"Of all the numerous parks in the Lower Mainland Lighthouse Park could be considered the most spiritual. The park contains the last stand of old growth forest in the area. Standing amongst these quiet giants and looking straight up to see their tops it is easy to be open to nature's many blessings and to wish their continuity. It becomes understandable why so many individuals have devoted their lives to preserve what's left of these survivors.
It is easily accessible off Marine Drive via Beacon Lane in West Vancouver just east of Eagle Harbour."

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Site named by Capt.ain Vancouver June 14, 1792. Wall of original tower, built in 1874 still stands near present tower, completed in 1912. Tower 60 ft high - light 108 ft above high water.

Light beam - a 500 watt bulb
Foghorn range - 10 miles

First white child born in West Vancouver at Lighthouse Apr. 25, 1876 - James Atkinson Woodward, son of first keeper - Edwin Woodward

Lighthouse Keepers
1875 - 1880 Edwin Woodward
1880 - R. Wellwood
1888 - 1910 W. Erwin
1910 - 1933 T. Grafton
1933 - 1934 L. Grafton
1934 - 1961 E. Dawe

(These tree trunk images are from the same tree)