon, British Subject
UNWIN, Baby, 4 months, Blockley, Worcs

No 5 Northwick Terrace
MAINES, Catherine, 65, (S), Head Retired School Mistress, Longborough, Glos

No 6 Northwick Terrace
BONSER, Alma, 39, (M), Head, Modbury, Devon
BONSER, George W.H., 15, Trenton, Staffs
BONSER, Gwendoline M., 10, Maryborough, Queensland

No 7 Northwick Terrace
NORTON, Harriet M., 60, (W), Head, Highfield, Hants
NORTON, Arthur W. F. 30, (S), Clergyman C of E, Camberwell, London
TAYLOR, Alice E. 17, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

No 8 Northwick Terrace
WARNER, James, 70, (W), Head, Retired Farmer, Broad Campden, Glos

Thatched Cottage

Joyners Grocery Store (Now the Post Office Store)
JOYNER, Arthur W., 43, (M), Head, Grocer, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, Agnes Maria (Née SMITH) 44 (M), Wife of Arthur W. Grocer, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, James E., 14, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, George C., 12, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, Agnes M.L., 10, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, Esther M., 9, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, Thomas H., 6, Blockley, Worcs
JOYNER, Olive E., 4, Blockley, Worcs
LEA, Annie, 49, (W), House Keeper, Montgomery
BUCKNELL, Rose E., 14, (S), Servant, Ripon, Yorks

Lion Cottages
DRURY, Ann, 67, (W), Head, Broadway, Worcs
DRURY, James W., 34, (S), Carter, Didbrook, Glos
DRURY, Thomas, 30, (S), Miller, Blockley, Worcs

Lion Cottages
BANBURY, Jane, 49, (W), Head. On Parish Allowance, Blockley, Worcs

Lion Cottage
TAYLOR, Jesse, 37, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Amelia, 36, (M), Wife of Jesse, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, “Infant”, 4 days, Blockley, Worcs

Bell Inn
SMITH, Harry, 44, (M), Head, Carpenter & Inn Keeper, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Emily T., 44, (M), Wife of Harry, Stoke-upon-Severn, Worcs
SMITH, Harry Thomas, 19, (S), Carpenter, Winchcombe, Glos
SMITH, Louis, 11, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Alfred, 7, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Amy, 4, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Annie, 2, Blockley, Worcs

East View House (Now known as Lower Brook Hotel)
WYATT, Edgar J., 36, (M), Head, School Master, City of Worcester
WYATT, Elizabeth, 34, (M), Wife of Edgar J., School Mistress, Leominster, Herefordshire
WYATT, Herbert E., 7, Blockley, Worcs
WYATT, Charles P., 4, Blockley, Worcs
BROAD, Annie, 16, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

Back Ends
STYLES, William, 54, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
STYLES, Sarah, 62, (M), Wife of William, Snowshill, Glos
ARKELL, Mary, 43, (S), Boarder, North Littleton, Worcs
BUTLER, George, 70, (W), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
DOWDESWELL, William 45, (M), Boarder, General Labourer, Broad Campden, Glos

Back Ends
EASTBURY, Albert, 41, (M), Head, Tree Faller, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Annie, (Née STYLES formerly TURNER) 48, (M), Wife of Albert, Blockley, Worcs
TURNER, Charles W., 18, (S), Son of Annie, Salford, Oxon

Back Ends
HANCOCK, Emily, 32, (M), Head, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Gladys, 9, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Olive M., 5, Blockley, Worcs

Back Ends
STYLES, Susan, 82, (W), Head, On Parish Allowance, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
SMITH, Julia, 42, (S), Boarder, On Parish Allowance, Oxford
LYNE, James 73, (S), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, London
BUTLER, John, 24, (S), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Back Ends
COTHER, Lizzie, 19, (S), Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

Back Ends
HERBERT, Josiah, 70, (S), Head, Butcher, Blockley, Worcs
HERBERT, Harriet, 73, (S), Sister of Josiah. Housekeeper, Blockley, Worcs

No 1 Chapel Row, Back Ends
HOOPER, William, 42, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Herefordshire
HOOPER, Louisa, (Née STYLES), 42, (M), Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs

No 2 Chapel Row, Back Ends
STANLEY, John, 79, (W), Head, Living on Parish Allowance, Blockley, Worcs
ANDERTON, Sarah, 61, (S), House Keeping Living on Parish Allowance, Blockley, Worcs

No 3 Chapel Row, Back Ends
FOLKES, Alfred Henry, 31, (M), Head, Shepherd, Broadway, Worcs
FOLKES, Minnie Maria, (Née EDEN), 31, (M), Wife of Alfred, Blockley, Worcs
FOLKES, Kate, 9, Blockley, Worcs

No 4 Chapel Row, Back Ends
FRANKLIN, George, 30, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
FRANKLIN, Harriet A., 30, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
FRANKLIN, Alice, 8, Blockley, Worcs
FRANKLIN, Willie, 5, Blockley, Worcs
FRANKLIN, Ada, 3, Blockley, Worcs

No 5 Chapel Row, Back Ends
DOWDESWELL, Esther, 38, (M), Head, Laundress, Blockley, Worcs
DOWDESWELL, Frank, 11, Blockley, Worcs
CARTER, Harry, 36, (M), Lodger, Private Soldier (on Furlough), Blockley, Worcs

No 6 Chapel Row, Back Ends
BEASLEY, Harry, 24, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
BEASLEY, Harriet Maud, (Née HANCOCK), 23, (M), Wife of Harry, Blockley, Worcs
BEASLEY, Elsie, 2, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
BALHATCHET, Thomas Dashwood, 48, (M), Butcher, Evesham, Worcs
BALHATCHET, Olive Maria, (Née TANNER), 38, (M), Wife of Thomas Dashwood, Lymington, Hants
BALHATCHET, Thomas M, 17, (S), Draper Apprentice, Blockley, Worcs
BALHATCHET, Dashwood Albert, 10, Blockley, Worcs
BROWN, John, 17, (S), Nephew, Butcher, Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, Dora, 14, Domestic Servant, Aston Magna, Worcs

Royal Oak Inn (Now a private house)
ALLEN, George, 48, (M), Head, Inn Keeper, Blockley, Worcs
ALLEN, Ann, 48, (M), Wife of George, Winchcombe, Glos
ALLEN, Kate, 12, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
SMITH, William B., 62, (M), Head, Carpenter, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Elizabeth B., (Née BEARCROFT), 65 (M), Wife of William B, Blockley, Worcs
HAYES, Olive A., 11, Blockley, Worcs
HAYES, Ettie M., 9, Grand Daughter, Birmingham

High Street
PAIN, Henry, 72, (M), Head, Carpenter, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Ann, 67, (Née COOK), (M), Wife of Henry, House Worker, Stanton, Winchcombe, Glos
COOK, Mary 100, (W), Mother of Ann Paine, Bedridden, Cleeve Prior, Worcs
PAIN, Herbert, 23, son (S), Bread Baker, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
ADAMS, Frederick G., 33, (M), Head, Grocer & Draper Shopkeeper, Wootton Wawen, Warwicks
ADAMS, Josephine J, 34, (M), Wife of Frederick G., Banbury, Oxon
ADAMS, Dorothy, 8, St. Sepulchre, Northants
ADAMS, Donald H.B., 2, Blockley, Worcs
MACHIN, Ruth, 17, (S), Boarder, Drapers Assistant, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs
BIGGERSTAFF, Elizabeth, 14, (S), Domestic Servant, Draycott, Worcs

High Street
NOBES, Louis, 32, Head, Coal Agent, Blockley, Worcs
NOBES, Hannah, 31, (M), Wife of Louis, Upton Snodsbury, Worcs

High Street
WARNER, Lewis, 42, (M), Head, Slater & Plasterer, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Celia, 42, (M), Wife of Lewis, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Arthur, 13, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Amy, 9, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Charles, 6, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Lewis, 3, Blockley, Worcs

High Street
HALE-KEEN, Moses, 74 (W), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
HALE-KEEN, Fanny, 31, (S), Blockley, Worcs

High Street
WAITE, Robert Frederick, 41, (M), Head, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WAITE, Jane, 43, (Née RANDELL), (M), Wife of Robert Frederick, Blockley, Worcs
RANDALL, William S., 15, Son of Jane Waite, Blockley, Worcs
RANDALL, Gertrude L., 10, Daughter of Jane Waite, Blockley, Worcs
RANDALL, Harry, 8, Son of Jane Waite, Blockley, Worcs

Crown Hotel
CHAINEY, Frederick William, 17, Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Charles Edward, 14, Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
YATES, Jane, 38, Sister-in-Law, House Keeper, Burmington, Warwicks
JEFFS, Amelia, 15, Domestic Servant, Brailes, Warwicks

The Post Office (Then next to The Crown and now part of The Crown Hotel)
POWELL, Eliza Susan, 59, (M) Head, Post Mistress, Blockley, Worcs
POWELL, James, 50, (M), Husband of Eliza Susan, Carpenter, Kidlington, Oxon
BEAVINGTON, Lucy, 20, (S) Niece, Post Office Clerk, Ebrington, Glos
HAYES, Evelyn L.B., 7, Niece, Birmingham
PAYNE, Alice M., 15, Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

Stationers Shop
Not Occupied
Middle House, High Street
COULLING, Anna M., 43, (S), Head, Confectioner & Baker, Milton-under-Wychwood
BARNES, Emma, 19, (S), Servant, Milton-under-Wychwood

Bonanza (Later known as the Bon Marché now Widdowes Close)
TRANTRUM, Herbert, 55, (W), Head, Draper, Ludlow, Salop
BROTHERIDGE, Emma A., 42, (S), Sister in Law, Tewkesbury, Glos
BROTHERIDGE, Frances, 24, (S), Visitor, Bath, Somerset

Umpire House, High Street later a Butchers shop now Halfway House)
GRAY, William A., 70, (M), Head, Retired Farmer, Inn Keeper & Wine Merchant, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
MORRIS, Elizabeth, 57, (S), House Keeper, Kineton, Warwicks

High Street
TAYLOR, Daniel, 56, (M), Stone Mason, Chipping Campden, Glos
TAYLOR, Jane, 42, (M), Wife of Daniel, Draycott, Worcs

SHARPE, Lizzie, 35, (M), Head, Wife of Army Reservist at Front, Draycott, Worcs
ROUSE, Ethel, 13, Daughter, Blockley, Worcs
ROUSE, Hilda, 6, Niece, Blockley, Worcs
SHARPE, Llewellyn, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Arlington Row, High Street
BEECHEY, Edwin, 59, (M), Head, Fishmonger, Blockley, Worcs
BEECHEY, Hannah, 58, (M), Wife of Edwin, Highworth, Wilts
EASTBURY, David, 38, (S), Lodger, Discharged Soldier, Blockley, Worcs
IRWINE, Joseph, 14, Lodger, Fishmongers Errand Boy, Blockley, Worcs

Rock Bank, Upper High Street
WALLING, Charles, 54, (M), Head, Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
WALLING, Kezia, 53, (Née POOLE), (M), Wife of Charles, Newtown, Glos
WALLING, Emma M., 23, (S), Cook, Blockley, Worcs

Rock Bank, Upper High Street
HICKS, Patience, 73, (W), Head, On Parish Relief, Newtown, Glos
WALLING, Ada L., 12, Grand Daughter, Blockley, Worcs

Rock Bank, Upper High Street
BULL, Ellen, 76, (W), Head, Paralysed, Blockley, Worcs
BULL, Herbert N.C., 55, (S), Son of Ellen, General Draper, Blockley, Worcs
BULL, Albina L., 42, (S), Music Teacher, Blockley, Worcs

Rock Bank, Upper High Street
HALFORD, Charles, 80, (M), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs
HALFORD, Dinah, (Née BUTLER), 74, (M), Wife of Charles, Blockley, Worcs
HALFORD, Millicent, 30, (S), Aston Magna, Worcs
HALFORD, Gabriel, 19, (S), Grand Son of Charles, Gardener, Aston Magna, Worcs

Upper High Street
WEBB, Joseph Henry, 53, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Maria, 42, (Née FRANKLIN), (M), Wife of Joseph H., Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
ROBBINS, Henry, 80, (W), Head, Peddler/Hawker, Wickhamford, Worcs

Upper High Street
SHEPHERD, William, 61, (M), Head, Yardman on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
SHEPHERD, Felicia, 57, (M), Wife of William, Broadway, Worcs
SHEPHERD, Edwin, 17, (S), Iron Moulder, Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
HOWELL, James, 72, (M), Head, Wood Hoop Maker, Stourport, Worcs
HOWELL, Mary, 71, (M), Wife of James, Clunn, Salop

Day’s Lane
HIGGS, Alfred, 49, (M), Head, Groom, Winchcombe, Glos
HIGGS, Fanny, 48, (M), Wife of Alfred, Blockley , Worcs
HIGGS, Fred, 13, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
HIGGS, Hilda S., 3 Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
WEBB, Matilda, 50, (W), Head, Caretaker of School, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Jim, 23, (S), Railway Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Mabel, 14, Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
WIGGINS, Benjamin, 59, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WIGGINS, Sarah, (Née SHEPHERD), 59, (M), Wife of Benjamin, Blockley, Worcs
WIGGINS, Frederick, 18, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
HOWES, Emily, 34, (W), Head, On Parish Allowance, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
HOWES, Kate, 8, Blockley, Worcs
HOWES, Harold, 7, Kidderminster, Worcs
HOWES, Alice, 5, Blockley, Worcs
HOWES, Gladys, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
WRAGGE, Emma, 60, (W), Head, Partly on Parish Allowance, Blockley, Worcs

Day’s Lane
SHEPHERD, Charles, 26, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
SHEPHERD, Alice, 26, (M), Wife of Charles, Cranham, Glos

Day’s Lane
GASSIDE, Elizabeth, 47, (W), Head, Charwoman, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Florence M., 17, (S), Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Charles E., 14, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Ethel M., 12, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Kate M., 6, Blockley, Worcs

Dovedale Farm
SMITH, Maria, 69, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
SMITH, George Cresens, 40, (S), Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Thomas H., 37, (S), Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
SMITH, Sarah R., 29, (S), Blockley, Worcs
MILLS, Edith, 14, Domestic Servant, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos

Upper High Street
HARRIS, Emmaline, 72, (W), Head, Chipping Campden, Glos

Red Lion Inn (Now a private House)
HALE, Henry, 62, (M), Head, Publican & Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Elizabeth, (Née CLARK), 61, (M), Wife of Henry, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Algie, 22, (S), Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Ellen, 27, (S), Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Kate, 24, (S), Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
KEYTE, Charlotte, 61, (W), Head, Broadway, Worcs
KEYTE, Cecil, 14, Grand Son, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
EDEN, Emily, 37, (W), Head, (Widow of Edwin EDEN) Laundress, Lydney, Glos
EDEN, Ethel, 13, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Tina, 11, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Millicent, 9, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Edwin, 7, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
PAIN, Thomas, 38, (M), Head, House Porter, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Annie, 39, (M), Wife of Thomas, Todenham, Glos
PAIN, Thomas, 17, (S), House Painters Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Algernon, 13, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Sophia, 10, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Maria, 7, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Alice, 5, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Alex, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
CARTER, Joseph, 76, (M), Head, Paralysed, Lynham, Oxon
CARTER, Sarah, 78, (M), Wife of Joseph, Ramsden, Oxon
CARTER, Ruby, 18, (S), Grand Daughter, Blockley, Worcs
HIGGS, Charles, 29, (S), Boarder, Wood Haulier, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
CARTER, William, 36, (M), Head, Engine Driver, Birmingham
CARTER, Harriet, 31, (M), Wife of William, Tuckley, Oxon

Upper High Street
HITCHMAN, John, 24, (M), Head, Groom & Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
HITCHMAN, Lillian Maria, (Née HARRIS), 34, (M), Wife of John, Dressmaker, Blockley, Worcs
HARRIS, Edwin C., 7, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
REEVES, Emma, 51, (S), Head, Charwoman, Blockley, Worcs

Upper High Street
TIMMS, Charles, 70, (M), Head, Retired General Labourer, Great Rissington, Glos
TIMMS, Caroline, 49, (M), Wife of Charles, Washerwoman, Blockley, Worcs
TIMMS, Charles, 15, Carters Boy, Small Thorns, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
TIMMS, Minnie, 12, Small Thorns, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
TIMMS, Albert, 6, Blockley, Worcs

Woodside Cottage, Upper High Street
PAIN, Richard Snr, 45, (M), Head, Gardeners Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Sarah, 43, (M), Wife of Richard, Coventry
PAIN, Richard Jnr, 20, (S), Piano Forte Maker, Birmingham
PAIN, Henry M., 19, (S), General Day Labourer, Birmingham
PAIN, Leah, 10, School, Birmingham
PAIN, Gertrude, 7, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Marion O., 6, Blockley, Worcs
PAIN, Agnes H., 4, Blockley, Worcs

Warren Gate, Upper High Street
FIGGURES, Elizabeth A., 73, (W), Head, Retired Laundress, Warwick
FIGGURES, Alfred, 27, (S), General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Fish Cottage, Upper High Street
WEBB, Edward J., 70, (W), Head, Retired Painter, Newent, Glos
WEBB, Amelia A, 34, Dau. (S), Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
VENVELL, Alice M., 30, Dau. (M), Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
VENVELL, Thomas E., Grand Son, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos

Dovedale Cottage
WILKES, Sebright G., 62, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Upper Addey, Staffs

Warren Cottage
EDEN, Charles, 72, (W), Head, Retired Woodsman, Draycott, Worcs
EDEN, Elizabeth, 46, (S), House Keeper, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Alfred, 29, (S), Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Arthur, 25, (S), Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Laura, 18, Grand Daughter, Day School Teacher, Cheltenham, Glos

Warren Farm Cottage
WARNER, Peter, 65, (W), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Albert, 20, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Dovedale Lodge
HANCOCK, John, 62, (M), Head, Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
HANCOCK, Elizabeth, 62, (M), Wife of John, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos

Dingle Lodge (Demolished in the 1960’s)
BROOKS, William, 71, (M), Head, Retired Jockey, Deaf, Shrewsbury, Salop
BROOKS, Harriet, 62, (M), Wife of William, Winchcombe, Glos
BROOKS, Robert, 24, (S), Grand Son, Agricultural Labourer, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
Old Jockey Stables Cottages
COX, George, 66, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Oddington, Glos
COX, Esther, 70, (M), Wife of George, Snowshill, Glos

Old Jockey Stables Cottages
TURNER, Richard, 31, (M), Head, Estate Carpenter, Snowshill, Glos
TURNER, Alice, 31, (M), Wife of Richard, Bledington, Glos
TURNER, James, 9, School Boy, Snowshill, Glos
TURNER, Walter, 6, Snowshill, Glos
TURNER, Alice, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Old Jockey Stables Cottages
FRANKLIN, Jane, 78, (W), Head, Shirt Maker, Barton-on-the-Heath, Warwicks
FRANKLIN, Alice, 15, Grand Daughter, London

Old Jockey Stables Cottages
STYLES, Charles Snr, 48, (M), Head, Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs.
STYLES, Jane, 50, (M), Wife of Charles, Cherrington, Warwicks
STYLES, Walter, 15, Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
STYLES, Maurice, 12, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
STYLES, William, 9, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
STYLES, Charles Jnr, 6, School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
PRATT, Daniel, 15, Grand Son, Stone Quarry Worker, Blockley, Worcs

Old Jockey Stables Cottages
ARCHER, Walter Snr, 40, (M), Head, Carter, Church Lench, Worcs
ARCHER, Sarah, 54, (M), Wife of Walter, Norton, Worcs
ARCHER, Walter Jnr, 11, Binton, Warwicks
EMMS, Bertha, 15, Niece, Norton, Worcs

Old Jockey Stables Cottages
COX, Albert, 47, (M), Head, Carter, Seven Wells, Broadway, Worcs
COX, Elizabeth, 36, (M), Wife of Albert, Laundress, Silverstone, Northants

The Laundry Old Jockey Stables (Demolished in the 1960’s)
HOOPER, Blanche, 32, (S), Head, Laundry Maid, West Looe, Cornwall
STONE, Bessie, 22, (S), Laundry Maid, Wyke Regis, Dorset

End of Old Jockey Stables
TURNER, Richard, 44, (M), Head, Shepherd, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
TURNER, Mary, 44, (M), Wife of Richard, Great Woolford, Warwicks
TURNER, George, 12, Agricultural Labourer, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
TURNER, William, 9, School Boy, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
Farther Upton Wold Farm House
Not Occupied

Farther Upton Wold Cottages
EASTBURY, Oliver Snr, 45, (M), Head, Hay Cutter, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Alice, 34, (M), Wife of Oliver, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Oliver Jnr, 14, Plough Boy, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, William, 12, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, George, 11, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Beatrice, 8, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Gertrude, 5, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, James, 4, Blockley, Worcs
EASTBURY, Walter, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Farther Upton Wold Cottages
BETTERIDGE, Henry, 49, (M), Head, Shepherd, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Amelia, 43, (M), Wife of Henry, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Charles, 16, Shepherd, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Harold, 15, General Labourer, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Frederick, 12, School, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Herbert, 8, School, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
BETTERIDGE, Francis, 6, Blockley, Worcs
BETTERIDGE, Ernest, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Hill Barn Cottage
TAYLOR, John, 45, (M), Head, Carter, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Annie, 47, (M), Wife of John, Chipping Campden, Glos
TAYLOR, William, 22, (S), Carter, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Charles, 19, (S), Bullock Driver on Farm, Broad Campden, Glos
TAYLOR, Lizzie, 12, School, Blockley, Worcs

Northwick Plantation Lodge
SARGEANT, Charles, 43, (M), Head, Game Keeper, Maryland, Suffolk
SARGEANT, Augusta, 29, (M), Wife of Charles, Winfield, Sussex
SARGEANT, Charles H., 4, Moseley, Leics

Hither Upton Wold Farm
ARKELL, Ernest W., 31, (M), Head, Farmer, Frogmore, Glos
ARKELL, Mary A., 26, (M), Wife of Ernest W., Salford, Oxon
ARKELL, Kathleen M., 2 months, Blockley, Worcs
ARKELL, Louisa M., 26, Sister of Ernest W., Frogmore, Glos
MUMFORD, Gertrude, 17, (S), Domestic Servant, London

Upton Wold Farm Cottages
BEASLEY, John, 22, (M), Head, Carter, Blockley, Worcs
BEASLEY, Minnie, 23, (M), Wife of John, Bantry, Ireland
BEASLEY, James, 1, Blockley, Worcs

Upton Wold Farm Lamb Cottages
PHIPPS, Joseph, 60, (M), Head, Cowman, Slaughter, Glos
PHIPPS, Sarah, 54, (M), Wife of Joseph, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
PHIPPS, Henry, 19, (S), Under Carter, Condicote, Glos
PHIPPS, Walter, 15, General Farm Worker, Heath Hill, Glos
PHIPPS, Sydney, 11, School Boy, Horns Leasow, Glos

Upton Wold Farm Lamb Cottages
KIBBLEWHITE, John, 31, (M), Head, Shepherd, Owstaple, Herefordshire
KIBBLEWHITE, Florence, 27, (M), Wife of John, Kirtlington, Oxon
KIBBLEWHITE, Reginald, 5, Maisy Hampton, Glos
KIBBLEWHITE, Harriet, 3, Coln St. Aldwyns, Glos
KIBBLEWHITE, Wilfred, 11 months, Blockley, Worcs

Holt Cottages
FARMER, John, 54, (M), Head, Shepherd, Asthall, Oxon
FARMER, Sarah, 52, (M), Wife of John, Burford, Oxon

Holt Cottages
GASSIDE, John, 55, (M), Carter, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Harriet, (Née WEBB), 44, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Alwyn, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Herbert, 17, (S), School Boy, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Ida, 10, School Girl, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Frederick, 8, School Boy, Suffering from Paralysis, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Edith, 4, Blockley, Worcs
GASSIDE, Annie, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Northwick Hill Farm House
DOWLER, James, 46, (M), Head, Stockman, Roll Hill, Glos
DOWLER, Mary Ann, (Née GARDNER), 43, (M), Wife of James, Draycott, Worcs
DOWLER, Sarah Ann, 18, (S), Dumb from Birth, Lower Swell, Glos
DOWLER, William G., 17, (S), Carter, Upper Slaughter, Glos
DOWLER, Charles F., 15, Shepherd, Upper slaughter, Glos
DOWLER, Beatrice, 13, Longborough, Glos
DOWLER, Laura Mary, 10, School Girl. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks
DOWLER, Frank E., 7 months, Blockley, Worcs

Hangman’s Hall Cottages
COLDICOTT, Underhill, 27, (M), Head, Carter, Honeybourne, Worcs
COLDICOTT, Frances A, 20, (M), Wife of Underhill, Blockley, Worcs
COLDICOTT, Wilson, 1, Honeybourne, Worcs
COLDICOTT, Richard, 4 months, Wolford, Warwicks
LOVATT, Frances, 80, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Albany, New York, USA

Park Farm
((Not Occupied))

Park Farm
STRANGE, Thomas A., 28, (M), Head, Stoker at Iron Works, Oxford
STRANGE, Annie E., 25, (M), Wife of Thomas A., Cumner, Bucks
STRANGE, Florence M., 1, Blockley, Worcs

Park Farm
HARRIS, John, 56, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Stow-on-the-Wold, Glos
HARRIS, Christiana, 62, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs
BAXTER, Cyril, Nephew, 13, Cheltenham, Glos

Park Farm
HALE, Henry C., 49, (M), Head, Stone Mason, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos

Park Farm
DAVENPORT, Matthew Henry, 26, (M), Head, Rural Postman, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
DAVENPORT, Ellen, (Née KIMBREY), 26, (M), Wife of Matthew Henry, Blockley, Worcs
DAVENPORT, Augustine H.N., 4, Blockley, Worcs
DAVENPORT, Harold, M, 1, Blockley, Worcs

GODSON, Maria, (Née COTHER), 81, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs
GILL, Frances E., (Née GODSON), 60, (W), Daughter of Maria Godson, Blockley, Worcs

LLOYD, Eliza, 60, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Lambourne Berks

RAWLINGS, Harriet, 55, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Great Wolford, Warwicks
MALPAS, Annie, 34, (M), Niece of Harriet Rawlings, Great Wolford, Warwicks
MALPAS, Dorothy W., 2, Great Niece of Harriet Rawlings, Hornsey, Middlesex

MINORS, Edward, 55, (M), Head, Baker, Pimlico, London
MINORS, Mary A., 50, (M), Wife of Edward, Blockley, Worcs
MINORS, George, 11, Blockley, Worcs

Park Farm
SIMCOX, Ellen, 75, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

Park Farm
EDEN, George, 48, (M), Head, General Labourer, Lower Swell, Glos
EDEN, Caroline, 47, (M), Wife of George, Sherborne, Glos
EDEN, Arthur, 21, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Oddington, Glos
EDEN, Eleanor K., 11, Blockley, Worcs
EDEN, Ethel M., 7, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane (Formerly Edge Lane now Park Road)
PULLEY, Alfred C., 38, (M), Head, Timber Faller & Measurer, Broadway, Worcs
PULLEY, Polly E., 42, (M), Wife of Alfred C., Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks
PULLEY, Charles W., 12, Great Wolford, Warwicks
PULLEY, Harold G., 6, Great Wolford, Warwicks
PULLEY, Archie P., 3, Great Wolford, Warwicks

Park Lane
HOPES, Ernest William Franklin, 27, (M), Head, House Painter & Paper Hanger, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Gertrude Annie (Née KEEN), 26, (M), Wife of Ernest, Blockley, Worcs
HOPES, Louise 1, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
KEMPSON, Hannah E., 54, (W), Head, Halford Bridge, Warwicks
KEMPSON, Lettie, 18, (S), Pupil Teacher at School, Broadway, Worcs

Park Lane Park Walk Cottage
FISHER, Arthur, 34, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
FISHER, Hesther, 39, (M), Wife of Arthur, Longney, Glos
FISHER, Alfred, 13, Blockley, Worcs
FISHER, Annie, 10, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
BARBER, Joseph, 49, (M), Head, Slater & Plasterer, Blockley, Worcs
BARBER, Mary, 48, (M), Wife of Joseph, Sheldon, Herefordshire
BARBER, John H., 21, (S), House Painter, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
WIGGINGTON, William, 71, (M), Head, Cattleman, Blockley, Worcs
WIGGINGTON, Mary, 71, (M), Wife of William, Chipping Campden, Glos

Park Lane
STANLEY, Mary, 66, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
PHIPPS, John, 27, (M), Head, Journeyman Painter, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
PHIPPS, Alice, 28, (M), Wife of John, Alston, Worcs
PHIPPS, Roland, 4, Blockley, Worcs
PHIPPS, Dorothy, 1, Blockley, Worcs
PHIPPS, ‘Infant’ Son, under 1 month, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
HALE, Oscar, 47, (M), Head, Bricklayer, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Leah, 33, (M), Wife of Oscar, Ludlow, Salop
HALE, Alwyne, 10, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Edith, 9, Blockley, Worcs
HALE, Doris, 7, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Park Walk Cottage
ROLFE, Harry, 34, (M), Head, Baptist Minister, Oxford
ROLFE, Jessie, E., 31, (M), Wife of Harry, Oxford
ROLFE, Jessie G., 1, Tinton, Monmouthshire

Park Lane
MAYO, Charles, 64 (W), Head, Coachman in Service, Chipping Campden, Glos
MAYO, Ellen, 24, (S), Nurse, Sezincote, Glos
MAYO, George, 21, (S), Railway Locomotive Fireman, Sezincote, Glos
MAYO, Harriet, 19 (S), Dressmaker, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
RYLAND, Agnes, 40, (S), Head, Schoolmistress, Nailsea, Somerset

Park Lane
OAKLEY, Eliza, 77, (W), Head, Retired from Factory, Chipping Campden, Glos

Park Lane
WARNER, William Bloxham, Snr, 37, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Annie, (Née BEECHEY, formerly HARWOOD), 40, (M), Wife of William Snr, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER William Jnr, 5, Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Leonard, 4, Blockley, Worcs
BEECHEY, Israel, 73, (W), Father of Annie WARNER, Pensioned Gardener, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
KEEN, Charles, 74, (W), Head, Bricklayer, Blockley, Worcs
KEEN, Joshua, 37, (S), General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
PAYNE, George, 45, (M), Head, Market Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
PAYNE, Eliza, (Née WIGGINTON), 44, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Frederick, 28 (S), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
KEEN, Elizabeth, 55, (W), Head, Grocer Shopkeeper, Worcester
KEEN, Beatrice A., 19, Pupil Teacher, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
SMITH, Caroline, 73, (W), Head, Laundress, Weston Subedge, Glos
SMITH, Mary, 42, (S), Suffers Epileptic Fits, Birmingham

Park Lane
KEEN, Elizabeth, 66, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Park Place
WESTMACOTT, Hannah, 43, (S), Head, Coal Merchant. Blockley, Worcs
WESTMACOTT, William A., 54, Brother of Hannah, Coal Merchant Blockley, Worcs
WESTMACOTT, Walter, 46 (S), Brother of Hannah, Carpenter Blockley, Worcs
WARNER, Mary, 77 (S), Boarder, Living on own Means, Charlecote, Warwicks

Park Lane Park House
BASSET, Ann, 64, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Rochester, Kent
HOMAN, Julia E., 51, (S), Sister of Ann Basset, Living on own Means, Rochester, Kent
JAMES, Sarah, 38, (S), Domestic Servant, Chipping Campden, Glos

Park Lane Park Villa
WESTMACOTT, Charles W.G., 72, (W), Head, Retired Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
WESTMACOTT, Mary A., 40, (S), Weston Subedge, Glos
WESTMACOTT, Susannah, 38, (S), Weston Subedge, Glos

Park Lane
PHILLIPS, Ann, 77, (W), Head, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
STOWE, John H., 48, (M), Head, Carpenter, Brailes, Warwicks
STOWE, Annie, 44, (M), Wife of John H., Brailes, Warwicks
STOWE, Ada A., 15, Brailes, Warwicks
STOWE, Ernest J, 14, Errand Boy in Estate Yard, Brailes, Warwicks
STOWE, William H., 11, Blockley, Worcs
STOWE, Lillian, 1, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
HOLMES, Pickering D., 55, (M), Head, Piano Forte Maker, Keighley, Yorks
HOLMES, Harriet, A., 52, (M), Wife of Pickering D., Aston Magna, Worcs
HOLMES, Frank, 23, (S), Gardener, Bradford, Yorks
Park Lane
LEDBETTER, William, 55, (M), Head, Boot Maker, Blockley, Worcs
LEDBETTER, Sarah, (Née DAVIS), 51, (M), Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Norcombe House
CHAINEY, William Frederick, 45, (M), Head, Farmer & Publican, Tenterden, Kent
CHAINEY, Sarah, 43, (Née YATES), Brownhills, Staffs
CHAINEY, William Henry, 15, Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Arthur J, 13, Farmers Son, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Harry George, 11, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Lionel Wilson, 10, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Mabel Beatrice, 9, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Annie Gertrude, 8, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Edgar Francis, 7, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Augusta Blanche, 6, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Hilda Grace, 5, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, James Douglas, 3, Blockley, Worcs
CHAINEY, Sarah Winifred, 2, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Florence, 15, Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
STOWE, William T., 38, (M), Head, Carpenter, Paxford, Worcs
STOWE, Joanna, 37, (M), Wife of William T., Hanford-on-Tame, Worcs
STOWE, Charles T., 9, Blockley, Worcs
STOWE, Henry, 72), (W), Father of William T, Farm Bailiff, Brailes, Warwicks

Park Lane
CLIFFORD, George, 71, (M), Head, Builder, Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
CLIFFORD, Caroline, (Née POWELL), 69, (M), Wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
CLIFFORD, Alonzo G., 35, (S), Clerk to his father, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Albert Cottages
WEBB, Thomas, 70, (M), Head, Coal Carter, Blockley, Worcs
WEBB, Harriet, (Née WESTON), 68, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane
TURVEY, Harry, 42, (M), Head, Bricklayer, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Jane, 40, (M), Wife of Harry, Stoulton, Worcs
TURVEY, Frank, 17, (S), Bricklayer, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Arthur, 15, Grocery Shop Boy, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Alfred, 11, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, George, 9, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Tom, 2, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Albert Cottages
ELLIS, Charles, 54, (M), head, Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Eliza, (Née WESTON), 55, (M), Wife of Charles, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane Albert Cottages
WITHERS, Catherine, 66, (W), Head, Blockley, Worcs
TURVEY, Fanny, 12, Visitor, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane No 8, Cromwell Terrace
ELLIS, Henry, 34, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Mary A., 25, (M), Wife of Henry, Stow-on-the-Wold
ELLIS, Harold, 2, Blockley, Worcs
ELLIS, Albert, 1, Blockley, Worcs
Park Lane No 7, Cromwell Terrace
BEECHEY, Robert, 59, (M), Head, Gardener, Blockley, Worcs
BEECHEY, Maria, (Née BAYLEY), 56, (M), Wife of Robert, Blockley, Worcs

Park Lane No 6, Cromwell Terrace
TAYLOR, John Snr, 51, (M), Head Fishmonger, Chipping Campden, Glos
TAYLOR, Ann, (Née WEBB), 49, (M), Wife of John Snr, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Frank, 21, (S), Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Ellen, 18, (S), Housemaid, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, John Jnr, 14, Farm Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Beatrice, 12, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Rosa, 7, Blockley, Worcs
Park Lane No 5, & 2, Cromwell Terrace
((Not Occupied)

Park Lane No 4, Cromwell Terrace
GRINNELL, Caroline, 73 (W), Head, Living on own Means, Broadway, Worcs

Park Lane No 3, Cromwell Terrace
EDGINGTON, George, 27, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Rose E., 25, (M), Wife of George, Broad Campden, Glos

Park Lane No 1 Cromwell Terrace
TAPP, 74, (M), Head, Stone Waller, Broad Campden, Glos
TAPP, Eliza, 68, (M), Wife of William, Midwife, Edgworth, Glos

Park Lane North End (Later the Manse home of Baptist Minister)
MEADOWS, Sarah E., 80, (S), Living on own Means, Buckland, Glos
MEADOWS, Mary A., 39, Cousin of Sarah E., Broadway, Worcs

KEYTE, Richard, 72, (W), Head, Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Ellen, 39, (S), Bottle Washer at Cider Factory, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Charles, 5, Grand Son of Richard, Blockley, Worcs

WILLIAMS, Alfred, 41 (W), Head, Railway Signalman, Claines, Worcs

BROAD, Thomas, 62, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Bretforton, Worcs
BROAD, Emma, (Née BEEZLEY), 63, (M), Wife of Thomas, Paxford, Worcs
FARMAN, Elsie, 14, Grand Daughter of Thomas Broad, Wickhamford, Worcs

HIATT, Annie, 46, (S), Head, Living on own Means, Willersey, Glos

SIMMONDS, Luke Day, 37, (M), Head, Railway Signalman, , Worcs
SIMMONDS, Flora, (Née JEFFREY), 35, (M), Wife of Luke Day, Paxford, Worcs
SIMMONDS, Millicent M., 10, Paxford, Worcs
SIMMONDS, Joseph W., 9, Paxford, Worcs
JOHNSON, Sam A., 22, (S), Boarder, Clerk at Cider Factory, Barby, Northants

TAPLIN, Charlotte, 52, (W), Head, Paxford, Worcs
BENNETT, William, 33, (M), Son of Charlotte Coachman, Paxford, Worcs
BENNETT, Josephine, 32, (M), Wife of William, Bow, London
BENNETT, James, 25, (S), Haulier & Farmer, Paxford, Worcs
HEMMING, Mary, 66, (W), Sister of Charlotte Taplin, Paxford, Worcs

CURRELL, Albert, 24, (S), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
CURRELL, Elizabeth, 51, (S), Sister of Albert, Paxford, Worcs
CURRELL, Eliza, 58, (M), Sister in law of Albert Advill, Ombersley, Worcs
CURRELL, Ada, 17, (S), Domestic Servant, Droitwich, Worcs

PLUMMER, George, 30, (M), Head, Carter, Pendaren, N.Wales
PLUMMER, Mary, 27, (M), Wife of George, Evesham, Worcs
PLUMMER, Susan E., 5, Harborne, Worcs
PLUMMER, Gladys M., 3, Harborne, Worcs

WARING, Thomas, 30, (M), Head, Brickyard Labourer, Ebrington, Glos
WARING, Mary Jane, (Née BEEZELEY), 40, (M), Wife of Thomas, Paxford, Worcs

SUTTON, Jeremiah, 51, (M), Head, Pig Killer & Butcher, Darlingscott, Worcs
SUTTON, Emma, (Née TAPLIN), 49, (M), Wife of Jeremiah, Paxford, Worcs

TAPLIN, George Snr, 60, (M), Head, Railway Plate Layer, Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, Harriett, 60, (M), Wife of George, Walford, Warwicks
TAPLIN, Jane, 32, (S), Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, George Jnr 23, (S), General Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, Harry, 22, (S), Bakers Assistant, Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, Alfred, 13, Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, Albert, 7, Paxford, Worcs
TAPLIN, Arthur, 6, Paxford, Worcs

FLETCHER, Charles, 44, (M), Head, Steam Saw Engine Driver, Hidcote, Glos
FLETCHER, Mary, (Née TAYLOR), 39, (M), Wife, Draycott, Worcs
FLETCHER, Rose, 12, Paxford, Worcs
FLETCHER, Aldwin, 11, Paxford, Worcs
FLETCHER, Joyce, 8, Paxford, Worcs

SLATTER, Patience, (Née GIBBS), (W), Head, Living on own Means, Whichford, Warwicks
WHEELER, Mabel G., 21 (S), Companion Help, Broom, Warwicks
WINSETT, Jane E., 13, (S), Domestic Servant, Alcester, Warwicks

FLETCHER, William, 79, (m), Head, Machinist & Farmer, Hidcote, Glos
FLETCHER, Anna, 77, (M), Wife of William, Hidcote, Glos
FLETCHER, Anna, 7, Grand Daughter, Paxford, Worcs

NEWMAN, George R., 43, Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Emma, 44, (M), Wife of George, Charingworth, Glos
NEWMAN, Albert G., 20, (S), Signalman/Porter, Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Mary E., 18, (S), Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Ada, 16, Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Harry, 13, Cattle Boy on Farm, Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Elsie, 10, Paxford, Worcs
NEWMAN, Robert G., 6, Paxford, Worcs
STEVENS, William, 18, (S), Groom, Paxford, Worcs

TOMBS, Henry, 75, (M), Head, General Labourer, Wheatley, Oxon
TOMBS, Mary, 73, (M), Wife of Henry, Broad Campden, Glos

BAYLISS, William, 63, (M), Head, General Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
BAYLISS, Jane Maria, (Née TAPLIN), 61, Wife of William, Blockley, Worcs
BAYLISS, Eliza, 27, (S), Domestic Servant, Paxford, Worcs
BOWEN, James, 20, (S), Railway Porter, Stourport, Worcs

SLATTER, James, 40, (M), Head, Farmer, Paxford, Worcs
SLATTER, Alice Octavia, (Née ROBERTS), 49, (M), wife of James, Water Ferry, Oxon
SLATTER, James H., 10, Paxford, Worcs
SLATTER, Kathleen M., 7, Paxford, Worcs
SLATTER, Alice A., 3, Paxford, Worcs
HOPKINS, Ellen, 18, (S), Domestic Servant, Saintbury, Glos
SHARP, Annette, 14, (S), Domestic Servant, Chipping Campden, Glos

WILKERSON, Miriam, 53, (W), Head, Boarding House Keeper, Lower Slaughter, Glos
WILKERSON, Jessie M, 25, (S), Paralysed, Barley, Hants
WILKERSON, Eleanor, 21, (S), Bray, Berks
FIGGURES, John F., 77, (M), Boarder, Living on own Means, Blockley, Worcs
FIGGURES, Janet, 77, (M), Bridgnorth, Salop

HAWCUTT, Thomas, 32, (M), Head, Railway Labourer, Ebrington, Glos
HAWCUTT, Ann, 31, (M), Wife of Thomas, Halford Bridge, Warwicks
HAWCUTT, Dorothy, 6, Paxford, Worcs
HAWCUTT, Charles, 4, Paxford, Worcs
HAWCUTT, Frank, 4 months, Paxford, Worcs
RIMELL, Eleanor, 29, (S), Visitor, Halford Bridge, Warwicks

BRADSELL, Catherine, 42, (W), Head, Grocer/Shopkeeper, Pimlico, London
BRADSELL, Adelaide, 18, (S), Brondesbury, London

SHARP, John, 54, (M), Head, Baker & Rate Collector, Paxford, Worcs
SHARP, Mary A., 50, (M), Wife of John, Senegambia, W. Africa

KEYTE, Charles Snr, 55, (M), Head, Wheelwright & Carpenter, Blockley, Worcs
KEYTE, Sarah Ann, 56, (Née TARPLETT), (M), Wife of Charles Snr, Paxford, Worcs
KEYTE, Charles Jnr, 15, Paxford, Worcs
KEYTE, Mary, 13, Paxford, Worcs
KEYTE, Frank, 9, Paxford, Worcs

WEBB, George, 44, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
WEBB, Harriet, (Née FLETCHER), 42, (M), Wife of George, Hidcote, Glos
WEBB, William, 18, (S), Carter, Paxford, Worcs
WEBB, Edwin, 13, Bakers Assistant, Paxford, Worcs
WEBB, Harry, 11, Paxford, Worcs
WEBB, Victor, 10, Paxford, Worcs
WEBB, Prudence, 3, Paxford, Worcs

BEAZLEY, Thomas, 62, (M), Head, Agricultural Horseman on Farm, Blockley, Worcs
BEAZLEY, Elizabeth, 59, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
BEAZLEY, Sarah, 19, (S), Paxford, Worcs
BEAZLEY, Thomas, 15, Plough Boy, Paxford, Worcs

HEMMING, Harry, 33, (M), Head, Timber Sawyer, Paxford, Worcs
HEMMING, Anna, 34, (M), Wife of Harry, Bodington, Northants
HEMMING, Harry L., 4, Draycott, Worcs
HEMMING, Alec John, 8 months, Paxford, Worcs

NIND, Frederick, 58, (M), Head, Lieutenant Col. --- Artillery, S. Stoke, Oxon
NIND, Isabelle, 47, (M), Wife of Frederick, Dover, Kent
NIND, Isabella D., 22, (S), Woolwich, Kew, London
NIND, Margaret, A., 14, N. Devon
REEVES, Christine, L., 25, Governess at School, Hull, Yorks
CHURCHILL, Bertina, 25, (S), Cook, North Barrow, Somerset
WITHERS, Lucy, 22, (S), Housemaid, Andover, Hants
FOYLE, Mary Ann, 16, Housemaid, Andover, Hants

FLETCHER, Minnie, (Née RIGHTON, 48, (W), Ebrington, Glos
FLETCHER, William I, 25, (S), Machinist, Ebrington, Glos
FLETCHER, Patience, 18, (S), Paxford, Worcs
FLETCHER, Lucy, 12, Paxford, Worcs
FLETCHER, James, 10, Paxford, Worcs
FLETCHER, Gladys, 5, Paxford, Worcs
KEYTE, Harriett, 80, (W), Grandmother of Minnie Fletcher, Pebworth, Glos

HOLTOM, Dennis, 42, (M), Head, Farmer, Bledington, Worcs
HOLTOM, Elizabeth, M. H., 41, (M), Wife of Dennis, Ryde, Isle of Wight
BAYLISS, Ellen, 25, (S), Cook. Aston Magna, Worcs
JEFFRIES, Mary J., 25, (S), House Parlour Maid, Paxford, Worcs

BOOKER, Thomas, 50, (M), Head, Agricultural Labour, Down Compney, Glos
BOOKER, Sarah, 54, (M), Wife of Thomas, Barton-on-Heath, Warwicks
BOOKER, Bessie, 23, (S), Labourer at Cider Factory, Barton-on-Heath, Warwicks
BOOKER, John, 19, (S), General Labourer, Saroden Lodge, Oxon
HALL, George, 37, (S), Brother of Sarah Booker, Agricultural Labourer, Barton-on-Heath, Warwick

ALBURY, George, 27, (M), Head, Groom, Snitterfield, Warwicks
ALBURY, Elizabeth, 26, (M), Wife of George, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks
ALBURY, Emma, 5, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwicks
ALBURY, Henry, 4, Honeybourne, Worcs
ALBURY, Sarah Jane, 2, Paxford, Worcs
ALBURY, Reginald, 8 months, Paxford, Worcs

TOMBS, Joseph, 43, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
TOMBS, Sarah A., 47, (M), Wife of Joseph, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
TOMBS, Henry G, 15, Paxford, Worcs
TOMBS, Charles, 12, Paxford, Worcs
TOMBS, Walter G., 2, Paxford, Worcs

HALL, Ann, 85, (S), Head, Sutton, Warwicks
TARPLETT, Emily, 43, (S), Servant, Aston Magna, Worcs

TARPLETT, Thomas, 62, Baker, Paxford, Worcs
TARPLETT, Alice, 47, (M), Wife of Thomas, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
TARPLETT, Alice M., 23, (S), Paxford, Worcs
TARPLETT, Edith, 18, (S), Post Office Clerk, Paxford, Worcs
TARPLETT, William, 13, Paxford, Worcs
TARPLETT, Zillah, 8, Paxford, Worcs

SIGGERS, Benjamin, 44, (S), Head, Carter, Kirtlington, Oxon
PEACHEY, Elisha, 25, (S), Boarder, Carter, Blockley, Worcs
SALMON, Edward, 25, (S), Head, Assistant at Cider Factory, London

JEFFRY, Charles, 60, Head, Agricultural Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
JEFFRY, Harriet, 58, (M), Wife of Charles, Darlingscott, Worcs

SANDFORD, Frederick George, 31, (M), Head, Wheelwright & Carpenter, Kingham, Oxon
SANDFORD, Annie, (Née BEEZLEY), 31, (M), Wife of Frederick George, Paxford, Worcs
SANDFORD, Cecil W.F., 6, Draycott, Worcs
SANDFORD, Frederick Dennis George, 2, Draycott, Worcs
WILSON, Leonard H., 30, (S), Boarder, Farm Bailiff, Frome, Somerset

RICHARDSON, William, 75, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Charingworth, Glos
RICHARDSON, Lucy, 72, (M), Wife of William, Honnington, Warwicks

TURVEY, William, 50, (M), Head Agricultural Labourer, Ebrington, Glos
TURVEY, Patience, 19, (S), Paxford, Worcs
TURVEY, John, 13, Paxford, Worcs
TURVEY, Harold, 11, Paxford, Worcs
TURVEY, William, 9, Paxford, Worcs

GARDNER, John, 36, (M), Head, Drayman at Cider Factory, Blockley, Worcs
GARDNER, Emma, (Née BISHOP), 44, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs

HARRIS, Stephen Snr, 46, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Emma, (Née SALMONS), 44, (M), Wife of Stephen, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
HARRIS, John, 16, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Stephen Jnr, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Herbert, 13, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Charles, 11, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Amy P. 9, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Daisy J., 4, Paxford, Worcs
HARRIS, Clarence, 1, Paxford, Worcs

BALDWIN, John E., 47, (M), Head, Farmer, Willington, Glos
BALDWIN, Sarah Ann, 44, (M), Wife of John E., Hidcote, Glos
BALDWIN, Constance, 14, Ebrington, Glos
BALDWIN, William, 12, Ebrington, Glos
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, 80, (W), Mother of John E., Ebrington
WELLS, Mary E., 15, Visitor, Winston, Glos

PEACHEY, John, 75, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Sarsden, Oxon
PEACHEY, Mary Ann, 49, (M), Wife of John, Wolford, Warwicks
PEACHEY, Lily, 12, Bran Mill, Worcs
PEACHEY, Sarah Ann, 9, Draycott, Worcs
PEACHEY, Daisy, 1, Grand daughter, Paxford, Worcs

PEACHEY, Joseph, 24, (M), Head, Shepherd, Blockley, Worcs
PEACHEY, Emma, Emma, 29, (M), Wife of Joseph, Whichford, Warwicks
PEACHEY, Ernest, 10 months, Whichford, Warwicks
HARTWELL, Fred, 58, (S), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs

JAKEMAN, Thomas George, 42, (M), Head, Railway Station Master, Handsborough, Oxon
JAKEMAN, Mary Ann, 41, (M), Wife of Thomas George, Evesham, Worcs
JAKEMAN, Alan G.,16, Railway Clerk, Blockley, Worcs
JAKEMAN, Marion, 14, School Teacher, Blockley, Worcs
JAKEMAN, Winifred, 12, Blockley, Worcs
WILCOX, Florence, 26, (S), Boarder, School Mistress, Leigh-on-Mendip, Somerset

REYNOLDS, Joseph Cresens, 49, (M), Head, Farmer, Stour, Glos
REYNOLDS, Ellen Beatrice 54, (Née BELCHER), (M), Wife of Joseph Cresens, Kidderminster, Worcs
REYNOLDS, Mary G., 26, (S), Paxford, Worcs
REYNOLDS, Wilfred, 20, (S), Assistant on Farm, Paxford, Worcs
PENN, Eleanor, 18, (S), Domestic Servant, Ditchford, Worcs

PREVITE, Arthur, 28, (M), Head, Living on own Means, Addison Gardens, London
PREVITE, Cicely, 24, (M), Wife of Arthur, Baker Street, London
PREVITE, Esnie 1, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
CLARK, Elizabeth, 25, Nurse, Woodstock, Oxon
HARB, Lucy, 23, (S), Housemaid, Woodbury-on-Severn, Glos

ROBERTS, James Henry, 56, (M), Head, Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
ROBERTS, James, 22, (S), Ettington, Warwicks
GARRATT, Mary, 28, (S), Domestic Servant, Ilmington, Warwicks

HARTWELL, John, 62, (M), Head, Cattleman, Paxford, Worcs
HARTWELL, Fanny, (Née CARTER), 60, (M), Wife of John, Draycott, Worcs

BIGGERSTAFF, George, 49, (M), Head, Cowman, Draycott, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, Amelia, (Née HOPES), 48, (M), wife of George, Blockley, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, Joseph, 18, (S), Cowman, Draycott, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, William, 12, Draycott, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, Bessie, 8, Draycott, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, George, 5, Draycott, Worcs

JONES, Charles G., 51 (M), Head, Farmer, City of Worcester
JONES, Fanny, 48, (M), Wife of Charles G., Winchcombe, Glos
JONES, Hilda, 16, Pupil Teacher at School, Farmcote, Glos
JONES, Elsie, 14, Farmcote, Glos
JONES, Ethel, 10, Farmcote, Glos
JONES, Ellen, 9, Farmcote, Glos
JONES, Dorothy, 6, Broadway, Worcs
JONES, John S., 4, Broadway, Worcs
JONES, Lucy, 56, (S), Sister of Charles G., Living on own Means, City of Worcester
BROOKS, Annie, 26, (S), Mothers Help, Brill, Bucks

WHEATCROFT, Alfred, 38, (M), Head, Farmer, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
WHEATCROFT, Sarah, 38, (M), Wife of Alfred, Paxford, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, Henry, 13, Bran Mill, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, James, 12, Bran Mill, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, Reginald, 9, Bran Mill, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, Ruby, 9, Bran Mill, Worcs
WHEATCROFT, Douglas, 1, Draycott, Worcs
TAYLOR, Lilly, 13, Domestic Servant, Blockley, Worcs

TAYLOR, William, 44, (M), Head, Estate Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
TAYLOR, Ada, 34, (M), Wife of William, Wick, Glos
TAYLOR, Bessie, 11, Blockley, Worcs
TAYLOR, Ruby, 10, Draycott, Worcs
TAYLOR, Bertram, 6, Draycott, Worcs
TAYLOR, Ernest, 4, Draycott, Worcs
TAYLOR, Joseph, 2, Draycott, Worcs

TAYLOR, Joseph, 72, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Long Compton, Warwicks
TAYLOR, Rosetta, (Née TANDY), 69, (M), Wife of Joseph, Paxford, Worcs
TAYLOR, Lily, 26, Paxford, Worcs

MEADOWS, Henry Charles, 49, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Broadway, Worcs
MEADOWS, Emma, (Née SHARPE), 49, (M), Wife of Charles, Blockley, Worcs
MEADOWS, Frank, 11, Draycott, Worcs
MEADOWS, Reginald, 6, Draycott, Worcs

CURRILL, Emanuel, 64, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Little Wooten, Oxon
CURRILL, Dinah, 64, (M), Wife of Emanuel, Brailes, Warwicks

BIGGERSTAFF, William, 43, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
BIGGERSTAFF, Annie, 46, (M), Wife of William, Bromyard, Worcs

ENSTONE, William, 35, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Tredington, Worcs
ENSTONE, Louisa, 27, (M), Wife of William, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
ENSTONE, Ethel, 9, Halford Bridge, Worcs
ENSTONE, Sydney W., 7, Halford Bridge, Worcs
ENSTONE, Cecil G.V., 4, Halford Bridge, Worcs
ENSTONE, Norah P., 1, Draycott, Worcs

SPENCER, William H., 38, (M), Head, Farmer, Brailes, Warwicks
SPENCER, Mary K., 33, (M), Wife of William H., Quinton, Worcs
SPENCER, Harry W., 9, Quinton, Warwicks
SPENCER, Ruby, 7, Draycott, Worcs
SPENCER, Miriam, 5, Draycott, Worcs
MILLARD, Flo, 23, (S), Mothers Help, Donnington, Glos

DYER, James, 89, (M), Head, Carpenter, Salford, Warwicks
DYER, Annie, 31m (M), Wife of James, Enstone, Oxon
DYER, Arthur, 9, Small Heath, Warwicks
DYER, Walter, 7, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Dennis, 6, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Percy, 5, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Alfred, 3, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Bessie Lavinia, 1, Draycott, Worcs

DYER, Lewis, 30, (M), Head, Carpenter, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Ellen, 30, (M), Wife of Lewis, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Olive, 10, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Pamela, 9, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Harry, 7, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Roland, 4, Draycott, Worcs
DYER, Oris, 2, Draycott, Worcs

EDGINGTON, Samuel, 64, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Dinah, (Née MEADOWS), 64, (M), Wife of Samuel, Broadway, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Mary, 25, (S), Dumb Imbecile, Draycott, Worcs
EDGINGTON, Isabelle, 4, Niece of Samuel, Draycott, Worcs

TRACEY, Joseph, 24, (M), Head, French Polisher at Piano Works, Draycott, Worcs
TRACEY, Bertha, 23, (M), Wife of Joseph, Draycott, Worcs
TRACEY, Gertrude, 2, Draycott, Worcs
TRACEY, Ethel A., 6 mo, Draycott, Worcs

FARMAN, Henry W., 63, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Subedge, Glos
FARMAN, Elizabeth, 65, (M), Wife of Henry W., Chipping Campden, Glos

BAYLISS, Jane Maria, (Née TAPLIN), 59, (W), Head, Aston Magna, Worcs

WITHERS, Maria, 75, (W), Head, Wellesbourne, Warwicks
WITHERS, Abel, 46 (M), Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WITHERS, Fanny, 38, (M), Daughter-in-law Bourton-on-the-Water, Glos
WITHERS, Thomas, 5, Grandson of Maria, Draycott, Worcs

NICHOLLS, Phoebe (Née CRUMP), 49, (W), Head, Laundress, Draycott, Worcs

JEFFREY, Job, 65, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
JEFFREY, Eliza, (Née CRUMP), 65, (M), Wife of Job, Draycott, Worcs

BEALE, Reuben, 48, (S), Head, Stockman, Draycott, Worcs

BEALE, William, 47, (M), Head, Estate Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
BEALE, Anne, 48, (M), Wife of William, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
BEALE, Annie, 15, Draycott, Worcs

MILES, Frederick, 75, (M), Head, Chipping Campden, Glos
MILES, Mary, 75, (M), Wife of Frederick, Blockley, Worcs
MILES, William, 45, (S), Sawyer, Chipping Campden, Glos

BRICKNELL, Benjamin, 64, (M), Head, Book Maker, Bledington, Glos
BRICKNELL, Mary, 68, (M), Wife of Benjamin, Clapton, Glos
BRICKNELL, Susie, 20, (S), Aston Magna,Worcs

BEEZLEY, William, 46, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Paxford,Worcs
BEEZLEY, Sarah Ann, (Née WITHERS), 46, (M), Wife of William, Draycott,Worcs
BEEZLEY, Kate, 11, Draycott,Worcs
BEEZLEY, Daisy, 6, Draycott,Worcs

THOMPSON, William, 29, (M), Head, Cycle Machinist, Coventry, Warwicks
THOMPSON, Mary, (Née BEEZLEY), 27, (M), Wife of William, Draycott ,Worcs
BEEZLEY, William, 16, Brother of Mary Thompson, Agricultural Labourer, Draycott,Worcs
BEESLEY, Thomas, 8, Brother of Mary Thompson, Draycott,Worcs

WITHERS, Charles, 46, (M), Head, Thatcher, Blockley,Worcs
WITHERS, Lucy, (Née KNOTT), 40, (M), Wife of Charles, Blockley,Worcs
WITHERS, Florence, 13, Draycott,Worcs
WITHERS, Elizabeth, 10, Draycott,Worcs
WITHERS, Mary, 8, Draycott,Worcs
WITHERS, Winnie, 5, Draycott
KNOTT, Mary, 64, (W), Mother of Lucy Withers, Grimbley, Worcs

SMITH, Frederick John, 27, (M), Head, Wagoner for Timber Merchant, Aston Magna,Worcs
SMITH, Edith Sarah, 25, (Née HANCOCK), (m), wife of Frederick John, Blockley,Worcs
SMITH, Christina E.M., 3, Snowshill, Worcs
SMITH, Doris Annie, 1, Aston Magna,Worcs

JEFFREY, William, 31, (M), Head, Timber Sawyer, Draycott,Worcs
JEFFREY, Mary, 36, (M), Wife of William, Broadway, Worcs

STRIBBLEHILL, Joseph, 67, (M), Head, Retired Night Watchman, Rutlandshire
STRIBBLEHILL, Emma, 66, (M), Wife of Joseph, Hidcote, Glos
STRIBBLEHILL, Lucy W, 38, (S), Chipping Campden, Glos
STRIBBLEHILL, Martha, 31, (S), Draycott,Worcs
STRIBBLEHILL, Lewis G., 25, Coach Builder & Wheelwright, Draycott,Worcs

BAYLISS, Harriet, 38, (M), Head, Laundress, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
BAYLISS, Harold, 15, Ilmington, Warwicks
BAYLISS, Sarah, 18, (), Great Wolford, Warwicks
BAYLISS, Percy J., 10, Lower Leamington, Glos
BAYLISS, Charles E, 8, Todenham Cross, Glos
BAYLISS, Katharine, 2, Aston Magna,Worcs
BAYLISS, Elsie, 5 mo, Draycott,Worcs

BRAMBLE, Charles, 34, Head, Waggoner for timber Merchant,
Foul wick, Oxon
BRAMBLE, Lucy, 34, (M), Wife of Charles, Aston Magna,Worcs
BRAMBLE, Edith, 8, Bloxham, Oxon
BRAMBLE, Alice, 6, Draycott,Worcs
BRAMBLE, Fanny, 4, Draycott,Worcs
BRAMBLE, Hilda, 2, Draycott,Worcs
BRAMBLE, Ronald, 10 months, Draycott,Worcs

BUTLER, Charles, 29, (M), Head, Timber Merchant, Birmingham
BUTLER, Flora, 24, (M), Wife, Ettington, Warwickshire
HODGKINSON, Annie, 15, Domestic Servant, Donnington, Glos

HODGKINSON, George, 55, (M), Head, Farmer, Longborough, Glos
HODGKINSON, Jane, 36, (M), Wife of George, Donnington, Glos
HODGKINSON, William, 13, Donnington, Glos
HODGKINSON, John, 11, Donnington, Glos
HODGKINSON, Edith, 9, Draycott,Worcs
HODGKINSON, Bertram, 5, Draycott,Worcs
HODGKINSON, Walter, 2, Draycott, Worcs

WESTON, John, 66, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Blockley, Worcs
WESTON, Jane, 72, (M), Wife of John, Blockley,Worcs
BISHOP, Charles, 34, (S), Boarder, Blockley,Worcs

BUTLER, Emma, 54, (M), Head, Living on own Means, Draycott, Worcs

COLING, John, 71 (W), Shepherd, Rollright, Oxon
COLING, Sarah, 33, (S), Dressmaker, Dorn, Worcs

ADAMS, James, 44, (M), Head, Carter, Broad Campden, Glos
ADAMS, Emma, 36, M), Wife of James, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
ADAMS, George, 18, (S), Gardener, Broad Campden, Glos
ADAMS, Charles, 16, Agricultural Labourer, Broad Campden, Glos
ADAMS, Clara E, 12, Compton Scorpion, Glos
ADAMS, Frederick W., 10, Compton Scorpion, Glos
ADAMS, Rosa M., 6, Dorn, Worcs
ADAMS, Francis, 5, Dorn Worcs
ADAMS, Arthur J., 3, Dorn, Worcs

SHELBÓN, Simon, 42, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Clausewell, Worcs
SHELBÓN, Mary A., 38, (M), Wife of Simon, Offenham, Worcs
SHELBÓN, Blanche, 15, Cook Hill, Worcs
SHELBÓN, Albert, 13, Plough Boy, Cook Hill, Worcs
SHELBÓN, Annie 10, Sudely, Warwicks
SHELBÓN, Harvey, 7, Binton, Warwicks
SHELBÓN, George, 5, Heel, Warwicks

SHILLAM, Charles, 31, (M), Head, Shepherd, Ascott, Oxon
SHILLAM, Florence, 23, (M), Wife of Charles, Fifield, Oxon
SHILLAM, Cecil, 1, Dorn, Worcs

HARVEY, Albert H., 35, (M), Head, Cattleman, Cherrington, Warwicks
HARVEY, Ellen, 34, (M), Wife of Albert, Hook Norton, Oxon
HARVEY, William, 13, Whichford, Warwicks
HARVEY, Florence, 10, Whichford, Warwicks

PITTS, Charles H., 37, (M) Head, Gardeners Labourer, Honeybourne, Worcs
PITTS, Lucy, 39, (M), Wife of Charles, Evesham, Worcs
BOULTON, Kate, 9, Visitor, Bristol

CLEMENTS, Sarah, 67, (M) Wife of ---- Holsworthy, Devon

Dorn Heath
HOLTOM, Thomas, 47, (M), Head, Carter, Cherrington, Warwicks
HOLTOM, Priscilla, (Née HALL), 45, (M), Wife of Thomas, Brailes, Oxon
HOLTOM, George, 19, (S), Slater & Plasterers Labourer, Warwicks
HALL, Richard, 74, (W), Father of Priscilla Holtom, Brailes, Oxon
HALL, Mary Ann, 39 (S), Sister of Priscilla Holtom, Brailes, Oxon

LOVETT, John, 71, (S), Head, Farmer, Gloucester
SEEKER, Elizabeth, 73, (W), Sister of John Lovett, Farmer, Gloucester
HARRIS, Mary, 32, (S), House Keeper, Brookthorp, Glos
SMITH, Sarah A., 34, (S), Domestic Servant, Temple Guiting, Glos

TIMMS, John, 70, (M), Head, Farmer, Stourton, Warwicks
TIMMS, Elizabeth, 71, (M), Wife of John, Ascott, Warwicks
TIMMS, Edward, 41 (S), Assistant on Farm, Whichford, Warwicks
BASSON, Ernest, 35, (S), Nephew of John Timms, Pupil, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs
SLATTER, Elizabeth, 54, (S), Boarder, Living on own Means, Whichford, Warwicks
HARVEY, Edith, V., 14, Domestic Servant, Whichford, Warwicks

Dorn Hill
HITCHMAN, John, 55, (M), Head, Carter, Hook Norton, Oxon
HITCHMAN, Ruth, 51, (M), Wife of John, Hook Norton, Oxon
HITCHMAN, William, 13, Plough Boy, Hook Norton, Oxon
HITCHMAN, Emma, 12, Whichford, Warwicks

TIMMS, William, 45, (M), Head, Farmer, Whichford, Warwicks
TIMMS, Margaret, 43, (M), Wife of William, Green Hill Lane, Derbyshire
TIMMS, William E, 8, Batsford, Glos
TIMMS, John G, 11 months, Ditchford
LADBROOK, Edith E., 15, Domestic Servant, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

WHATCOTT, Annah, 59, (W), Head, Weston Subedge, Worcs
WHATCOTT, John, 24, (S), Carter, Broadway, Worcs
WHATCOTT, Ernest F., 16, Farm Labourer, Chipping Campden, Glos.

REEVES, George, 43, (M), Head, Carter, Blockley, Worcs
REEVES, Sarah A, 35, (M), Wife of George, Weston Subedge, Worcs
REEVES, George, 14, Plough Boy, Blockley, Worcs
REEVES, Alice M, 13, Blockley, Worcs
REEVES, Florence, M., 11, Campden Hill, Glos
REEVES, Henry, 9, Campden Hill, Glos
REEVES, Alice, 6, Ditchford Hill, Worcs
REEVES, Frank E., 4, Ditchford Hill, Worcs
REEVES, Ethel, E., 1, Ditchford Hill, Worcs

Ditchford Mill
NEWMAN, Charles, 44, (M), Head, Miller & Farmer, Cleeve Prior Worcs
NEWMAN, Florence, 37, (M), Wife of Charles, Notgrove, Glos
NEWMAN, Frederick C., 6, Ditchford Mill, Worcs
NEWMAN, Arthur, 2, Ditchford Mill, Worcs

CALCUTT, William, 46, (M), Head, Foreman, Witney, Oxon
CALCUTT, Jane, 46, (M), Wife of William, Ampney, Glos

STANTON, William L., 46, (M), Head, Estate Agent, Farmington, Glos
STANTON, Mary L, 39, (M), Wife of William L., Burmington, Warwicks
STANTON, William, 13, Hazelton, Glos
STANTON, Beatrice M., 11, Kemble, Glos
TREDWELL, Edith, 27, (S), Servant, Evesham, Worcs
SUTTON, Hester, 50, (M), Chedglas, Wilts

Upper Ditchford
MILLARD, Jane, 59, (W), Blackford, Somerset
MILLARD, Henry, 29, (S), Farmer, Hayden, Somerset
MILLARD, Bessie M., 28, (S), Hayden, Somerset
MILLARD, Amy, 16, Broad Campden, Glos
HORSFALL, Mary B., 26, (S), School Mistress, Leeds, Yorks

Aston Magna
JONES, Charles, 43, (M), Head, Cowman, Blockley, Worcs
JONES, Emma, 44, (M), Wife of Charles, Aston Magna, Worcs
JONES, Annie, 10, Aston Magna, Worcs
JONES, Hannah, 10, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
POCKETT, Charles, 57, Head, Roadman, Draycott, Worcs
POCKETT, Mary Jane, 50, (M), Wife of Charles, Aston Magna, Worcs
POCKETT, Roland, 15, Bricklayers Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
SIMMONDS, Joseph W., 54, (M), Head, Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
SIMMONDS, Mary, 61, (M), Wife of Joseph, Sandback, Cheshire
PULLEY, Sarah, 17, (S), Domestic Servant, Longborough, Glos

Aston Magna
SABIN, Ann, 60, (W), Head, Settle, Glos
SABIN, William, 31, (S) Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
SABIN, James, 26, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Sibford, Oxon
SABIN, Henry, 21, (S), Carter, Ditchford Mill, Worcs
SABIN, George, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Ditchford Mill, Worcs

Aston Magna
CAMDEN, Joseph, 42, (M), Head, Farmer, Aston Magna, Worcs
CAMDEN, Kate L., 42, (M), Wife of Joseph, Blockley, Worcs
CAMDEN, John, 86, (W) Father of Joseph, Retired Farmer, Aston Magna, Worcs
CAMDEN, Reginald, 4, Aston Magna, Worcs
HANDS, Margaret, 31, (S), Domestic Servant, Winchcombe, Glos

Aston Magna
SMITH, Oliver, 42, (M), Head, Market Garden Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
SMITH, Emma, 37, (M), Wife of Oliver, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos

Aston Magna
MACE, Edward, 40, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
MACE, Rose H., 27, (M), Wife of Edward, Paxford, Worcs
MACE, Lily, 9, Paxford, Worcs
MACE, William C., 4, Aston Magna, Worcs
MACE, Alfred G., 11 months, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
NORLEDGE, Albert, 37, (M), Head, Shepherd, Aston Magna, Worcs
NORLEDGE, Mary H., 40, (M), Wife of Albert, Cidham, Oxon
BAYLISS, George, 60, (M), Boarder, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
ROUSE, John, 55, (M) Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
ROUSE, Fanny, 55, (M), Wife of John, Longborough, Glos
ROUSE, Emily, 21, (M), Aston Magna, Worcs
ROUSE, William, 12, Engine Drive, Aston Magna, Worcs
ROUSE, George, 9, Aston Magna, Worcs
ROUSE, Arthur, 7, Aston Magna, Worcs
ROUSE, John, 4, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
GREGORY, Thomas, 56, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
GREGORY, Eliza, 54, (M), Wife of Thomas, Blockley, Worcs
GREGORY, William, 18, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
GREGORY, Albert, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
GILBERT, Charles, 50, (M), Head, Carter, Cleeve Prior, Worcs
GILBERT, Sarah, 55, (M), Wife of Charles, Bourton-on-the-Hill, Glos
GILBERT, Charles, 23, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
GILBERT, Christopher, 27, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
PADBURY, Elizabeth, 82, (W), Head, Nurse, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

Aston Magna
WITHERS, Edmund, 63, (W), Agricultural Labourer, Paxford, Worcs
PADBURY, Emily J., 28, (M), Daughter-in-Law of Edmund Withers, Aston Magna, Worcs
PADBURY, Joseph, 27, (M), Husband of Emily Padbury, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
GOULD, Frederick, 43, (M), Head, Carter, Bidford-on-Avon, Warwicks
GOULD, Sarah, 50, (M), Wife of Frederick, Dorsington, Glos
GOULD, William, 15, Agricultural Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
GOULD, Albert G., 11, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
HOWES, Richard R., 77, (M), Head, Retired Farmer, Blockley, Worcs
HOWES, Mary, 73, (M), Wife of Richard R., Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
ROBERTS, Mabel B., 14, Grand Daughter of Richard R. Howes, Northampton
SIMMONS, Gladys A., 14, Great Niece of Richard R., Howes, Bromsgrove, Worcs

Aston Magna
ANDERTON, John, 84, (M), Head, Agricultural Worker, Aston Magna, Worcs
ANDERTON, Mary Ann, 81, (M), Wife of John, Broad Campden, Glos

Aston Magna
MACE, Eliza, 70, (W), Head, London
MACE, Lewis R., 44, General Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
BAYLISS, William, 60, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
BAYLISS, Jane M., 61, (M), Wife of William, Paxford, Worcs

Aston Magna
RICHARDSON, James, 37, (M), Head, Clergyman C of E, Cumberland
RICHARSON, Louisa C.E., 35, (M), Wife of James, Taunton, Somerset
RICHARDSON, Dorothy M., 8, St. Helens, Lancs
RICHARDSON, William E., 6, St. Helens, Lancs
RICHARDSON, Kathleen E., 4, St. Helens, Lancs
RICHARDSON, James, H, 2, Worcester
RICHARSON, Hilda C., 2 months, Aston Magna, Worcs
ANNIS, Marion E.B., 15, Domestic Servant, Pershore, Worcs

Aston Magna
FIELD, William, 36, (M), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Fifield, Oxon
FIELD, Annie, 34, (M), Wife of William, Wambrough Plains, Wilts
FIELD, George, 12, Westcote, Glos
FIELD, May, 9, Westcote, Glos
FIELD, Lillian, 7, Hales Barn, Glos
FIELD, Henry, 5, Stanway Grounds, Glos

Aston Magna
LOCK, William, 47, (M), Head, Carter, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
LOCK, Elizabeth, 50, (M), Wife of William, Aston Magna, Worcs
LOCK, Israel, 13, Aston Magna, Worcs
LOCK, Edith G., 6, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
COLLETT, Henry, 61, (M), Head, Railway Labourer,
COLLETT, Louisa, 55, (M), Wife of Henry, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
COLLETT, Jane, 14, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
PADBURY, Mary Ann, 54 (W), Head, Aston Magna, Worcs
PADBURY, Alice, 27, (S), Aston Magna, Worcs
PADBURY, William, 22, (S), Railway Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
PADBURY, Henry, 14m Plough Boy, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
PULLEY, Philip, 46, (M), Head, Sawyer, Broadway, Worcs
PULLEY, Sarah, 45, (M), Wife of Philip, Longborough, Glos
PULLEY, Priscilla, 22, (S), Domestic Servant, Longborough, Glos
PULLEY, Philip, 15, Dog Boy (Groom), Aston Magna, Worcs
PULLEY, Manassek, 11, Aston Magna, Worcs
PULLEY, Asinath, 9, Aston Magna, Worcs
PULLEY, Rosemond, 7, Aston Magna, Worcs
PULLEY, Phyllis O., 5, Aston Magna, Worcs
PULLEY, Benjamin, 2, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
DAVIS, Caleb, 50, (S), Head, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
DAVIS, George, 56, (S), Brother of Caleb, Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs
DAVIS, Mary, 66, (S), Sister of Caleb, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
WITHERS, John, 50, (M), Head, Woodsman, Blockley, Worcs
WITHERS, Mary A., 48, (M), Wife of John, Blockley, Worcs
WITHERS, Henry, 22, (S), General Labourer, Draycott, Worcs
WITHERS, Caroline, 17, (S), Draycott, Worcs
WITHERS, Sarah, 14, Aston Magna, Worcs
WITHERS, John, 11, Aston Magna, Worcs
WITHERS, William, 5, Grand Son of John, Walsall, Birmingham

Aston Magna
PEACHEY, Charles, 31, (M), Head, Carter, Stretton-on-Fosse, Worcs
PEACHEY, Rose E., 33, (M), Wife of Charles, Odlicote, Warwicks
PEACHEY, Gladys H., 7, Blockley, Worcs
PEACHEY, Gertrude, 5, Thornbury, Herefordshire

Aston Magna
HITCHMAN, Samuel, 66, (M), Head, Gardener, Todenham, Glos
HITCHMAN, Eliza, 61, (M), Wife of Samuel, Banbury, Oxon
HITCHMAN, Francis, 11, Grandson of Samuel, Camberwell, London

Aston Magna
SQUIRE, Philip, 34, (M), Head, Blacksmith, Lynton, Devon
SQUIRE, Mary Ann, 32, (M), Wife of Philip, Northleach, Glos
SQUIRE, Ernest W, 8, Cheltenham, Glos
SQUIRE, Emily C., 6, Pershore, Worcs
SQUIRE, Elizabeth G, 4, Pershore, Worcs
SQUIRE, Phyllis, 3, Pershore, Worcs

Aston Magna
BARTLETT, Charles, 45 (M), Head, Cowman, Barton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Annie, (M), 43, Wife of Charles, Little Compton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Thomas, 17, Labourer on Farm, Little Compton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Emily, 13, Little Compton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Rosa, 10, Little Compton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Daisy, 6, Little Compton, Warwicks
BARTLETT, Francis, 7 months, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Magna
PURSER, Richard, 62, (M), Head, Farmer, Aston Magna, Worcs
PURSER, Mary H., 55, (M), Wife of Richard, Aston Magna, Worcs
PURSER, Alice, 33, (S), Aston Magna, Worcs
PURSER, Ernest R., 26 (S), Assistant on Farm, Aston Magna, Worcs
PURSER, Harold, 21 (S), Aston Magna, Worcs
PURSER, Ethel M., 18, Aston Magna, Worcs
FISHER, Fanny M., 40, (S), Visitor, Quinton, Warwicks
HOBBS, John, 19, (S), Agricultural Labourer, Aston Magna, Worcs

Aston Hale
WIGGINS, Edwin, 66, (W), Head, Farmer, Biddington, Worcs
WIGGINS, Annie, 40, (S), Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
WIGGINS, John, 30, (S), Assistant on Farm, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwick
HOOPER, Edith, 15, Domestic Servant, Evenlode, Glos
LADBROOK, Arthur, 16, Plough Boy, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs

Aston Magna
ROGERS, William J., 42, (M), Head, Farmer, Charlton, Oxon
ROGERS, Florence, 32, (M), Wife of William J., Berkshire
ROGERS, William G., 9, Aston Magna, Worcs

Bran Mill
RANDALL, Samuel, 78, (M), Head, Miller, Willington, Warwicks
RANDALL, Jane, 77, (M), Wife of Samuel, Sibford, Oxon
RANDALL, Thomas, 46, (M), Miller, Paxford, Worcs
RANDALL, Jane, 47, (M), Wife of Thomas, London
RANDALL, Alice L., 19, (S), Pupil Teacher at School, Paxford, Worcs
RANDALL, Samuel T., 17, (S), Miller, Paxford, Worcs
RANDALL, Kate M., 15, Paxford, Worcs

Cadley Hill
WEBB, William, 44, (M), Head, Carter, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
WEBB, Dinah, 34, (M), Wife of William, Stretton-on-Fosse, Warwicks
WEBB, Thomas, 13, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
WEBB, William, 11, Moreton-in-Marsh, Glos
WEBB, Millicent, 7, Lemington, Glos
WEBB, Maria, 6, Lemington, Glos
WEBB, Charles, 3, Cadley (Near Aston Magna) , Worcs