The family of William
and Hannah Edden,

of Westington, Chipping Campden, Glos., in the 1780s.

The following are recorded in the I.G.I.:

17 May 1778 WILLIAM EDDEN o married HANNAH PARTRIDGE at Stretton-on-Fosse.
24 Nov 1778 WILLIAM EDEN married HANNAH PARTRIDGE at Ebrington.
28 Mar 1779 Lucy, dau. of WILLIAM o and HANNAH EDDEN christened at Stretton-on-Fosse.
26 Nov 1780 Elizabeth, dau. of WILLIAM and HANNAH EDDEN christened at Stow-on-the-Wold.
07 May 1781 WILLIAM EDDEN married HANNAH KEEN at Chipping Campden.
(Stretton-on-Fosse is about 5 miles, and Ebrington 2 miles, from Chipping Campden.)

It appears that there were four or five different William and Hannah Edden/Eden couples living within 5 miles of each other, and even two William Edden/Eden and Hannah Partridge couples! Which of the above is the William & Hannah Edden of Westington is not certain; I have selected the last of them.

o This William Edden is now identified as the William Eddon appearing on page 18 of "The Eddons of Darlingscott" listed under Darlingscott on this Web Site. William was baptized on 04 Oct 1754 in Stretton-on-Fosse, Warks. His antecedents were John, William, Thomas, William, William, William.

These are also recorded:

04 Mar 1749 WILLIAM EDDEN, son of THOMAS and MARY EDDEN, christened at Adlestrop (10 miles from Chipping Campden).
30 Aug 1752 WILLIAM EDEN, son of THOMAS and SUSANNAH EDEN, christened at Pebworth (5 miles from Chipping Campden).
04 Oct 1754 WILLIAM EDEN, son of JOHN and ELIZABETH EDEN, christened at Stretton-on-Fosse. and
17 Oct 1755 HANNAH KEEN, dau. of RICHARD KEEN, christened at Chipping Campden.
No further references have been found yet for the John or Thomas Edens above.
This is based only on the coincidences of the children’s and the proposed grandparents’ names:

FIRST GENERATION: *John Eden of Stretton-on-Fosse == Elizabeth ...?

SECOND GENERATION: (Elizabeth ...?+John Eden ) *Major Edden (Major is his name) spouse Sarah Launcett m 26 June 1769, - *Thomas Edden of Chipping Campden - *William Edden ch 04 Oct., 1754 spouse Hannah Keen of Westington, Chipping Campden (father Richard Keen of Chipping Campden) m. 07 May, 1781

THIRD GENERATION: (Hannah Keen+William Edden 1781) See below

Connection with the family of the late Prime minister, Sir Anthony Eden, the Earl of Avon.

There is no evidence whatsoever of any connection with this family (but there is a legend in our family that there was!).

Sir (Robert) Anthony Eden was born in County Durham the third son of Sir William Eden, 7th Baronet of West Auckland (cr. 1672) & 5th Baronet of Maryland. Sir Anthony was M.P. for Stratford-on-Avon and, presumably, took his title from that name. In an earlier generation (late 1700s) three brothers, sons of the 3rd Baronet, were granted the titles of Baron Henley, Baron Auckland and 1st Baronet of Maryland. They traced their line from a Robert de Eden who died in 1413. He held land at Preston-on-Tees. The family were substantial land-owners in West Auckland and elsewhere in Co. Durham. They have no connection with Gloucestershire. Their coat of arms dates from very early times. There is no record of the Gloucestershire family having arms; they were not gentry and their name may derive from the village of Eydon (pronounced Eden) nearby in Northamptonshire.

The I.G.I. records show many Edens living in Ilmington during the late 1500s and throughout the 1600s. Also many Edens are recorded in Chipping Campden in the 1600s. I would expect to find that Edens were established in the area long before Parish registers were begun by order of Henry VIII in 1539.

The Eden Family of
Gloucestershire and Worcestershire

The name occurs in North Oxfordshire, North Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and South Warwickshire in various spellings, eg. Eadon, and may originate from the Northamptonshire village of Eydon (now pronounced Eden), 7 miles NE of Banbury.

FIRST GENERATION: *William Edden spouse: Hannah Keen m. 07 May, 1781
Both of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

SECOND GENERATION: (Hannah Keen+William Edden 1781) *Elizabeth Edden bapt. 25 Dec., 1781 died young? - *Richard Eden bapt. 15 June, 1783 d. 1873 aged 90, (Shepherd) Ivy house, Bretforton spouse: Ann(e) ....? b. c. 1803 from Englishcombe, nr Bath, Somerset - *Elizabeth Eden bapt. 13 Jan., 1786 - *John Eden bapt. 13 July, 1788 - *Hannah Eden bapt. 29 Dec., 1790 - *Jenny Eden bapt. 15 Aug., 1794 -All born Westington, nr Chipping Campden

THIRD GENERATION: (Ann(e) ...?+Richard Eden) *William Eden b. c. 1829 - *Joseph Eden (Ag Lab) b. c. 1831 spouse: Ann Taylor b. c. 1833 - *Henry (Thomas) Eden (Ag Lab) b. c. 1833 spouse: Mary Jones b. c. 1838 from South Littleton, Worcs. - *John Eden b. c. 1839 unmarried? (Ag Lab) - *Francis Eden b. 1841 died young - *Jane Eden b. c. 1844 spouse: William Banning (farmer of 20 acres)

FOURTH GENERATION: (Ann Taylor+Joseph Eden) *Richard Eden b. c. 1864 - *Frances Eden b. c. 1868 - Ann's children prior to marriage - Sarah Taylor b. c. 1851 - Thomas Taylor b. c. 1854

FOURTH GENERATION: (Mary Jones+Henry (Thomas) Eden) *Charles Eden b. c. 1859 - *Ellen Eden b. c. 1860 - *William Eden b. c. 1864 lived at Spondon, Derby; worked for Courtlaulds - *Emma Eden b. c. 1866 - *Henry 'Harry' Eden b 11 May, 1868 d. 1914 aged 46 spouse: Mary Ann Lampitt b. 1866 - *Ernest Eden b. c. 1874 manager of a dairy in Cricklewood spouse: Emma ....? 2 children - *Herbert Eden b. c. 1877 - *Anne Eden b. c. 1880 - All born in Bretforton, Worcs.

FOURTH GENERATION: (William Banning+Jane Eden) *Rosa Banning b. c. 1865 - *Sarah Banning b. c. 1867 - *Mary Banning b. c. 1869 - Jane's child before marriage *Theodacia Eden b. c. 1863

FIFTH GENERATION: (Mary Ann Lampitt+Henry 'Harry' Eden) *Edith May Eden spouse: ....? - *Cecil 'Cis' Eden, foreman Bridgnorth rail-yard, spouse: Florence 'Flo' ....? - *Grace (Mary ?) 'Daisy' Eden spouse ? Chamberlain - *Albert 'Bert' Eden spouse: Betty Maycroft - *? 'Doll' Eden spouse: Sidney Maycroft (brother of Betty Maycroft) - *? 'Netta' Eden spouse: ? Moss - *Farmer Eden spouse ....? - *Joseph Eden spouse .....? - *Constance Eden died 6 months - *Kathleen Rose Eden spouse: Leslie Joseph New

SIXTH GENERATION: (....?+Edith May Eden) *Primrose ? spouse: Robert Wilkes - *Edith? (no children) - *Son ? - *Patricia ? - *Bernard ? - *Samuel ?

SIXTH GENERATION: (Florence 'Flo' ....?+Cecil 'Cis' Eden) *Robert 'Bob' Eden spouse: Monica Coolin (family resident in Bridgnorth, Shrops.)

SIXTH GENERATION: (? Chamberlain+Grace (Mary ?) 'Daisy' Eden) *Betty Chamberlain - *son Chamberlain - *son Chamberlain. (family resident in New Zealand)

SIXTH GENERATION: (Betty Maycroft+Albert 'Bert' Eden) *? Eden - *? Eden - *Edith Eden d. aged 30+ - *Son died young

SIXTH GENERATION: (Sidney Maycroft+? 'Doll' Eden) *Douglas Maycroft - *Eric Maycroft (family resident in New Zealand)

SIXTH GENERATION: (? Moss+? 'Netta' Eden) *Phillip Moss - *Brian Moss - *? Moss - *? Moss (family resident in Evesham?)

SIXTH GENERATION: (....?+Farmer Eden) *William 'Billy' Eden - *Thomas 'Tommy' Eden - Charles 'Chas' Eden - *? Eden (family resident in Evesham)

SIXTH GENERATION: (....?+Joseph Eden) *son (Billy?) Eden died young

SIXTH GENERATION: (Leslie Joseph New+Kathleen Rose Eden) *Robert New spouse: Sylvia Henderson - *Nigel New spouse: Rosalind Horn

SEVENTH GENERATION: (Monica Coolin+Robert 'Bob' Edon) *Grenville Eden spouse: Susan ....?

SEVENTH GENERATION: (Sylvia Henderson+Robert New) *(Dr) Mary New physicist b 25 Apr 1972-to marry Dr Peter Bance another physicist of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada - *Elizabeth New physiotherapist b 11 Mar 1977

SEVENTH GENERATION: (Rosalind Horn+Nigel New) *Sally Lisette New b 12 July 1970 spouse: Iain Armstrong - *Fiona New b 10 Mar 1973 spouse: Matt Aldridge (subsequently div.)

EIGHTH GENERATION: (Susan ....?+Grenville Eden) *Rebecca Joanne Eden b. 25 Mar., 1977 - *Louise Eden b. 1980

EIGHTH GENERATION: (Fiona New + Matt Aldridge) *Zachary James Aldridge b 05 Oct 1996


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