Men In Armour - Moreton 1608

Symond ffreeman Baker
John Trout Chandler
Augustine Sly mason
Richard Owen fowler
Will'm Castle mason
Thomas Eddon yeoman
Richard Penbury Dyer
Anthony Rawlines yeoman 2 m tr.
Thomas Rawlins sonne of the said
Anthony Nichols Inkeeper 2 m sub.

Servants to the said Anthony Nicholls:
Edward Wood tapster
Richard Castle
Robert Wilkines
Rowland Prichet
John Shurley

John Smith Inkeepr 2 ca sub.

Servants to the said John Smith:
Henry Treves
George Hudsone
Richard Slatter
Will'm Lane

Richard Smith smith
Nicholas Hodgkins smity
Thomas ffyppes Carpenter
Will'm ffyppes Carpenter

Peter Hunt Carpenter
Arthur Edmonds wever
John Tyllivere mercer
Symon Benford shoemaker
Edward Bell shoemaker
Will'm Towensend husbandman
Samuell Spenser Butcher
Robert Spencer Butcher
Thomas Nott Butcher
John Reade laborer
Richard Turner laborer
Thomas Norres laborer
John Renolles laborer
Edward Wooley laborer
John Renolles laborer
Edward Woolley laborer
Edward Myles laborer
John Caninge laborer
Thomas Towensend laborer
Richard Towensend laborer
Edward Stephens Collermaker

The said Tythinge is charged with the findinge of one Corslet one musket and one Calyver with their fur'.