Chedworth Congregational Sabbath School Register Aug 1892–Apr 1894

Transcribed by Mike Tovey

1st Class Girls – Teacher Mrs. Fish
Agnes Scotford
Mabel Margetts
Fanny Giles (name then crossed out)
Emily Mabberley
Flora Scotford
Louisa Cummings (left village mid October 1892)
Alice Tuckwell (name crossed out)
Henrietta Leach
Annie Broad
Rose Willoughby
Bessy Peachey
Sarah Beames (started December 1893)

2nd Class Girls – Teachers Mr. Warner then Miss ECC Fish and Mrs. Perry
Bessie Eggleton (left neighbourhood about October 1892)
Eliza Miller
Kate Scotford (name later crossed out)
Lottie Hathaway
Hester Lloyd
Fanny Scotford
Alice Eggleton (name later crossed out)
Kittie Broad
Jane Tuckwell (name later crossed out)
Sophy Scotford
Charlotte Tuckwell (name later crossed out)
Bessy Peachey (name later crossed out)
Ellen Peachey
Amy Sutton
Emily Miller – started August 1893
Gussee Beames – started September 1893
Kate Scotford – started October 1893

Infant Class Girls – Teacher Miss ECC Fish and then Agnes Scotford
Annie Scotford
Luccine Eggleton – left village about October 1892
Emily Miller
Fanny Mabberley
Katie Hathaway – left village about October 1892
Edith Scotford
Lavinia Lloyd
Annie Hathaway – left neighbourhood about October 1892
Emily Werrell
Jane Hathaway - left village about October 1892
Mary Lloyd
Selina Tuckwell - left village about October 1892
Polly Werrell

1st Class Boys – Teacher Miss Fish
Jessie Grinnell
Ernest Day
James Grinnell
John Cummings
Joseph Miller
Arthur Miller
Edward Lloyd
Oliver Hathaway - left village about October 1892
William Leach
Joseph Leach
Fred Lloyd
Thomas Fry
Ernest Coates
Charles Grinnell – from July 1893
Kerman Beames – from July 1893

2nd Class Boys – Teacher Albert Mabberley then Mr. Beames and Mrs. Sutton
Harry Tuckwell
Charles Grinnell
Albert Beames
Alfred Beames – later moved to first class
Thomas Hathaway (name crossed out)
Edward Werrell
John Werrell
Silas Miller – transferred from infants 1893
Walter Day – transferred from infants 1893
Willie Gardner – from October 1893

Infant Class Boys – Teacher W Grinnell, Joseph Sutton, Miss Fish & Miss Day
Ernest Mabberley
Willie Broad
Willie Eggleton – left neighbourhood
Frank Eggleton
John Scotford
Jesse Miller
Victor Day
Willie Lloyd
Thomas Rooke
Fred Rooke
Charles Tuckwell – left village
Charles Jerffrys
Percy Jeffrys
Austin Gardiner – from October 1893

There were classes in both the morning and afternoon every Sunday

Courtesy of Mike Tovey