The Families of Blockley
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Admiral Sir Edward Collier, K.C.B.

The Admiral was the son of Edward Collier, and was born in Blockley in the year 1783, where he received his early education. The following account of his Naval career is extracted from O'Byrne's Naval Biography. "He entered the Navy in 1796 as first-class volunteer on board the Formidable, 98, Capt. Hon. George Cranfield Berkelet, flag-ship afterwards of Sir Charles Thompson, under whom he attained the rating of Midshipman, 1st April, 1797. Between May 1798 and the close of 1802, he next served in the East and West Indies, on board the Maidstone and Sea-horse frigates, Capts. Ross Donelly, and Edward Jas. Foote; and Victorious 74, and Centurion, 50 flag-ships of Vice-Admiral Peter Rainier; and for his contributory exertions in saving the latter vessel, when on the point of foundering during a fearful hurricane, was appointed 13th Dec. 1802, acting Lieutenant of the Arrogant, 74, Cat. John Batt. Being soon afterwards lent to the Teignmouth brig, he accompanied Capt. Jas. Giles Vashon, in an expedition sent in Feb. 1803 against the pirates of Gussurant, on which occasion, after the hazardous destruction of thirty of the enemies vessels, he headed a division of seamen and marines in an attack made on one of their forts, where the British were completely repulsed. Whith the loss of 40 men killed and wounded. Mr. Collier who was confirmed a Lieutenant 17th June, 1803, exchanged in November following into the St. Fiorenzo 36, Capt.s. Jos. Bingham, Henry Lambert, and George N. Hardigne, the second-named of whom he ably supported in a desparate conflict of several hours, which, on 14 Feb. 1805, rendered captive to the St. Fiorenzo the French 32 gun frigate, La Psyche, after a loss to the former of 12 men killed and 36 wounded, and to her opponent of 57 killed and 70 wounded.

Having invalided home in March 1808, on board the Monmouth, 64, Capt. Edward Durnford King, he next, on 14th Jan. 1809, joined as first lieutenant, the Thames, 32, Capt. Hon. Granville Geo. Waldgrave, on the Mediterranean Station, where his gallantry in command of the boats of that ship, and the Pilot brig, at the capture and destruction of a large and well-protected convoy near Amanthea, 25th July 1810, procured him a second promotional commission, bearing the same date. Obtaining command 27th Oct. 1812, of the Manly, brig. Capt. Collier proceeded to the Scheldt, and then sailed with convoy for Newfoundland, whence he afterwards went to Halifax, where Manly was driven high and dry on shore during a heavy gale, 13 Nov. 1813 and only got off after an incessant labour of 3 weeks.

In May 1814 having volunteered with the whole of his ship's company to co-operate with Sir James Lucas Yeo on the Canadian Lakes, Capt. Collier gallantly assisted with the gun-boats under his orders, in the attack on Oswego. After bearing a part in many other arduous enterprises, he was officially advanced 18th Nov. following, to the command of the Princess Charlotte, 42. He returned to England in 1816; commanded subsequently from 8th Sept. 1818, until Nov. 1821 the Mersey, 26, on the Halifax Station; and on the 3rd April 1837 joined the Castor, 36, in which frigate, during the Syrian campaign, he conducted a series of successful operations against the towns Caiffa, Jaffa, and Tsour, and shared in the bombardment of St, Jean d'Acre, where after highly distinguishing himself, he had the misfortune to have his leg severly fractured, and received other hurts of a lesser description. For the part he took in this action, he received a medal and was gazetted. He was nominated a C.B. Dec. 8th, 1840, and paid off the Castor in 1841. On 4th Feb. 1845, he was appointed to the command of H.M.S. Rodney, 92, one of an experimental squadron employed under the orders of Rear Admirals, Sir Hyde Parker and Sir Samuel Pym. After being in commission for 4 years, he paid off the Rodney at Portsmouth, on March 8th, 1849, after which date he was not employed again on active service.

The dates of his flag promotions are as follows:
1st Oct. 1850, Rear Admiral of the Blue.
5th Mar. 1853, Rear Admiral of the White
3rd July 1855, Rear Admiral of the Red
18th June 1857, Vice-Admiral of the Blue
Nov. 1857 placed on the Reserved List
4th Oct. 1862 Promoted to be Admiral.

Admiral Collier was nominated a K.C.B. 7 June 1865, and on June 9th was invested by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, acting on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Ever since he ceased to be employed on active service, Sir Edward Collier resided almost constantly in his native parish of Blockley, where he was always ready to help forward by his liberality any needful and good work. As long as he was able he discharged the duties of a County Magistrate. He was also a Deputy Lieutenant for Worcestershire. He departed this life on the 5th Aug. 1872, and was buried by the side of his ancestors in the Chancel of the parish Church, on the 13th.

A detectives ideas on the Pain family history in Blockley ?

Whilst searching for the origins of my own connections into the Pain family, I found that the name split into three possibles, namely Pain, Paine and Payne. The Payne spelling I believe came into the village with a family headed by George Payne in 1861, he is noted as coming from Wyke Rissington, but if you follow the leads back into that village he is noted as being from Icomb. His family only occurs in 1861 and is not in any other census in Blockley. I therefore assume that the spelling is not original to the remaining families and any other references must have been enumerator mistakes or some other form ie the head of the family could not spell!

If you start with the 1827 census of Reverend W.T.Eyre, there are 10 members of the Pain family listed, but if you read the abbreviations you will note the OC, which must be someone over a certain age, and we also have 2 children under 10, so in actual fact their was 12 in total, two not named. We will call this next group family one. The head of the household must be John Pain, who is married to Ann, he is both of the OC, and is named as having 8 none residents. The name of his wife is questionable, having three Ann's would be a rarity, as you will see, and my line has an Elizabeth married to John, so I deduct her name was wrong. This is again pretty much a guess, because also listed as being with John and Ann, is their son Richard and daughter Mary, both names appear in my links and we will return to these two later.
Family two, are Johnathan and Ann, who appear in the 1841 census as being in Pains Mill, and are not in any other return so may have passed on. With family three we then have William and Ann, who seem to have disappeared, and then family four, another William and Elizabeth who have promise.
This being the case we have a few leads which match up from family one and four. I believe however that both of the families headed by Williams' were sons of either John or Johnathan, and that these two could well have been brothers. It seems highly unlikely that you would find two brothers with the same name, so one must belong to each i.e. John and Johnathan. In family one, we have Richard and Mary. Richard Pain was the father of Henry pain, who was the father of Charles Pain, who was the father of Jessie Eugine Pain, who was my grandmother. Richard is noted as having a sister called Mary, who married a John Hutchings in 1827, this must have been after the census. What puzzled me was that Richard Pain is listed as being OC. Both he and Mary are at home, Mary is obviously soon to be wed, and Richard is there and is either single, or a widower but no children, he would have been 39 and Mary 35. To also tie in the links, Richards son Henry is shown in the 1851 census as living with John and Mary Hutchings, who we now know to be his fathers sister or his aunt. His wife to be Ann Cook is found at Stanton with her parents and a 3 week old daughter, so possibly Henry is establishing a workplace because by 1861 they are all listed as being together as one family. Another grouping also occurs in 1841, when John Pain who is 25 appears with his wife and daughter along with a Mary pain a servant in the boarding school. These two are either from family one or four, but could have been descendants of either Williams' families! The last line is family four headed by William and Elizabeth, who have the two children under 10. By the time we get to 1841 this William has also gone, but Elizabeth is around with three children, Hanna 19, Johnathan 15 and Eliza 11. The first two would have been under 10 in 1827, but the enumerators rounded up the ages to the nearest 5, so possibly the last two names in the above discussion i.e. John and Mary where one of the other children, Hanna must have been an original second child to one of these. Once we arrive in the 1851 census this Elizabeth is now in her late 60's, and is lodging around, and by 1861 she is living with Johnathan her son, but from the 1851 census onwards the name has changed to Paine.
If you spend some time following these leads, you will possibly think this may be a solution to the issue of misspelt names , and only a few of the families are dubious, and without further evidence it is speculation. I feel that I have lain to rest the connections and now perhaps the saga of Pains Mill will be an open topic to follow, but I have yet to seek connections to the missing families who went astray from 1827 to 1851.

Barry Wiggins

The Marshall Family

John MARSHALL bap. Upper Swell
00Robert MARSHALL bap. 23 Dec. 1668 Upper Swell d. 1744
00|00Married Jane/Jone?
00|00Robert MARSHALL bap26 May 1706 Wyck Rissington
00|00Elizabeth MARSHALL bap. 29 Oct. 1699 Wyck Rissington
00|00Millicent MARSHALL bap. 3 Apr. 1703 Wyck Rissington
00|00d 5 Apr. 1703
00|00John MARSHALL bap. 12 Mar 1709 Wyck Rissington
00|00d 8 July 1785 Blockley Farmer
00|00|00Married Elizabeth ? bur. 13 June 1769 Blockley
00|00|00William MARSHALL bur. 17 June 1736
00|00|00John MARSHALL bap. 20 june 1736 Wyck Rissington
00|00|00bur 8 July 1785 Blockley
00|00|00Jane MARSHALL bap. 4 Feb. 1740
00|00|00|00Married 5 Aug. 1772 Todenham Thomas WYATT
00|00|00|00bap Todenham
00|00|00Mary MARSHALL bap. 3 June 1738
00|00|00|00Married 17 Nov. 1760 Bourton-on-the-Water
00|00|00|00Samuel LAWRENCE
00|00|00Robert MARSHALL bap. 17 May 1742 d. 21 Mar. 1809 Farmer
00|00|00|00Married 2 July 1766 Hannah GIBBS b 1742
00|00|00|00bur 28 Feb 1802 Blockley
00|00|00|00Robert MARSHALL b. 24 Feb 1765
00|00|00|00bur 2 Mar. 1832 Blockley Miller
00|00|00|00|00Married (1) Lucy HAWES b 1767
00|00|00|00|00bur. 6 Mar. 1808 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00John MARSHALL bap. 10 Feb 1797 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00d 8 May 1863 Londonderry Miller & Mail guard
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 28 Apr 1819 Ebrington Hannah DEE
00|00|00|00|00|00bap 12 Apr 1799 Ebrington
00|00|00|00|00|00Louisa MARSHALL b1819 Ebrington d 1891
00|00|00|00|00|00Georgina MARSHALL b 17 Jan 1820 Ebrington d. 1896
00|00|00|00|00Sarah MARSHALL bap. 11 July 1800 Todenham
00|00|00|00|00bur 18 Dec 1803 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00Lucy MARSHALL bap. 7 May 1802 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00bur. 1851 Todenham
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 5 Oct. 1820 Todenham Richard WYATT
00|00|00|00|00Robert MARSHALL b 7 June 1804
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 4 June 1835 Moreton-in-Marsh Louisa DIX
00|00|00|00|00|00b 1801 Sibford, Oxon.
00|00|00|00|00Hannah MARSHALL bap 11 Jan. 1799 Blockley d 1822
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 1818 Thomas PARDINGTON d 1819
00|00|00|00|00|00Robert PARDINGTON b 1818 Farmer
00|00|00|00|00Married (2) 21 July 1818 Ann DEE b 1783 Ebrington
00|00|00|00|00bur 11 Dec 1867 Blockley Miller/Baker
00|00|00|00|00Ellen MARSHALL b 1820 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Married Frederick John CARPENTER
00|00|00|00|00Emma MARSHALL b 1820 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00William MARSHALL b 1823 d 1844
00|00|00|00|00Ann MARSHALL b 1822
00|00|00|00|00|00Married Edmund GIBBS b 1814 Farmer
00|00|00|00|00|00Emma GIBBS b 1842 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Mary Ann GIBBS b 1844 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00John MARSHALL bap 31 Dec 1766
00|00|00|00|00bur 1849 Blockley - Farmer
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 1 July 1809 Bourton-on-the-Hill
00|00|00|00|00|00Sarah SHELTON
00|00|00|00|00|00b 1777 bur 1864 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00Charlotte MARSHALL bap. 23 Feb. 1787 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00Married 31 Dec 1812 Blockley William LONG
00|00|00|00|00|00John LONG
00|00|00|00|00Sarah MARSHALL bap 22 Mar 1776 Moreton-in-Marsh
00|00|00|00|00Charles MARSHALL bap 7 Oct. 1782 Moreton-in-Marsh
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 29 Nov 1812 Eleanor FLETCHER
00|00|00|00|00|00b 1787 Great Walford
00|00|00|00|00|00Edwin MARSHALL b 1830 Aston Magna Butcher
00|00|00|00|00|00Mary Jane MARSHALL bap 15 Nov. 1826 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00William MARSHALL bap 27 Nov. 1823 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Eleanor Fletcher MARSHALL bap 20 Apr 1821 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Diane MARSHALL bap 21 June 1818 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00John MARSHALL bap 8 Dec 1815 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Miller's man
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Mary A ? b 1814 Barton Heath Warks
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Mary Jane MARSHALL b 1838 Aston Magna
00|00|00|00|00|00|00John C MARSHALL b 1838 Heythorp Oxon
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Elizabeth A Marshall b 1845 Cherington, Warks
00|00|00|00|00|00|00William MARSHALL b 1843 Cherington, Warks
00|00|00|00|00Elizabeth MARSHALL bap 31 Dec 1771 Moreton-in-Marsh
00|00|00|00|00William MARSHALL bap 8 Oct 1780
00|00|00|00|00bur 4 Feb 1817 Blockley - Labourer
00|00|00|00|00|00Married Ann ? bur Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00George MARSHALL bap 2 Dec 1810 Todenham
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 31 Dec 1837 Blockley Maria FRANKLIN
00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 1816 Kingsburn, War
00|00|00|00|00|00|00William MARSHALL b 1838 Blockley Labourer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Charles MARSHALL b 1841 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00|00John MARSHALL b 1844 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Elizabeth MARSHALL b 1847 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Ann MARSHALL b 1850 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Robert MARSHALL b 1853 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00George MARSHALL bap 4 Oct 1778 Moreton-in-Marsh
00|00|00|00|00Nathan MARSHALL b Aston Magna
00|00|00|00|00d 8 July 1848 London Butcher & Cattle Dealer
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 24 Apr 1798 St Pancras Mary RANDALL
00|00|00|00|00|00b 1779 d. 11 Feb 1852 London
00|00|00|00|00|00Mary Jane MARSHALL b 1799 d 10 Jan 1880
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married George KEYS
00|00|00|00|00|00Eliza MARSHALL b 1805
00|00|00|00|00|00Charles MARSHALL b 31 Dec. 1806 Artist
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 15 Feb 1844 Meriden,
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Ann Maria KITTERMASTER b 1815 d 1883
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Ann Maria Kittermaster MARSHALL b 1845
00|00|00|00|00|00|00d 1917 Teacher
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 16 Jan 1886
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00H. W. A. CORBETT Secretary
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Mary Edith CORBETT b 20 Oct 1887
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Roberto Angelo Kittermaster MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00bap 14 Aug 1849 d 1923 Herstmonceaux Artist
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 18 Oct 1884 Islington Florence ANGEL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 1854 d 1930
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Gladys MARSHALL b 1885
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Charles James Kittermaster MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00bap 10 Jan 1847 Meriden, Warks
00|00|00|00|00|00|00d 1892 Accountant/Banker
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 8 Oct 1878 Hampstead
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Lousia Mary TAYLOR b 17 Jan 1851 d 1928
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Dorothy Mary MARSHALL b 27 June 1889
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00d 15 Aug 1974 Photographer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Arthur John Taylor MARSHALL b 21 June 1884
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married(1) Evelyn BENNETT
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00A Dudley MARSHALL b 1907
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Marion ? d Oct 8 1975
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00John Rodney MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 28 Nov 1916 Kingston upon Thames
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married(1) 1932 Dorothy Babette STRANGE
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married(2) 14 Nov 1947 Margaret ?
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Gillian Rosemary MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 23 Dec 1949
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Christopher WILSON
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Trevor J MARSHALL b 5 Jan 1954 Engineer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Kathleen Patricia KEENAN
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 17 Sept 1954
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Sarah Margaret MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 30 Sep 1995 USA
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married(2) Madge COOMBES
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Charles Herbert Taylor MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 30 Sep 1879
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00d 9 Jan 1959 Master Photographer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 30 Dec 1915 Ethel Kate RUNDLE
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Alison Jessie MARSHALL b 16 Mar 1919
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00d 19 Jan 1969 Hants Photographer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Philip Herbert MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 15 Jan 1925 Marine Engineer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 19 July 1951
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Doris Florence BROADHURST
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Richard Charles MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 19 Dec 1960 Businessman
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Sarah SINGLETON
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Melanie Jayne MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Almee Louis MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Sarah Alison Victoria MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 3 July 1958
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married Christopher Mark COCKERILL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Army officer
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Samantha Camilla Clare COCKERILL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 22 Mar 1985 Hong Kong
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00Miles Christopher COCKERILL
00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 13 Aug 1989
00|00|00|00|00|00John MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00|00Charlotte MARSHALL b 1808
00|00|00|00|00|00Emma MARSHALL b 1810
00|00|00|00|00|00Georgina MARSHALL b 1811
00|00|00|00|00Charlotte MARSHALL bap 5 Jan 1779
00|00|00|00|00bur 18 Sep 1779 Moreton-in-Marsh
00|00|00|00|00Joseph MARSHALL
00|00|00|00|00bap 7 Oct. 1774 Moreton-in-Marsh Farmer
00|00|00|00|00|00Married 13 Dec. 1819 Blockley Grace DYDE b Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00David MARSHALL b 1819 Basket Maker
00|00|00|00|00|00Sarah MARSHALL b 29 Jan 1821 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00Anne MARSHALL b 4 Apr 1822 Blockley
00|00|00|00|00|00|00Married 4 Jan 1844 Blockley Edward GIBBS
00|00|00|00|00|00|00b 1822 Farmer
00|00Robert MARSHALL b. 17 Apr. 1704 bur 29 Apr. 1714