Reproduction of an Original Auction Poster at which the property today named Well Hill, Chedworth was sold.
Transcribed by Mike Tovey

to be
Sold by Auction
Messrs, Moore & Hill
At Wilson’s Beerhouse, near the Church, Chedworth
On Saturday, Sept 18th 1880
At Four for Five in the Afternoon precisely
The following Valuable
Lot 1
All those two cottages (formerly three tenements) situate at Well Hill in the village of Chedworth with the appurtenenances thereto belonging, now in the respective occupations of Mary Ireland and Maria Davis.
Lot 2
All that other cottage, situate near the above, in the occupation of John Bartlett
For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Cirencester or to
Messrs. Mullings, Ellett & Co Solicitors, Cirencester
Savory, Steam Press, Cirencester
A Highway Rate books of 1839/1840 records that Charles Blackwell, Peter Curtis and Joseph Guilett were tenants of W. Wood.

The Tithe Map of 1843 records that cottages labelled 552 were owned by William Wood and were occupied by Richard Bridges, Charles Blackwell and Peter Curtis.

An abstract of title traces the ownership of these 4 cottages (today called Well Hill) as follows:

William Wood, farmer formerly of Barton in Temple Guiting and then of Naunton purchased them from Jane Broad sometime prior to his death in 1830 (the cottages are evident in the 1803 Inclosure Map). His son William Wood of Temple Guiting sold them to yeoman Joseph Davis of Chedworth for £75 on 4 March 1859. It was noted that Joseph Wilson had undertenants Charles Blackwell and William Emms and that 2 were not occupied.

Joseph Davis died 27 June 1872 – his wife Frances Davis died on 14 December 1879 and their daughter Mary Ann Davis married Henry James Day – Sgt Major of the 8th Regiment of Foot in 26 August 1880 at St. Philips Church, Arlington Square, Islington, Middlesex. The regiment was located at Warley, Essex in 1880. The cottages were sold by auction (see above).

Elizabeth Ellis purchased the cottage in which John Bartlett was tenant by paying a deposit of two guineas against a total bill of £20.0s 0d for the property and 10s6d auction fees. Lot 1 was sold to Thomas Cainey a tea dealer of North Cerney.

Mary Ann Day (nee Davis) appeared before JPs Wm Greaves and Greenway Robbins on 14 October 1880 to enable them to confirm that she understood the sale of the above properties and signed an Indenture to that effect.

Widow Elizabeth Ellis sold both the Well Hill cottage (and two other cottages that she had built in Lower Chedworth today called Old Pastures) to Robert York Dyer Ellis commercial traveller of 11 Montrose Avenue, Clifton, Bristol on 29th November 1886. John Bartlett was still tenant at the time.

Courtesy of Mike Tovey