Includes Chipping Campden

Great War of 1914-18 Service Medal

Evesham Journal September 19, 1914

Signalman W. Dyer H.M.S. Argyll
Gunner D. Dyer H.M.S. Irresistable
A.B. Reuben Jackson H.M.S. Queen
Seamn Reginald Jackson HMS Queen Mary
ABC Ledbetter Naval Barracks, Devonport
Gunner R. Meadows H.M.S. Indefatigable
J. Mumford
Lieut. E.G. Spencer Churchill Grenadier Guards had served in S. Africa
C. Nicholson M.B. Royal Army Medical Corps
Corpl. E. Bishop R.F.A.
Pte G. Cothe Gloucester Regiment had served in S. Africa
J. Cother Gloucester Regiment
W. Eden Staffordshire Regiment
J. Gill Gloucester Regiment
O. Ladbrook 3rd Worcester Regiment
C. Howse Grenadier Guards
H. Nobes Grenadier Guards
D. Powell A.S.C.
M. Paine Gloucester Regiment
H. Randall Royal Engineers
G. Sage 9th Lancers
C. Smith 2nd Border Regiment
L. Smith Royal Engineers
W. Turner Gloucester Regiment
W. Styles Somerset L.I.
Col.-Sergt. L. Harris 5th Glos. Territorials
Sergt. H. Chapman 5th Glos. Territorials
Corpl. R. Godson 5th Glos. Territorials
Pte. T. Holtom 5th Glos. Territorials
H. Hopkins Lord Kitchener's Army
H. Lucking Lord Kitchener's Army
E. Keen Lord Kitchener's Army
S. Keen Lord Kitchener's Army
R. Aubrey Lord Kitchener's Army
G.H. Barnett Lord Kitchener's Army
C. Baylis Lord Kitchener's Army
E. Mayo Lord Kitchener's Army
G Rouse Lord Kitchener's Army
C. Sandford Lord Kitchener's Army
S. Trial Lord Kitchener's Army
J. Turner Lord Kitchener's Army
G. Cox Lord Kitchener's Army
H. Taylor Lord Kitchener's Army
B. Keen Lord Kitchener's Army
E.E. Pitchford Lord Kitchener's Army
W. Anderton Lord Kitchener's Army
Hartley Lord Kitchener's Army
H. Young Lord Kitchener's Army
H. Spencer Lord Kitchener's Army
T. Beasley Lord Kitchener's Army
F. Higgs Lord Kitchener's Army
C. Keyte Lord Kitchener's Army
H. Webb Lord Kitchener's Army
Chief E.R.A. B.H.Neve H.M.S. Pathfinder (Medical Corps) Killed in action North Sea 5th September Had served in S. Africa
Elick Payne H.M.S. Nymphe
Lewis Sharpe H.M.S. Ocean
Edward Eden H.M.S. Dublin
Leonard Lee
George Tracey Royal Marines
Col.-Sergt. L.H. Horne 5th Gloucesters
Capt. Alan Paley Rifle Brigade
Lieut. C. Shepard 3rd essex regt.
H. Hedges Royal Field Artillery
C. Hedges 1st Gloucesters
F. Payne 1st Gloucesters
H. Lee 2nd Worcesters
H. Ashwin 2nd South Lancasters
S. Williams 6th Dragoon Guards
G. Veale Gloucester Regt.
G. Fletcher Gloucester Regt.
G. Howley Scots Guards
F. Keene Royal Warwick Regt.
H.H. Lewis General Service
J.C. Bruce Royal Warwick Regt.
F.J. Newman General Service
G.R. Greenall Liverpool Regt. Had served in S. Africa
Col.-Sergt.-Inst. Travill Gloucester attached to
"H" co. 5th Glos. Regt.
W. Franklin 1st. Warwick
R. Williams Worcester Regt.
J.A. Harris Royal Engineers
F.A. Biles A.S.C.
P. Lane Worcester Regt.
F. Morris Artillery
A. Hathaway Gloucester Regt.
R.Huyshe Gloucester Regt.
W. Beavington Worcester Regt.
F. Merriman 3rd Worcesters
A. Lee 3rd Worcsters
H. Tracey Gloucester Regt.
R. Tracey Gloucester Regt.
W.C. Chamberalin 1st Berks, Regt.
F. Merriman Gloucester Regt.
J. Payne 2nd Worcesters
C.W. Turner 1st Gloucesters
E.J. Keeley Gloucester regt.
W. Poole Gloucester Regt.
W. Huyshe Gloucester Regt.
H. Nobes General Service
G.E. James General Service
J. Trinder General Service
"H" Co. 8th Gloucester Reg.
Capt. Viscount Campden
Lieut. The Hon. Charles Noel
L.H. Horne
H. Pyment
T. Keeley
W. Harris
G. Keeley
H. Baker
A. Bradley
R. Brain
E. Cherry
F. Franklin
E. Keeley
F. Keyte
M. Merriman
J. Simmons
J. Turner
C. Veale
W. Warmington
E. Withers
F. Bennett
W. Sansom
T. Keeley
F. Harris
L. Payne
J. Taplin
W. Chamberlain
G. Cooper
T. Parsons
T. Bricknell
H. Bricknell
H.Ellis 6th Devons
G. Ellis Canadian Contingent
Pte C.E. Bayliss 8th Batt. Gloucs. Regt

Evesham Journal 10 October 1914

Aston Magna
J.C. Hunter Warwickshire Yeomanry

J. Anderson 5th Glos. Territorials
W. Brunsdon 5th Glos. Territorials
Pte. R. Cook 1st Batt. Worcester Regt.
O. Cormell Kitchener's Army
F. Ellis Kitchener's Army
T. Griffin Kitchener's Army
C. Gasside Kitchener's Army
W. Mayo Kitchener's Army
A.E. Merriman Kitchener's Army
A. Osborn London City Contingent
Pte. H. Phipps 1st Batt. Worc. Regt.
Pte. W. Phipps 1st Batt. Somerset L.I.
H.B. Spencer Royal Devon Yeomanry
B. Taylor Kitchener's Army
A. Warner Royal West Kent Regt.
A. Wood Kitchener's Army

Bombardier J. Eden Royal Field Art.
Lance-Corpl. J. Eden Territorials
Pte. A. King 1st Gloucesters
Pte. Alb. King 1st Gloucesters
Pte. F. King 1st Gloucesters
Pte. H. Lunron Worcester Regt.
Pte. R. Rimell Somerset Light Infantry - had served in S. Africa
Pte. W.G. Russell 1st Gloucesters Res.
Pte. E.T. Russell 1st Gloucesters

Weston Subedge
Pte. A. Barnes 5th Worcesters
Pte C.W. Driver 5th Batt. Worcs. Regt. (Served in the Boer war and Punjaub frontier 1897-98)
Trooper W.J. Gould Warwick Yeomanry
Trooper J. Haydon Gloucester Yeomanry
Sergt. J.D. Haydon Warwick Yeomanry
Pte. W.H. Perkins Kitchener's Army
Sergt. H. Tredwell Warwick Yeomanry
H. Tredwell Saskatchewan Light Horse A.
Evesham Journal 10 October 1914

Gunner B. Dyer H.M.S. Irresistable
Signalman W.W. Dyer H.M.S. Argyll
Gunner E. Ellis,
AB R. Jackson H.M.S. Queen
AB C. Ledbetter,
Seaman R. Jackson H.M.S. Queen
Gunner R. Meadows H.M.S. Indefatigable
J. Mumford H.M.S. Magnificent
W. Mumford H.M.S. Melbourne
Pte. W. Anderton Kitchener's Army
Pte. R. Aubrey Kitchener's Army
Corpl. E. Bishop Royal Field Artillery
Pte. G.H. Barnett Kitchener's Army
Pte. C.E. Baylis Kitchener's Army
Pte. T. Beasley Kitchener's Army
Sergt. R. Chapman 5th. Batt. Glos. Regt.
Pte. R. Cook Worcestershire Regiment
Pte. O. Cornell 5th (Res.) Glos regt.
Sergt. C. Cother 2nd. Batt. Gloucester Regt.
Pte. G. Cox Kitchener's Army
Lieut. S.G. Spencer Churchill 3rd Batt Grenadier Guards
Pte. P. Dyer Kitchener's Army
Pte. J. Eden 9th Batt. Royal Welsh F.
Pte. C. Eden 7th Batt. Queen's Regt.
Pte. W. Eden Staffordshire Regt.
Pte. F. Ellis 7th Batt. Royal Fusiliers
Pte. W. Fisher 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte. A.J. Freeman 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte. A. Gasside 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte C.E. Gasside Kitchener's Army
Pte. W. Gibbs 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte. J. Gill 2nd Batt. Gloucester Regt.
Corpl. R. Godson 5th Batt. Glos. Regt.
Pte. J. Griffin Kitchener's Army
Pte. Hartley Kitchener's Army
Pte. P. Higgs Kitchener's Army (microfilm is unclear, initial may be F, but most likely P)
Pte. A. Hitchman 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte. T. Holtom 5th (Res.) Batt. Glos. Regt.
Pte. H. Hopkins 2nd. Birmingham Batt. (K.)
Pte. J.N. Hopkins Army Service Corps (K.)
Col.-Sergt. L. Horne 5th Batt. Glos. regt.
Pte. C. Howes Grenadier Guards
Pte. N. Howes Kitchener's Army
J.C. Hunter Warwickshire regt.
Pte. B. Keen Kitchener's Army
Pte. E. Keen Kitchener's Army
Pte. S. Keen Kitchener's Army
Pte. C. Keyte Kitchener's Army
Pte. O. Ladbrook 3rd Batt. Worcs. Regt.
Pte. O. Lucking Kitchener's Army
Pte. W. Mace Kitchener's Army
Pte. E. Mayo Kitchener's Army
Pte. W.H. Mayo Kitchener's Army
Pte. A.E. Merriman Kitchener's Army
Lieut. C. Nicholson M.B. R.A.M.C.
Pte. H. Nobes Grenadier Guards
Pte. F.R. Osbourne 10 Batt. Royal Fus.
Pte. M. Payne 2nd Batt. Gloucester regt.
Pte. H. Phipps 1st Batt. Worcs. Regt.
Pte. W. Phipps 1st Batt. Somerset L.I.
Pte. E. Pitchford 5th Res. Glos. Regt.
Pte. D. Powell Army Service Corps
Sergt. H. Randall Royal Flying Corps Wounded
Pte. W.E. Richardson 2nd Birmingham Batt. (K.)
Pte. G. Rouse Kitchener's Army
G. Sage 9th Lancers - wounded
Pte. C. Sanford Kitchener's Army
Sapper L. Smith 2nd. Batt. K.O. Scottish B.
Trooper H.B. Spencer Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry (late Gloucester Regiment)
Pte. W. Styles Somerset Light Infantry
Pte. B. Taylor Kitchener's Army
Pte. S. Trist Kitchener's Army
Pte. G. Turner Kitchener's Army
Pte. J. Turner Kitchener's Army
Pte. W. Turner 2nd Batt. Gloucester regt.
Pte. A. Warner Kitchener's Army
Pte. A.E. warner 7th Batt. Royal West Kent Regt.
Pte. H. Webb Kitchener's Army
Pte. A.W. Wood 5th (Res.) Glos. Regt.
Pte. H. Young Kitchener's Army
Total for Blockley Parish 97 (Blockley 80, Draycott 9, Paxford 6,
Aston Magna 2) In addition, 16 others have offered but have been rejected, making a total of 113
Gunner F.P. Hart H.M.S. Humber
Evesham Journal 17 October 1914

Pte. S. Cother Kitchener's Army
Pte. G. Eastbury Durham Light Infantry
Pte. A. Timms Kitchener's Army
Pte. W. Turner Kitchener's Army
There are now 86 Blockley men serving out of 116 who volunteered
Evesham Journal 24 October 1914

Aston Magna
J. Rouse Kitchener's Army (listed under Blockley)
W. Dyer Gloucester Regt.
J. Godson 5th (res.) Gloucester Regt.
G.B. Mabson 5th (res.) Gloucester Regt.
Evesham Journal 31 October 1914

W.F. Turvey H.M.S. Indefatigable
Pte. J. Turvey 12th BAtt. Royal Fusiliers
Evesham Journal 7 November 1914

Chas. Figgures Royal Garrison Artillery
Evesham Journal 21 November 1914

Pte. H. Withers Royal Warwick Regt.
Evesham Journal 26 September 1914

Sergt. W.S. Randall Mechanical Transport
Officer's Steward J.C. Mumford H.M.S. Magnificent
Officer's Cook W.C. Mumford H.M.S. Melbourne
(Australian Squad.)

Bourton on the Hill
F. Colmore Gloucesters

Pte. S. Knight 12th Reserve Regt.

Pte. C.W.F. Sandford Kitchener's Army
Pte. S.J. Trist Special Res. Gloucesters -
had served in S. Africa

H. Gregory
G.H. Hancock
J.H. Kerby
H.v. Wheatcroft
M. Williams
T. Williams
V. Williams

Pte. C.F. Bowell Gloucester Regt.
Pte. A. Brain Gloucester Regt.
Pte. R. Brain Gloucester Regt.
F. Brain Warwick Yeo.
Pte. E. Chadband Gloucester Regt.
F. Chadband Border Regiment
Pte. F. Clark Gloucester Regt.
H.H. Clark Ox. & Bucks. L. Infy.
H. Coldicott Warwick Yeo.
Trooper W.J. Coldicott Warwick Yeo.
H. Cormell Border Regiment
E. Daniels Northumberland. Hus. Yeo.
Pte. D. Davis Worcester Regt.
Pte. P. Davis Gloucester Regt.
Pte. T. Fletcher Gloucester Regt.
Pte. E. Dunford Gloucester Regt.
Trooper P. Halford 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
S. Halford 4th Royal Irish Dragoons
Pte. W. Harper Gloucester Regt.
Pte. E. Hughes Gloucester Regt.
W. Hunt Warwick Yeo.
Gunner A.J. Kinchin Royal Horse Art.
Major L. Johnston Northumberland Hussars Yeomanry
A.T. Joynes Ox. and Bucks. L. Infy.
Pte. Lester Gloucester Regt.
Pte. W. Lester Grenadier Guards
Capt. S.L. Lucas Tooth Lancashire Fus.
R. Margetts Warwick Yeo.
S.A. Margetts Warwick Yeo.
Pte. W.C. Norton Gloucester Regt.
G.R. Pleydell Warwick Yeo.
Pte. E. Poyser Gloucester Regt.
C. Slatter Warwick Yeo.
R. Slatter Warwick Yeo.
T.S. Smith Warwick Yeo.
Pte. A.J. Stacey Gloucester Regt.
J.G. Stacey Border Regiment
D. Verrent Border Regiment
Pte. F. Waters Gloucester Regt.
Bombardier G.F. Webb 89th Batt. R.F.A.
Pte. E. Wright Gloucester Regt.
Pte. F. Wright Gloucester Regt.
Pte. J.J. Yates Gloucester Regt.

Moreton in Marsh
Pte. R.A. Bailey Kitchener's Army
Pte. G. Bishop Kitchener's Army
Pte. F. Bradley Kitchener's Army
Pte. Oscar Bruce Kitchener's Army
A. Driver Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Pte. R.F. Gillett Kitchener's Army
Pte. J. Haynes Kitchener's Army
Pte. A. Hammond Kitchener's Army
Pte. J. Hooper 1st Gloucesters
Pte. Frank Hopkins Kitchener's Army
Pte. F. Hughes Kitchener's Army
Pte. W.J. Invine Kitchener's Army
Pte. W. Lootes Kitchener's Army
Pte. C. Murphy Kitchener's Army
Pte. F. Norledge Kitchener's Army
Pte. Ernest Parker Kitchener's Army
Charles Pitt Royal Marines
Pte. T. Pye Kitchener's Army
Pte. E.E. Rolph Royal Horse Guards
L.A. Sharp Army Flying Corps
W. Tanner Warwickshire Yeomanry
J. Thurston Royal Field Artillery
Pte. W.E. Tombs Kitchener's Army
Pte. A.S. Warmington Kitchener's Army
Pte. V. Watkins Kitchener's Army
Pte. R. Wheeler Kitchener's Army
Pte. F.R. Willis Kitchener's Army
Pte. A. Woodward Kitchener's Army
Pte. C. Wren Kitchener's Army
Pte. J. Abel Territorials
Pte. C. Alexander Territorials
Pte. P. Bishop Territorials
Pte. H. Boulter Territorials
Pte. A. Burden Territorials
Pte. G. Burden Territorials
Pte. H. Dawkes Territorials
Pte. H. Dyer Territorials
Pte. G.H. Hardiman Territorials
Corpl. A. Lyddiatt Territorials
Pte. A.W. Timms Territorials
Pte. D. Timms Territorials
Pte. G. Salisbury Territorials
L.-Corpl. F. Slatter Territorials
Pte. A. Webb Territorials

Harry Keen of BlockleyEvesham Journal 28 November 1914

Aston Magna
J.C. Hunter warwickshire Yeomanry
G.A. Rowse Royal Garrison Artillery
J. Rouse 9th Gloucesters
W.H. Withers Royal Garrison Artillery
W.E. Richardson 2nd City Batt. Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Evesham Journal 12 December 1914

Aston Magna
J.F. Locke Kitchener's Army
Sapper G. Rouse Royal Engineers
Trooper R.S. Stanley Westminster Drag.
Evesham Journal 19 December 1914

Pte A. Dyer Gloucester Regiment

Evesham Journal 2 January, 1915

Pte W. Bagnall
Pte J. Bushi
Gunner C. Chainey Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
(now in England)
Trooper R. Dyer - Saskatchewan light Horse
(awaiting orders in Canada)
Pte F. Harris
Pte H. Holloway Australian Contingent (in Egypt)
Pte F.E. Mayo

Evesham Journal 9 January, 1915

Pte J. Beasley Worcester Regt.
Pte O. Daubney Worcs. Regt.
Pte F. Dowdeswell Worcs. Regt.
Pte A. Ellis Kitchener's Army
Pte A. Hale Gloucester regt.
Pte A. Hitchman A.S.C.
Pte F. Mayo A.S.C.
Pte W. Paine A.S.C.
Pte V. Price A.S.C.
Pte Rouse Kitchener's Army
Pte F. Smith A.S.C.
Pte H. Stanley Gloucester Regt.
Pte J. Taylor A.S.C
Pte A. Turvey Kitchener's Army
Pte F. Turvey Kitchener's Army

Evesham Journal January 16, 1915

Aston Magna
Pte F. Digweed Royal Horse Artillery

Pte John Eden Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Pte H. Taplin Kitchener's Army
Pte H. Yeatman Kitchener's Army

Evesham Journal 30 January, 1915

Pte P.J. Bayliss - Veterinary Corps
Pte W. Hodgkins - Veterinary Corps

Evesham Journal 6 February 1915

Aston Magna

Sapper W. Gregory R.E.
Evesham Journal 13 February 1915

Pte A. Fletcher Grenadier Guards
Pte. W. Hartwell Gloucester Regt.
Pte. W. Nobes Gloucester Regt.
Pte A. Osborne 10th Batt. City of London Royal Fusiliers
Pte. C. Timms Gloucester Regt.
Pte. F. Turvey Gloucester Regt.
Pte. A. Warner Gloucester Regt.

Funeral of Benjamin Keen of Blockley, died in action

Evesham Journal 13 March 1915

Pte H. Pain A.S.C.

Evesham Journal 6 March 1915

H. Ellis Royal Navy
Pte H. Dyer Canadian Contingent
Pte E. Joyner 79th Cameronians Canadian Army
Gunner W. Mumford Royal Artillery
Pte A. Pain Army Service Corps

Evesham Journal 27 February 1915

F.H. Jones H.M.S. Impregnable
Evesham Journal 24 April, 1915

Pte. C. Mumford Royal Engineers

Evesham Journal 5 June, 1915

Pte J. Anderton Gloucetser Regt.
Pte D. Adams Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
Pte W. Franklin Royal Fusiliers
Pte G. Harris R.A.M.C.
Pte E. Taylor Royal Field Artillery

Evesham Journal 10 July, 1915

Pte. E. Bennett
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