The Examined of Chedworth 1731-1845
(GRO MF210/211)
transcribed by M. Tovey
Examinations of paupers, to ascertain which parish should provide relief, were conducted by two Justice of the Peace. Surviving documents give unique insights about ordinary people, where they lived, who they worked for and how much they earned. Few seem to have enjoyed job security! Unless otherwise stated the original documents are filed in the GRO under P77a OV 3/4 - sometimes they are very hard to read so please forgive the occasional question mark.
In the majority of cases listed below the people were hired at Michaelmas Mop fairs (Cirencester is most frequently refered to but so too are Northleach and Cheltenham) and paid the agreed wage at the end of the years work, £4 - £5 with board and lodging was a typical labourers wage around 1830. By working for a full year within a parish a person become eligible for ‘legal settlement’. Few of the people listed appear to have been employed in this fashion very often - the norm was probably casual employment which avoided costly Poor Law overheads being incurred by the parish. The following is a surname alphabetical order gistsing of surviving ‘examinations’ associated with Chedworth:
BALLINGER Mary Ann 1831
Hired by market gardener John SNELUS of Deerhurst who then moved to Tewkesbury. Left his service after 2 years due to ill health. Subject of a removal order from Chedworth to Tewkesbury.

BARDOCH John 1766
Born Aldsworth. About 1764 worked for Mr. BRADLEY at Rowell? (see also COLE below).

BAYLIS Henry 1809
A labourer born in Chedworth and father legally settled in Chedworth. Worked for yeoman Richard COOKE of Compton Abdale about 1806.

BAYLIS Edward 1792
Labourer born in Chedworth. Worked for farmer HANDY at Stowell for 3 years.

BEAMES John 1786
Hired by Lord CHEDWORTH to work at Stowell. Claimed legal settlement in Chedworth.

From 1828 worked for Mr. Bartley WILIER? of Brimpsfield for 2 years.

BLISS William 1786
Born Quidingson? Norfolk. Worked at Stowell for Lord CHEDWORTH.

BOULTON William 1790
Born in Chedworth. Worked for farmer William PHILLIPS at Bistor?, Oxfordshire.

BRIDGES John 1806
Born in Chedworth. About 1802 worked for farmer and clerk Richard DENNISON at Ampney St. Mary.

BROWN William 1782
Born in the city of Gloucester. Worked for James WAIT of Barnett for 3 years.

CLARKS William 1800
Born Auston, Worcestershire. About 1795 worked for yeaoman John SMITH at Crowle in Worcestershire.

COLE George 1765/66
Born Winson. Worked for Mr. BRADLEY on the tything of Rowell? in Gloucestershire.

COLIN Hannah 1 1845
Singlewoman and her child Maria born 11 November 1842. Daughter of Joseph. See below.

COLIN Joseph 1845
Aged 54, born Bourton on the Water. About 1824 - 1831 worked as a miller for Mr. Thomas KIMBER at Cerney Mill, North Cerney. Married Ann MILLER at Chedworth 25 Dec 1827 and had 7 children 6 of whom were living - Hannah 17, Sarah 16, Mary 14, Joseph 12, Ann 9, Elizabeth 8.Himself, Hannah, Ann and Elizabeth were inmates of the Northleach Union Workhouse. From 1841 for 4 years he claimed to have rented property in Chedworth from the Rev Arthur GIBSON and to have claimed poor relief from North Cerney for illness whilst living in Chedworth.

COURT Thomas 1765
Born Minety. Was settled in Coln St. Aldwyn and worked for widow CRUMP in Chedworth.

CURTIS John 1781
Born Daglingworth. Worked for John COOK at Coln St. Dennis.

CURTIS Ralph 1809
A labourer born in Chedworth who had worked for John RADWAY of Chedworth about 1794 and 1801.

DENLEY George 1787
Born Shipton Oliffe but legally settled at Cranham having rented a farm there from HAYWARD Esq.

DURHAM Edward c1800 (undated)
Claimed settlement in Chedworth having rented property and paid taxes.

DYER Lawrence 1765
Born Compton Abdale. About 1745 worked in Hazleton. Rented property from John BROAD and John WILSON.

EDDIS Hannah 1765/66
Born Chedworth married William EDDIS of Northleach about 1750.

ELTON otherwise WHEELER Ann 1830
Singlewoman born in Chedworth. In 1829 hired by Mr. William CASH of the parish of Colesborne.

GARDNER William 1811
Labourer born North Cerney. About 1791 started work for William and Thomas SHERBORNE of Chedworth. Lived with them for 17 years and now hired at £12 pa.

GLOVER John 1776
Born Chedworth. About 1770 worked for Thomas GALS of Cirencester.

GREENWOOD Rebecca 1829
Born in Chedworth. Hired by Mrs. BULLOCK of the parish of Preston near Cirencester.

HALE James 1789
Born in Hampnett where his father was legally settled.

HALL Robert 1858
Labourer living in Chedworth. In examination concerning his son Edward HALL claimed his son was born at Compton Abdale and had been hired by widow Mrs. Radway of Chedworth about 1855.

HANKS Stephen 1804
Born Yanworth. About 1796 worked for yeoman Thomas BRIDGES at Winson.

HARDING William 1765
Born Chedworth and rented house and land in Chedworth.

HOLLAND John 1783
Born Burford Oxfordshire. Apprenticed to cordwainer Henry WILSON of Chedworth for 7 years.

HYDE Ann 1792
Singlewoman born in Condicote where her father was legally settled to the time of his death.

IRELAND John 1843
36 years old, born Ashbrook near Cirencester. Mother was Sarah IRELAND singlewoman. At age 20 hired by Mr. COLE of Dursley and then by Mr. James NEWMAN of Calmsden. Married wife Mary at Chedworth and had 4 children Ann age 11, Elizabeth 9, Eliza 7 and William 5.

JOACHIM Hannah 1789
Singlewoman born Chedworth but legally settled in Cheltenham. Subject of a removal order.

JOACHIMS John 1792
Born in Chedworth. Worked for Elizabeth MATTHEWS at Didbrook.

KEAR Ann 1829
Singlewoman born in Chedworth. Hired by Mr. John HERBERT of Minchinhampton for 2 years.

KEAR Martha 1829
Singlewoman born in Chedworth. In 1827 hired by John Dyer of Cold Salperton and then by William WAKELASH of Bouton on the Water.

LARNER Elizabeth 1826
Born in Minety. In 1825 worked for Mr. James CHILD of 21 Henrietta Street, Cheltenham.

LARNER Samuel 1781
Born in Colesborne (Coldsborn) and father legally settled there.

LAWRENCE Mary 1784
The wife of John LAWRENCE . Her husband left her 6 months previously. Two children Mary 2c and William 9m. Her husband and her father-in-law legally settled in Rowell? Glos.

LEECH Arthur 1784
Born Fifield, Oxfordshire. Worked for widow Hannah JONES in Chedworth for 3 years.

LUCAS John 1786
Born Yanworth. Worked for yeoman John COOK of Stanway for a year.

MARGETTS John 1811
A carpenter who was born in Sherborne. His father, also a carpenter, living at Sherborne but with a ‘settlement certificate’ from Withington.

MARKS John 1786
Born Chedworth. Worked for Charles POULSON in Chedworth for 2 years.

MASSEY John 1833
Father named William MASSEY. About 1828 worked in parish of Sherborne for yeoman Joseph HEWER for almost a year.

MILLARD John 1786
Born Yanworth where his father was legally settled.

MILLER Leonard 1829
Labourer born in Chedworth. In 1826 hired by Mr. Thomas Taylor farmer of Northleach and lodged in the house of Thomas BENNETT. Subject of a removal order.

MINCHING Thomas 1792
Labourer born at Maugersbury. Worked at Stowell for yeoman John HANDY for 2 years.

NEWMAN Henry 1761
Born Coates. Was left a little house in Chedworth.

NURDING John 1780
Born Cutson? Worcestershire, at one time worked in the parish of Stowell for yeoman John Handy.

PATRICK John 1731
In 1731 was bound apprentice to Thomas MITCHEL of Kenworth, Oxfordshire and also worked for John MITCHEL of Little Barrington.

PEARCE Rebecca 1785
Singlewoman who was born in Chedworth and whose father was legally settled in Chedworth until his death.

PURVEY Giles 1767
Born North Cerney where father legally settled. About 1759 worked for Mr. TOMBS of Coln St. Dennis.

RANDALL Thomas 1804
Labourer married to Elizabeth with children John 4 and Henry 1 year old. Born Coln Rogers. Worked for John JENKINS of Clifford, Herefordshire for 2 years about 1794.

REDORD Moses 1771
Born in Kempsford. See also letter above.

ROBINS Thomas 1761
Worked for Farmer LANGCOME of Yanworth for 3 to 4 years.

ROBBINS David 1819
About 1809 hired by yeoman Ralph STONE at Eastington. About 1814 worked for John MILLS of Chedworth but left after 2 years.
ROGERS Charles 1784
Born at Cherrington. Worked for Thomas FIELD at Duntisborne Abbots for one year.

SCOTT Anthony 1792
Born in Chedworth and father legally settled in Chedworth.

SEALEY Ann 1830
Singlewoman born and living in Coln Rogers. In 1827 hired by Mr. Job PACKER of Withington and then by Mr. Robert BENNETT of Withington. Her father was ‘settled’ in Chedworth.

SHIELDS Bernard 1776
A labourer who was born in Kilkmurry, Co Antrim, Ireland. Left Ireland at 9 years of age with Daniel MACKRORY a walking draper who usually resided at Banbury, Oxfordshire. For a short time served in the Earl of Albermarle’s Dragoons. Married Rachel HOLLAND of Rendcombe.

SIMMS William 1822
Born Bourton on the Water. About 1803 worked for farmer John HAMBRIDGE (deceased) at Stowell.
SMITH Joseph 1765
Born Chedworth. Worked in Coln St. Dennis about 1755.

STEPHENS Edward 1785
Born near Proud Preston, Lancashire. Agreed to work for yeoman Robert SLY of Chedworth for a year but was paid off after six months to prevent settlement.

STEPHENS Eleanor 1787
Apprehended in Burbage, Wiltshire as a vagabond. Claimed to have married Robert Stephens in Cirencester church in 1776 but her husband had absconded. Had 3 children Mary, Robert and Elizabeth. Claimed legal settlement in Chedworth.

STEPHENS Eleanor 1790
Wife of tinker Robert STEPHENS. Former husband breeches maker Thomas COLLIER by whom she had child Mary. Thomas had been ‘settled’ at Orlton, Herefordshire.

TELLING John 1766
Born Blockley. About 1763 worked in parish of Coln St. Dennis.

TIMBRIL William 1765
Born Halling?, Gloucestershire. Father settled in Temple, Bristol.

TROTMAN Ann 1830
Born in Chedworth. In 1828 hired by Harman HOWES of Coln Rogers.

TROTMAN John 1766
Born Rendcombe and about 1753 rented a house at Rendcombe.

WARNER John 1766
Born Inesbury or Shesbury? Worked for farmer Webb at Yanworth.

WHEELER Esther 1811
Residing and born at Withington. About 1804 married William WHEELER who was ‘settled’ at Chedworth and lived at Chedworth for 2 years prior to death of husband. Her child from this marriage lived with her parents and was supported by Chedworth parish.

WHITE John 1761
Worked for Farmer RODWAY of North Cerney where he was married.

WILSON Betty 1774
Singlewoman born Chedworth. About 1770 worked for Farmer TURK of Chedworth and then for Farmer LOME of Rendcombe. In 1772 worked for John MILLS of Winson Mill at Coln St Dennis.

WILSON John 1824
A miller born in Chedworth but living in Brimpscombe (near Stroud). For many years past lived in Portsmouth.

WRIGHT John 1783
Labourer born in Chedworth. About 1770 had kept the turnpike gate at Hamlet and then moved to Eastington where he rented property.

WRIGHT Thomas 1786
Born Withington and his father legally settled there. Worked in Colesborne for yeoman Joseph SLY and moved to Chedworth with his master.

WRIGHT otherwise GLOVER John 1800
Labourer living in Chedworth with certificate of settlement from Cirencester.

WOOD Thomas 1784
Born in Coldsborn (Colesborne) but living in Beverstone (near Tetbury). Worked for yeoman John BALLINGER at Chedworth.