"Formerly the Department of National Defence Wet Bridging Area, the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve is a 130-hectare site managed by the City of Chilliwack and volunteers from the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Society.  The undyked floodplain habitat is home to over 90 Great Blue Heron nests and a wide variety of rare wildlife and vegetation."
5200 Sumas Prairie Road, Chilliwack

March and April are very favourable for photographing the herons, before the Cottonwood leaves get too big and hide the nests!  Late spring and early summer feature beautiful flowers.  Midsummer is good for capturing images of frogs and turtles, and autumn is lovely with mists and spiderwebs.

Debora Soutar, Coordinator
Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Society

Average height: 117 - 132cm (3.8 - 4.3 feet)
Average wingspan 196 - 208cm (6.4 - 6.8 feet)