Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

Blockley Parish 1827
Clergyman's View of his Flock

Reverend W. T. Eyre, M. A. 1827

Because the original material was typed in columns in 1827 it was necessary to use the following abbreviations:

N.C. = Member of the New Club
O.C. = Member of the Old Club
C.T. = Children under 10
N.R. = Non-resident children
No ages given and Rev. Eyre compiled this "View" in alphabetical order

Information on the "Old Club" and "New Club" at the bottom


ACOCKS, Martin, Blacksmith O.C. 1 N.R.
ACOCKS, Ann, wife
ACOCKS, John, son, Blacksmith, O.C. 1 C.T.
ACOCKS, Elizabeth, wife

ALLEN, John, Labourer, O.C. 1 N.R.
ALLEN, Sarah, wife
ALLEN, William, son, Labourer
ALLEN, Thomas, son, Labourer O.C. 1 C.T.
ALLEN, Sarah, wife

ANDERTON, William, Labourer O.C.
ANDERTON, Hannah, wife
ANDERTON, Ann, daughter
ANDERTON, Lucy, daughter
ANDERTON, Thomas, son, Labourer
ANDERTON, Ann, wife
ANDERTON, John, son, Labourer, Dovesdale Lodge
ANDERTON, Mary, wife

BAKER, Jane, Milliner, Apprentice
BAKER, Sarah, single woman
BAKER, Elizabeth

BALDWIN, Charles, Woolcomber
BALDWIN, Charles, son, Woolcomber 2 N.R.
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, wife
BALDWIN, John, Labourer
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, wife
BALDWIN, Jane daughter
BALDWIN, John, son, Mason
BALDWIN, Sarah, wife
BALDWIN, Kitty, widow
BALDWIN, Richard, son, Labourer
BALDWIN, Edward, son, Labourer
BALDWIN, Harriot, daughter

BANBURY, Edward, Silk Throwster, 2 N.R.
BANBURY, Caroline, wife

BARNET, Eleanor, widow

BARNES, Ann, single woman
BARNES, Catherine

BEARCROFT, John, Baker and Parish Clerk 2 N.R.
BEARCROFT, Elizabeth, wife

BENNETT, George, Labourer, O.C., 1 N.R.
BENNETT, Mary, wife

BUBB, Benjamin, son, Labourer, N.C.
BUBB, Ann, daughter

BEEZLY, William, Labourer, O.C. 3 N.R.
BEEZLY, Hannah, wife
BEEZLY, George, son, Labourer
BEEZLY, John, son, Labourer
BEEZLY, Stephen, son, Labourer, O.C.
BEEZLY, William

BEECHEY, Francis, Labourer, N.C. 3 N.R.
BEECHEY, Ann, Second Wife
BEECHEY, Jane, daughter
BEECHEY, Elizabeth, daughter
BEECHEY, John, son, Labourer, N.C.
BEECHEY, Thomas,

BIDDLE, Elizabeth, widow, 1 N.C.
BIDDLE, Belinda, daughter
BIDDLE, Joseph, son
BIDDLE, Peter,

BISHOP, William, Labourer , 3 C.T.
BISHOP, Mary, wife

BLACKFORD, Elizabeth, single woman
BLACKFORD, William, Baker, 1 N.R.
BLACKFORD, Sarah, wife, Laundress
BLACKFORD, Thomas, son, Labourer
BLACKFORD, Elizabeth, daughter


BOUGHTON, Miss, sister of the Vicar

BRADFORD, John, Labourer, 1 N.R.
BRADFORD, Rose, wife
BRADFORD, Mary, daughter
BRADFORD, Esther, daughter

BRAIN, John, Labourer , 1 C.T.
BRAIN, Hannah, wife
BRAIN, Nelley, single woman

BRIERLY, John, Cordwainer, Apprentice

BROWN, William, Labourer
BROWN, Richard, Labourer

BUTLER, Joseph, Labourer, 2 N.R.
BUTLER, Mary, wife
BUTLER, Stephen*, Labourer, 2 N.R.
BUTLER, Hannah, wife
BUTLER, Francis*, Labourer, 1 N.R.
BUTLER, Elizabeth, wife
BUTLER, Thomas*, Labourer, 1 N.R.
BUTLER, Elizabeth, wife
*Sons of John BUTLER of Draycott

BURROWS, James, Labourer 4 N.R.
BURROWS, Kezia, wife
BURROWS, John, son

CALLOW, Moses, Labourer, 3 N.R.
CALLOW, Ann, wife
CALLOW, William, son

CARTER, Richard, Labourer, 2 N.R.
CARTER, Sarah, wife

CASTLE, Mary, single woman
CASTLE, Lucy, daughter

CLARK, Ann, Milliner, Apprentice

CLAYDON, Ann, Widow

CLEMENS, William, Labourer, O.C., 1 N.R.
CLEMENS, Mary, wife

COLING, William, Cordwainer
COLING, Mary, wife

COLLIER, Rev. Richard, Vicar of Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire
COLLIER, Edward, brother, Post Captain, R. N.

COLLINS, William, Labourer, 2 C.T., 1 N.R.
COLLINS, Ann, wife
COLLINS, Christian, daughter
COLLINS, Thomas, son
COLLINS, William, son
COLLINS, John, son
COLLINS, Jacob, son

COX, Thomas, Blacksmith, Apprentice

COXHEAD, Jonathan, Labourer, 2 C.T.
COXHEAD, Sarah, wife
COXHEAD, John, son
COXHEAD, Thomas, son

COTHER, Samuel, Carpenter, O.C.
COTHER, Elizabeth, wife
COTHER, Catherine, daughter
COTHER, Maria, Grand daughter
COTHER, Samuel, son O.C. 7 N.R.
COTHER, Elizabeth, wife
COTHER, Ann, daughter
COTHER, Jesse, son, Carpenter 3 N.R.
COTHER, Edith, wife

COTTERILL, Maria, single woman, 1 N.R.
COTTERILL, Edward, Cordwainer, 1 N.R.
COTTERILL, Hannah, wife

COURT, Stephen, Labourer, N.C.
COURT, Sarah, wife
COURT, Hannah, daughter
COURT, Ann, daughter
COURT, William, son
COURT, John, son
COURT, James, son
COURT, Richard, son, Labourer, 4 N.R.
COURT, Mary, wife

CRADDOCK, John, Journeyman, Wheelwright
CRADDOCK, Lydia, wife

CUDD, William, Miller
CUDD, Elizabeth, wife
CUDD, Joseph, Miller

DAVIS, Diana, single woman

DEE, Ann, single woman

DRING, Catherine,

DAY, John, Carpenter, O.C., 1 C.T., 2 N.R.
DAY, Rebecca, wife
DAY, William, son Carpenter, O.C.
DAY, Thomas, son, Carpenter
DAY, Charles, son, Carpenter
DAY, James, son
DAY, Thomas, brother, Carpenter, O.C., 3 C.T.
DAY, Martha, wife
DAY, Hannah, daughter
DAY, Sarah, daughter
DAY, Lucy, daughter, single woman, 1 C.T.

DODD, Thomas, Labourer, O.C., 3 C.T., 1 N.R.
DODD, Lucy, second wife
DODD, Rose, daughter
DODD, John, son
DODD, Laban, son

DOWDESWELL, William, Blacksmith
DOWDESWELL, Hannah, wife

DURHAM, Benjamin, Labourer, N.C., 2 N.R.
DURHAM, Ann, wife
DURHAM, Ann, daughter
DURHAM, James, son
DURHAM, Benjamin, Grandson

DYDE, Robert, Labourer, O.C., 3 C.T.
DYDE, Mary, second wife
DYDE, John, son
DYDE, Mary, daughter
DYDE, Sarah, daughter
DYDE, Thomas, son, Labourer
DYDE, Ann, wife

EASTBURY, Elizabeth, single woman
EASTBURY, William, Labourer, 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Mary Ann, Wife
EASTBURY, Edward, Snr., Labourer, 1 N.R.
EASTBURY, Sarah, wife
EASTBURY, Edward, son, Labourer, N.C., 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Sarah, wife
EASTBURY, Stephen, son
EASTBURY, Ann, daughter
EASTBURY, William, son, Labourer, N.C., 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Mary, Second wife
EASTBURY, Major, son
EASTBURY, Michael, son, Labourer, N.C., 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Sarah, wife
EASTBURY, Nanny, daughter
EASTBURY, Thomas, son
EASTBURY, Samuel, son
EASTBURY, Charles, son
EASTBURY, John, son, Labourer
EASTBURY, Ann, wife
EASTBURY, George, son, Cordwainer, O.C., 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Sarah, wife
EASTBURY, Rose daughter-in-law, widow
EASTBURY, Joseph, son
EASTBURY, Ann, daughter
EASTBURY, Jane, daughter
EASTBURY, William, brother, Labourer, N.C.
EASTBURY, Christian, wife
EASTBURY, Lucy, daughter
EASTBURY, John, son, Baker, 1 C.T.
EASTBURY, Sarah, wife
EASTBURY, William, son, Millwright
EASTBURY, Lydia, wife
EASTBURY, Isaac, son

EDEN, Sarah, single woman
EDEN, Lucy
EDEN, Edward, Shepherd, 1 C.T.
EDEN, Frances, wife
EDEN, George, orphan
EDEN, Ann, orphan
EDEN, Hannah, orphan
EDEN, Thomas, Labourer

FARLEY, William, Cordwainer, Apprentice

FOSTER, John, Cordwainer, Journeyman

FIGGURES, Thomas Barnes, Farmer, 3 C.T.
FIGGURES, Ann, wife
FIGGURES, Mrs. T. B., widow
FIGGURES, Catherine, widow
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, widow
FIGGURES, William, Labourer
FIGGURES, Thomas, Snr., Slater, O.C., 1 N.R.
FIGGURES, Hannah, wife
FIGGURES, Thomas, son, Slater O.C., 1 C.T.
FIGGURES, Ann, wife
FIGGURES, John, son, Slater, O.C., 4 C.T.
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, wife
FIGGURES, William, brother, Woodward, O.C.
FIGGURES, Ann, wife
FIGGURES, George, brother, Slater, 1 N.R.
FIGGURES, Elizabeth, wife
FIGGURES, Sarah, daughter
FIGGURES, Charles, son, Slater
FIGGURES, John, son, Slater

FISHER, Stephen, Blacksmith, O.C., 1 C.T., 5 N.R.
FISHER, Nanny, wife
FISHER, Sarah, daughter
FISHER, Stephen, son, Blacksmith

FLETCHER, Thomas, Labourer, 5 N.R.
FLETCHER, Hannah, wife

FRANKLIN, Sarah, widow
FRANKLIN, John, son, Tailor, O.C.
FRANKLIN, Henry, Silk Throwster
FRANKLIN, William, Labourer, 6 N.R.
FRANKLIN, Hannah, wife
FRANKLIN, Mary, daughter
FRANKLIN, Sarah, daughter
FRANKLIN, Jane, daughter
FRANKLIN, Ann, daughter
FRANKLIN, Elizabeth
FRANKLIN, Mathew, son
FRANKLIN, Robert, son

GARNER, John, Labourer, N.C.
GARNER, Margaret, wife
GARNER, William, son
GARNER, Leah, daughter
GARNER, Ann, daughter

GILSON, Elizabeth, Crown Inn
GILSON, James, son
GILSON, Ann, daughter
GILSON, Maria, daughter

GODFREE, Jane, single woman
GODFREE, Mary, single woman
GODFREE, Jesse, Labourer, O.C.
GODFREE, Mary, Single woman, 1 C.T.
GODFREE, William, Labourer, O.C.
GODFREE, Jane, wife
GODFREE, John, son, O.C.
GODFREE, Thomas, son
GODFREE, George, son
GODFREE, Elizabeth, daughter
GODFREE, Jane, 1 N.R.

GOULD, Mary, widow

GRIFFIN, George, Labourer, absent, 2 C.T.
GRIFFIN, Elizabeth, wife

HAINES, Catherine, widow
HAINES, John, son, Labourer, O.C.
HAINES, George, Farmer
HAINES, Jonathan, son, Farmer

HALE, Thomas, Mason, O.C.
HALE, Ann, wife
HALE, Moses, brother, Mason, O.C.
HALE, Fanny, widow
HALE, Henry, son, Mason
HALE, Moses, Mason
HALE, Ann, daughter
HALE, Jane, daughter
HALE, Catherine, daughter
HALE, Fanny, daughter

HALFORD, Thomas, Journeyman Baker
HALFORD, William, son
HALFORD, James, Road Surveyor, 2 C.T.
HALFORD, Hannah, wife
HALFORD, James, son
HALFORD, William, son
HALFORD, Joseph, son
HALFORD, Henry, son
HALFORD, Edwin, son

HANDIMAN, Richard, Labourer, 2 C.T.
HANDIMAN, Elizabeth, wife

HANKS, John, Shepherd
HANKS, Elizabeth, wife

HARRIS, Elizabeth, widow,
HARRIS, William, Baker, N.C., 6 C.T.
HARRIS, Mary, wife
HARRIS, Charles, son
HARRIS, Hannah, daughter
HARRIS, Mary, daughter

HARRIS, Thomas, Carpenter, N.C.
HARRIS, Hannah, sister
HARRIS, Hannah, widow, 2 C.T., 2 N.R.
HARRIS, Sarah, daughter
HARRIS, Hannah, daughter
HARRIS, George, son
HARRIS, Peter, son
HARRIS, William, Labourer, O.C.
HARRIS, Rebecca, wife
HARRIS, William, Mason, 1 C.T., 6 N.R.
HARRIS, Ann, wife
HARRIS, Jane, daughter
HARRIS, Emma, daughter

HAWKER, John, Labourer, 2 N.R.
HAWKER, Sarah, daughter
HAWKER, William, Son, O.C.
HAWKER, Richard, son
HAWKER, George, son
HAWKER, John, son
HAWKER, Mary, wife

HERBERT, Henry, 2 N.R.
HERBERT, Ann, widow, 1 N.R.
HERBERT, John, son, Butcher, 3 C.T.
HERBERT, Harriet, wife
HERBERT, Eliza, daughter
HERBERT, John, son
HERBERT, George, son, shopkeeper, 3 C.T.
HERBERT, Elizabeth, wife
HERBERT, Thomas, son, Felmonger
HERBERT, Richard, Labourer, O.C., 1 N.R.
HERBERT, Mary, wife
HERBERT, Richard, son, Labourer
HERBERT, Harriet, daughter
HERBERT, Ann, daughter
HERBERT, John, son, Gardener, O.C., 1 C.T.
HERBERT, Ann, wife
HERBERT, Jeremiah, Schoolmaster, 1 C.T.
HERBERT, Mary, wife

HITCHMAN, John, Mason, O.C., 2 N.R.
HITCHMAN, Hannah, wife
HITCHMAN, James, son
HITCHMAN, Charles, son
HITCHMAN, Sarah, daughter
HITCHMAN, Harriet, daughter
HITCHMAN, Rebecca, daughter
HITCHMAN, John, son, Mason, O.C., 3 C.T.
HITCHMAN, Mary, wife
HITCHMAN, William, son, Mason, O.C.
HITCHMAN, Martha, wife
HITCHMAN, Thomas, brother, Mason, O.C.
HITCHMAN, Hannah, wife
HITCHMAN, Ann, daughter
HITCHMAN, Mary, daughter
HITCHMAN, Henry, son, Mason, O.C.
HITCHMAN, Thomas, son, Mason, O.C.
HITCHMAN, Richard, son, Mason
HITCHMAN, Phillip, son, mason

HITCHMAN or HALFORD, John, Labourer, O.C.

HOBBS, William, Miller and Baker, 3 N.R.
HOBBS, Mary, wife
HOBBS, James, son
HOBBS, Charles, son
HOBBS, Frederic, son
HOBBS, John, son
HOBBS, Mary Ann, daughter
HOBBS, Martha Emily, daughter

HODGKIN, Richard, Labourer

HOLLOWAY, Jane, single woman
HOLLOWAY, John, Labourer, 2 N.R.
HOLLOWAY, Ann, Second wife
HOLLOWAY, Elizabeth, daughter

HONOR, Elizabeth, single woman

HOPES, Henry, Gardener, O.C.
HOPES, Elizabeth, wife
HOPES, Sarah, daughter
HOPES, William, son

HOPKINS, Ann, widow
HOPKINS, Og, (yes) Labourer, 1 N.R.
HOPKINS, Mary, wife
HOPKINS, Richard, son
HOPKINS, Hannah, daughter
HOPKINS, Mary, daughter
HOPKINS, John, son, Labourer, O.C.
HOPKINS, Lucy, wife
HOPKINS, John, Farmer
HOPKINS, Mary, wife
HOPKINS, James, son, Labourer, 5 N.R.
HOPKINS, Lucy, wife

HUMPHRISS, John, Bell Inn, 5 N.R.
HUMPHRISS, Martha, wife
HUMPHRISS, Susannah, widow

HUTCHINS, John, Labourer & Felmonger, O.C.
HUTCHINS, John, son


JAMES, John, Labourer, 4 N.R.
JAMES, Maria, daughter

JELFS, Sarah, single woman
JELFS, George, Labourer
JELFS, Henry, Labourer

JENKINS, Miss Ann Niece of Rev. R. Collier
JENKINS, Miss Barbara Niece of Rev. R. Collier

JOINER, William, Labourer, Woolcomber
JOINER, Grace, wife

KEAN (KEEN), William, Labourer, 4 N.R.
KEAN (KEEN), Ann, wife
KEAN (KEEN), Mary, daughter
KEAN (KEEN), Priscilla, daughter
KEAN (KEEN), Sarah, daughter
KEAN (KEEN), Susan, daughter
KEAN (KEEN), Cecilia, daughter

KEMPSON, Margaret, widow
KEMPSON, John, son, Joiner, O.C.
KEMPSON, Millicent, daughter

KEYTE, James, Labourer
KEYTE, Ann, sister
KEYTE, Hannah, niece
KEYTE, Catherine, daughter
KEYTE, Hannah, widow
KEYTE, Amy, daughter
KEYTE, Elizabeth, widow
KEYTE, Richard, son, Carpenter
KEYTE, Elizabeth, daughter
KEYTE, Sarah, daughter
KEYTE, Lydia
KEYTE, William, Son, Labourer, O.C., 2 N.R.
KEYTE, Elizabeth, wife
KEYTE, John, son

KITCHIN, William, Labourer, 2 N.R.
KITCHIN, Bridget, wife
KITCHIN, Hannah, daughter
KITCHIN, John, son, Labourer, 3 C.T.
KITCHIN, Maria, wife

KING, Sarah, Milliner, Assistant

LAMBOURN, Ann, single woman
LAMBOURN, John, Labourer, O.C.
LAMBOURN, Jane, Wife

LANE, Sarah, widow
LANE, John, Labourer
LANE, Mary, wife
LANE, Phillip, Labourer
LANE, Ann Shopkeeper

LIVELY, William, Labourer, absent
LIVELY, Sarah, wife
LIVELY, William, son
LIVELY, James, son
LIVELY, Lydia, daughter
LIVELY, Ann, daughter

LLOYD, Samuel, Cooper, O.C.
LLOYD, Samuel, son, Cooper, 2 N.R.
LLOYD, Ann, wife

LONG, John, Carpenter, O.C.
LONG, Ann, wife
LONG, John, Wheelwright
LONG, Thomas, son, Joiner
LONG, Joseph, Sawyer, O.C.
LONG, William, Carpenter
LONG, William, brother, Carpenter, O.C.
LONG, Ann, wife
LONG, Samuel, son
LONG, Mary Ann, daughter
LONG, Jane, daughter

MALL, Benjamin, Labourer, 1 C.T.
MALL, Ann, wife

MALIN, Thomas, Labouring Felmonger

MALPAS, Mary, Single woman

MOOR, Charles, Shopman

MANDERS, Thomas, Labourer, 4 N.R.
MANDERS, Margaret, wife
MANDERS, Richard, son
MANDERS, Mary, daughter
MANDERS, Elizabeth, daughter

MANTON, George, Ropemaker, 2 N.R.
MANTON, Sarah, second wife

MARCH, Martha, Widow

MARSHALL, Charles, Silk Throwster
MARSHALL, John, Farmer
MARSHALL, Sarah, wife
MARSHALL, George, brother, Farmer
MARSHALL, John, Labourer, 1 N.R.
MARSHALL, Kitty, second wife, Laundress
MARSHALL, Mary, daughter

MATTHEWS, Lydia, single woman

MASON, John, Labourer, 1 C.T.
MASON, Elizabeth, wife
MASON, Samuel, Son
MASON, Hannah, daughter
MASON, Mary, daughter
MASON, William, brother, Labourer, O.C.
MASON, Belinda, daughter
MASON, Charles, son
MASON, George, son
MASON, Ann, single woman

MILBURN, William, Carter, O.C., 2 C.T.
MILBURN, Ann, wife
MILBURN, John, Northwick Carter, O.C., 1 C.T.
MILBURN, Ann, wife
MILBURN, Lydia, daughter
MILBURN, Hannah, daughter
MILBURN, George, son
MILBURN, Thomas, son
MILBURN, John, son, Labourer, 1 C.T.
MILBURN, Mary, wife

MINCHIN, Thomas, Labourer, O.C.
MINCHIN, Frances, widow 2 N.R.
MINCHIN, Richard, son Farmer, 3 C.T.
MINCHIN, Mary, wife
MINCHIN, Isaac, son, Malster and Shopkeeper, 2 C.T.
MINCHIN, Elizabeth, wife

MITCHELL, Ann, widow
MITCHELL, Ann, daughter
MITCHELL, John, son, Slater, O.C., 1 C.T.
MITCHELL, Charlotte, wife

NICHOLLS, William, Labourer, O.C., 2 N.R.
NICHOLLS, Joseph, son, Labourer, N.C., 2 N.R.
NICHOLLS, Martha, wife
NICHOLLS, John, Labourer, O.C.
NICHOLLS, John, son, Labourer, 2 C.T.
NICHOLLS, Ann, wife
NICHOLLS, Francis, son
NICHOLLS, William, son, Labourer, 3 C.T.
NICHOLLS, Frances, wife
NICHOLLS, Charles, son

NEWMAN or MAPSON, William, Labourer, 1 C.T.
NEWMAN or MAPSON, Ann, wife

NEWMAN, Matthew, Labourer, N.C., 1 N.R.
NEWMAN, William, son, Discharged Soldier
NEWMAN, Matthew, son, Gardener, 4 C.T.
NEWMAN, Mary, wife

OLIVER, Henry, Tailor, Apprentice

PAIN, William, Labourer, 2 C.T.
PAIN, Elizabeth, wife
PAIN, Jonathan, Miller
PAIN, Ann, wife
PAIN, William, Cordwainer
PAIN, Ann, wife
PAIN, John, Cordwainer, O.C., 8 N.R.
PAIN, Ann, wife
PAIN, Richard, son, Cordwainer, O.C.
PAIN, Mary, daughter

PACKER, Rebecca, Single woman

PARKER, Mary, single woman
PARKER, Henry, Labourer
PARKER, Jane, wife

PENNEL, Thomas, Labourer
PENNEL, Sarah, second wife
PENNEL, Mary, daughter
PENNEL, Hannah, daughter
PENNEL, Isaac, Labourer
PENNEL, Thomas, son, Labourer
PENNEL, John, Son, Labourer

PENSON, Samuel, Carpenter, O.C.
PENSON, Elizabeth, wife

PICKERING, Samuel, Farmer, 7 N.R.
PICKERING, Margaret, second wife
PICKERING, James, son, Gardener, O.C.
PICKERING, Charles, Labourer
PICKERING, John, Labourer
PICKERING, Samuel, son, Northwick Bailiff, 4 N.R.
PICKERING, Mary, wife
PICKERING, William, son, Labourer, 3 N.R.
PICKERING, Sophia, wife
PICKERING, John, son, Farmer, Stapenhill
PICKERING, Margaret, wife
PICKERING, John, son
PICKERING, Jane, daughter

PIDGEON, John, Labourer, O.C., 2 N.R.
PIDGEON, Elizabeth, wife

POWEL, Joseph, mason, N.C.
POWEL, Ann, wife
POWEL, Sarah, daughter
POWEL, William, brother, mason, N.C., 1 N.R.
POWEL, Hannah, wife
POWEL, David, son, Mason, O.C.
POWEL, Thomas, son, Mason, O.C.
POWEL, William, Mason, 1 C.T.
POWEL, Ann, wife
POWEL, Moses, son, Mason, O.C.
POWEL, Elizabeth, wife
POWEL, John, son, Mason, N.C., 2 C.T.
POWEL, Ann, wife

PREW, Jane, single woman

PRATT, Richard, Cordwainer, Journeyman

PURSER, Joseph, Labourer, N.C., 4 N.R.
PURSER, Fanny, wife
PURSER, An, daughter
PURSER, Joseph, son, Labourer, N.C.
PURSER, Thomas, son, Labourer
PURSER, Isaac, son, Labourer

REEVES, William, Labourer, 2 C.T.
REEVES, Fanny, wife
REEVES, Elizabeth, daughter
REEVES, George, son
REEVES, William, son

ROBERTS, Joseph, Gentleman
ROBERTS, Mary, wife

ROBINS, Charlotte, single woman, 1 N.R.

RONE, Jane, widow
RONE, Ann, single woman
RONE, Charles, son
RONE, Mary, daughter
RONE, Mary, single woman

RUSSEL, Lucy, Silk Throwster

SANDAL, Thomas, Labourer, N.C.
SANDAL, Mary, wife
SANDAL, Hannah, daughter
SANDAL, Elizabeth, daughter
SANDAL, Eliza, daughter
SANDAL, William, son, N.C.
SANDAL, Joseph, son

SAVAGE, Thomas, Tailor, Apprentice

SHARP, Thomas, Labourer, 1 N.R.
SHARP, Hester, second wife
SHARP, Thomas, son
SHARP, John, son
SHARP, Harriet, daughter
SHARP, Hannah, daughter

SHEPHERD, William, Military Pensioner
SHEPHERD, Hannah, wife
SHEPHERD, Cornelius, Labourer, 5 N.R.
SHEPHERD, Elizabeth, wife
SHEPHERD, Mary Ann, daughter
SHEPHERD, Joseph, son
SHEPHERD, John, son

SIMCOX, John, Labourer, 3 N.R.
SIMCOX, Elizabeth, wife

SMITH, Dinah, single woman
SMITH, William, Cordwainer, 1 C.T., 3 N.R.
SMITH, Joseph, Labourer, O.C., 5 C.T., 1 N.R.
SMITH, Mary, wife
SMITH, Lucy, daughter
SMITH, Michael, son
SMITH, William, son
SMITH, Crescens, Silk Throwster, 4 C.T.
SMITH, Maria, wife
SMITH, Maria, daughter
SMITH, James, brother, shopkeeper, 3 C.T.
SMITH, Esther, wife
SMITH, Charlotte, sister
SMITH, Richard, Felmonger
SMITH, John, son, Felmonger
SMITH, Elizabeth, wife
SMITH, Richard, son
SMITH, Sarah, daughter
SMITH, Winifred, daughter
SMITH, William, son, Felmonger, 1 C.T.
SMITH, Fanny, wife
SMITH, Sarah, daughter
SMITH, Samuel, brother, Butcher, 5 N.R.
SMITH, Elizabeth, wife
SMITH, Samuel, son
SMITH, Ann, daughter
SMITH, Robert, brother, Butcher
SMITH, William, brother, Butcher
SMITH, Richard, son

SPERRY, James, Surgeon, M.R.C.S.
SPERRY, Elizabeth, wife
SPERRY, Harriet, daughter
SPERRY, Elizabeth, daughter

STAITE, Mary, widow

STANLY (STANLEY), Francis, Labourer, O.C.
STANLY (STANLEY), Margaret, wife
STANLY (STANLEY), William, son, Mason
STANLY (STANLEY), Mary, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), Caroline, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), Sarah, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), Fanny, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), William, brother, Mason, O.C., 1 N.R.
STANLY (STANLEY), Hannah, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), Richard, Silk Throwster, 4 N.R.
STANLY (STANLEY), Catherine, wife
STANLY (STANLEY), Elizabeth, single woman
STANLY (STANLEY), Thomas, Labourer, 4 N.R.
STANLY (STANLEY), Caroline, daughter
STANLY (STANLEY), John, Labourer, O.C.
STANLY (STANLEY), Elizabeth, wife

STAFFORD, James, Labourer, 1 N.R.
STAFFORD, Elizabeth, wife

STEVENS, Mary, widow
STEVENS, Sarah, daughter, 2 N.R.
STEVENS, Mary, grand-daughter

STRETTON, John, Silk Throwster, 4 N.R.
STRETTON, Phillis, wife
STRETTON, John, son
STRETTON, Richard, son
STRETTON, Elizabeth, daughter

STYLES, Mary, widow
STYLES, Elizabeth, daughter
STYLES, Joseph, son N.C.
STYLES, John, son, Sawyer, O.C.
STYLES, Elizabeth, wife

SUCH, William, Late Farmer, 3 N.R.

TAPLIN, William, Sawyer, N.C., 1 N.R.
TAPLIN, Ann, wife
TAPLIN, William, son
TAPLIN, Elizabeth, Silk Throwster

TAYLOR, William, Labourer,1 N.R.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, wife
TAYLOR, John, Hedger
TAYLOR, Nanny, wife
TAYLOR, William, son, Cordwainer, N.C.
TAYLOR, Ruth, wife
TAYLOR, Nathaniel, Labourer
TAYLOR, Rachael, wife
TAYLOR, William, son, Labourer, 3 N.R.
TAYLOR, Sarah, wife
TAYLOR, John, son
TAYLOR, Mary, daughter,
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, daughter
TAYLOR, Hannah
TAYLOR, John, son, Labourer, 3 N.R.
TAYLOR, Elizabeth, wife
TAYLOR, Mary, daughter
TAYLOR, James, Tailor
TAYLOR, Sarah, wife
TAYLOR, John, son Tailor, 2 N.R.
TAYLOR, Mary, wife

THORNTON, Richard, Tailor, 2 N.R.
THORNTON, Susannah, wife
THORNTON, Mary Ann, daughter
THORNTON, Thomas, son

TOMS, William, Labourer, 1 N.R.
TOMS, James, son, Gardener, O.C., 5 C.T.
TOMS, Elizabeth, wife

TRENTFIELD, Richard, Miller, O.C., 2 C.T.
TRENTFIELD, Sarah, wife
TRENTFIELD, Cecilia, daughters
TRENTFIELD, Sarah, daughter,
TRENTFIELD, Ann, daughter
TRENTFIELD, Mary, daughter
TRENTFIELD, Charlotte, daughter
TRENTFIELD, Maria, daughter

TURNER, Ralph, Labourer, 1 N.R.
TURNER, Mary, wife
TURNER, George, son
TURNER, Ann, daughter
TURNER, Mary, daughter
TURNER, Elizabeth, daughter

VEAL, Mary, Orphan
VEAL, John, Orphan

WADUP, Lichfield, Tailor
WADUP, Elizabeth, wife
WADUP, Lichfield, son, Tailor
WADUP, John, son, Woolcomber

WALLINGTON, Mary single woman

WALLING, William, Labourer, 1 N.R.
WALLING, Mary, wife
WALLING, Hannah, daughter
WALLING, John, Labourer
WALLING, William, son
WALLING, Thomas, son
WALLING, George, son

WALTON, William, Labourer, 1 N.R.
WALTON, Sarah, wife
WALTON, Ann, daughter
WALTON, Sarah, daughter
WALTON, Edward, son, Labourer, O.C., 2 C.T.

WALTERS, Mary, single woman

WARNER, Jane, widow, 2 N.R.
WARNER, Sarah, daughter
WARNER, James, son, Labourer, 1 C.T.
WARNER, Sarah, wife

WATTS, Edward, Labourer, 1 N.R.
WATTS, Susannah, wife
WATTS, William, son, Labourer, O.C., 1 C.T., 2 N.R.
WATTS, Elizabeth, wife
WATTS, John, son, Labourer
WATTS, Elizabeth, wife
WATTS, John, grandson, Labourer, 2 C.T.
WATTS, Harriet, wife

WEBB, John, Labourer, O.C., 5 C.T.
WEBB, Jane, wife
WEBB, Ann, daughter
WEBB, Alice, daughter
WEBB, Mary, daughter
WEBB, Jane, daughter
WEBB, William, son
WEBB, George, son
WEBB, John, Weaver
WEBB, Mary, wife
WEBB, William, son, Farmer
WEBB, John, son, Farmer
WEBB, Richard, Shepherd, 3 N.R.
WEBB, Mary, wife
WEBB, Nanny, widow
WEBB, James, son, Labourer

WELLS, Margaret, widow, 1 N.R.
WELLS, Robert, Labourer, N.C.
WELLS, Elizabeth, wife

WESSON, John, Labourer
WESSON, Delicia, daughter
WESSON, Hannah, daughter
WESSON, George, son, Labourer, 3 C.T.
WESSON, Elizabeth, wife
WESSON, George, brother, Labourer, O.C., 1 C.T., 1 N.R.
WESSON, Alice, wife
WESSON, William, son
WESSON, Ann, daughter

WESTBURY, John, Master of the Free School
WESTBURY, Sarah, wife

WESTMACOTT, Catherine, single woman
WESTMACOTT, Elizabeth, widow
WESTMACOTT, Elizabeth, daughter
WESTMACOTT, William, Carpenter, O.C., 1 C.T.
WESTMACOTT, Hannah, wife
WESTMACOTT, Robert, son
WESTMACOTT, Richard, Labourer
WESTMACOTT, Martin, Silk Throwster, 1 C.T., 1 N.R.
WESTMACOTT, Mary, wife
WESTMACOTT, Thomas, son
WESTMACOTT, Richard, son
WESTMACOTT, William, Parks Farm
WESTMACOTT, Martha, wife

WHATCOTT, George, Labourer, O.C.

WHITE, William, Labourer
WHITE, Alice, wife

WILLET, Arabella, Single woman

WIGGINS, Elizabeth, single woman
WIGGINS, Cecilia, single woman

WILLIAMS, Thomas, Pensioner, E.I.C.
WILLIAMS, Thomas, Labourer
WILLIAMS, Ann, wife

WILKES, George, Farmer
WILKES, Giles, Labourer, 1 N.R.
WILKES, Lucy, wife
WILKES, Phoebe, daughter
WILKES, Sarah, daughter
WILKES, Henry, son
WILKES, Isaac, son
WILKES, William, Labourer, 1 N.R.
WILKES, Ann, wife
WILKES, John, son
WILKES, William, son
WILKES, John, Labourer, N.C.
WILKES, Lydia, second wife
WILKES, Sarah, daughter
WILKES, Charlotte, daughter
WILKES, John, son
WILKES, Joseph, son
WILKES, Charles, son
WILKES, Richard, Labourer
WILKES, Elizabeth, wife

WILTSHIRE, John, Cordwainer, Journeyman
WINTLE, miss, niece of the Vicar
*WRIGHT, Daniel, Dissenting Teacher, 3 C.T., 1 N.R.
WRIGHT, Mary, wife
WRIGHT, Hannah, daughter
*An Anabaptist Meeting House was erected here, 1792

BAYLIS, Edward, Upton Old Turnpike, 2 C.T.
BAYLIS, Sarah, wife

BRAIN, William, Northwick Lodge
BRAIN, Hannah, wife
BRAIN, Sarah, daughter

FRETWELL, Thomas, Farmer, 1 N.R.
FRETWELL, Elizabeth, wife

HARROD, John, Carter, O.C.
HARROD, Phoebe, wife

PICKERING, Charles, Labourer, 4 N.R.
PICKERING, Elizabeth, wife
PICKERING, Lucy, daughter
PICKERING, James, grandson

BERRY, Abraham, Labourer, 2 C.T.
BERRY, Ann, wife

BLOXHAM, William, Labourer, 1 N.R.
BLOXHAM, Jane, wife

BROWN, Phoebe, widow
BROWN, Francis, son, Labourer, N.C.
BROWN, Phoebe, daughter

CHARLES, Henry, Farmer
CHARLES, Elizabeth, wife

CLARK, William, Labourer
CLARK, –––, wife

CROOK, William, Labourer, 3 N.R.
CROOK, Sarah, wife
CROOK, John, son
CROOK, Robert, son

HALL, William, Shepherd, 5 N.R.
HALL, Mary, wife
HALL, William, son

HANCOCK, Richard, Labourer, 4 N.R.
HANCOCK, Jane, wife
HANCOCK, Hannah, daughter
HANCOCK, William, son
HANCOCK, Edward, son
HANCOCK, John, son
HANCOCK, George, son
HANCOCK, Richard, son
HANCOCK, Martha, wife

HAWKES, John, Labourer, 6 N.R.
HAWKES, Martha, wife
HAWKES, Thomas, son

PUDDLE, Richard, Labourer, 4 N.R.
PUDDLE, Ann, wife, SchoolMistress*
PUDDLE, Joseph, son
PUDDLE, Isaac, son
PUDDLE, George, son
PUDDLE, Ann, daughter
PUDDLE, Sarah, daughter
*The children of the Peasantry, on this Estate, received daily instruction and sewing, and
were partially clothed by the bounty of Lady Susan Lygon. On Sundays, when the weather
permitted, they attended Divine Service in the Parish Church, with the Blockley Sunday School Children.

TUSTIN, Richard, Keeper at Spring Hill, 1 N.R.
TUSTIN, Ann, wife

ABERDEEN, Mrs. Ann, Northwick Housekeeper

ADAMS, Thomas, Northwick Mill
ADAMS, James
ADAMS, Edwin
ADAMS, William

BE(A)VINGTON, Richard, Northwick Carter, 2 N.R.
BE(A)VINGTON, Martha, wife
BE(A)VINGTON, William, son
BE(A)VINGTON, Thomas, son
BE(A)VINGTON, John, son

BRAIN, Joseph, Farmer, 2 N.R.
BRAIN, Elizabeth, wife

BRADLY, Sarah, Northwick Servant

COOK, William, Northwick Servant

COTHER, Benjamin, Northwick Coachman, O.C., 2 C.T., 1 N.R.
COTHER, Jane, wife
COTHER, Caroline, daughter
COTHER, Fanny, daughter
COTHER, Eliza, daughter

FULTON, George, Northwick Gardener

HEATH, Charles, Carter, 2 C.T.
HEATH, Sarah, wife

HOPKINS, Mary, Northwick Servant

HICKMAN, John, Northwick Keeper
HICKMAN, Sarah, wife

HOW, Richard, Miller, 1 N.R.
HOW, Elizabeth, wife

LEADBETER, Mary, Northwick Servant

MACE, John, Northwick Shepherd, 6 N.R.
MACE, Elizabeth, wife
MACE, Elizabeth, daughter
MACE, Charles , son
MACE, Sarah, Northwick Servant
MACE, Ann, Northwick Servant
MACE, John, Northwick Servant, 1 C.T.
MACE, Martha, wife

MARSHALL, Thomas, Northwick Groom, 1 C.T.
MARSHALL, Elizabeth, wife

MAYLAND, Mr. Louis, Northwick House Steward

MANSEL, William, Wellacres Farm
MANSEL, Ann, niece

ASTON, Thomas, Labourer, 2 C.T.
ASTON, Hannah, second wife
ASTON, John, son
ASTON, William, son

BALDWIN, Thomas, Blacksmith, 3 C.T.
BALDWIN, Leah, wife

BANNING, Thomas, Labourer, N.C.

BEAL, William, labourer, N.C. 2 C.T.
BEAL, Judith, wife
BEAL, Elizabeth, daughter
BEAL, Ann, daughter
BEAL, William, son
BEAL, James, san
BEAL, Joseph, son
BEAL, William, Labourer
BEAL, Hannah, wife

BENNET, William, Labourer, 3 N.R.
BENNET, Mary, wife

BRADLEY, Thomas, Blacksmith, 3 C.T.

BUTLER, Phillip, Labourer
BUTLER, Hannah, wife
BUTLER, George, son
BUTLER, Phillip, son
BUTLER, John, son
BUTLER, William, son
BUTLER, Mary, daughter
BUTLER, Joyce, daughter
BUTLER, John, brother, Labourer, 2 N.R.
BUTLER, Ann, wife
BUTLER, Mary Ann, daughter
BUTLER, Isaac, son

BROWN, William, Labourer, 1 C.T.
BROWN, Sarah, wife

CALLOW, Thomas, Labourer, 2 C.T.
CALLOW, Jane, wife

CAPPS, Hannah, widow
CAPPS, John, grandson

CARTER, Thomas, Labourer, 3 C.T
CARTER, Martha, wife
CARTER, Fanny, daughter
CARTER, Sarah, daughter
CARTER, John, son
CARTER, William, son, 3 C.T.

CROSS, Thomas, Labourer, 3 C.T.
CROSS, Eleanor, wife
CROSS, John, son
CROSS, Elizabeth, daughter

DAVIS, James, Labourer, 2 N.R.
DAVIS, Hannah, second wife
DAVIS, Hannah, daughter
DAVIS, James, son
DAVIS, John, son

DYDE, Thomas, Wheelwright, O.C. 2 N.R.
DYDE, Sarah, wife
DYDE, Joseph, son
DYDE, Robert, son, Wheelwright, 4 C.T.
DYDE, Mary, wife

EDEN, Elizabeth, widow
EDEN, Ann, daughter
EDEN, John, son
EDEN, George, son, Labourer, 2 C.T.
EDEN, Elizabeth, wife

EASTBURY, James, Labourer, O.C., 2 C.T.
EASTBURY, Isabella, wife
EASTBURY, Belinda, daughter
EASTBURY, Millicent, daughter
EASTBURY, George, son
EASTBURY, Charles, son
EASTBURY, Israel, son

EDEGINGTON, William, Labourer, 1 C.T.
EDEGINGTON, Mary, second wife

FLETCHER, Richard, Bran Mill, 1 N.R.
FLETCHER, Catherine, wife, 3 N.R.

GILL, Joseph, mason, N.C., 5 C.T.
GILL, Ann, wife
GILL, William, son
GILL, George, son
GILL, Charles, son
GILL, Lucy, daughter
GILL, Sarah, daughter
GILL, Mary, daughter

GREGORY, Timothy, Labourer
GREGORY, Elizabeth, wife

GRIFFIN, William, Labourer
GRIFFIN, Ann, wife

HARPUR, Jacob, Sawyer, 3 C.T.
HARPUR, Ann, wife
HARPUR, Richard, Sawyer, 4 C.T.
HARPUR, Elizabeth, wife
HARPUR, Charles, son
HARPUR, Thomas, Weaver
HARPUR, Joseph, Weaver
HARPUR, John, nephew, Labourer, N.C., 2 N.R.
HARPUR, Mary, wife
HARPUR, Charles, son
HARPUR, George, son
HARPUR, Sarah, wife

HARRIS, Betty, widow, Bran Mill
HARRIS, James, Son, 6 N.R.
HARRIS, Sarah, wife
HARRIS, Jonathan, son
HARRIS, Stephen, son

HARTWELL, Henry, Labourer, O.C., 3 C.T.
HARTWELL, Martha, wife

HARVEY, Mary, widow
HARVEY, Mary, grand-daughter

HOLLOWAY, William, Butcher
HOLLOWAY, Hannah, wife
BAYLIS, James, son
BAYLIS, John, son

INGRAM, Thomas, Labourer
INGRAM, Elizabeth, wife

JAMES, Robert, Labourer
JAMES, Sarah, wife

JELFS, William, Labourer, 4 C.T.
JELFS, Sarah, wife
JELFS, Samuel, Labourer, 1 C.T.
JELFS, Rebecca, wife

JONES, –––, widow
JONES, Edward, son, Labourer, 1 C.T.
JONES, Martha, wife
JONES, James, Labourer
JONES, Ann, wife

LLOYD, Hannah, single woman
LLOYD, John, grandson

MILBURN, George, Labouring Wheelwright

NEWITT, Joseph, Labourer
NEWITT, Elizabeth, wife

PENSON, George, Farmer, 5 C.T.
PENSON, Martha, wife

PERKINS, Eleanor, widow

PICKERING, Ann, single woman, 2 N.R.

PUCKETT, William, Labourer
PUCKETT, Ann, wife
PUCKETT, Joseph, son
PUCKETT, William, son
PUCKETT, Elizabeth, daughter

SCARLETT, William, Labourer, absent, 3 C.T.
SCARLETT, Ann, wife

STEEL, William, Labourer,

SMITH, Thomas, Labourer, 2 C.T.
SMITH, Mary, wife

TANDY, William, Labourer, 3 C.T.
TANDY, Keziah, wife
TANDY, John, Labourer, 5 C.T.
TANDY, Mary, wife
TANDY, Elizabeth, daughter
TANDY, William, son
TANDY, Thomas, son

TOMS, Mary, widow
TOMS, Elizabeth, daughter, 1 C.T.

WIDDOS, Richard, Labourer, 5 C.T.
WIDDOS, Lucy, wife
WIDDOS, Elizabeth, daughter

WHEATCROFT, Thomas, Farmer, 5 C.T.
WHEATCROFT, Sarah, wife

AINGER, William, Labourer
AINGER, John, Labourer

ANDERTON, William, Labourer, O.C., 3 C.T.
ANDERTON, Mary, wife
ANDERTON, Richard, brother, Labourer
ANDERTON, Hannah, wife

BAYLIS, Mary, widow, 1 C.T.
BAYLIS, Sarah, daughter
BAYLIS, Robert, son
BAYLIS, William, son
BAYLIS, George, son
BAYLIS, John, son
BAYLIS, Hannah, wife

BEEZLY, Sarah, widow
BEEZLY, Thomas, son, Farmer, 1 C.T.
BEEZLY, Ann, wife
BEEZLY, Ann, widow, 5 C.T.
BEEZLY, James, son, Labourer
BEEZLY, Emma, daughter

BERRY, William, Labourer
BERRY, Ann, wife
BERRY, William, son
BERRY, Sarah, daughter
BERRY, Hannah, daughter
BERRY, Thomas, Labourer
BERRY, Lydia, wife

BLACKFORD, ––––, absent
BLACKFORD, Mary, wife
BLACKFORD, john, son

CAMDEN, Joseph, Farmer, 3 C.T.
CAMDEN, Mary, wife
CAMDEN, Joseph, Farmer
CAMDEN, Henry, son
CAMDEN, John, son
CAMDEN, Richard, son
CAMDEN, Thomas, son
CAMDEN, Elizabeth, daughter

CALVERT, Ann, widow
CALVERT, James, son, Labourer, N.C.
CALVERT, Sarah, wife
CALVERT, John, son, Labourer
CALVERT, Mary, wife
CALVERT, George, son
CALVERT, Harriet, single woman

CALLOW, John, Labourer, 4 N.R.
CALLOW, Catherine, wife
CALLOW, Thomas, son

COLMAN, Mary, widow, 1 N.R.

COTTERELL, Mary, widow
COTTERELL, Mary, single woman
COTTERELL, John, Carpenter, N.C., 3 C.T.
COTTERELL, Martha, wife
COTTERELL, William, brother, Carpenter, 3 C.T.
COTTERELL, Rebecca, wife

FISHER, James, Farmer, O.C.
FISHER, Hannah, wife
FISHER, Stephen, son
FISHER, Michael, Blacksmith, O.C.
FISHER, Ann, wife
FISHER, Sarah, daughter

FLETCHER, Thomas, Farmer, 2 C.T.
FLETCHER, Mary, wife
FLETCHER, Mary, daughter
FLETCHER, Thomas, son
FLETCHER, George, son
FLETCHER, John, son
FLETCHER, William, Baker, 2 C.T.
FLETCHER, Mary, wife
FLETCHER, Robert, brother, Farmer
FLETCHER, William, son

FREEMAN, George, Labourer
FREEMAN, Esther, wife
FREEMAN, Mary, daughter
FREEMAN, Elizabeth, daughter
FREEMAN, John, son
FREEMAN, George, son

GROVES, John, Labourer

GREGORY, Joseph, Labourer, 6 C.T.
GREGORY, Sarah, wife

GARNER, Elisha, Labourer, 1 C.T.
GARNER, Elizabeth, wife

HARRIS, John, Labourer
HARRIS, Sarah, wife
HARRIS, Mary, daughter

HULLS, Thomas, labourer
HULLS, Sarah, wife
HULLS, Fanny, daughter

HOBBS, Benjamin, Labourer N.C., 2 C.T.
HOBBS, Mary, second wife
HOBBS, John, son
HOBBS, Mary, daughter
HOBBS, James, brother, Labourer, 1 C.T.
HOBBS, Sarah, wife

JONES, Isaac, Labourer

MACE, Henry, Shepherd, 6 C.T.
MACE, Ann, wife
MACE, William, son

MOSLEY, George, Weaver, 3 C.T., 4 N.R.
MOSLEY, Alice, wife
MOSLEY, John, son

MARSHALL, Joseph, Farmer, 2 C.T.
MARSHALL, Grace, wife
MARSHALL, Charles, brother, Farmer, 5 C.T.
MARSHALL, Eleanor, wife
MARSHALL, Ann, daughter

NORLEDGE, John, Labourer, 1 C.T.
NORLEDGE, Hannah, wife
NORLEDGE, Elizabeth, daughter
NORLEDGE, Thomas, son
NORLEDGE, William, son
NORLEDGE, Charlotte, wife

NEWBERRY, George, Labourer, 3 C.T., 1 N.R.
NEWBERRY, Martha, wife

NICHOLLS, Thomas, Labourer
NICHOLLS, Ann, wife
NICHOLLS, Thomas, Son
NICHOLLS, Sarah, wife

PHIPPS, John, Labourer, 1 C.T., 3 N.R.
PHIPPS, Hannah, wife
PHIPPS, William, son
PHIPPS, Charles, son

PLUM, John, Labourer, 2 C.T.
PLUM, Elizabeth, wife

PURSER, Robert, Farmer, 1 C.T.
PURSER, Rebecca, wife

ROUSE, Thomas, Cordwainer, 3 C.T.
ROUSE, Sophia, wife
ROUSE, William, Cordwainer, 1 N.R.
ROUSE, Ann, wife
ROUSE, Mary, daughter
ROUSE, William, son
ROUSE, Thomas, son
ROUSE, George, Cordwainer
ROUSE, Hannah, wife

SHINGLETON, John Joseph, Farmer
SHINGLETON, Elizabeth, wife

SALMONS, Richard, Labourer, 2 C.T.
SALMONS, Sarah, wife

SHIRLEY, William, Labourer, 3 C.T.
SHIRLEY, Rebecca, wife

SOUTHAM, William,, Labourer

SMITH, Hannah, widow
SMITH, William, son
SMITH, Thomas, Labourer, 4 C.T.
SMITH, Mary, wife
SMITH, William, son
SMITH, Hannah, daughter
SMITH, John, son, 1 C.T.
SMITH, Hannah, wife
SMITH, Sarah, widow
SMITH, James, Labourer, 2 C.T.
SMITH, Jane, wife
SMITH, Sarah, daughter
SMITH, Charles, son
SMITH, David, son

STEVENS, William, Labourer
STEVENS, James, brother, Labourer, 3 N.R.
STEVENS, Elizabeth, wife
STEVENS, Hannah, daughter
STEVENS, James, son

TURVEY, John, Weaver
TURVEY, John, son, Weaver, 4 C.T.
TURVEY, Hannah, wife

UWINS, Samuel, Labourer
UWINS, William, brother, Labourer, 1 C.T.
UWINS, Mary, wife
UWINS, Mary, sister

WEBB, James, Labourer, 2 N.R.
WEBB, Hannah, wife
WEBB, John, son
WEBB, James, son
WEBB, Hannah, daughter

*WHITE, Steven, Schoolmaster
*21 Boys and Girls of this Hamlet, received daily instruction in reading, writing,
and arithmetic, by the bounty of the late Thomas Edwards Freeman, Esq.
of Batsford; continued by the Right Hon. Lord Redesdale. The Sunday
School was supported by Subscription: Master Stephen White, the very
Exemplary, useful, and respected Schoolmaster, was nearly 70 years of age,
And was employed in teaching the youth of this Hamlet, 50 years!

BEAL, Thomas, Labourer, N.C.
BEAL, Mary, wife

BENNET, William, Labourer, 2 C.T.
BENNET, Hannah, wife

BE(A)VINGTON, Sarah, widow

BROWN, William, Labourer, 1 N.C.
BROWN, Ann, wife
BROWN, Mary, daughter
BROWN, Ann, daughter

BURROWES, George, Labourer, 3 C.T.
BURROWES, Frances, wife

CLARK, John, Labourer, 4 N.R.
CLARK, Hannah, wife
CLARK, Elizabeth, daughter

COLLINS, William, Labourer, 4 N.R.
COLLINS, Elizabeth, wife
COLLINS, Elizabeth, daughter
COLLINS, William, son

COX, Thomas, Labourer, N.C., 3 N.R.
COX, Mary, wife

DYER, Elizabeth, Single woman
DYER, Hannah, daughter

HANCOCK, Richard, Shepherd, 1 C.T.
HANCOCK, Ann, second wife
HANCOCK, Hannah, daughter
HANCOCK, John, son

HARPUR, Thomas, Sawyer, 3 N.R.
HARPUR, Ann, second wife

HARRIS, Sarah, widow
HARRIS, Hannah, daughter
HARRIS, Mary, grand-daughter
HARRIS, John, grandson

HEMMINGS, William, Shepherd, 2 C.T.
HEMMINGS, Hannah, wife

HODGES, ––––, Farmer

KEAN (KEEN), Labourer, 2 C.T.
KEAN (KEEN), Ann, wife
KEAN (KEEN), Henry, son

MARTIN, Mary, widow, Farmer
MARTIN, Thomas, son, Farmer, 1 C.T.
MARTIN, Frances, wife

MILES, Joseph, Shepherd, N.C.
MILES, Sarah, wife
MILES, Joseph, son, Farmer
MILES, Hannah, wife

NASH, William, Labourer
NASH, Ann, wife
NASH, John, son, Labourer, 4 C.T.
NASH, Sarah, wife
NASH, Richard, son
NASH, William, son
NASH, John, son

NEWITT, William, Farmer

PARKINSON, Thomas, Labourer, 3 N.R.
PARKINSON, John, son
PARKINSON, Ruth, daughter
PARKINSON, Sally, daughter

ROBERTS, Richard, Farmer
ROBERTS, Mary, wife
ROBERTS, Mary, daughter
ROBERTS, Mary, widow of Mr. T. Roberts
ROBERTS, Joseph, Farmer
ROBERTS, James, son
ROBERTS, Thomas, son
ROBERTS, Henry, Farmer
ROBERTS, Mary, sister

ROGERS, William, Labourer
ROGERS, Hannah, wife

ROUSE, Henry, Labourer, 1 C.T., 1 N.R.
ROUSE, Nanny, wife
ROUSE, John, son
ROUSE, Ann, daughter
ROUSE, Sarah, daughter

SHARP, Ann, widow
SHARP, John, son, Carpenter & S. School master, N.C., 1 N.R.
SHARP, Elizabeth, wife
SHARP, Thomas, son
SHARP, Sarah, daughter
SHARP, Thomas, son, Joiner, N.C., 1 C.T.
SHARP, Jane, wife
SHARP, Benjamin, son
SHARP, John, son

SMITH, William, Farming Bailiff
SMITH, Thomas, Labourer, 10 N/R/
SMITH, Sarah, wife,
SMITH, William, grandson
SMITH, Elizabeth, daughter
SMITH, Rebecca, daughter
SMITH, William, son, Sawyer, N.C.
SMITH, Fanny, wife

SLATTER, Joseph, Farmer

TAPLIN, Richard, Labourer, 2 N.R.
TAPLIN, Isabella, wife
TAPLIN, George, son
TAPLIN, Mary, daughter
TAPLIN, William, brother, Labourer, N.C., 2 N.R.
TAPLIN, Elizabeth, wife
TAPLIN, Stephen, son, Labourer, 5 C.T.
TAPLIN, Mary, wife
TAPLIN, Elizabeth, daughter
TAPLIN, Stephen, son

WEBB, John, Carter, 4C.T.
WEBB, Elizabeth, wife
WEBB, William, son
WEBB, James, Labourer
WEBB, Rebecca, wife

WIGGINS, Thomas, Labourer, 1 C.T.
WIGGINS, Hannah, wife
WIGGINS, John, son
WIGGINS, Mary, daughter
WIGGINS, Elizabeth, daughter
WIGGINS, Sarah, daughter

WHEATCROFT, Catherine, single woman

BUTLER, William, Gardener, 5 C.T.
BUTLER, Mary, wife
BUTLER, George, son
BUTLER, John, son

CLACK, Hannah, widow, 2 C.T.
CLACK, John, son
CLACK, Mary, daughter
CLACK, Hannah, daughter
CLACK, Ann, daughter

GROVE, Thomas, Labourer, 3 C.T.
GROVE, Sarah, wife
GROVE, Henry, son

GILLET, Henry, Labourer, 3 C.T.
GILLET, Hannah, wife

HALE, Samuel, Labourer
HALE, Sarah, wife

HARRIS, William, Labourer, 4 C.T.
HARRIS, Elizabeth, wife
HARRIS, Martha, daughter
HARRIS, Alfred, son

PHILLIPS, George, Farmer, 2 C.T.
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth, second wife
PHILLIPS, John, son
PHILLIPS, William, brother, Farmer, 1 C.T.
PHILLIPS, Mary, wife

GIBBS, Margaret, widow
GIBBS, John, Farmer
GIBBS, Edward, son
GIBBS, William, son
GIBBS, Susan, daughter
GIBBS, Mary, daughter

HARRIS, Elizabeth, widow

MARSHALL, Robert, Miller, 4 C.T.
MARSHALL, Ann, wife
MARSHALL, Robert, Son

PERRY, William, Shepherd, 3 C.T.
PERRY, Sarah, wife
PERRY, William, son
PERRY, Sarah, daughter

PHILLIPS, Richard, Farmer, 4 C.T.
PHILLIPS, Sarah, wife
PHILLIPS, John, son

WHEATCROFT, Edward Rouse, Farmer, 3 C.T.
WHEATCROFT, Mary, wife
WHEATCROFT, Ann, daughter
WHEATCROFT, Elizabeth, daughter
WHEATCROFT, Thomas, son


Blockley 883 adults, 299 children,
Two Upton Olds 52 adults, 25 children
Servants 41

Northwick 27 adults, 11 children
Servants 20

Dorn 25 adults, 21 children
Servants 6

Ditchford 22 adults, 14 children
Servants 17

Draycott 135 adults, 74 children
Servants 6

Ashton 170 adults, 74 children
Servants 7

Paxford 113 adults, 34 children
Servants 11

Adults 1535 Children 552 = 2087

The meaning of "Old Club" and "New Club":
The Parish of Blockley had two Friendly Societies, which were founded to provide relief for members in time of sickness, disability and death. Sickness and unemployment were major problems in Blockley during the 1870's. The Blockley Benefit Society was founded in 1763, and it was known as the "Old Club". "The New Club", was officially named the Victoria Friendly Society, believed to have got its name in 1837, the year of the accession of the Queen. Both Clubs raised funds from membership fees of 16 shillings a year. See page 140, of "Blockley Through the Twelve Centuries", H.E. Icely. - Courtesy of my cousin Lorraine McKenzie in Australia