Prince & Princess of Wales - Opening Ceremonies May 2
Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney
Ontario Premier, David Peterson
Crown Prince Harald & Crown Princess Sonja of Norway (National day May 29)
Saudi-Arabian Prince Sultan Bin Salman al-Saud
Prime Minister of England, Margaret Thatcher
Vice-President, George Bush (June 11)
Former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau
French oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau
Famed ethnologist Helge Ingstad of Norway
Director, Norman Jewison
Director, George Cosmatos - Rambo: First Blood Part 2
Fashion Designer, Alfred Sung, Montreal, Quebec
Lilian Gish, Actress, Los Angeles
Actor, Danny Kaye
Actor, Vincent Price
Actress, Coral Brown (Mrs. Vincent Price)
Actor, Rod Steiger, Los Angeles
Actor, Michael York, Paris, France
Actor, John Travolta
Comedian, Howie Mandel
Flautist - Paul Horn
Acapella, The Nylons (July 18)
Group, A-ha, Norway (August 15)
Group, Depeche Mode, Great Britain
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Co. (July 11)
Rock group, Doug & the Slugs
Rock group, Trooper
Rock group, Chilliwack
Singer, Bryan Adams, Canada
Singer, Rolf Harris, Australia
Singer, Peter Allen, New York
Singer, Jane Mortifee
Comedian, George Burns, New York (August 22)
Comedian, Bill Cosby
Singer, Kenny Loggins (August 18)
Singer, Roy Orbison (August 10)
Legendary Singer, Carl Perkins
Singer, Ray Charles, USA (August 24)
Duo, Don & Phil Everley
Singer Legend, Liberace
Sax, Kenny G (September 6)
Singer, Mitzi Gaynor
Singer, Rene Simard
Singer, K.D. Lang, Alberta
Singer, Bruce Cockburn
Singer, Joe Jackson
Singer, Debbie Boone
Singer, Loretta Lynn, (July 4)
Trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis
Performer, George Benson (September 6)
Singer/Songwriter, Peter Allen,Australia
Singer, Billy Ocean
Singer, Julio Iglesias
Singer, Amy Grant
Singer, John Denver
Comedian, Red Skelton
Singer, Stevie Ray Vaughan
Musician & Producer, David Foster
Group, Glass Tiger
Singer, Bobby Rydell
Singer, Bruce Hornsby
Singer, Jimmy Cliff
Group, Slow
Folk Singer, Heather Bishop
Fiddler/Composer, Rufus Guinchard
Jim Payne, Newfoundland
Electric Jazz Group, UZEB, Quebec
Singer, Julian Lennon (July 31)
Annie Lennox - The Eurythmics
Singer, Harry Belafonte, New York (august 26)
Britain's Royal Ballett
Opera, Placio Domingo
Royal Thai Ballet (July 22, Thailand National Day)
Italy's opera - La Scala-I Lombardi - Moved to Vancouver for Expo (Aug. 24 - Sept. 4)
France's - Urban Sax
Singer, Rita McNeil, Cape Breton (August 23-26)
Singer, Ronnie Hawkins
Mormon Tabernacle Choir (August 7-9)
Singer, Gowan (August 5) (By 1996 a part of the group STYX)
Singer, Luba, Canada (August 6)
Singer, Joan Baez USA (August 16)
Singer Don McLean (August 16)
Singer, Livingston Taylor (August 16)
Group, Paul Revere & the Raiders, (August 17)
Group, The Ventures (August 17)
Singer, Merrilee Rush (August 17)
Singer, Lou Rawls (August 19)
Group, The 5th Dimension (August 19)
Group, Honeymoon Suite (August 21)
Group, Idle Eyes (August 21)
Comedian, Bob Hope
Comedian, Joan Rivers
Singer, Miles Davis
Charles Aznavour
Veronique Beliveau
Singer, Donovan
Singer, Fabian
Singer, Emmylou Harris
Singer, Einstürzende Neubauten, Germany
Singer, Michael Cooney
Singer, Marie-Lynn Hammond
Performer, Alain Lamontagne, Quebec
Peking Pop OrchestraSinger, Johnny Cash, USA (August 28)
Singer, Jerry Lee Lewis, USA (August 31)
Performers, Gatlin Brothers USA (July 4)
Singer, Fats Domino (August 31)
Singer, Smokey Robinson (September 2)
Group, Manhattan Transfer (Sept. 9-10)
Group, The Temptations September 11)
Group, The Beach Boys (September 12)
Group, Air Supply (September 16)
Singers, Peter, Paul & Mary (September 17-18)
Singer, Murray McLauchlin (August 26)
Chef, James Barber
Group, Doucette (August 21)
Group, Parachute Club (August 12)
Singer, Shari Ulrich, Canada (August 3)
Singers, The Righteous Brothers, July 20
Group, Platinum Blonde (July 14)
Group, Boys Don't Cry (July 14)
Performer, Tito Puente (June 29)
Singer, Bobby McFerrin (June 29)
Drummer, Tony Williams (June 29)
Singer, Johnny Rivers (June 29)
Group, The Coasters (June 29)
Singer, Little Anthony (June 29)
Singer, Bobby Day (June 29)
Singer, Donnie Brooks (June 29)
Group, Hollywood Argyles (June 29)
Singer, Susan Jacks (August 3)
Group, The Rhythm Pals (August 15)
Group, Tangerine Dream, West Berlin (May 30)
Duo, Dollie De Luxe, Norway (October 6-12)
Group, Powder Blues Band (October 13)
Performers, George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers (September 1)
Singer, Colin James (September 1
Group, Loverboy (July 1)
Group, Mike & the Mechanics (July 9)Singer, Lena Horne, USA (August 23)
Singer, Kim Mitchell, USA (August 25)
Singer, Anne Murray
Singer, Sheena Easton
Comedian, Bob Newhart
Performers, Neville Brothers
Singer, Kenny Rogers
Dal Richards
The Romaniacs
Singer, Frankie Avalon
Group, Kool and the Gang
Robben Ford
Singer, Youssou N'Dour
Singer, Roy Forbes (formerly Bim)
Singer, Connie Kaldor
Fiddler, Kelly Russell, Newfoundland
Singer, Nancy White