Blockley Churchyard Inscriptions -1917
and Inscriptions from the book:
The History of Blockley - by rev. A.J. Soden - 1875
which includes inscriptions from within St. Peter & St. Paul


Shown above is the head stone of George Beavington, also Emma and also Hannah

Inscriptions from the Worcestershire Churchyard Inscriptions
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Sacred to the memory of
John son of John & Sarah Phillips
(Late of Dorn)
Who died 6 Oct., 1808
Aged 26 years
Eleanor, their daughter
Died 16 Oct., 1817
Aged 37 years

Sacred to the memory of
Mary Ann
Wife of George Phillips
(of Dorn)
Who died 5th ?, 1823
Aged 35 years
Also of their children, who died
In their infancy

Sacred in the memory of
John, son of George &
Mary Ann Phillips
(Late Curate of Brighouse)
born Jan. 25th, 1813
died 21st ?, 1851

(On a tomb within Iron Rails)
Sacred to the memory of
John Franklin, jr(?)
Who departed this life 13th Oct., 1795
Aged 50 years
To the memory of
His son and daughter
Charles and Ann
Who died in their childhood

To the memory of
Mary, wife of
John Franklin, Jr(?)
Who departed this life
19th May, 1812
aged 74 years

In Memory of
Charles Franklin
Who departed this life
May 22nd, 1804

Also of Thomas Franklin
Who departed this life
March 13th, 1819
Aged 72 years

Also of Ann wife of the above
Thomas Franklin
Who departed this life
May 20th, 1825
Aged 80 years

Sacred to the memory
Of John Franklin Sr
Who died Nov. the 29th, 1786
Aged 69 years
Also of Sarah Franklin
Wife of John Franklin Sr
Who died July the 17th, 1787
Aged 51 years
Also of her daughter who died in infancy

Sacred to the memory of
Henry Franklin
Son of John & Sarah Franklin
Who died May the 6th, 1836
Aged 72 years
"For Honour, Integrity, Charity and Righteousness of conduct,
He was equaled by few, and excelled by none."

Also of Frances Bowhay, widow
Sister of the above
Who died June the 24th, 1845
Aged 82 years

In memory of
William son of Robert
& Hannah Marshall
(of Aston Magna)
who died Feb. 4th, 1817
aged 37 years

To the memory of
Thomas and Mary Powell
He died August 23, 1799
Aged 73 years
She died April 12th, 1805
Aged 71 years

Also of
Charles, an infant son,
Of William & Hannah Powell

Also George their son who was
Accidentally drowned March 16th, 1811
aged 12 years.

Also Elizabeth their daughter
Who died April the 11th, 1811 aged 4 years

In memory of
Stephen Hancock
Of Draycott, in this parish, who died
This life the 23rd day of April 1793
Aged 80 years

In memory of
Mary Hancock wife of
Stephen Hancock of Draycott,
in this parish, She died
this life the May the 24th, 1787
Aged 74 years

In memory of
William Fisher
Who died
March 17, 1817
Aged 83 years

In memory of
Ann wife of
William Fisher
Of Aston Magna
In this parish
Who died Jan 10th, 1812
Aged 64 years

(Tomb within Rails)
To the memory of
John Phillips, gent.
(Late of Dorn in this parish)
He died 3rd of Nov., 1806
Aged 75 years

to the memory of
Sarah, wife of
John Phillips, gent
She died 1st Feb, 1795
Aged 49 years

In memory of
Hannah Dowdeswell
Wife of James Fowdeswell
(of Broad Campden)
who departed this life
Feb. 3rd, 1789
Aged 46 years
"Here lies a tender mother dear
for such a loss great grief is one.
Her mercies many
Her failings few"

Also of James Dowdeswell
Who departed this life
October 14th, 1794
Aged 56 years

In memory of Lidia
The wife of Richard Brolly.
She died October 7th, 1756
Aged 70 years

To the memory of
William Brain
Of Northwick Hill
Who died July 28th, 1802
Aged 68 years

Also of Ann, his wife
Who died April 17, 1823
Aged 77 years

Also of John their son who died
May 19th, 1802
Aged 26 years

In memory of
Mary Hobbs wife of
Thomas Hobbs
Of . . . .
Who departed this life . . .

To the memory of
John Phillips
Of Dorn, who departed
This life, April 4th, 1746
Aged 46 years

Also in memory
Of Mary, his wife
She died June 4th, 1764
Aged 63 years

In memory of
Elizabeth Marshall
Wife of John Marshall
(of Aston Magna)
died June11th, 1769
aged 66 years

Also John son of John
& Elizabeth Marshall,
who died July the 8th, 1783
aged 40 years

In memory of
Ann Smith, wife of
William Smith
Who died April 10th, 1808
Aged 73 years

Also of Joseph Camden
Late of Aston Magna in this parish,
Who died April 11, 1806
Aged 75 years

In memory of Ann,
Wife of John Camden
Of Aston Magna in this parish
Who departed this life
The 13th day of Jan, 1789
Aged 82 years

In memory of
John Camden son of
John and Mary Camden,
Who departed this life
The 12th day of April, 1798
Aged 69 years

In memory of
Francis Wheatcroft
Of Draycott, in this parish
Son of Francis & Mary
He died unmarried
October the 31st, 1799
Aged 46 years
"In his life he was respected"

In memory of
Ann Heavens
Who departed this life
The 8th of July, 1789
Aged 44 years

Also in memory of
William Heavens
Who departed this life 20th of Jan., 1786
Aged 17 years

Near this stone are deposited
The remains of
Ann Minchin, wife of
William Minchin of this place
Who departed this life
February the 23rd, 1773
Aged 80 years

Also the body of
Elizabeth wife
Of Isaac Minchin, who died
August 6th, 1787
Aged 51 years
Likewise to the memory of
Isaac Minchin
He departed this life
The 2nd day of January 1806

In memory of
Robert dyde
Who died February 1779 aged . . .

Also Thomas son of . . .

In memory of
Ann Dyde the wife of
Robert Dyde of this town
Who died the 4th, of June, 1776
Aged 33 years

In the memory of
Thomas Bradley
Who departed this life
The 30th day of March, 1769
Aged 50 years

Also in memory of
Elizabeth Bradley
Wife of Thomas Bradley
Who departed this life
The 22nd day of April, 1795
Aged 62 years

Also of Elizabeth Bradley
Who departed this life
. . . 29th, 1734

Here lyeth the body of
Mary Charwood
Who departed this life
Sept. the 15th, 1710
Aged 24 years

Monument in rails
Beneath this tomb are deposited the mortal part of
Elizabeth the wife of George Pengree, Junior
Of London, Mercer, who departed this life
October the 14th, 1772 aged 22 years
"Whatever tribute should be paid to beauty
is praiseworthy. This praise she justly merited
If her husband was . . . blessed such
Blessing was his who sorrowing inscribes
This stone as a memorial of her goodness
And his temporary happiness which alas
Is now buried with the object that inspired it"

Here lyeth the body of
William Meadows
who departed this life
the 30th day of December, 1704
aged 62 years


Shown above is the view of Blockley church from the East Boundary

Inscriptions from the book History of Blockley
by Rev Alfred. J Soden published in 1875:

To the memory of the Honourable Elizabeth Greive, daughter of John 1st Lord Northwick, who died January 15th, 1862, this window is dedicated by her affectionate nephew, Sir Charles Rushout, Bart. : and his children (the window was designed and executed by Messrs. Holland and Holt of Warwick in the year 1865.

Another (translated): Here lies Master Philip Warthim, M. A. formerly Vicar of Blockley, who died on the morrow of St. Bartholomew, A.D. 1485. To who's soul may God be merciful.

Hidden by the flooring of the new (1875) seats (translated): Here rests Edward Palmer, Son of Robert Palmer and his wife Elizabeth Wise. To whose memory, his beloved wife Maria, daughter of Henry Jones of Chastleton, in the County of Oxford, Esquire, placed this last token of affection. He died on the 15th day of December, in the year of our Lord 1659, in the 45th year of his age.

Mural tablet on the south wall of the chancel erected by the late Admiral Sir E. Collier: "Sacred to the memory of Giles Collier, Clerk, A.M., Vicar of this parish who died A.D. 1678, and Mary his widow who died A.D. 1695. Also of their two sons, Stephen Collier, Clerk, A.M. Rector of Rodmarton, County Gloucester who died A.D. 1722: and Nathaniel Collier, Clerck, A.M. of Duns Tew, Oxon, and Jevington, who died A.D. 1691: and Mary his widow who died A.D. 1720: Also their four sons, Richard Collier of the city of London, who died A.D. 1758, and Rupertia his wife: Nathaniel Collier, Clerk, D.D., Vicar of Croydon, Surry, who died A.D. 1754: Giles Collier, Gent, who died A.D. 1772: and William Collier, Clerk, A.M. Vicar of Cold Ashby, County Northampton, who died A.D. 1762. Also of Edward Collier, Gent: Son of the above named Richard and Rupertia, who died A.D. 1797, aged 70 years: and Ann his widow, who died A.D. 1809, aged 66 years: also of Ann their daughter, relict of Arnold Jenkins, Clerk, B.D., Rector of Tredington in this county, who died A.D. 1811 aged 40 years: also of Richard Collier, Clerck, A.M., Son of Edward and Ann, Vicar of Upton Snodsbury in this county, who died respected and lamented, the 17th day of March, 1828, aged 58 years."

On the north wall a mural tablet to the memory of the Rev. Charles. Jasper. Selwyn, Vicar of Blockley, A.D. 1761.

On the north wall of the chancel, close to the screen (very costly and errected by the Rushout family): "Sacred to the memory of the Honourable Anne Rushout, daughter to the Lord Northwick, who died on the fourth of April, 1849, universally beloved and regretted."

Over the vestry door, another costly monument to the memory of the late Lord Northwick. The subject represented is "the Good Samaritan." This monument is considered a fine piece of sculpture, the work having been executed in Italy. The following inscription is on the base: "Sacred to the memory of the Right Honourable John, Lord Northwick, who was born in February, 1769. Died January, 1859 aged 89 years. This monument was erected by his surviving relatives."

South side of the chancel, the eastern-most window has been lately (1875) filled with stained glass in memory of the late Admiral Sir Edward Collier, K.C.B. The window is in the 16th century style and the subjects illustrated are the two patron saints of the parish church, St. Peter and St. Paul, surmounted by richley decorated canopies. Inscription at the base: "Ad Dei gloriam atque in memoriam Edwardi Collier, Blockleiensis, Classis regiae praefecti, et Balnei in ordinem noblilissimum ascripti equitis."
"Natus est Oct.15, 1783." -- "Obiit Aug. 5, 1872"
(Translated): "To the glory of God, and to the memory of Edward Collier, of Blockley, an Admiral in the Royal Navy, and Night Commander of the most Honourable order of the Bath."
"Born, Oct. 15, 1783" -- "Died, Aug. 5, 1872"
Erected by Sir Edward's great nephew, Norman Collier Maclean, at his cost. The work was done by Messrs. Jones and Willis, of Birmingham.

Monuments in the Nave
A mural monument on north side of chancel arch: arms: azure, two lions combatant or, for Carter; impaling, gules, a chevron vaire between three crescents argent, for Goddard.
(translated): Sacred to the memory of Edward Carter, Esq of (Hither) Upton Old, Professor of English Law; a man of such piety towards God, liberality towards the poor, fidelity to his friends, justice and sincerity towards all that he may certainly be set forth as one most worthy of imitation by posterity. He died 27th day of February, in the year of our Lord, 1667, in the 45th year of his age.
Near Edward Carter lies Mary Carter, the younger daughter of Edward and Mary Carter, a maiden of excellent piety, and an imitator of her parents' virtues; who, while endeavouring at Bath to restore her bodily health, obtained eternal health on the 25thday of June, in the year of our Lord 1675, in the 19th year of her age. Her most affectionate mother Mary, the wife of Edward Carter erected this sepulchral monument.

This monument is surmounted by coat of arms:-- quarterly, per Fess indented, azure and or, in the first quarter a lion passant gardant of the second for Croft; impaling azure, semè of fleur de lis a lion rampant gardant or, for Beaumont. Motto: Vigilate et orate. (Watch and Pray.)

"In memory of Edward Croft of Northwick Gent, and of Jane his relict who (as a lasting testimony of her piety and charity) bequeath'd £3 10s. to ye use of ye poor of this parish for ever. They were both inter'd in their ownseat near ye uppermost pillar in this church, He ye 20th of Feb., 1706, aged 61, She ye 18th of Oct., 1711, aged 49. And his monument was of pious gratitude erected by Mr. Robt. Cubberly."

On three brass plates on the ground floor between the seats on the north side of the nave, are the following inscriptions concerning this family who formerly resided at Far Upton Old. The plates are not exactly in their original position, having been removed several times when the flooring and seats have been altered and repaired:
"M.S. Francisci Martyn de Upton Old, armigeri, Qui cum negotio mercaforio apud Londinates, felici industriâ, honestate veré insigni, per aliquot incubuisset annos, secessit seculo: et hùc in patriam reversus ut ad aeterna tempestivè se accingeret. Inter bona quae fecit opera, perpetuum centum librarum reditum. posterorum beneficio in hâc parochiâ piè dedit, et a posteris inviolabile perpetuo etiam sibi dari hoc sepulchrum obnixe obtestatur. Hujus voti et amoris ergo monumentum hoc maestissima sua conjux Elizabetha posuit. Obiit an. aetat. 75. An. Dom. 1713." (I just love Latin)
(translated): Sacred to the memory of Francis Martyn, Esq., of Upton Old. Who having been industriously and honourably engaged for many years in commercial pursuits with London merchants, went abroad for a time; and returned hither to his country to make timely preparation for eternity. Among other good works which he performed, he piously gave for the benefit of posterity in this parish the interest of £100 for ever, and he earnestly entreats that this tomb may likewise for ever be inviolably preserved for him by posterity. From devotion and love to him; his most sorrowful wife Elizabeth has erected this monument. He died in the 75th year of his in the year of our Lord 1713."

The 2nd brass plate has this inscription:-"In memory of Mrs. Ann Martyn younger daughter of Francis late of Upton Old in this parish, Elizabeth his third wife. Whose early death on the 6th of May, in the year of our Lord 1727, and the 24th year of her age, was generally lamented. As an instance of her pious and charitable disposition, she gave by her last will the sum of f ifty pounds for the use of the poor children of this town. The interest thereof yearly to be apply'd in teaching them to read and write, and instructing them, in the principles of the Christian religion."

The 3rd brass plate: Coat of arms now nearly obliterated: on a bend cottised three Cinquefoils, in chief an annulet.; impaling two bars between three mullets.:
"Here lye, deposited the remains of Elizabeth, Relict of Francis Martyn Esq. of Upton Old. She departed this life on the 9th of May, 1748, aged 82."

Mural tablet just over the pulpit:
Tothe memory of Erasmus Saunders, D.D., vicar of this parish, who by the piety as well of his live, as writings, endeavoured to promote religion and virtue. And who by his prudence in secular affairs improved the value of this living. His eldest son Erasmus, D.D., erected this Honourary Monument, A.D, 1771."

[Dr. Saunders, vicar of Blockley, died in 1724. He was married at Biockley in 1714.]
Arms: sable, a chevron ermine between thre bull's heads caboshed argent, for Saunders.

On a white marble tablet in memory, of Rev. Wm. Boughton, vicar. Inscription: "In memory of the Rev. Wm. Boughton, M.A., formerly of Oriel Col., Oxford, and thirty six years vicar of this parish. He died the 31st July, l831, aged 62."
The same tablet also records the death of "Ann Boughton his sister who departed this life 3rd day of March, 1834, aged 62."

There is also a small brass on the floor of the nave (removed from its original position), bearing this inscription:-"Hic Jacet Gulielmus Boughton, M.A., Clericus, Quondam hujus loci Vicarius. Obiit pridie Calend Aug. A.D. MDCCCXX I. aetatis LXII."

On a Tablet of white marble: Sacred to the memory of John Wintle, Esqr., of Newnham, Gloucestershire, whose death wasawfully sudden at Bourton, in the same County, the 1st March, 1832, aged 70 years."
"Watch, therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." Matt. 24 chap., 42 ver.
"Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God." I St. John, 5 chap., 1 ver.
"He that believeth on, the Son hath everlasting life." John 8 chap., 36 ver.
"His Only surviving child Caroline Wintle, erects this tablet as a tribute of respect to the memory of her affectionate and beloved father, whose remainsaredeposited in the, vault of his brother in law, the Rev. Wm. Boughton in the same vault Iie also the remains of the above named Caroline Wintle, who departed this life at her residence, Cambray Place, Cheltenham, the 10th day of December, 1843, aged 53 years."

Over South Door: Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth eldest daughter of James and Elizabeth Sperry, who departed this life March 15th, 1833, aged 21 years, and lies interred in a vault in this churchyard with Charles and Harriet Sperry.
"Also of James Sperry, father of the above, who died March 26tb, 1861, aged 78 years:
"And Elizabeth Sperry, his widow (daughter of Charles Cooke, Esq., of the Green, Stockton, Worcestershire,) who died Feb. 18th, 1873, aged 83 years.
"Both lie interred with their children."
"Lovely and pleasant in their lives,"
"In Christ shall all be made alive."

A mural monument of marble supported by Corinthian pillars, with the effigy of a man in armour kneeling under an arch.
Arms: on three escutcheons; 1st Gules, a chevron ermine, between three eaglets close argent, for Childe: 2nd Childe :--impaling, argent, a lion rampant purpure, crowned or, for Foliot 3rd Childe :-impaling, argent, a chevron, between three scaling ladders sable, for Jeffereys.
Crest: On a wreath argent and gules, a dove open argent with a snake twining about her neck and body.
The following is the inscription which is now scarcely legible:
"Marmora me lugent frustra lachrymosa sopitum;
Marmora perrumpam stellantia sidera adido."
(translated): In vain am I lamented in mournful marble: I shall burst through my tomb of marble, and shall enter the starry skies.

"Dum vixi in terris victam faeliciter actam,
Consului Patriae; caelis jam consulo Christum.
Pacis eram custos; pacis memor usque Parentis
Pacis et eternae unde me donaverit author.
Bis vice et ipse comes fuerim sub Principe Elisa
Sum choro in angelico comes halleluia canentium."
(translated): While I lived on earth a life well spent, I counselled for my country's good; now in heaven I ask counsel of Christ. I was a guardian of the peace, ever mindful of the Father of peace; whence the author of eternal peace has pardoned me. Twice, too I was honoured at the hand of the Princess Elizabeth; now I am honoured in theangelic choir of those who sing Hallelujah.

Gulielmus Childe, Filius et haeres Gulielmi Childe, armigeri, defuncti, religiose posuit 1615."
(translated): William Childe, son and heir of William Childe, Esq., deceased, piously erected this monument 1615:
[There is now no trace to be found on this monument of the name of the person in whose memory it was erected. Nash says that over the head of the figure there was this inscription:-" Gulielmus Chylde, armiger, 2 Novemb., A.D. 1601, aetatis 80." No name is visible now; but from the parish Register it appears that William Childe was buried on the 2nd November, 1601.]

At the extremity of the north aisle, on the south wall is a handsome alabaster monument supported by marble pillars, and containing, the effigies of a man and woman in a kneeling posture in the dress of the times. Arms: Childe.
Above the effigies is the text, "Returne unto thy rest O my Soule, for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee."
Under the figure of the woman the inscription is as follows: "Hic requescit secundum Dni adventum faeliciter expectans Elizabetha, uxor charissima Gulielmi Childe, Ar: una filiarum Gulielmi Babington, Militis de Kiddington in Com: Oxon. Quae post 40 annos in conjugio fidelissime expletos, obiit 9 die Novembris Anno Dni 1622, aetatis suae 64."
(translated): Here reposes joyfully awaiting the second Advent of the Lord Elizabeth, the most beloved wife of William Childe, Esq., one of the daughters of Sir William Babington, of Kiddington in the county of Oxford. Who after 46 years spent in wedlock most faithfully, died on the 9th day of November in the year of our Lord 1622, in the 64th year of her age.
Under the figure of the man: "Hic requiescit secundum. Dni adventum faeliciter expectansGulielmus Childe, Ar: qui (dum vixit) amicus fuit et hospitalis, piis et honestis : promissis constans, inopia laborantibus misericors, et opem ferens. Obiit 9 die Decembris, Anno Dni: 1633 aetatis suae 80."
(translated): Here reposes William Childe, Esq., joyfully awaiting the second Advent of the Lord. Who, through life, was the kind friend of the religious and just; faithful to his word; compassionating the necessities of the hard working, and giving them assistance. He died the 9th day of December, 1698, in the 80th year of his age.

In the north aisle is another mural monument of marble in which is the effigy of a woman reclining at full length.
Arms: Childe: impaling, azure on a fess wavy argent; a cross patèè
Gules, in chief two estoiles or, for Jenkinson.
Above the figure is this inscription:
"Epitaphium fecit ipsa paulo ante obitum qui accidit 11 die Feb; 1659."
(Translated): She herself composed this epitaph a short time before her death which took place the 11th day of February, 1659.

"Whilst livinge I, religion was my guide,
By which an humble minde I gayn'd. avoyded pride;
This taughte me to descry of sinne those deadly rockes,
And shewed me what it was to love ye poore man's box.
It made me curteous to my frends, and such assurance gave,
That my deportements all were deemed just and grave.
Oh! how seasoned was my soule with heaven's kind lookes,
When I comparinge was with text my godly bookes :
And more my comfort was by odds, cause none stood by
My meditations to survey, but Jesus Christ and I.
These comforts and these graces all, with many more were mine.
Let me thy sampler be, all these, and many more are thine.
My children 7, in Heaven's high name, this last I speake to you,
Religion will protect you all; take my worde tis true.
But from these counsels mine, if like ye sluggard you depart,
Both Heaven and earth will surely joyne, and make you smart."
"In memory of Anne Mary, daughter to Sr. Robert Jenkinson of Walcott, in the county of Oxon, Kt., and wife to Tho. Childe, Esq., of Northwicke, in ye county of Worcester, positum. est."

At the east end of the north aisle is a marble monument of three compartments; two of which are finished with pediments, and the middle one with a pyramid. On these are arranged the busts of Sir James Rushout, Bart., Lady Alice Rushout (his wife), by Moore; Elizabeth Countess Dowager of Northampton, by Rysbrack; Lady Ann Rushout, and of Sir John Rushout, Bart.:--

In the first compartment (to the right)-- Arms: Rushout; impaling Barry, of six or and azure, in chief three mullets of the second, for Pitt.
"Sr. James Rushout of Northwick, Bart, His Majesty's Ambassador to Constantinople, was born 1644, died 1698, and Alice Pitt his wife, the only child of Edmond Pitt, of Harrow-on-the-Hill, in Middlesex Esq., was born 1651, died 1698."
In the middle compartment --Arms: on a lozenge ensigned with an Earl's coronet, for Compton; impaling Rushout. Motto: je: ne que: ung serche. The Right Hon. Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Northampton, third daughter of Sir James Rushout and Alice his wife, was born 1683, died 1750. All are deposited in an adjoining vault."
In the third compartment.
Arms: Rushout:. impaling, sable, a lion passant or, between three helmets argent, garnished or, for Compton. "The Right Hon. Sir John Rushout, Treasurer of his Majesty's Navy, Was born 1685, died 1775. And the Right Hon. LadyAnn Compton his wife, fourth daughter of George, Earl of Northampton, and one of the best of women, was born 1695, died 1766."

On grey marble mural tablet
Arms: Sable, two lions passant within a border engrailed or, on a canton. The arms of Ulster, for Rushout; -- impaling, argent, a Frett sable, and a Canton Gules, for Vernon. "Sir James Rushout, Bart., and Arabella his wife, daughter of Sir Thos. Vernon. Sir James born 1676, died 1705. His wife born 1679, died 1705. Sir James their Son, born 1701, died 1711."

On the north wall of the north aisle
Arms, Rashout; impaling Bowles, surmounted by a coronet for Northwick. Motto: par ternis suppar.
Underneath, the figure of Religion appears to weep over an urn; while the genius of life recliing at the foot of it, extinguishes his torch.
"Sacred to the memory of the Right Hon. John Lord Northwick He married in Jane 1766, Rebecca youngest daughter of Humphrey Bowles, Esq., of Wanstead Grove, in Essex, by whom he left five children, He was created a peer of England in October, 1797. Died in October 1800. Beloved, Respected, and lamented, aged 62, and of Rebecca his wife, who died October 3rd, 1818, in the 79th year of her age."

On a flat stone.
"To the, memory of George Rushout, Son of the Hon. and Rev. George Rushout, and of the Lady Caroline, Rushout. He died March 4th, 1808, aged 6 months.
'Sleep on I swwt babe, await th' Almighty's will
Then' rise unchanged be an angel still.'

Over the north door on the Wall
Arms: argent, a chevron between three saltires raguly sable. Motto:
"virtus propter se." (Virtue on its own account.)
On the base: "Credo videre bona Domini in tera viventium." (I believe verily to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. "Psal : 27."

The Churchyard,- 'tis the spot of ground Which lies the two great worlds between, The living and the dead."
1875 Rev. A. J. Soden: "One of the greatest improvements effected in this parish within the last few years has been that of enclosing the Churchyard with iron fencing, an improvement, due to the energetic action of the present Vicar. Previously to the year 1860, the Churchyard was far from being 'What a consecrated Christian place of burial should be. There being a public thorougfare for foot passengers through it, many of the graves were trampled over and injured by unthinking peope on tbeir way to and from the silk mills. But in the year 1860 it was agreed to erect an iron fencing along each side of the public footpaths. And every one who remembers the former state of the Churchyard before enclosure, must admit the value of the improvement, The work was contracted for by Mr. G. T. Herbert of Blockley, and cost about £180, provided by voluntary contributions.
There are a great number of epitaphs in the Churchyard, some of which I subjoin verbatim. There are Head-stones bearing the names and dates of the following families. Each date represents a date interment":

Head-stones on south side.

Peter Herbet, 1805. John Herbert, 1816. Halford, 1785; (with epitaph):
"Thy rest gives me a restless life
Because thou wast a matchless wife"
John Figgures,-1781. Wheatcroft, 1818. Hodges, 1826. Handey, 1710, Clark, 1748. Westmacott, 1854. Bearcroft, 1889. Dauies, 1665. Miles, 1801, 1812. Fletcher, (Honeybourne) 1844 Robins, 1789. Robert Robins 1719, aged 72, and Elizabeth Robins, 1772 aged 68. [From these dates it appears that Elizabeth Robins was left a widow at the age od 15] Epitaph:
"Hold, hasty reader don't pass by,
But turn in here and learn to die;
For here thou often may'st be told,
How to be happy in this world.
And whether thou be wise or not,
To die e'er long must be thy lot.
It is not wealth but goodness then
That will make the happiest men."

(The above is inscribed on a tablet let into the exterior wall of the church.) Mansell, 1770, 1794, 1814, 1825. Jones 1800, epitaph:
Farewell vain world I've known enough of thee
care not what thou bast to say to me,
Thy smiles I court not, nor thy frowns I fear,
My cares are past, my bead lies quiet here.
What faults you've seen in me, be sure to shun
And look at home--enough theres to be done."

Clark (Chipping Campden) 1815. Stephen White, 1829, (40 years Schoolmaster at Aston.) "Those who knew him best, esteemed him most."
Bradley, 1758, 1769. Charlwood, 1710. (epitaph on foot- stone.)
Weep not for me 'tis in vaine,
Weep for your aim and them refraine,
For here I ly free from all pain
Till Christ shall raise me up againe

Mace 1844, 1845, 1850, 1858. Wells, 1763, 1825. Meadows, 1704. Camden, 1817. Kempson, 1870. Gibbs, 1804. (with this epitaph.):
"O cruel death that could not be deny'd,
That broke the bonds of love so lately ty'd,
Let us suppose none can repent too soon,
I found it night before I thought it noon."

Davis 1855. Beezley, 1815. (with epitaph.):
"No doctor's skill, nor friends' good will,
My Iife they could not save,
God said I must return to dust
Within this silent grave."

Beezley, 1818. Hartwell, 1758. Purser, 1819. Nichols, 1664. Luckett, (Dorn), 1785, (daughter of William and Elizabeth) aged 12 years. "Also lieth ten more of their children who died in their infancy.":
"Here eleven sweet children smile in death's embrace
Not one distorted feature in their face,
Lovely in life, in death did so remain,
Free from all guilt, insensible of pain
No cares disturb. no troubles now oppress,
Their guiltless hearts are now at rest.
The mortal part on earth is left alone
The better's gone t'enjoy the heavenly Throne,
To meet the first reward to virtue due,
Hop'd for by many, but deserv'd by few.
Consider parents, tho' your loss be great,
That everlasting pleasures on them wait,
That in full hopes of bless without alloy
They've left this world of woe for one of joy.
Lament not therefore, nor your loss bemoan
Since God that lent us now has paid his own."

Luckertt, 1791, 1793. Keyte, 1806. Roberts, 1868. Roberts, (Paxford) 1864. Neason, 1864. Mayo 1866, and Neason 1870. Minchin, 1806, 1827, 1832, Etheridge, 1776, 1780. (With epitaph.):
"When I was young and in my prime
The Lord was pleas'd, to end my time.
Prepare for death, maek no delay
For soon you maybe called away.
I am from mother and sister dear
And all relations gone;
I hope the Lord will save my soul
Because He took me young."

Etheridge, 1801, Eastbury, 1817. Wm. Smith,1848. Day, 1815, 1826, 1846. John Smith, 1847. Keen, 1809. (With epitaph.):
"Prepare thyself for death
The Lord can only tell,
I had not time myself
To bid my friends farewell."

Gilson, 1776, 1809,1816. Lloyd, 1785.

Flat Tombs, South Side.
Troupe, 1873. Sperry, 1825, 1829, 1833, 1861, 1873. Slatter, (paxford,) 1858, 1861, 1870. Smith, 1860, and Banbury, 1867. Westmacott, 1829, 1848, 1865. Mansell, 1855. and Beavington, 1819, 1862. Penson, (Draycott) 1854, 1862. Penson, 1859. Penson, 1870.

Enclosed Head-Stones, South Side.
Troup. 1838, and Smith, 1847, 1853, 1870, Smith, (Rock Cottage) 1829, 1837, 1837, 1858, 1866, 1873.

Enclosed Tombs, South Side.
Whatott, 1735, 1773, 1786, 1789, (on same Tomb,) Roberts, 1830, 1834. Westmacott, 1829, 1831, 1833, 1844, 1856. Wilkes, 1720, 1721, 1724, 1728, 1769, 1804. Roberts, 1797, 1800, 1812, 1815, 1821, 1845, and Marshall, 1837. Pengree, (Upton Wold,) 1772.

Head-Stones, East.
Dowsell, 1855, 1870. Dowsell, 1789, 1794. Brain, 1802, 1802, 1823. Hobbs, 1770, 1799, 1803. Hobbs, 1819, 1830, 1858. Phillips, 1746, 1764 Wheatcroft, 1729. Wheatcroft, 1799. Heavens, 1786, 1789. Head-stone 'With no name, with this inscription-- "Memento mori, remember to dye," erected by his Son, R.F. 1719. Minchin, 1778, 1787 1800. Dyde, 1781, Dyde, 1778, 1779. Dyde, 1770, with epitaph:
"Live well, die never,
Die well, and live for ever."

Marshall, l784, 1802, 1802, 1809. Marshall (Aston Magna) 1769,1775. Smith, 1808 and Camden, 1808, with epitaph:
"Repent in time, your lives amend,
For death will come your lives to end.
See you always prepared be,
That sudden death surprise not thee."

Camden, 1789, 1798. Gill, 1850, 1869. Adams, 1869. Marshall, 1849, 1864. Marshall, 1835, 1849, 1857. Marshall, 1803, 1806, 1832, 1867. Fisher, 1812, 1817. Hancock, 1787,1793, with epitaph:
"Good was her life, and happy her end,
Loving to her parents, and faithful to her friend,
Void of malice, free from pride,
So she lived, and so she died."

Hanoock, 1793. Marshall, 1817, 1817. Webb, 1847. Powell, 1799, 1805, 1811, 1811. Harris, 1829, 1846, 1850. 1852, 1863. Powell, 1829, 1846, 1809 -- "Man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?"

Flat Tombs, East.
Wheatocroft, (Ditchford,) 1806,1836. Wheatcroft, (Ditchford,) 1781, 1788. Wheatcroft, (Draycott,) 1853, 1859. Pengree, 1768, 1769, 1782. Marshall, 1862. Phillips, 1842, 1849. 1857, 1860, (on same tomb). Dunn, 1828, and Hicks, 1844. Coling, 1855, 1869.

EnclosedTombs, East.
Loveland, 1866. Phillips, 1795, 1806. Phillips, 1808, 1817, 1823, 1851. "H. C. B." 1846. Franklin, 1795, 1812. Franklin, 1786, 1787, 1796 1836, (on the same -tomb,)--Bowhay, 1845, and Russell, 1858: also Head-Stones enclosed with rails, Franklin, 1804, 1819, 1825, and Hiron, 1857.

Head-Stones North Section, (adjoining Church.)
Long 1712, with epitaph:
"Near to this do I lye
Ten pretty babes of sweet infancy,
which only came into the world and cried
to be baptised from their sins and died.
And Waltor Long, their father lyeth here,
A loving husband and father dear.
The frowns of men he did never fear
But still a hart of charity did bear."
He departed this life June 12th, 1712, aged 60 years."

Webb, (Paxford,) 1861. Williams, 1710, 1715, 1715. Hopkins, 1826, 1831, 1845, 1849. Hopkins, 1868. 1869. Joyce, 1713.
Sorrell, 1709. Leigh, 1800. Leigh, 1796. Robins, 1748. Martin, 1818. Pickering, 1831, 1851, 1848. (flat tomb)-- Sollis, 1848.

North East Section.
Ballinger, 1853, 1860. Long, Thos. (no date,) Lane, 1866, 3867. Herbert, Henry, 1870. Herbert, John, 1859, and Herbert, Harriet, 1867. Figgures, 1840, 1840. Read, 1790. Robins, 1769. Long, 1802, 1819. Beezley, 1812, 1816, (with epitaph):
"HOW vain is flattery on a tomb
Since there's a judgment yet to come.
His end and his alone is blest
Whose life and actions stand that Test"

Patterson, (Northwick), 1778. Humphriss, 1849, also Payna, 1849, 1853. Wells, 1867. Fletcher, 1838. Wheatcroft, 1851, 1865. Harris, 1801, (with epitaph):
"Oh! what avails the falling tear,
Nothing but earth and dust lie here.
Lament for what thou'st done amiss
For thou must surely come to this."

Adams, 1867, 1873. Hows, 1853, 1864. Gregory, 1864, also Butler, 1874. Durham, 1731, 1772 also, Smith, 1801. Beal, (Drayoctt) 1868. Partridge, (formerly pupil teacher in girls' school) 1868. Wheeler, 1869. Tranter, 1866. Jewell, 1871.

Pike, 1864, 1870. Pickering, 1839, 1854, 1868.Pickwing, 1860. Smith, 1816, 1847.

Head-Stones North West Section.
Figgures, 1872. Ball, 1859. Mullins, 1861. Sharp, 1775. Roberts, 1721, 1761. Trapman, (Sezincote) 1762. Trotman, 1781, (with epitaph):
"Tired with wandering through a world of sin'
Hither we come to Nature's common Inn,
Death lays us down from sin and pain
We live to die, and die to live again."

Mace, 1851, 1853. Mayland, 1853. Sharp, (Paxford,) 1834, 1838, 1850, 1858, 1859, 1866, (on back of stone,) 1786, 1792, 1801, 1830. Smith, (formerly schoolmistress,) 1870. Baldwin, 1787, 1822, 1843. Baldwin, 1830, 1830, 1831. Harwood, 1869. Wallington, 1816, 1833, 1846. Wallington, 1784. Waters 1835, 1847. Brodis, 1678, 1704. Mace, 1846, 1851. Taplin, 1861, 1868. Fox, 1742. Adams, 1776, 1785, 1802, 1803, (with epitaph):
"All you what pass us by
As you am now so once was I,
As we are now so must you be
Therefore prepare to follow we."

Churn, 1747, 1767, 1777. Day, 1873. Phipps, 1870. Middleton, 1850. Bryan, 1759. Clark, 1780. Cotterell, 1811. Keen, 1734. Taylor, 1784, 1833, 1836. Blackford, 1849. (enclosed tomb.) Roberts, (Paxford,) 1782, 1797. (flat tomb) Figgures, 1828, 1835. And two old ones, names and dates worn away.

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