Chipping Campden
Baptisms, Marriages & Burials

from the 1911 book: The History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden
- by Percy C. Rushen


Wm., son of Jeffrey Warner, 29 Jan., 1616-7
Grace, daughter of Anne Warner, 12 -Nov., 1617.
Mary Lilly, the daughter of Mr. Richard Lilly, was baptized the 19th of April, 1619; the godfather Sir Baptist Hickes, the godmothers the Lady Mary Morison, Mrs. Elizabeth Savage.
Joan, daughter of Rich. Broadway, 5 Aug., 1621.
Edwd., son of Wm. Broadway, 2 Feb., 1621-2.
Richd., son of Rich. Broadway, 1 Dec., 1622.
Richard, son of Jno. Warner, 2 Jan., 1639.
Shell, the sonne of the woman that makes tobacko pipes,
baptized the 24 of December, 1643
Thomas, son of Wm. Penn 14 Sept., 1660.
Alice, dau. of Jno. Warner, 5 Dec., 1668.
Mary. dau. of Jno. Warner, 26 Dec., 1669.
Abigail, dau. of Jno. Warner, 14 Oct., 1697.

TAYLOR baptisms 1804-1836:

Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Jane TAYLOR
baptised February 1804
Esther, daughter of Nathaniel and Jane TAYLOR
baptised 2nd May 1806
James, son of Richard and Susannah TAYLOR
baptised 16th November 1806
Robert, son of Richard and Susannah TAYLOR
baptised 17th November 1809
Caroline, daughter of William and Sarah TAYLOR
baptised 28th June 1810
Esther, daughter of Sarah TAYLOR
baptised 15th December 1811
Elizabeth, daughter of Richard and Susan TAYLOR
baptised 3rd January 1813
Henry, son of James and Elizabeth TAYLOR
baptised 28th October 1832
Mary, daughter of John and Mary TAYLOR
baptised 3rd July 1834
James son of James and Elizabeth TAYLOR
baptised 10th September 1834
James, son of James and Elizabeth TAYLOR
baptised 28th June 1836.

Taylor baptisms courtesy of Janet Heskins, Surbiton, Surrey - on one of her excursions to the GRO (via an offer to do searches for others while visiting the GRO through the Gloucestershire Digest


Abigail, dau. of Jno. Warner, 19 Oct., 1627.
Joan. dau. of Rich. Broadway, 1 Jan., 1621-2.
John Broadway, 18 Dec. 1623.
Mrs. Penelope Noel, 21 May. 1633
Mr. Rob. Lillie, 22 Oct., 1636.
John Lea, Clarke, buried the first of February (1657-8),
Being 76 yeares of age.
Margt., wife of John Warner, 31 May, 1607.


As might be expected, many Campden folk were married in neighbouring parishes, and it may be useful to insert here particulars of those of such marriages (For nearly all these the author is indebted to Mr. Phillimore's "Gloucestershire Marriage Registers.") as are not referred to elsewhere in this work:


26 Apl., 1717, Wm. Dutton, of Campden, and Catherine Hitchock.
5 Dec., 1765, Thos. Trapman, of Campden, and Mary Rea.

Weston Subedge:

1637, Thos. Willis, of Campden, and Dennis Clark.
12 Oct., 1665, Jno. White, of Campden, and Anne Farley.
30 July, 1710 Jno. Hale, of Campden, and Mary Stitchbury.
30 June, 1715, Jonathan Howell, of Campden, and Mary Goodford.
23 Sept., 1733, Ant. Walker, of Campden, and Ursula, Grassingham.
25 Oct., 1740, Mr. Rich. Walker, of Bromsgrove, and Miss Ann Winslow, of Campden.
4 March, 1741-2, Wm. White, of Campden, and Ann Drury.
27 Oct., 1742, Rich. Allcock, of Batsford, and Sarah White, of Campden.
12 Oct., 1751, Rob. Hands and Hannah Lane, of Campden.
16 Dec., 1767, 'I'hos. Noxon, of Campden, and Sarah Drury.
7 June, 1770, Jno. Mathewis and Esther Tracy, of Campden.
16 Oct., 1775, Rich. Handley, of Campden, and Rachel Tinson.
5 Jan., 1785-6. Thos. Fincher, of Campden, and Elizth. Stanley.
24 Oct., 1788, Jno. Gibbs, of Campden, and Mary Seaman.
24 Oct., 1798, Jots. Sermon, of Campden, and Edith Horne.


18 Feb., 1699-1700 Thos. Curtis, of Westington, and Mary Eden, of Campden.
21 Feb., 1708-9, Thos, Horn, of Camden, and Alice Stock. of Darlingscot.
6 Nov., 1716, Jno. Coleman, of Campden, and Kath. Morris.
7 Feb., 1721/2, Jno. James, of Campden, and Frances Keyt, of Hitcoat.
April 1731, Jno. Keyt and Sarah Bevington, of Campden.
3 Feb. 1733/4, Jno. Holms and Elizth. Maughan, of Campan.
25 Oct. 1747, Wm. Eden, of Campden, and Elizth. Gregg.
30 Apl., 1750. Ant. Phipps, of Campden, and Hannah Freeman.
14 July, 1752, Thos. Jervis and Ann Chamberlin, of Campden.
8 July, 1765, Sam. Barnely and Susannah Beal, widow, of Campden.


8 Jan., 1723/4, Jno. Read. of Weston Subedge, and Joane Emms, of Campden.
25 June, 1725, Jno. Dee, of Campden and Sarah Gough, of Fal---- Mills, co. Warw.
22 Oct., 1725, Rich. Martyn, of Headington, co. Oxon, and Ann Harding, of Campden.
13 Jan., 1726/7, Jos. James, of Campden, and Ann Green, of Broad Campden.
25 June. 1727, Wm. Harrison, of Campden, and Anne Eliots, of "Borton"-on-the-Hill.
12 Nov., 1727, Thos, Clerke, of Broad Campden, and Anne Soley.
5 Oct., 1758, Rev., Mr. Liscomb Aultbe Stretch, of Campden, and Mary Grove, widow.
3 May. 1787, Charles James, of Campden, and Elizth. Freeman.
24 May, 1805. Wm. Cox, of Campden, and Sarah Marshall.
30 Jan.. 1806, Wm. Gardner, of Campden, and Maria Kemp.

Aston Subedge:
26 July, 1663 Rich. Rose, of Broad Campden, and Dorothy Leonard, of Harvington.
14 May, 1665, Jno. Tomlins and Ann Gibbs, of Campden.
18 Aug., 1667, Wm. Coltman and Alice Dickens, of Campden.
30 May, 1694, Philip Clarke, of Campden, and Anne Gun.
29 Sept., 1694 Sam, Harris, of Bishop's Cleeve, and Catherine Taylor, of Campden.
2 Feb., 1695/6, Richd. Keyt of Binton, co. Warw, and Elizth. Smith, of Campden.
8 May, 1697, Francis Robins and Mary Robins, both of Broad Campden.
4 July, 1697, John Dyer, of Campden, and Elinor Bumpass.
4 Jan 1697/8, Jno. Webb, of Wolvercott, co. Oxon, and Mary Smith, of Campden.
28 May, 1702, Rob. Smith, of Campden, and Mary Widdows of Hanging Aston.
9 Feb., 1706/7, Rob. Williams, of Campden, and Sarah Dide, of Draycott.
16 Oct., 1709, Thos. White and Elizth.--------- both of Campden.
27 Oct., 1713, Rich. Greening and Sarah Cooper, both of Campden.
2 May, 1714 Wm. Chapman of Campden, and Mary Chillingworth.
21 April, 1715 Rob. Smith, of Campden and Eleanor Sansom.
23 Sept., 1716, Rob. Tracy and Ann Smith, both of Campden.
11 Oct., 1718, Chas. Leonard and Joane Johnsons, both of Campden.
1 May, 1811, Jno. Scrieves and Cath. Gardner, of Campden.


Moreton-in-Marsh :
8 April, 1702, Jno. Tracey and Mary Hitchman, both of Campden.
19 May. 1800, Wm. Nichols, of Campden, and Elizth. Sandal.

28 Sept., 1702, Thos. White, of Campden, and Ann Wardle.
20 June, 1703, Jas. Prockter, of Broad Campden, and Lucy Powell, of Barton.
14 Oct., 1741, Hen. Stephens and Margt. Darwood, both of Campden.
23 Mar., 1761/0, Thos. Rogers, of Rowington, and Sarah Dee, of Campden.

13 Sept., 1584, Jno. Price, of Campden and Margt. Bowker.
16 April, 1770 Jno. Larner, of Campden, and Anne Sheldon.

Guiting Power:
7 June, 1720, Jno. Cleydon and Sara Wels, of Campden.
27 Dec., 1733, Emanuel Freeman and Elixth. Pleaden, of Broad Campden.

Clifford Chambers:
21 Feb., 1714/5 Timothy Horseman of Campden, and Ann Phipps, of Alscoat.
1 Feb., 1715/6 Chas. Harrison, of Campden, and Mary Hawks, of Barford.
31 Aug., 1719, Wm. Careless and Mary Horseman both of Campden.
10 April, 1724, Wm. Jones and Jane Pleadon both of Campden.

16 Jan. 1529/3O Thos. Hukocks, of Stratford, and Bridget Bumpas, of Campden.

29 Dec., 1677, Edwd. Baldwyn, of Ebrington and Susanna South, of Chipping Campden.
17 July 1683, Thos. Lambert and Elizth, Gibb; both of Chipping Campden.
16 April, 1711, Richd. Newland, of Chipping Campden, and Mary Kitchen, of Snowshill.
25 July, 1772, Thos. Smith and Ann Wells, of Campden.

11 April, 1691, Ant. Stanley, of Campden, and Eliz. Roberts.
1 June, 1703, Jas. Harrison and Mary Hale, of Campden.
-------- 1704, Jno. Yeate and Mary Aitkens, both of Campden
19 May. 1726 Thos. Marshall, of Stanton, and Hannah Yeats, of Campden.
21 Aug., 1809 Wm. Eastling, of Campden, and Mary Trenfield.
23 Jan., 1812/3 Wm. Bullock, of Campden. and Eliz. Ballinger.

31 Jan., 1681/2, Jno. Veal and Mary Jenkins, of Campden.
15 June, 1682, Wm. Brown and Cath. Jones, both of Campden.
29 Sept., 1685, Fos. Rascall and Anne Rose, of Campden.
20 Oct.. 1689, Matt. Manners, of Crimscote, and Magdalen Wakefield, of Campden.
24 Jan., 1699/1700, John Hale, of Campden, and Mary Clark.
13 April, 1702, Thos. Rose, of Broad Campden and Mary Banks.
25 May, 1704, Rich. Longstone, of Campden, and Mary Evans.
11 April, 1708, Elbrighte Clarke, of Campden, and Eliz. Compier.
27 Aug., 1711. Wm. Scrimshaw, of St. Clement's Danes, Lond., and Eliz. Smith, of Campden.
1 April, 1714, Jas. White, of Broad Campden, and Rebeccah Hastings.
17 Oct., 1715, Hen. James and Mary Kiton, of Campden.
5 May, 1716, Jno. Smith, of Christ Church, Lond., and Sarah Keyte, of Campden.
26 July. 1717, Geo. Bickerstaff, of Campden and Ann Rastell.
12 April, 1718, Joe. James and Mary Reding, of Campden.
25 Sept.. 1720, Jno. Taylor, of. Campden, and Eliz. Carter.
14 July, 1740. Jno. Yeate, of Campden, and Sarah Knight.
8 Sept., 1743, Thos. Atkins, of Campden, and Sarah Yeats.

1 July, 1789, Jno. Allen, of Campden, Bachelor, and Mary Ashwin, spinster.
27 April, 1795, Rich. Turner, of Campden, Bach., and Sarah Ashwin, spinster.

The number of Campden marriages at Aston is very striking in the time of the vicariate of the Rev. Hickes here. From 1660 to 1720, both inclusive, there were but 81 marriages, at Aston; yet in no less than 28 of these either one party or both were of Campden parish.

There are two marriage bonds of Campden folk at Woroester, thus:
1587, Jno. Rylie gent., Broad Campden,, and Mary Fletcher, of Aston Magna.
1595, Jno. Prise, gent., Campden, and Mary Earles, als. Franckelin, Broadway.

The churchwardens' accounts exist from 1626, but from the middle of the seventeenth century for many years no items are given.